15 Healthy Low Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks To Try Today!

Dutch Bros has become one of the most popular coffee chains because of the variety of drinks they offer. If you’re not watching your calorie intake, it’s worth trying every drink on the menu.

However, if you need to cut down on your calorie consumption, you have to be careful when ordering beverages from this chain.

That doesn't mean you can't drink anything from their menu; there are still many options.

This article will discuss the top 15 low-calorie drinks at Dutch Bros, how to keep your order low in calories, and beverages you should avoid when you're watching your weight.

1. Plain Americano (10 calories)

Dutch Bros Plain Americano

Americano Calorie Breakdown 

(Without Modification)

Drink Type












Americano Standard Ingredients

  • Expresso
  • Water

If you're strict about your diet and don't want extra calories sneaking in, a plain Americano coffee is the best drink for you.

This Dutch Bros low-calorie drink only contains 10 calories for the small and medium sizes and 20 calories for the large ones. It also has zero sugar content.

Its ingredients are espresso shots made from Dutch Bros Private Reserve coffee blend with mild notes of cocoa and hot water.

The only thing that would contain fewer calories than this drink is water, which you can have at home.

However, drinking an Americano is an acquired taste. Many people find it bitter and strong, so it's not ideal for those who can't drink coffee without milk.

If you are not a fan of plain black coffee then you can ask for non-fat milk or a plant-based alternative like coconut or almond milk. This can add flavor to your drink while ensuring it's still low in calories.

2. Annihilator (50 Calories When Modified)

Dutch Bros low calorie annihilator

Annihilator Calorie Breakdown

(Without Modification)

Drink Type
















Annihilator Standard Ingredients

  • Expresso
  • Half and Half
  • Chocolate Macadamia Nut Syrup
  • Ice (Blended and Iced Versions)

Dutch Bros is famous for its flavored drinks, and if that's the reason you frequent this chain, this low-calorie drink is for you.

The Dutch Bros Annihilator is packed with calories, so you'll probably wonder how this beverage may be low in calories. The answer: some modification to the drink.

The original recipe for this drink calls for chocolate macadamia nut syrup, but you can get the sugar-free version, which cuts down the calories.

Next, it comes with half and half, which we all know is packed with calories. So, you'll need to switch to non-fat milk instead.

There’s also a white chocolate version of the Annihilator, which contains white chocolate syrup, chocolate macadamia syrup, espresso, and breve.

You can also make a low-calorie version of this variety; ask for sugar-free white chocolate, chocolate macadamia syrup, and a healthier milk alternative.

With all of these modifications, these versions of Annihilator only come with 50 calories for a small cup.

Do note, though, that the calories vary depending on the size and type (iced, hot, blended) of the drink you order.

If you want to start making your own low-calorie Dutch Bros drinks at home, I recommend checking out some mid-range espresso machines that will be perfect for the job!

Tips To Lower The Total Calories

  • Ask for sugar-free macadamia nut syrup
  • Ask for non-fat milk
  • You can do the same for the white chocolate version of the Annihilator

3. Lattes (100 Calories)

Are you obsessed with milk? Then a latte is probably your go-to coffee drink. If you're worried that this espresso and milk-based drink will give you a lot of calories, you're not totally wrong.

Lattes are usually served with whole milk, and this type of milk is packed with calories.

So, if you want a low-calorie latte, it’s best to swap your milk with a non-fat option. You can also opt-in for plant milk, but don’t get oat milk.

This plant milk is calorie-dense, so ordering it as a replacement for whole milk defeats the purpose of getting a healthier option.

If you like flavored lattes, add sugar-free syrup to your drink. However, this will increase the calories of the drink, but not substantially compared to adding sugar to it.

You can also ask for Truvia, a Dutch Bros stevia-based sweetener.

Lastly, a small cup of latte is less than 100 calories. If you’re okay with consuming a little more than that, you can order a medium cup or a large cup.

