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Veganism has been on the rise for the last decade, and Dunkin Donuts have stayed ahead of the game by introducing a wide range of vegan Dunkin Donuts drinks.

However, it’s not always obvious which vegan beverages are available, and it can be difficult to know what all of the options are. 

In this guide, we'll show you, so you can get a great vegan Dunkin Donut drink every time.  

1. Chai Tea Latte 

The first up is the Dunkin Donut chai tea latte. The chai latte is a spicy but sweet hot drink is one of the most unique on the menu and offers something a bit different from your usual tea and coffee.

A chai latte is usually made with cow's milk, but if you ask for dairy free milk, then it's a vegan-friendly option. We like it with coconut milk, so it's a bit richer, but almond milk also works well.  

The Dunkin Donut chai tea latte is usually made with a chai tea syrup, which contains a blend of cinnamon, ginger, clove, cardamom, and nutmeg spices and then topped with dairy free milk. Sugar and sweeteners are mixed in, and you can also request a flavored syrup to change the taste. 

It’s usually served hot, but you can get an iced chai latte on a hot day. There are typically 220 calories and 80mg of caffeine in a single serving, so it's not the healthiest vegan coffee, but we think the spicy flavors make it one of the best vegan drinks at Dunkin.  

Vegan Dunkin Donuts Drinks (12 Healthy Options) – BaristaHQ

2. Hazelnut Latte  

Who doesn't love the nutty goodness of a hazelnut latte? Well, Dunkin Donuts offers a completely dairy free version that will give you the rich flavor and caffeine boost without compromising your diet. This is a favorite with younger people and makes an excellent morning coffee to accompany your vegan donut.  

A vegan Dunkin Donut hazelnut latte is made with hazelnut syrup, coffee, and dairy-free milk. You can go for almondmilk, oatmilk, or coconutmilk, but we usually go for almond milk to enrich the nutty taste.

It's then topped off with sugar to balance the bitterness of the coffee, and you can get dairy free whip on top. You can also order it as an iced latte if you prefer.

There are around 300 calories and 50 grams of sugar in a serving, with about 95mg of caffeine from the coffee.  

3. Espresso 

Espresso is the original coffee that works for pretty much any diet. It's low calorie, vegan, and completely dairy free, with a big caffeine hit to perk you up. It's popular with true coffee lovers who appreciate the bold and bitter taste of an espresso.  

Dunkin Donut espressos are made from ground Arabica beans and hot water, nothing else. Many people choose to add milk or sugar to this hot coffee, but make sure you use a plant-based dairy free milk if you want to keep it vegan. You can also add a vegan Dunkin flavor swirl if you want to make it sweeter.

This is one of the rare Dunkin vegan menu items with 0 calories, but it still has about 95mg of caffeine, so an espresso really is a guilt-free coffee.  

black espresso being made

4. Americano 

If you find espresso too intense, you can instead opt for an Americano. It's made the same way, but more hot water is added to dilute the bitterness slightly. There's still a bold coffee taste, but it's much more popular with those who just want a drinkable dairy free coffee.  

Dunkin Donut offers three coffee blends: original, dark roast, or Dunkin decaf. The dark roast has less acidity and has a deep, almost smoky, flavor. Decaf gives you the option to enjoy the coffee taste without the caffeine. All three options are vegan as long as you don’t add any dairy and there are no calories in any of them.

This is the perfect vegan Dunkin Donut hot drink for those who just want a dairy free black coffee and nothing else. You can even order a hot or iced americano, so there's a summer option to support your vegan lifestyle.


5. Cold Brew 

Dunkin Donuts cold brew is the perfect dairy free option for those who appreciate a massive caffeine hit. It's full-bodied but rich and smooth to drink, with slight hints of chocolate in there. If you appreciate strong coffee, you'll love this vegan option.  

Dunkin makes their cold brew by steeping Arabica beans overnight in cold water. This draws out the coffee flavor but keeps more of the caffeine in there too. It’s then filtered and served straight, without any milk or sugar. There’s a whopping 260mg of caffeine in a single serving, but 0 calories if you have it black, so it’s a great high caffeine diet coffee.  

cold brew beverage

6. Iced Cappuccino 

The Dunkin Donuts iced cappuccino is the perfect vegan summer coffee. It has the bold flavor of coffee and a silky-smooth texture, making it popular with all types of coffee drinkers, but particularly those who enjoy a dairy free iced latte. We prefer it iced, but remember that you can get a hot cappuccino if you need something warm.

