What goes together better than Swifties and Starbucks? Swifties and Taylor Swift’s Starbucks order!

When I saw she had a collab with Starbucks, you know I had to go check it out! Plus, her single Lavender Haze prompted fans to create a secret menu drink that I had to try!,

Here, you'll find out more about what the Taylor's Latte is and how you can go about ordering the Lavender Haze.

  • Taylor's Latte is a collab drink to celebrate Taylor Swift's re-release of Red in November 2021
  • It is a grande nonfat caramel latte that can be ordered year-round, costing about $5
  • The Lavender Haze is a fan-made secret menu drink made to celebrate the song of the same name
  • The Lavender Haze is an Iced Passion Tea with a splash of plat-based milk and six pumps of vanilla syrup

What Is The ‘Taylor’s Latte’ At Starbucks?

Released in November of 2021, Taylor's Latte was part of a collaboration between Taylor Swift and Starbucks to commemorate the re-release of the 'Red' album and its songs.

It lined up with red cup season for Starbucks - which is a part of the Starbucks festive holiday tradition.

This delicious drink can be ordered at all times (not just during the red season) and in all Starbucks locations - though it's more widely known in the United States.

So, what is the Taylor’s Latte? Well, it’s essentially a grande caramel nonfat latte - Taylor’s drink of choice.


The ingredients within this particular beverage are quite straightforward.

In a grande size, it's essentially a latte made with four pumps of caramel syrup along with nonfat milk.

If you'd like, you can also customize the drink by making it with a lighter roast (Starbucks blonde espresso) or more or less caramel.

Nutritional Information

For a grande size, the drink has a total of 190 calories with 0 grams of fat, 37 grams of carbs, and 12 grams of protein.

Taylor Swift drinking a Starbucks drink

How To Order Taylor Swift’s Latte Starbucks Drink

To order this, you'd essentially head into a Starbucks and let a barista know that you'd like a 'Taylor's Latte.'

Just by saying that, you'd be able to try her favorite Starbucks drink in no time at all.

On the Starbucks app, however, you'll have to key in the order yourself. To do so, simply:

  • Select 'Hot Drinks' followed by 'Cafe Latte.'
  • Change the milk options to 'Nonfat Milk.'
  • Add ‘Caramel Syrup pumps’ - the default should be four.

Add it to your order, and enjoy your delicious grande caramel nonfat latte - courtesy of Taylor Swift.

If you order it in November, close to the festive season, you can also sip on this delicious drink in one of the Starbucks festive red cups[1] - don't forget to also make it the ultimate Red season by listening to her album while you do so.

Ordering on the Starbucks app

What Is The ‘Lavender Haze’ Drink?

Inspired by Taylor Swift's new song, Taylor Swift fans have created a Lavender Haze drink (aptly called because of its lavender hue!)

To order this drink, you'll simply be asking for an iced passion tea with a splash of soy milk - or any other plant-based milk of choice (I chose oat milk!). [2] You'll then ask for an additional six pumps of vanilla syrup for the Venti size.

This combo results in a stunning lavender hue that's sure to put you in your very own lavender haze.

When it comes to the taste of this drink, it's relatively sweet and is a heavily dessert-inspired drink that really satisfied my sweet tooth.

If you're not a fan of the additional sweetness in the beverage, when you're ordering, you're more than welcome to adjust the recipe or cup size.

Even if you remove the vanilla syrup from the Lavender Haze, you'll still get the gorgeous lavender hue!

Taylor Swift Lavender Haze

Frequently Asked Taylor Swift Starbucks Drink Questions

How much is Taylors’ latte at Starbucks?

Taylor's latte from Starbucks costs around $5.00 with the addition of tax for a grande size.

Is Taylor Swift’s latte drink still available?

Yes, it's not a limited time edition, so you're able to order it whenever you want!

Does Starbucks make a Taylor Swift cup?

No, Starbucks does not have a Taylor Swift cup, just Taylor's version of her favorite Starbucks go-to order.

Conclusion - Try Her Fave Drink Today!

There you have it, an insight into what the Taylor's Latte is and how to go about getting the Lavender Haze from the menu!

What's great about both is that it's not a limited release, so you're more than welcome to get it from the menu whenever you want.

While sipping on these Starbucks delights, why not pair it with one of Taylor Swift's songs?


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