Known for its coffee, doughnuts, and quintessentially Canadian vibe, Tim Hortons has recently released my new fave fruity drinks - Refreshers!

So which Refresher should you order? That’s where I come in! I’ve ranked them all so you can find your perfect flavor.

Made from a delicious blend of green tea and real organic fruit juice, these Refreshers offer clean energy without a colossal caffeine content.

They're perfect for a little pick-me-up on a hot summer afternoon - let's dive into the best of the best!

1. Pineapple Coconut Sugar-Free Red Bull

Tim Hortons Pineapple Coconut Blue Raspberry Red Bull

Okay, I know I said that the Refreshers are caffeine-free, and that's typically true.

However, the Pineapple Coconut Sugar-Free Red Bull is a revitalizing tropical paradise in a cup that you just have to try.

So, I'm a noted coconut and Red Bull hater - but this drink makes a real compelling argument!

The natural citrusy flavors of the Red Bull blend surprisingly well with the pineapple and coconut, creating the ultimate summer drink. 

Red Bull Refreshers are only available in US locations, currently.[1]

2. Raspberry Tropical Red Bull

Tim Hortons Raspberry Tropical Red Bull

If the rich red color of the drink doesn’t get your attention, the unique flavor profile of the Raspberry Tropical Red Bull sure will.

Once again, the Red Bull combines perfectly with this new Refresher, offering a jolt of energy to start the day with. I felt that while there’s a slight raspberry tang to it, it tastes more like fruit punch.

I was a little disappointed that the raspberry taste is not stronger, but was surprised at how fresh the fruit elements tasted. 

If you love fruit punch and need a boost, this is the drink for you!

3. Strawberry Lemonade

Tim Hortons Blended Strawberry Lemonade

I was worried about this Strawberry Lemonade one having a really sweet taste, but I were pleasantly surprised! If you aren’t a fan of Red Bull or want to cut back on the caffeine, this Tim Hortons Refresher is perfect.

Rather than using sweet, artificial lemonade, they use lemon oil and lemon juice to create a more authentic, light flavor.

The acidity perfectly compliments the strawberry syrup and adds a zesty sweet finish.

Zingy, fruity, and sweet? I know what Refresher I'm reaching for this summer.

Nutritional Facts:

  • 103 cals (Medium)
  • 18g sugar
  • 26 carbs

4. Blue Raspberry Coconut Original Red Bull

Tim Hortons Blue Raspberry Coconut Red Bull

Out of all the Refresher drinks, the Blue Raspberry Coconut Original Red Bull may have the most unique flavor. It contains the obvious Red Bull, along with raspberry and coconut syrups.

I loved blue raspberry as a kid and was surprised by how well the fruity tartness blended with the coconut and Red Bull.

The combination may not seem obvious, but it's surprisingly good on a hot day!

Just be wary that the sugar content is pretty high, as each one contains 29g and 112 kcal.

5. Nitro Refresher

Tim Hortons Cold Brew

Coffee lovers aren't left out of the Refresher fam, don't worry! The Nitro Refresher is intense in flavor and caffeine.[2]

The coffee blend is steeped for over 16 hours and infused with nitrogen to create a silky-smooth texture that's a pleasure to sip on.

This alone makes it easy to love, but the lasting energy boost all day long keeps me coming back for more.

This is a great energizer when I'm struggling to keep my eyes open in the morning (especially with a little agave syrup).

6. Strawberry Coconut

Tim  Hotons Strawberry Coconut Refresher

The Strawberry Coconut Refresher features a mixture of strawberry syrup, coconut milk, and strawberry juice/extract and is absolutely delightful!

It has a strawberries-and-cream feel with a tropical twist, thanks to the addition of coconut milk.

With its pink color, I expected that the drink would taste like the Starbucks Pink Drink, but it's very different. Specifically, it is sweeter thanks to the ratio of strawberry syrup vs coconut milk.

After my first few sips, I realized that I like the Strawberry Coconut way better, which was honestly a nice surprise!

Nutritional Facts:

  • 246 cals
  • 56g sugar
  • 58g carbs

7. BlackBerry Mint

Tim Hortons Balckberry Mint Refresher

Made with real blackberries, invigorating mint, and green tea, this drink is the most Refreshing of the Refreshers. The unique combination is just slightly sweet but overall feels light and thirst-quenching.

I was lucky enough to try this before it was briefly discontinued and was immediately hooked - so I was ecstatic when it came back.

I really appreciate how "natural" the taste was, whereas some of the other Tim Hortons Refreshers taste a bit artificial.

If you're going to try any of these, make sure it's the BlackBerry Mint Refresher!

8. Orange Tangerine

Tim Hortons Blended Orange Tangerine Refresher

Just like the Blackberry Mint Refresher, the Orange Tangerine Refresher was also supposed to be a limited edition but was brought back due to popular demand.

The tangy orange flavor and tart tangerine combined with green tea is packed with vitamin C, perfect for keeping that immune system strong (or maybe that's just an excuse to continue drinking these tasty drinks!)

Citrus fruits are my favorite and I can't get enough of the juicy fruity taste of Orange Tangerine.

If you're into citrus or want to get into flavored green tea, the Orange Tangerine-flavored Refresher is simply the best option!