Milk is a key ingredient in a cappuccino, so to keep it vegan, you will have to make sure you ask for a dairy free alternative. Coconut milk is the best dairy free option for us because it froths up well, but oat milk is also a good option. 

The frothed milk is then mixed with espresso to give you your cappuccino, and the iced cappuccino is simply poured over ice. You can also customize it by adding various sugar syrups; vanilla tends to be the most popular. There are about 190 calories and 85mg of caffeine in a serving, so it’s a refreshing way to perk yourself up.    

Iced Cappuccino

7. Iced Macchiato 

The iced macchiato is an ever-popular drink with coffee lovers, and the Dunkin Donut version definitely does it justice. This coffee drink is halfway between an espresso and an Americano and offers a big caffeine hit. It's a great dairy free option for those who love the full-bodied taste of espresso but don't want it to be too bitter.  

Dunkin Donuts makes their iced macchiato by pouring cold milk over ice and topping it with two shots of espresso. This is really similar to an iced latte, but there's no other milk added. You can also order a hot macchiato which is very similar, but with hot milk and a layer of steamed milk on the top. 

Just make sure you ask for a dairy free milk in your macchiato, or they'll use dairy as standard. We'd recommend asking for oat milk. There are about 80 calories and 195mg of caffeine in a serving, so it's a low-calorie way to get your caffeine fix.  

8. Frozen Coffee – Mocha Swirl Flavor  

Dunkin Donuts has their own unique frozen coffee, which is a fresh spin on an iced latte or coffee. 

The mocha swirl frozen coffee is full of flavor but has a much thicker texture, so it’s a bit like enjoying a caffeinated dairy free milkshake. The best part of it is that you can change to a dairy-free milk (oat milk works well) to make it vegan.  

Dunkin Donuts blends a freshly brewed coffee with ice and dairy free milk to make the frozen coffee. They then add mocha flavor swirl and sugar to give it a sweet, frozen chocolate taste.

Frozen Coffee – Mocha Swirl Flavor

The frozen mocha swirl tastes amazing, but there are only 160 calories per serving, so it's healthier than a normal milkshake. There's also 100mg of caffeine to give you an energy boost. Mocha flavor swirls are one of the best frozen beverages spring or summer drink, and this is one of the most popular vegan drinks at Dunkin for youngsters.

9. Toasted Almond Iced Coffee  

The toasted almond iced coffee is one of the most popular Dunkin Donut drinks. The almond and coffee flavors blend well, and it uses dairy free almond milk to enrich the taste. This has the added benefit of making it vegan, but also keeps it very low-calorie.  

The Dunkin Donut toasted almond iced coffee is made with an espresso shot, topped with cold almond milk and toasted almond flavor shot. The toasted almond flavor shot is actually sugar free, and this vegan coffee only has 10 calories per serving. You'll also get about 95mg of caffeine from it, so it's one of the best vegan drinks at Dunkin for those on a diet.  

Toasted Almond Iced Coffee

10. Unsweetened Iced Green Tea 

Green tea has been shown to provide many health benefits, and Dunkin Donuts' unsweetened iced green tea is low-calorie and vegan. This makes it one of the healthiest options on the menu, is completely dairy free, and it's a popular drink with tea lovers or those on a detox. 

Dunkin Donuts freshly brew their green tea daily in-store using their own unique blend. It's then mixed with water and poured over ice. There are only 5 calories per serving and 45mg of caffeine, so you’ll get a gentle energy boost from it. This is one of the best vegan drinks at Dunkin for those keeping it healthy. You can add flavored syrup into the mix, but if you want to keep it low calorie then you should enjoy it unsweetened.  

11. Strawberry Coolatta 

The Strawberry Coolatta is the perfect dairy-free drink in hot weather. The sweet but tart flavor of the strawberry really shines through in this Dunkin donuts vegan drink, and it has a texture that is similar to a slushy.

This fun and refreshing drink makes a great alternative to a regular iced coffee and should cool you down instantly.   

The Dunkin Donuts Strawberry Coolatta is made with water, strawberry concentrate, strawberry puree, and sugar. 

