15 Sugar-Free Starbucks Drinks (Best Options For Diabetics)

Starbucks is known for their wide selection of sweet drinks, but we all know how bad sugar can be for you. If you're trying to cut back, you may not know what you're able to order, or you may even think that you need to avoid Starbucks altogether. Thankfully that's not the case, and in this guide, we'll introduce the best sugar free Starbucks drinks for you to try.   

Starbucks actually offers a wide range of sugar-free drinks, both hot and cold. Just because they're sugar free doesn't mean they have to be bland, and we've included some options which are still good for those with a sweet tooth: 

1. Brewed Coffee 

Starbucks brewed coffee is made every few hours using the drip coffee method. Drip coffee is brewed more slowly and has a slightly more subtle flavor than a regular espresso, but it is still fairly smooth. Starbucks offers a variety of options to choose from, including Blonde roast coffee, Pike Place roast coffee, or decaf.

Blonde roast is more acidic and tastes sweeter, but Pike Place has a richer and nuttier taste. The decaf option is great for those trying to cut back on their caffeine content.  

All of the Starbucks brewed coffees are completely sugar free, have 0 calories. The non-decaf versions have 180mg of caffeine in a serving and should give you a big energy kick. Most people choose to add milk, cream, and sugar to their brewed coffee to sweeten the taste.

This will obviously add to the sugar and calorie content, so if you're trying to go sugar free, you should just have it black. Starbucks offers free refills on their brewed coffee, so it is one of the best value drinks.  

Brewed Coffee

2. Espresso 

An espresso is the classic Italian coffee that has been enjoyed for generations. Starbucks use their own unique espresso roast, which has a bold, but balanced flavor and a slight bitterness. It's a favorite with coffee purists because it is literally just coffee, with nothing else added.  

Starbucks makes their espresso by forcing pressurized hot water through ground espresso beans. The water absorbs the espresso as it passes through and gives you a short drink that’s packed with flavor. You can order it in a solo, doppio, triple, or quad (1-4 shots), and there's 75mg of caffeine in each shot.  

An espresso is used as a base for many sugary Starbucks drinks, but if you have it on its own, then there is no sugar. This is a great option for coffee lovers on a dairy free or keto diet.  


3. Americano 

The Starbucks Americano is regarded as the classic coffee order. It has a full-bodied taste which comes from the unique espresso beans, and is a favorite with coffee lovers who want something a bit easier to drink than an espresso.  

It’s made with an espresso base and hot water poured on top. Many people choose to add milk or sugar, but if you have it black, then there is no sugar and no calories. It’s also dairy free, so you can enjoy it if you’re lactose intolerant, and it’s perfect for those on a keto diet.  

Americanos are enjoyed worldwide and available year-round. They give you the classic taste of Starbucks coffee, and there’s 150mg of caffeine in each serving.  

Caffe Americano

4. Espresso Macchiato 

An espresso macchiato is a creamier version of a classic espresso which is popular with those who find a regular espresso too harsh to drink. It’s made with a double espresso base and topped with a layer of milk foam. This doesn’t add any sugar or calories, but it does change the texture and taste.  

The strong, slightly caramel flavor blends well with the foam and gives it a much smoother taste. It's a good variation for espresso lovers, and there is 150mg of caffeine in a single serving. The Starbucks espresso macchiato is a great sugar free drink for coffee lovers who prefer something a bit less bitter. 

Espresso Macchiato

5. Caffe Misto 

A regular Caffe Misto is half brewed coffee and half steamed milk. This gives you the bold coffee flavor with the richness of hot milk and makes it a much creamier alternative to a standard Americano. To make it very low sugar, you need to switch to steamed almond milk, which is healthier and gives it a slightly nutty taste.  

A Starbucks Caffe Misto has about 170 calories per serving and 170mg of caffeine. It's perfect for coffee lovers who want something a bit lighter than an Americano but still want to cut down on their sugar intake.  

Caffe Misto

6. Caffé Latte 

Now, technically a Starbucks latte does have some sugar, but it is a low sugar option. Lattes are universally popular and available in every Starbucks store. You can choose from a range of flavored options, but they will generally contain a lot of sugar, so if you're trying to cut back, you should stick with a regular Starbucks latte. 