9. Lemonade Refreshers

Tim Hortons Lemonade Refresher

I absolutely love sipping on a Lemonade Refreshers when it's hot out, thanks to its light and tangy taste! It's a simpler flavor profile than the Strawberry Lemonade and is significantly less sweet.

Sometimes the simple things really are the best, and the Tim Hortons Lemonade Refreshers really hits the spot. 

It's zesty, zingy, and sweet - what more could you want in summer?

10. Sunrise Sunset

Tim Hortons Sunrise Sunset Refresher

This Red Bull-infused Refresher drink is one of the most popular drinks, and feedback has been great from customers!

It's undoubtedly named after the electric orange, yellow, and red appearance. The Refresher features an interesting mix of raspberry syrup and Red Bull Yellow Edition.

It tastes like orange mango and frankly has a much stronger flavor than regular or sugar-free Red Bull. It tastes a bit more like Orange Tangerine, with a notable tropical profile.

Each sip results in an explosion of flavors, with a kind of fizzy feeling in the mouth thanks to the energy drink.

What Are Tim Hortons Refreshers?

Tim Hortons Refreshers are water-based drinks that include additional ingredients to make for light, flavor-packed, and energizing thirst quenchers.


It all depends on the drink you order, but aside from water, they will add Red Bull, blackberry, tangy orange, tart tangerine, coconut milk, mint, green tea, passion fruit syrup, lemon oil, and other fruit juices.

Nutritional Information

There's unfortunately not much out there (even on the company's website) about the nutritional information regarding Tim Hortons Refreshers.

However, the regular Red Bull has up to 168 kcal and 29g of sugar. Add syrups on top of that, and it's even more.

The Nitro and Lemonade Refreshers are probably the "healthiest" of the bunch, seeing as they have minimal sweetener added and are lighter on calories.

Customers appreciate that there are options for everyone, no matter their diet.

Cost Breakdown

Each refresher comes in a Small (14 oz.), Medium (20 oz.), and size Large (24 oz.). Let’s take a look at the cost of each, in each size.

Refresher Cost By Size

14 oz

20 oz

24 oz

Blackberry Mint Refresher




Orange Tangerine Refresher




Strawberry Coconut Refresher




Lemonade Refresher




Strawberry Lemonade




Blue Raspberry Coconut Original Red Bull-Infused Refresher




Pineapple Coconut Sugar-Free Red Bull-Infused Refresher




Raspberry Tropical Red Bull Refresher




Nitro Refresher




*Note that prices may vary depending on the store. This is an average I found from regular visits to our local Tim Horton cafes.

Lemonade Refreshers

Tips When Ordering Refreshers At Tim Hortons

Not every Refresher is available at every Timmy's place of business. However, there are some occasions where you can ask them to custom-make one for you, and it's possible.

Other times, the store won't even have the ingredient to do so.

Many customers have ordered Refreshers not listed on the menu at certain locations before, and they were able to be modified to make it as close to the original as possible.

For example, they may not have the Blackberry Mint Refreshers on the menu, but they could carry the mint and syrups necessary to make it.

Many prefer ordering Refreshers on the app, which can mean less wait time when you're on the go![3]

Depending on the place and home country you order from, however, you may have limited choices.

Refresher Showdown - Tim Hortons Vs Starbucks Vs Dutch Bros

Tim Hortons Refreshers vs Starbucks

One major factor that sets the best Starbucks’ Refreshers apart from Tim Hortons’ is that Starbucks uses green coffee beans in theirs, which makes them caffeinated.

I also noticed that their green tea has a more heavily sweetened taste, along with most of their Refreshers, in general.

However, Tim Hortons carries less variety of syrup flavors and generally only offers a few Refresher options per location compared to Sbux.

Tim Hortons Refreshers vs Dutch Bros

Tim’s Refreshers with caffeine use Red Bull energy drink, while Dutch Bros uses their own Blue Rebel energy drink.[4]

Dutch Bros also offers iced teas and lemonades, along with their iced sodas that are somewhat similar. Overall, Dutch Bros has a much wider variety and you can customize the taste much more.

Both taste delicious, with unique flavor profiles your mouth is sure to thank you for.
Tim Hortons Starbucks Dutch Bros Refreshers

Frequently Asked Tim Hortons Refresher Questions

Do Tim Hortons Refreshers have caffeine?

Some Tim Hortons Refreshers have caffeine, but not all of them. Mostly, it's just the ones that say "Red Bull" in the name.

Do Tim Hortons Refreshers contain real fruit?

Not all Tim Hortons Refreshers contain real fruit, but the berry-flavored ones do!

Do all Tim Hortons stores have Refreshers?

All Tim Hortons stores have Refreshers, but not every location offers every flavor.

Does Tim Hortons still have Quenchers?

Yes, Tim Hortons still offer Freshly Brewed Iced Tea Quenchers and the Real Fruit Quenchers.


Whether you want to start your morning off with a bang with a Red Bull-type Refresher, or just want to cool down with an icy drink - they do it all.

Do yourself a favor and order a delicious Orange Tangerine or Blackberry Mint drink - you won't be disappointed!



Tim Hortons Refreshers FAQ

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