Strawberry Coolatta

This is mixed with ice and blended together to give a smooth texture. There are about 360 calories and 60 grams of sugar in a serving, so it's definitely not a healthy option, but there’s also no caffeine which makes it suitable for kids. Plus, the good news is that all the Dunkin Coolattas are vegan - so you can try the vanilla bean Coolatta if you want it a bit less fruity!

This is one of the best vegan drinks at Dunkin for those who want a sweet drink on a hot day.

12. Peach Passion Fruit Refresher  

The Dunkin Donut peach passion fruit refresher is one of the newest options on the menu and makes a great alternative to your regular iced lemonade.

The striking color and sweet flavor make it popular with younger drinkers, and it’s completely vegan.  

The Dunkin Peach Passion Fruit Refresher is made with an iced green tea base, peach passion fruit flavors (from concentrate), water, and sugar. 

There are 130 calories per serving and about 65mg of caffeine from the green iced tea.

If you're looking for a refreshing drink, then this is the one for you.  

peach passion fruit

How Dunkin Donuts Vegan Drinks Compares With Starbucks Menu 

Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are two of the most popular coffee chains in the world. Both the companies have been quick to react to changing diets, and they have a reasonably extensive range of vegan drinks.  

Both Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have made good use of plant-based milks to alter their drinks. This replaces the dairy in their coffees and makes them suitable for vegan diets. The Dunkin Donut vegan drink selection is not quite as extensive as Starbucks and centers around removing or replacing dairy. Starbucks has actually created specific vegan drinks which are enhanced by vegan ingredients, so we’ve got to say their vegan coffees are probably better. 

Both Dunkin and Starbucks have iced tea options which are good for vegans. Starbucks has more iced tea drinks to choose from, but you can still pick up a refreshing vegan iced tea from Dunkin if you'd rather not order a coffee.

However, Dunkin Donuts vegan coffee drinks are generally cheaper. This is because Starbucks uses more ingredients, and they pass on this cost of goods to the consumer with higher prices. If you want to get a cheap vegan coffee, then Dunking Donuts is a better option, and you can pick up some of theirs for under $2.  

To order a vegan Dunkin Donut drink, you'll need to look for a dairy-free option or ask for almond, coconut, or oat milk instead of regular milk. Their menu is clearly labeled, but make sure you don't have any whipped cream on top. Always make sure you speak to your server so that you definitely get a vegan drink.  

Dunkin Donuts Vegan Drinks Questions 

What syrups at Dunkin are vegan? 

The Dunkin Donut vanilla, caramel, toasted almond, blueberry, raspberry, blue raspberry, chai tea syrup, and mocha swirl syrups are all vegan options. But remember, if you're not sure, you should ask your server if it's suitable for a vegan diet.  

Are Dunkin flavor shots vegan?

Dunkin donuts also do a range of vegan flavor shots to choose from. A flavor shot has no sugar and gives your coffee a different flavor. They're also completely vegan so anyone can add a flavor shot. The vanilla spice flavor shot and hazelnut flavor shot tend to be most popular vegan options, but you can speak to your server about the flavor shot choices.

What vegan-friendly milks are available at Dunkin Donuts? 

Dunkin Donuts offers oat milk, almond, and coconut milk as vegan options instead of traditional cow's milk. You can also get a dairy free whip to replace the standard whipped cream.

Does Dunkin' have vegan donuts? 

Yes, Dunkin Donuts released a line of 41 different vegan donuts in 2021, so there's plenty of vegan food options to choose from.  

Are Dunkin munchkins vegan? 

No, Dunkin Donut munchkins aren’t vegan because of eggs used in them, but there are other options on the Dunkin vegan food menu.

Is the mocha vegan at Dunkin Donuts? 

Yes, the Dunkin Donut mocha syrup is vegan, so if you order a mocha with oat milk, coconut milk, or almond milk, it is a vegan coffee drink. Just make sure not to add whipped cream!


Being vegan shouldn’t stop you from getting a great Dunkin Donut coffee. They offer a fairly wide range of vegan coffees and iced tea vegan options to choose from, but you can also speak to them about replacing the milk and syrup in your favorite drink to make it vegan. Hopefully, this guide has helped introduce you to some new Dunkin vegan drinks, and you've picked a few to try on your next visit.   

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