Starbucks caffé lattes are all about texture. Steamed milk and foam are layered on top of an espresso shot to give it a rich, velvety texture. There are 16 grams of sugar in a regular latte, which is lower than many other Starbucks drinks, but if you switch to almond milk, you can pretty much cut the sugar out entirely. Using a plant-based milk also makes it suitable for dairy free diets.  

Caffé lattes are great year-round, and by switching to almond milk, you can still enjoy it even if you're trying to reduce your sugar intake.   

Caffé Latte

7. Royal English Breakfast Tea 

Tea has been drunk around the world for thousands of years, and Starbucks has created their unique blend of leaves which is used in their English breakfast tea. The flavors are distilled into the water, leaving you with a light and aromatic beverage that helps to calm your body and focus your mind. 

Starbucks uses water boiled at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps to maximize the flavors from the teabag. Many people add milk and sugar to breakfast tea, but if you drink it without, then it's completely sugar free and suitable for any keto or dairy free diet. Black tea is an acquired taste, but it has 40mg of caffeine which can give you a slight energy boost. It works well for those trying to limit how much coffee they drink.  

Royal English Breakfast Tea

8. Chai Tea 

Starbucks chai tea shouldn’t be confused with the Starbucks chai latte, but it does have all the same flavors. The sweet and slightly spicy taste comes from the clove, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, and ginger extracts which Starbucks combines with their black tea. This creates a unique chai teabag that is slightly different from other brands.  

The tea itself is made by steeping the chai teabag in hot water for 2-3 minutes until the flavors diffuse. There are no calories, no sugar, and 40mg of caffeine in a standard serving. You can opt for a milk-based chai tea latte which is much richer but that has over 45 grams of sugar and 250 calories per cup. The standard chai tea might not be as filling, but it is the perfect sugar-free comfort drink suitable for all diets.  

Chai Tea

9. Jade Citrus Mint Tea

Mint tea is a popular healthy alternative to coffee that has been used to help improve digestion for centuries. The Starbucks jade citrus mint tea version incorporates the flavors of green tea, lemon verbena, lemongrass, and spearmint, so it has a light and zingy taste compared to regular mint tea. There is a natural sweetness from the ingredients, but no sugar or calories in it at all.  

Starbucks makes this drink by steeping their jade citrus mint teabags in hot water for 3-4 minutes. It’s a favorite with older Starbucks drinkers and the perfect sugar-free drink to help you relax. A great option for those on a keto or dairy free diet and those avoiding caffeine.  

Jade Citrus Mint Tea

10. Peach Tranquillity Tea 

Peach tranquillity tea, as the name suggests, has a calming influence on your body. It combines herbal flavors of peach, candied pineapple, chamomile, lemon verbena, and rose hips together to give you a surprisingly sweet taste throughout. The medicinal qualities of the ingredients also shine through and can help to relax your mind.  

This drink isn't as sweet as many other Starbucks options, but it's one of the sweetest sugar free options. It’s popular as an alternative to black tea and has no caffeine or calories. It’s a good detox beverage for those on a restricted diet.  

Peach Tranquillity

11. Iced Americano 

The iced Americano is the cold version of the Starbucks Americano and is most popular in the summer months. The Americano is made exactly the same way but then poured over ice to cool it down. This gives the drink a lighter taste, and many people find it a lot easier to drink than a regular black Americano.  

The iced Americano can be made smoother and richer by adding milk and sugar, but this obviously makes it less healthy. If you do want milk, then we recommend using a splash of almond or soy milk to keep the sugar content low. If you do have it black, then there’s no sugar, no calories, and 150mg of caffeine in a serving.  

Iced Americano

12. Nitro cold brew 

Starbucks nitro cold brew is for those who need a massive caffeine boost. There are 333mg in a single serving which is more caffeine than most energy drinks. Despite the strength of the drink, the brewing method actually gives it a velvety smooth texture, and it’s not harsh or bitter. 

Starbucks makes it using their cold brew, which involves steeping ground coffee in cold water for 18 hours. This allows it to retain more of the caffeine and gives it a much smoother flavor. This cold brew is then infused with nitrogen to make it even smoother and removes all the rough edges. There's no ice; it's simply made cold and poured straight out of the tap.   

Starbucks nitro cold brew has no sugar and only 2 calories. It is the perfect high caffeine Starbucks drink for those avoiding sugar, dairy, and carbs.  

