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These are the coffee experts and enthusiasts behind the scenes.

Each person contributes to by sharing their knowledge and love for coffee so that you can brew a better cup.

We started to help educate people about the worlds most popular drink.

Kayla Stavridis - Head Of Marketing (Chief of Coffee)

Kayla Stavridis, is a former Starbucks barista, coffee enthusiast, and Head of Marketing for Barista HQ. She blends her professional insights with a deep passion for all things coffee. Kayla offers a unique, hands-on perspective on coffee culture and trends. You can find her sipping a cold brew with just a touch of milk on the beach in the afternoon and a Corona with lime in the evening.

Chloe Page - Writer

A lifelong mocha fan, Chloe is an award-winning writer with over eight years’ experience weaving words. You can typically find Chloe sipping on Bird and Blend tea while scribbling in a notebook.

Kim Fernandez - Writer

Kim Fernandez is a freelance writer whose love for coffee goes beyond just drinking it - she enjoys writing about it too. When she's not writing, you'll find her sitting in a cafe, reading a book while drinking a freshly brewed cup of joe.

Shay Weeks - Writer

Shay is a fun-loving content writer and DJ who enjoys traveling the world whenever, wherever possible. The lifeblood that makes it all attainable has always been a strong cup (or 3) of coffee.

Caitlin has always had a passion for writing with years of scribbling short stories and journal entries while simultaneously sipping coffee. When Caitlin isn’t writing, she’s hopping on the first flight to a new destination, preferably one that is known for its coffee. She has had the pleasure of drinking Kopi Luwak in Indonesia, espresso in Italy, and fresh brews in Colombia.

Karmy Widjaja - Writer

Karmy grew up in Singapore before heading to wintry Boston to pursue a Hospitality Administration degree. It was there that she developed an interest in coffee - especially hot lattes which helped get her through the winter. In her later years, Karmy moved to Melbourne, fully immersing herself in the world of coffee, beans, and the roasting process. Now, Karmy resides in Perth where she's always on the hunt for the next best coffee.

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