15 Summer Coffee Drinks (Ideas & Recipes For Home)

Summer is fast approaching, and this means goodbye to our favorite hot cup of coffee in the morning. While you can still enjoy a warm cup of java, the summer heat can make it less enjoyable. That’s why you need to ditch hot coffee drinks and start switching to cold ones. But which of these coffee beverages should you order and try at home?  

Well, no need to wonder because we have listed the top 15 summer coffee drinks you should try to beat the heat! Coffee lovers can still enjoy caffeine without overheating, if you know what we mean.  

1. Cold Brew 

If you can’t get enough caffeine even on hot sweltering days, cold brew is the best drink for you. As its name implies, coffee is brewed without using hot water. This means that you can easily enjoy iced coffee without waiting for the hot brewed coffee to cool down. At the same time, it’s so easy to make at home, and you can easily order it in many coffee shops like Starbucks. They even have different variations of this drink available, making it the most versatile summer coffee drink available.  

In addition, homemade cold brew is also easily customizable. First, you have to add cold water to the coffee grounds and let it brew for at least 12 to 24 hours. Once the brewing is finished, you can just add ice and drink the cup. You can also add your choice of milk and syrup if you find the taste too intense.  

15 Summer Coffee Drinks (Ideas & Recipes For Home)

2. Iced Matcha Latte 

Another drink that’s perfect for summer is an iced matcha latte. This is ideal for people who find coffee bitter but still need caffeine in their system. Matcha is a popular Japanese green tea with a much sweeter taste than your regular green tea. Unfortunately, during summer, hot matcha tea can make you feel uncomfortable. But if you add ice, it can magically transform into a refreshing and cooling summer drink.  

Additionally, Starbucks and many coffee shops offer iced matcha tea latte on their menu. The best part? They even allow you to choose what milk you want to add to it. So, if you’re lactose-intolerant or vegan, you can request non-dairy milk. Furthermore, you can also make this at home. All you need is matcha, milk, ice, and some sugar if you want it sweeter.  

Iced Matcha Latte

3. Espresso Smoothie 

Do you want a summer drink that’s strong enough to keep you awake the whole day? If so, then this Espresso Smoothie is for you. From its name, you already know the main ingredient of this summer coffee drink--espresso. But what makes this smoothie different from your regular cold espresso-based beverages like a Frappuccino? Well, it depends on how you make it at home, but one recipe you can try is using frozen bananas and Greek yogurt.  

Ideally, you want something that goes well with the flavor of the coffee. You can experiment with using peanut butter as the main ingredient and using your choice of milk instead of yogurt. You can also try including flavored whey protein in the drink to make it healthier. But, if you can't make it at home, you can order a Frappuccino from Starbucks instead. Not so much of a smoothie, but it will do.  

Espresso Smoothie

4. Iced Strawberry Latte 

If you want to make your coffee drink more summery, you’ll never go wrong with strawberries. This drink includes a shot of espresso, your choice of milk, and homemade strawberry syrup. But how do you make homemade strawberry syrup? It is easier than it sounds. All you need is a pot with water, strawberries, and sugar. Put the pot on low to medium heat and let it do the magic.  

Once your syrup is ready, just pour it into a glass, add milk and ice, and top it with a shot of espresso, and voila! Your Iced Strawberry Latte is finished. This drink is also perfect for people who don't like coffee, just ditch the espresso shot, and you're all good.  

Iced Strawberry Latte

5. Affogato 

Most people try to beat the heat of summer days with ice cream. Fortunately, you can also use ice cream to create a summer coffee drink that will keep you refreshed and energized. The best thing about this drink? Anyone can make it at home, and you can easily order it in your favorite coffee shop.  

If you want to have an affogato at home, all you need is a scoop of vanilla ice cream with an espresso shot on it; if you don’t have an espresso machine, no problem! You can experiment with regular brewed coffee, cold brew, or even instant hot coffee. You just have to be careful when pouring the coffee into the ice cream so you can achieve your desired intensity or sweetness.  


6. Coffee Jelly 

If you’re a fan of desserts, you might have heard of coffee jelly already. Originating from Japan, it’s basically a mixture of coffee and gelatin. While the coffee jelly isn’t a summer coffee drink, you can use it to spice up many of your coffee beverages. For example, you can add it as a topping to your affogato or mix it with your iced matcha latte.  

