Can You Use Heavy Whipping Cream In Coffee? Find Out Now

Does your coffee routine feel boring? Milk, sugar, and coffee can become quite repetitive, and eventually we grow tired of the same thing. There are many different options available to spruce your coffee, and here we’ll explore one: heavy whipping cream. 

If you’re wondering whether heavy cream in coffee will give a new spin to your drink, you’ve come to the right place! Read on as we explore the different options in using heavy cream for your coffee.  

Dalgona Coffee 

This has become an internet phenomenon as of recent. It uses heavy whipping cream as the main ingredient, along with water, coffee, and sugar. Simply whip these ingredients together until it has a foamy texture. It can be enjoyed hot or cold, and it has a sweet flavor with a smooth consistency.  

Espresso Con Panna 

This is a fairly common variation of espresso, and it can be found in many coffee shops. Preparation is simple: extract a single or double espresso shot, and top with heavy whipping cream. It retains the strength of the espresso while also taking some of the bitter flavors out. 

Iced Coffee 

Iced lattes are made with cold milk instead of steamed, and the espresso shot is poured over milk on ice. Simply replace the milk with heavy whipping cream, and you’ll have a heavy cream iced coffee! Because of its sweet flavor, heavy whipping cream in iced drinks will use less sugar syrups.  

Bulletproof Coffee 

Bulletproof coffee is a substitute for keto diets that helps in the increase in fat intake. It’s made by whipping coffee with heavy whipping cream, grass-fed butter, and coconut oil (but it can be done with MCT oil). It aids in weight loss because it suppresses your appetite, and it's rich in K vitamins, which help fight against heart disease.  

Dark Roasts 

It’s best to use a dark roast with heavy whipping cream. A light to medium roast isn’t as strong, and the flavor will be overpowered by the cream. A dark roast already has a robust and bold flavor, which won’t be suppressed as much by the cream. Keep the strong taste you love with a smooth, rich addition. 

dark roast coffee ready for whipping cream

Heavy Whipping Cream Explained 

There are many different types of cream that you'll find in stores, each with its own uses.

Whipping cream is a vital tool to any chef; it’s used in sauces, soups, baking, and to make butter. 

It's made from the thicker fats of fresh milk, giving it a high-fat content.  

Don’t let that fool you, as the fat content also contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins that can do good for your body.

Heavy whipping cream is different from lighter whipping cream, which will be used for more delicate dishes.  

So, can you use heavy whipping cream in your coffee? What does it taste like?  

Heavy Whipping Cream In Coffee

What Does Coffee Taste Like With Heavy Whipping Cream? 

If you've frequented a Starbucks, you'll notice a lot of drinks come with whipped cream on top, which will have been made from whipping cream. It's a common ingredient in most hot drinks. But if you've never tried it instead of milk, what can you expect?  

Because of its thickness, you'll notice straight away that it's smoother and creamier. Most heavy cream is made without sugar, so it gives you free rein to add other syrups (caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, etc.) you may enjoy. You'll also notice a change in its texture and will have a softer feel in your mouth.  

In short, it’ll change the flavor of your coffee, but only for the better.  

women drinking coffee with Whipping Cream

Benefits & Concerns Of Heavy Whipping Cream (In Coffee & To Your Health) 

With any milk-based drink, there are pros and cons to its consumption. Understanding what they are with heavy cream will help us to enjoy it in moderation.  


  • Better Processed Sugar Alternative 
    Because of its natural sweetness, heavy whipping cream will encourage us to use less sugar in our drinks. You can still add syrups and flavors to your coffee if you have a sweet tooth, but you won’t need as much. The natural sugars in heavy whipping cream will only aid you in consuming less sugar! 
  • Improved Flavor 
    The taste will be richer and creamier than normal milk. The strong flavor of the coffee is retained while also taking the harsh and bitter edge away. Coffee blends well with cream, and it's good for those who prefer a smoother-tasting coffee. 
  • Suitable For Keto Diets 
    Ketogenic (or keto) diets encourage high-fat foods while decreasing carbohydrates, and heavy whipping cream is ideal. Its high-fat content will blend perfectly into the diet while including very few carbs. A perfect substitution for keto! 


  • High-Calorie Content 
    Because heavy whipping cream is so naturally fatty, it comes with calorific consequences. If you’re trying to lower your calorie intake, then heavy cream may not be the best option. An ounce of heavy cream contains 100 calories, which will quickly rack up your daily intake.  
  • Not For Everyday Drinking 
    Like any fatty or sugary food and drink, we should only enjoy them in moderation. Using heavy cream in your coffee every day will eventually start to have negative effects on your body. It's not necessarily bad for you like a donut or sugary drink is, but due to its high-fat content, you should only use it in coffee every so often.  

How To Make Heavy Whipping Cream For Coffee 

If you can’t get to a coffee shop or just crave some whipped cream on your coffee, then you’ll be glad to know the recipe is pretty simple! You’ll need these three ingredients: 

  • 1 pack heavy whipping cream 
  • 3 tablespoons powdered sugar 
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract 

Make sure you have chilled the cream in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before starting. You will also want to chill a glass bowl for 10 minutes beforehand, too.  

  • 1
    Pour the heavy whipping cream into the bowl along with the powdered sugar and vanilla extract. 
  • 2
    Use a whisk or blend by hand vigorously to create the whipped cream. An electric whisk will be much easier. It should create soft peaks when ready. 
  • 3
    Scoop a dollop into your coffee and enjoy! 

You can also add a dusting of chocolate or cinnamon for an extra twist to your coffee.  

Frequently Asked Cream In Coffee Questions

Does heavy whipping cream curdle in coffee? 

It depends on the acidity – the milk will curdle on its own as it creates lactic acid. A light roast will already be very acidic and will have an instant curdling effect on your cream. Use a darker roast and fresher cream to avoid curdling.  

What can you substitute for heavy whipping cream in coffee? 

There are several options circling the internet – mix butter and milk together for a similar result of heavy whipping cream. You can also use evaporated milk, coconut oil, dairy-free milk, cashew cream, or purified tofu for substitutes.  

How many calories are in heavy whipping cream? 

In just one tablespoon of heavy whipping cream, there are 51 calories. It’s a very caloric milk substitute and shouldn’t be consumed daily.  

Does heavy whipping cream in your coffee help you lose weight? 

Yes and no – if you’re on a ketogenic diet, then the heavy whipping cream in your coffee will act as an appetite suppressor due to its heavy nature. However, because of its high-fat content, it should not be drunk regularly, as it will only lead to weight gain. Enjoy in moderation.  

Does light cream in coffee taste good? 

Light cream has only 20% fat content, so while it won't whip, it will still have the smooth and creamy texture of heavy cream and provide a sweeter taste to your coffee.  


The next time you fancy some flare in your morning java, think about adding some heavy whipping cream! It's perfect for those who are looking to cut down their sugar intake and also provides a brilliant low-carb option for those on the keto diet. So don't miss out on a smoother, creamier coffee; give yourself a treat once in a while!