15 Starbucks Trenta Drinks (Best Extra-Large Size Options)

Starbucks offers a wide range of drinks in all shapes and sizes. Trenta is the largest size, but they don’t offer it for every drink, and it can be a lot more expensive. You don't want to spend more on a massive drink that you won’t enjoy or embarrass yourself trying to order a drink you can’t.

We're here to help, and in this guide, we'll show you all the best Starbucks Trenta drinks, so you know exactly what’s available.  

1. Iced Coffee 

This is one of the only espresso-based Starbucks drinks offered in a Trenta size. It's made with freshly brewed iced coffee, chilled and poured over ice. It has the classic Starbucks taste with a big hit of caffeine and is popular with older drinkers who love the coffee flavor.  

There are 160 calories and 39 grams of sugar in a Trenta iced coffee. Most of this comes from the 7 pumps of syrup, and if you choose to add extra sugar, it will impact the calories. 160 calories may seem like a lot for an iced coffee, but it's basically a diet option compared to other Trenta drinks. There's also 280mg of caffeine, so it's a great alternative for a hot summer morning.  

Iced Coffee starbucks

2. Iced Black Tea/Lemonade 

Black tea is a favorite with older drinkers, but it’s often sweetened or mixed with lemonade for younger drinkers. It's made with their unique premium black tea and shaken over ice, so if you have it straight up, there are no sweeteners, sugar, or syrups. This makes it perfect for those on a diet because there are 0 calories, and it's even suitable for those who are dairy-free or on keto. There's also 50mg of caffeine, so you'll get a bit of an energy boost.  

You can also order an iced black tea lemonade which is slightly less healthy but even more refreshing. The sweet and tart flavors of the lemonade blend perfectly with the tea to give you the perfect Trenta drink for a hot day. It only has 90 calories and 21 grams of sugar in a serving, so you can enjoy it almost guilt-free.   

Iced Black Tea Lemonade

3. Iced Guava Black Tea/Lemonade 

The Starbucks iced guava black tea offers a sweeter alternative to their standard iced tea and a pretty unique set of flavors. Guava tastes like a mix of apple and pear, and this mixed with the black tea has a very naturally sweet flavor. It also has 7 pumps of cane sugar to sweeten it further, and there are 130 calories and 25 grams of sugar in a serving. There’s also 50mg of caffeine from the tea.  

Many people choose to add lemonade instead of water to get an iced guava black tea lemonade. This is much sweeter, and the guava and lemon flavors pair beautifully to give a really light and refreshing taste. There are still only 180 calories and 32 grams of sugar in a serving which is very light compared to other sweet, iced teas.  

If you enjoy Starbucks Teavana teas, you're definitely going to enjoy the iced guava black tea. We think it's one of the best drinks to order in a Trenta because it keeps you wanting more, and it's sure to keep you cool when the temperature starts to climb up in summer. 

Iced Guava Black Tea

4. Iced Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte 

The iced royal English breakfast tea latte is made by blending Indian and Sri Lankan black teas with liquid cane sugar, milk, and ice. It's relatively light tasting but has the complicated taste of black tea, which is softened by the milk and sugar. It's one of the only milk-based Trenta drinks on the Starbucks menu, but not every store will have it, so you'll have to check with your barista.  

A Trenta iced royal England breakfast tea latte has 190 calories, 25 grams of sugar, and 40mg of caffeine in a serving. It's popular with latte drinkers who are trying to cut down on their caffeine intake but still need a bit of an energy boost. If you enjoy tea and coffee, you'll enjoy this latte that combines the best of both worlds.  

5. Iced London Fog Tea Latte 

Starbucks combines the flavors of bergamot, lavender, and vanilla in this iced tea latte to give you a unique flavor. It looks and tastes like an Earl Grey tea, but with a smooth texture that makes it easy to drink. It's the ultimate summer drink for tea lovers who want refreshment but don't want to give up the Early Grey flavor.  

Not every store will offer a Trenta iced London fog tea latte, so you'll need to check with the barista. It's made with 3 Starbucks tea bags, vanilla syrup, milk, and ice, and each serving has 195 calories, 28 grams of sugar, and 40mg of caffeine. The iced London fog tea latte has a depth of flavor that is popular with older Starbucks drinkers and tea lovers.  

Iced London Fog Tea Latte

6. Honey Almond Milk Cold Brew 

Starbucks recently stopped offering their cold brew in a Trenta, but the honey almond milk version is a good alternative. It has the signature Starbucks cold brew, which is diffused in cold water for up to 18 hours, and it’s topped with almond milk and honey. This gives it the Starbucks coffee taste with a little nutty sweetness on top and makes it popular with coffee purists and those with a sweet tooth.  