If you want to keep it simple, you can just add it to your favorite milk with ice. The jelly texture makes any boring drink interesting. To create a coffee jelly at home, you need to mix gelatin powder, water, hot coffee, and sugar. You can pour it into any container you like, but it’s best to use ice cube trays to have the perfect cut. But if you don’t have one, you can just use a knife to cut the jelly. After pouring it into a container, refrigerate it, and enjoy! 

Coffee Jelly

7. Homemade Boba Latte 

Are you a fan of boba or bubble tea? Do you know that you can also use these tasty pearls on your latte? It may sound like a weird concoction but believe us, boba and coffee can go perfectly together. If you still don’t believe us, go ahead and give it a try. All you need is an espresso shot, your choice of milk, boba pearls, and any sweetener you like.  

First, draw a shot of espresso and let it cool. Next, cook the boba according to the instructions on the packaging. Once done, prepare your drink by adding the cooled-down espresso shot, milk, ice, cooked boba, and sweetener if you like it sweet and your drink is ready. The boba takes your regular latte to a whole new level.  

Homemade Boba Latte

8. Vietnamese Iced Coffee 

If you want a sweet summer coffee drink, Vietnamese iced coffee should be your drink. However, it may not be best for those who are trying to lose weight as it’s packed with sugar and calories. But if you want to treat yourself anyway, go ahead and have this your way.  

Vietnamese iced coffee is a mixture of sweetened condensed milk, brewed coffee, and ice. It’s typically made on a Vietnamese phin, but a drip coffee maker will do if you don’t own one. To create a Vietnamese iced coffee, you need to brew your coffee and add milk and ice. If you’re lucky, your neighborhood coffee shop may have this on its menu. 

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

9. Iced Coffee Orange Juice 

You’re probably wondering why on earth would you mix coffee and orange juice, but you’ll be surprised how these two beverages make a mean summer coffee drink. This drink is pretty easy to make and doesn’t require any fancy device. All you need to do is mix half a cup of brewed coffee or two espresso shots with half a cup of orange juice. 

If you’re worried about acidity, this wouldn’t be a problem with this summer coffee drink. While both orange juice and coffee can be acidic, mixing them both won't make them more acidic than they already are. However, if you get stomach aches with coffee or orange juice, you will feel the same with this drink. It's better to choose a less acidic summer coffee drink than this. 

Iced Coffee Orange Juice

10. Java Chip Frappuccino 

Who doesn’t like Java Chip Frappuccino, right? That chocolatey, creamy, with a hint of bitter flavor all in one sip. We mean, it’s pretty great, especially during hot summer days. What we love most about this summer coffee drink is that you can order it at Starbucks, which you can find almost everywhere.  

You can also try to recreate this drink at home. All you have to do is blend coffee, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, milk, ice, and some sugar and you’re all set. However, be warned. While this is undoubtedly an excellent drink, it’s packed with a lot of calories. Furthermore, its chocolatey goodness can be addicting, so every sip can leave you wanting more. So be extra careful if you’re into chocolates like we are! 

Java Chip Frappuccino

12. Iced Oat Milk Latte 

If you’re vegan or lactose-intolerant, this summer drink is perfect for you. Just like your regular latte, this iced oat milk latte is essentially the same. However, it uses oat milk instead of regular milk. The sweetness of the oat blends perfectly with the bitter taste of coffee, making it a refreshing drink even on hot sweltering days. Since it doesn’t use dairy, this drink could be a healthy option for those trying to manage their weight.  

In addition, Starbucks is now offering oat milk as an alternative to regular milk. This means that you can order this drink in this coffee chain without any problem. If you’re feeling a little bit adventurous, you can add different syrup to the drink to make it more interesting. We suggest adding hazelnut syrup, but any syrup will do! 

Iced Oat Milk Latte

12. Coffee Lemonade 

Another odd summer coffee drink you should try is the coffee lemonade. This weird but tasty concoction may sound like an acidic disaster, but it’s actually a combination match made in heaven. This drink is popular in Sweden and known as Kaffelemonad. So, if it’s popular in Sweden, aren’t you curious about what makes this drink so famous?  