Dutch Bros Lattes

4. Peach Tea (100 calories)

Coffee-based drinks are great until you’ve overloaded yourself with caffeine and can’t seem to sleep. So, if you’re trying to cut down on caffeine and calories, getting tea can do the trick.

While tea still has some caffeine, it’s not enough to give you a side effect. The Peach tea from Dutch Bros is an excellent choice and one of the lowest-calorie drinks on their menu.

This tea is made from green or Paris black tea and peach syrup. The sweetness of the peach blended with the earthy flavor of the tea makes this drink refreshingly sweet.

Oh, did we mention that peach syrup also comes sugar-free? Depending on the size you’ll get, the calorie of this iced tea ranges from 100 to 300.

Dutch Bros Peach Tea

5. Double Chocolate Mocha (50 calories)

Just by reading its name, you know that this coffee-based drink is packed with calories. Don't be fooled.

The name may seem like it's one of the highest-calorie drinks in this coffee shop, but you can order a skinny version with the same chocolatey goodness.

So, how can you make this healthy? This ice-blended beverage comes with chocolate milk (chocolate sauce and chocolate milk made from whole milk), espresso shots, and ice.

For the chocolate milk, ask the barista to replace the chocolate sauce with a sugar-free one and swat the milk for a non-fat one or plant-based milk like almond or coconut.

This will reduce the calories of the small cup to less than 50 calories from 460 calories.

Dutch Bros Double Chocolate Mocha

6. Passion Fruit Tea (160 calories)

Another low-calorie option at Dutch Bros is Passion Fruit tea. Like the Peach variant, this tea is made from green or black tea and uses Passion fruit syrup.

However, it doesn’t have a sugar-free variant, which is why it contains more calories than the peach version.

You can also have this drink hot or cold. So, get this iced if you want a refreshing and zesty drink on a summer day.

On cold nights, a hot version can satisfy your sweet tooth and warm you up at the same time. The average calorie of this drink is around 160 to 240 calories.

Not bad, if you're not too strict about your diet.

Dutch Bros Passion Fruit Tea

7. Tropical Tea (170 calories)

One of the Dutch Bros low-calorie drinks you should try is Tropical iced tea. This tea is made with green tea or Paris black tea mixed with passion fruit syrup, coconut syrup, and blue raspberry syrup.

Does it sound like it’s high in sugar? Unfortunately, it is. The large size of this drink contains 64 grams of sugar, which is a lot if you ask us.

But if a calorie is what you’re counting and not sugar, this is definitely for you.

This low-calorie drink only has 80 calories in the small cup, 170 calories in the medium cup, and a large glass is 260 calories.

So, if you want a fruity drink that takes you back to your favorite beach, this tea is for you.

Dutch Bros Tropical Tea

8. Nitro Infused Cold Brew Kicker (190 calories)

If you’re a coffee lover, one of the Dutch Bros low-calorie coffee drinks you should try is the Nitro Infused Cold Brew Kicker.

But be warned, this beverage is not for the faint of heart. As we all know, cold brew coffee is packed with caffeine, which is perfect if you want something that could help you stay up at night.

While the original recipe for this drink is high in calories, the skinny version has fewer calories, which makes it ideal for those who are watching their calorie consumption.

The main ingredients are Irish cream syrup, half & half, and nitro cold brew coffee.

The Irish cream syrup has a sugar-free version, while the half & half can be substituted with non-fat and other plant-based milk.

This drink is only available in a medium cup and can be ordered iced or toasted. A serving is around 190 calories, which is still a bit high compared to other low-calorie Dutch Bros beverages in this list.

But it’s one of the better cold brew options, so if you need a highly caffeinated drink, this is an excellent choice.

Dutch Bros Nitro Infused Cold Brew Kicker

9. Tiger's Blood Strawberry and Coconut Lemonade (240 calories)

Are you completely staying away from caffeine? If so, this drink is perfect for you. This beverage has no coffee or tea, but it is packed with fruit syrups that give you a refreshing flavor.