Considering this Trenta Starbucks drink has 360mg of caffeine, it’s incredibly easy to drink. It’s only 100 calories for the whole serving and has 20 grams of sugar. If you need a massive caffeine boost but want to keep it simple, then this Trenta drink is one for you.  

Honey Almond-milk Nitro Cold Brew

7. Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew 

Pumpkin is a favorite flavor for Starbucks drinkers, and while you can't get a pumpkin spiced latte in Trenta, you can get the pumpkin cream cold brew. This is made with the signature strong Starbucks cold brew, vanilla syrup, pumpkin cream cold foam, and a dusting of pumpkin-spiced latte. It's the perfect Autumn cold drink and is especially popular with younger drinkers who like the sweetness of pumpkin.  

There are 360 calories and 48 grams of sugar in a Trenta serving, so it is pretty indulgent, but it's lighter than most milk-based drinks. It has 315mg of caffeine from the extra strong cold brew base, which is more than most energy drinks. It packs a big energy boost, but the cold foam helps to lighten it and balance out the flavors. This is the perfect drink for caffeine lovers who need a big hit to get through the day.  

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

8. Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew 

If you enjoy the mix of sweet and savory, then you'll love the salted caramel cold brew. It's smooth and delicious, and the salted foam on the top helps balance out the drink's sugariness. It's indulgent but packs enough caffeine to perk you up at any time of day.  

The Starbucks salted caramel cold brew is made with the cold brew base, 4 pumps of caramel syrups, sweeteners, and topped with a salted cold foam. There are 310 calories and 37 grams of sugar in a serving, and a massive 320mg of caffeine. We love this Trenta Starbucks option, but don't drink it too close to bedtime, or you may struggle to sleep! 

Salted Caramel Cream Nitro Cold Brew

9. Kiwi Starfruit Refresher And Kiwi Starfruit Refresher Lemonade 

The Starbucks Kiwi Starfruit refresher is the perfect option for tropical fruit lovers. It's made with starfruit and kiwi juice, shaken over ice, and topped with real kiwi fruit pieces. It's very refreshing, and ordering a Trenta is the ultimate way to cool down in hot weather. There are 180 calories and 38 grams of sugar in a serving which isn't too bad when you consider the size of the drink. There's no caffeine, so it's a safe option for kids.  

If you prefer something a bit sweeter, you can get the Trenta Kiwi Starfruit Lemonade Refresher. It has all the same ingredients, but it's mixed with lemonade to make it sweeter and slightly more tart. There are 280 calories and 61 grams of sugar in this variation, though, so it’s a less healthy option.  

The kiwi starfruit refresher is a popular option for Starbucks drinkers of all ages, but younger people tend to prefer the lemonade based version.  

Kiwi Starfruit Lemonade Starbucks Refresher

10. Mango Dragonfruit Refresher And Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher 

The mango dragonfruit refresher is something a bit different and features some fruit flavors you might not have very often. It has a striking pink color which is great for posting on Instagram and a sweet but not overpowering taste which is more subtle than other Starbucks Trenta drinks.

It’s made using mango and dragonfruit-infused juice mixed with ice and real dragonfruit pieces. There are 180 calories and 39 grams of sugar in a serving, but be careful because it also has 90mg of caffeine, so it won’t be suitable for everyone.  

If you prefer it to be slightly sweeter, you can ask for the lemonade version. This adds some sugar and sweetness, and the lemon flavor mixes well with the tropical fruit. A Trenta serving of this variation has 280 calories, 61 grams of sugar, and 90mg of caffeine.  

11. Strawberry Acai Refresher And Strawberry Açaí Refresher Lemonade 

The Starbucks strawberry acai refresher was only released a few years ago, but it took the world by storm.

The sweet and tart flavor of the strawberry was an instant hit, and it quickly became one of the most ordered cold drinks on the menu. It is sweet, but it's also relatively light, so it's really refreshing on a hot day. It's made with strawberry, acai, and passionfruit flavors which are then mixed with a green coffee extract and water. It has 45mg of caffeine, 120 calories, and 29 grams of sugar in a serving, so it’s one of the lightest Starbucks Trenta drinks. 

The strawberry acai refresher lemonade is made with lemonade instead of water. It's sweeter, and the lemon mixes with the strawberry, which we find a bit more flavorsome. It's a great alternative to a classic Starbucks lemonade and works really well in the large Trenta size. The strawberry acai refresher lemonade has 220 calories, 41 grams of sugar, and 45mg of caffeine in each serving.  

12. Very Berry Hibiscus Lemonade Refresher 

This Starbucks drink has a very strong blackberry taste and some very tart flavors. This makes it popular with older Starbucks drinkers and those who don’t like the sickly-sweet taste of some Starbucks drinks. It's made with fruit juice, lemonade, ice, whole blackberries, and a green coffee extract which gives you a slight energy boost.  