Unfortunately, we can’t just fly to Sweden to see what the fuss is about. But the good news is that you can easily recreate this drink at home. All you need is a mason jar or a shaker, and add lemon juice and honey or sugar to it. Shake it as much as you like. Then, prepare a glass, and add ice and tonic water. Pour the lemon mixture and top it with some espresso shot or brewed coffee. Consume the drink to see why it’s part of this list.   

Coffee Lemonade

13. German Ice Cream Coffee  

If you’d like a taste of Germany, you should try this summer coffee drink. Also known as Eiskaffee, the German ice cream coffee resembles an affogato since they have the same main ingredients. However, the German version requires you to add whipped or whipping cream on top for an extra creamier finish.  

To recreate this at home, all you need to do is place a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a glass, pour chilled espresso or brewed coffee over it, and top it with whipped cream. You can even add chocolate syrup and chocolate sprinkles on top if they are available. We're sure this drink will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you the caffeine fix you need on a hot summer day.  

German Ice Cream Coffee

14. Chemex Iced Coffee 

One downside of creating cold coffee drinks is the amount of time you need to wait for the brewed coffee to cool down (unless you’re doing a cold brew). Fortunately, there’s a way for you to speed up this process and get a cold caffeinated beverage in no time. However, you need to have a Chemex brewer lying around, or this won’t work.  

But if you do, then good news! You can get iced coffee without the waiting time. The trick is simple. You just need to put ice on the Chemex brewer and brew your coffee as you would typically do. Once the coffee is brewed, you can pour it into a cup right away and enjoy an iced coffee. Just make sure you have enough ice since the heat will melt a lot of them in the process.  

Chemex Iced Coffee

15. Coffee Ice Cubes 

Last but definitely not least on our list are coffee ice cubes. They are probably the easiest to make on this list. Basically, you just pour cooled-down brewed coffee into an ice tray and freeze it. You can use them with any of the iced drinks on this list or even add them to your favorite milk. You can even just consume them as is, but they may be too bitter.

These coffee ice cubes can change the way you make summer drinks. Your imagination is the limit.  

Coffee Ice Cubes

How To Make Summer Coffee Drinks At Home? 

If you're thinking of creating summer coffee drinks at home, there are several ways you can go about it. First and the most affordable process, you can do a cold brew and use it as a base for many coffee drinks on our list. All you need to do is brew coffee in cold water for around 12-24 hours. Once the brewing is done, you can store the coffee for two weeks in your fridge. Since it can be kept for an extended period, you can make big batches in one go.  

Another way is by using an espresso machine. If you have one at home or don’t mind buying one, espresso can also be a good base for summer coffee drinks. In fact, it’s what Starbucks uses for many of its iced beverages and Frappuccino. You can also use other brewing devices like Chemex, Aeropress, French press, etc. However, some of them require you to wait for the coffee to cool down before you can start creating a cold beverage.  

Another thing you might want to consider is investing in various sweeteners such as honey and syrups. These sweeteners can level up your drink and make it more delectable. You can also play around with different types of milk, such as almond, oat, nonfat, or regular milk. Lastly, if you want to test your creativity, you can make your own summer coffee drink recipe.  

Summer Drinks At Starbucks (Coffee & Non-Coffee Options) 

If you think creating summer coffee drinks at home is a lot of work, you can choose to buy them at Starbucks instead. This coffee chain is known to offer a wide variety of drinks, ranging from vanilla drinks, mocha drinks, hazelnut drinks, and matcha drinks, and you can even order viral TikTok beverages if you wish 

Any iced or Frappuccino drinks are perfect for hot weather. This means that you have a variety of options available. You can also research different secret menu drinks if you want to try something new. Lastly, you create your own recipe and ask the barista to make it for you. Remember, your imagination is the limit.  

Frequently Asked Summer Coffee Drinks Questions 

Is it OK to drink hot coffee in summer? 

Yes, you can enjoy hot coffee in summer. There are no health risks involved when drinking a hot cup of java on hot days.  

Do summer coffees have more caffeine than other seasons? 

If you’re using cold brew coffee, then yes, the caffeine content of drinks using this brew is higher than regular coffee. But if you’re just using espresso as the base of your drink, it contains the same amount of caffeine as hot espresso-based drinks.  


If you’re looking for the perfect summer coffee drinks, this list has everything you need. You can create them at home or order them in your favorite coffee shops. Hopefully, this list helps you find the best drink for you during this season. If you have any recipes you want to share, feel free to let us know!