Reserve Nitro Cold Brew

13. Iced Espresso 

An iced espresso is a simple drink that packs a lot of flavor. It's simply a Starbucks espresso poured over ice, but this helps mellow the taste and make it much more drinkable. It is a popular drink with coffee lovers during hot summer weather because it's refreshing but still has the bold espresso taste.  

An iced espresso has no sugar, no calories, and no dairy. There are 150mg of caffeine in a standard iced espresso, but you can add an extra shot if you like it stronger. You can also add sugar or syrup if you prefer it sweeter, but this will add to the sugar content and calories. Try using sweetener instead to keep the drink sugar free.  

Iced Espresso

14. Iced Black Tea 

Black tea makes a good alternative to coffee and is generally considered a healthier option. Starbucks has their own tea brand, Teavana, which uses plant extracts to create several different tea flavors. Black tea is their most popular flavor, but it has a fairly refined taste that’s more popular with older drinkers. The iced black tea is made by mixing Starbucks black tea concentrate with filtered water and ice.  

Iced black tea has no sugar, no calories, and is full of antioxidants which can help to reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer. There's 25mg of caffeine, so you will still get a slight energy boost, but this drink is more about refreshment and cooling you down on a hot day.  

Iced Black Tea

15. Iced Green Tea 

Green tea is often drunk by those on a detox because it helps to flush toxins out of your system. The Starbucks iced green tea gives you those same benefits, but it also tastes really fresh and is a good way to cool down in hot weather.  

The iced green tea is made using the Starbucks Teavana green tea blend poured over ice. There's no sugar, no caffeine, no calories, and no dairy, so it's perfect for those with diabetes, lactose intolerance, or those on a special restricted diet. This is one of the healthiest options on the Starbucks menu.  

Iced Green Tea

Ordering Sugar Free Drinks At Starbucks (Tips For Diabetics) 

If you’re a diabetic who needs to avoid sugar, or you’re just serious about reducing your sugar intake, there are a few things you should consider when you go to Starbucks:  

Ask For Sugar Free  

We’ve given you some sugar free options on this list, but it’s also worth asking your barista to make sure your order is sugar free. Recipes and ingredients can change from time to time, but the barista should have the latest information to help you out.  

Switch To Sweetener  

Many Starbucks drinks are better with a bit of sweetness. Instead of reaching for the sugar, you can use a sweetener instead, which has the same effect but without the sugar or calories. There should be sweeteners available for free in every Starbucks store.  

Check The Milk 

Not every milk is the same, and some have much higher sugar levels than others. Almond milk tends to have the least sugar, and you can request that your Starbucks drink is made with this dairy-free alternative to make it healthier.  

Switch The Syrup 

Starbucks has a range of sugar free syrups available on request. This means you can keep the sugar content low without compromising on flavor. Your barista should be able to tell you which sugar free Starbucks syrups are available, but vanilla, cinnamon dolce, and caramel are usually all available.  

Use The App 

The Starbucks app will show you the nutritional breakdown of your drink before you order it. This means you can see how much sugar is in the drink and which sugar free syrups are available to customize it. Armed with this information, you should be able to order sugar free Starbucks drinks with confidence.  

Common Sugar-Free Starbucks Drinks Questions 

Is Starbucks syrup Sugar Free?  

The majority of Starbucks syrups have sugar, but there are some sugar free options. What’s available can vary depending on location, but you can usually request sugar free vanilla, cinnamon dolce, and caramel syrups. 

What does skinny mean at Starbucks? 

Skinny means the lowest calorie version of a Starbucks drink. This means they use low-fat milk, remove the whipped cream, and use sugar free syrups to keep the sugar content down.  

Does Starbucks have sugar-free Frappuccinos?  

Unfortunately, there is no way to make a Starbucks Frappuccino completely sugar-free, but you can lower the sugar content by asking for low-fat milk, sugar free syrup, and removing the whipped cream.  

Does Starbucks have sugar-free caramel? 

Yes, Starbucks offers a sugar free caramel syrup in most regions.  


Starbucks is famous for their eccentric beverages, but they also have a lot of sugar-free drinks available for those with special dietary requirements. Hopefully, this guide has introduced a few interesting options so you can mix things up on your next visit and order a great low-sugar Starbucks drink.