This is a lighter Trenta option with just 190 calories and 36 grams of sugar in a serving. It's very refreshing and is a great morning drink when it's too hot for coffee. Not everyone likes forest fruits, but if you do, then this refresher is definitely one to try.  

13. Pink Drink  

The Starbucks Pink Drink rose to fame on social media and is known for being the Starbucks Tiktok drink. The beautiful pink colors and the smooth texture make it really popular with younger drinkers, and you'll often see pictures of it on Instagram.

It’s made by mixing the strawberry acai refresher base with coconut milk and ice, and it’s then topped with fresh strawberry pieces. There are 270 calories and 48 grams of sugar in a serving and 90mg of caffeine from the acai in the refresher base.  

The Trenta Starbucks Pink Drink costs around $6, so it isn’t the cheapest option, and the price will increase if you add anything extra. The Pink Drink might not be low cost, but it's very sweet and drinkable. Definitely one to try if you haven't already.  

Pink Drink with Cold Foam

14. Violet Drink 

The Starbucks violet drink is another striking drink that trends online every summer. The purple color comes from the blackberries, which also give it a sweet but very tart flavor. It's something a bit different from some of the usual sugary Starbucks drinks and tends to be favored by older Starbucks drinkers.  

Despite the tartness, this is a very refreshing option, and you can see why it's popular in Trenta. It's made with a Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks refresher base mixed with coconut milk and ice. It’s then topped with fresh blackberries. It has 220 calories and 37 grams of sugar in a serving, with 90mg of caffeine for a little energy boost. If you love forest fruit flavors, then you’ll love this drink.  

Violet Drink

15. Star Drink 

The Starbucks star drink is big, bold, and bright green. It's made with starfruit and kiwi, which give it a pretty unique taste, and mixed with coconut milk to make it very smooth. It's then topped with real kiwi pieces and poured over ice. It's literally summer in a cup, and it's one of the most popular Trenta options for Starbucks drinkers who love fruit-based beverages.  

A Trenta serving has 260 calories, 46 grams of sugar, and 90mg of caffeine. It has a very natural sweetness and doesn’t taste as sugary as some other Trenta drinks, but we definitely wouldn’t say it’s healthy. It’s enjoyed by Starbucks drinkers of all ages, but make sure you like starfruit and kiwi because the flavor combination can take you by surprise.  

Star Drink

How To Order Trenta Size Drinks At Starbucks? 

Trenta is the largest size on the Starbucks menu, but it's only available for cold drinks. The word Trenta actually comes from the Italian for 30, but confusingly, the Starbucks Trenta holds 31 ounces. The extra ounce is there so there’s room for ice floating on the top of your cold beverage. You won’t see Trenta on the regular menu, and because of this, many people think Venti is the largest Starbucks option. However, if you ask the barista for Trenta, they'll supersize your drink.   

Trenta isn’t available for hot drinks, presumably because of safety reasons, and they don’t make many espresso-based drinks in this size. In fact, they really limit the Trenta options in some regions because some Starbucks drinks would just be too caffeinated or calorific for customers (for example, if you ordered a Trenta Starbucks Frappuccino, it would probably have over 1000 calories!). Instead, most Trenta drinks are iced coffees or iced teas, with a few specialties and fruity options drinks.  

You can still get some very sweet Starbucks Trenta drinks, and they are usually made with at least 7 pumps of syrup. Make sure you keep an eye on the sugar and calorie content of your drink because Trentas are almost always the least healthy Starbucks option.   

Trenta is the most expensive option and will usually cost $0.50-$1 extra. However, it can also offer some good value if you share it with a friend. You can still customize Trenta drinks, but it will cost you more because they’ll have to add a greater quantity of the ingredients.  

Trenta drinks are perfect when you need to cool down on a hot day, and a Venti just won't hit the spot. Unfortunately, you can’t select Trenta on the Starbucks app, so you will need to order it in person.  

Frequently Asked Starbucks Trenta Drink Questions 

Is Trenta bigger than Venti? 

Yes, a Venti is 24 ounces while a Trenta is 31 ounces.  

Can you get a Frappuccino in Trenta?  

No, Starbucks used to offer Trenta Frappuccino’s, but the calorie and sugar content was too high, and they removed them as an option. You can get around this by ordering two grande Frappuccinos and asking for a Trenta cup, but it will be noticeably more expensive paying for two drinks.  

Can you get a Trenta caramel macchiato? 

No, Starbucks only offers Trenta cold drinks, so you won’t be able to get a caramel macchiato in this size.  


With great size comes great responsibility, and Starbucks have taken that seriously by limiting the Trenta drinks they offer. They've kept the list small and only offer drinks that will still taste great and won't have a ridiculous number of calories. However, hopefully, this list has introduced you to some Trenta Starbucks drinks that you’ll like, and you have a few new options to try on your next visit.