It’s made with lemonade, strawberry syrup, and coconut syrup.

The strawberry and coconut syrup also has sugar-free versions, which can cut down the overall calories of the drink.

However, the sugar content is relatively high, around 43 to 69 grams in small to large cups.

If you want to cut down on calories more, you can remove one of the fruit syrups, which may alter the flavor.

Dutch Bros Tiger's Blood Strawberry and Coconut Lemonade

10. Rebel Energy Aftershock (240 calories)

Next on our list is the Rebel Energy Aftershock drink. It’s made with a Dutch Bros Rebel energy drink mixed with blackberry syrup, raspberry syrup, lime syrup, and strawberry syrup.

This sweet and fruity drink has only 190 calories in a small-sized cup.

If you want it to have fewer calories, you can ditch some syrups or swap the strawberry and raspberry syrup with their sugar-free versions.

If you’re looking for a healthy drink, this may not be a good choice as it has 48 to 96 grams of sugar, depending on the size of the cup.

However, it’s still a great choice if you’re only worried about your calorie intake.

Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Aftershock

11. Peach Rebel (260 calories)

Another low-calorie drink that you should try at Dutch Bros is Peach Rebel. As its name implies, the drink contains a Rebel energy drink and peach syrup.

The peach syrup has a sugar-free version, which can reduce this drink's calories. You can also ask the barista to make the drink half Rebel energy drink and half soda water to make it a skinny drink.

The medium-sized Peach Rebel contains 260 calories, but if you follow our modifications, you can decrease the calories.

Just be warned, the drink is packed with a lot of sugar, which has 97 grams in a large-sized glass.

Dutch Bros Peach Rebel

12. Watermelon Soda (290 calories)

Are you a watermelon fan? Then, this Dutch Bros drink is for you. The Watermelon Soda contains sparkling soda water and watermelon syrup, topped with whipped cream.

The fizziness and fruity flavors of the drink make it an excellent choice during hot summer nights.

The drink has 290 calories, which is relatively high compared to other beverages on this list. But given the menu of Dutch Bros, it still ended up as one of the lowest calorie options.

If you want to cut down the calories even more, ditch the whipped cream.

Dutch Bros Watermelon Soda

13. Double Rainbro Tea (180 calories)

Another iced tea drink you should try if you’re watching your calorie consumption is Double Rainbro Tea. It is made with black or green tea with peach, coconut, and strawberry syrup.

These syrups have sugar-free options, so ask for that when you order this drink.

A small-sized Double Rainbro iced tea has only 90 calories, while a medium size has 180 calories, and the large one contains 270 calories.

If you want to lessen the calories even more, remove one of the syrups. But this might affect the flavor of the drink.

Double Rainbro From Dutch Bros

14. Toasted White Mocha Cold Brew (180 calories)

If you’re craving something sweet but still has enough caffeine to get you through the day, this Dutch Bros drink is for you. It has cold brew coffee, white chocolate syrup, and chocolate milk.

As mentioned, the white chocolate syrup has a sugar-free version, but you need to ask the barista for it.

This drink only has 180 calories for both the small and medium cups and only has 28 grams of sugar in all sizes. This makes it one of the healthy drinks for coffee lovers.

Dutch Bros Toasted White Mocha Cold Brew

15. Electric Berry Lime and Blue Raspberry Rebel (310 calories)

Another caffeine-free drink from Dutch Bros that’s low in calories is the Electric Berry Lime and Blue Raspberry Rebel.

It is made with the Electric Berry Rebel energy drink with lime and raspberry syrups. Because of the energy drink, it’s perfect if you need a quick boost in the middle of the day.

This is one of the sweeter options and the highest in calories on this list. But compared to other drinks from this coffee shop, it’s relatively low in calories.

It has 310 calories for the medium size and can be served as a blended drink.

Dutch Bros Electric Berry Lime and Blue Raspberry Rebel

Tips To Keep Your Dutch Bros Drink Lower In Calories

Make Your Drink ‘Skinny'

While the coffee shop doesn't have a skinny menu, many drinks, including blended drinks, have healthier versions. Basically, you can ask for a sugar-free option, which is also called 'skinny.'

Some sugar-free drinks from the Dutch Bros menu include Annihilator, Double Torture, and some iced teas.

Substitute Via ‘Sugar-Free’ Syrups

Dutch Bros offer a wide range of sugar-free syrups such as chocolate, vanilla, coconut, raspberry, chocolate macadamia nut, white chocolate, Irish cream, peppermint, peach, and caramel.

So, if you want to cut down on calories, opt for one of these Dutch Bros sugar-free flavors.

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Pick Alternative Milk Options

Dutch Bros offers a variety of milk options in most of their drinks. This means you can customize your drink to cut down on its calorie content.

You can choose coconut, almond, and soy milk, which all have fewer calories than cow's milk. If you still want dairy in your beverage, you can opt for a non-fat version.

We suggest getting almond or coconut milk instead of the non-fat version as it has the lowest calories.

Skip Those Toppings and Sauces

Dutch Bros is popular for its flavorful beverages, but most contain toppings and sauces with many extra calories.

If you can, ditch these toppings and sauces as they contain many calories. For example, the sauces, such as caramel sauce, have approximately 130 calories per tablespoon and 15 grams of sugar.

At the same time, their toppings, like whipped cream, have at least 45 calories, which can add to the overall calorie of the drink. This is why we recommend you ditch the toppings and sauces.

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High-Calorie Drinks By Dutch Bros

Dutch Freeze Golden Eagle (780 calories)

This drink contains a lot of calories, with a whopping 780 calories for the medium cup. The large one has 1000 calories, which is almost a day's worth of calories-- crazy, right?

It contains caramel sauce and vanilla syrup, blended with coffee and topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

Dutch Freeze Orange Groove (690 calories)

This cold brew-based coffee is packed with calories, so avoid ordering it if you want to cut back on your calorie consumption.

It is made with cold brew, orange, and black sugar. It has 690 calories, which is too much, especially if you’re watching your weight.

Dutch Classics Irish Cream Kicker (540 calories)

The Dutch Classics Irish Cream Kicker contains espresso shots, Irish cream syrup, and half & half, which is known to contain a lot of calories and fat.

This is why this drink has 540 calories and can go as high as 940 calories for the large-sized blended version.

Dutch Classics Golden Eagle (480 calories)

Another high-caloric drink from Dutch Bros is the Golden Eagle.

Containing 480 calories for the medium cup, it’s made with espresso, half & half, vanilla syrup, and caramel sauce, topped with whipped cream and more caramel sauce--no wonder it’s sinful!

Dutch Bros Coffee Shop

Healthy Dutch Bros Drink Questions

What’s the lowest calorie drink available at Dutch Bros?

The healthiest drink at Dutch Bros is the plain Americano, with only 10 calories.

What’s the highest-calorie drink available at Dutch Bros?

Anything from the Dutch Freeze menu has a lot of calories, and the Golden Eagle is the one with the highest calories.

What does ‘skinny’ mean at Dutch Bros?

‘Skinny’ at Dutch Bros often means the drink has non-fat milk and is sugar-free.

What ingredients drive up calories?

Toppings and sauces like whipped cream and caramel can drive up calories. Using breve will also increase the calorie of the drink.

Conclusion – Which Drink Is Healthiest?

If you’re looking for the healthiest drink at Dutch Bros, the answer is plain Americano. It’s basically espresso shots mixed with hot water.

Other drinks are also low in calories, but you have to modify the drink to make it ‘skinny.’

If you want to know how many calories your Dutch Bros drink has, you can check their website[1] for more information.


1. https://www.dutchbros.com/menu

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