With just under 350,000 employees around the world, it goes without saying that the Starbucks team is MASSIVE.

The Starbucks Teamworks app makes it easy for Starbucks employees to access weekly schedules, company events, shift trades, time off requests, and more.

The good news is that any Starbucks employee can learn everything there is to know about the Teamworks platform in this complete guide.

  • Starbucks' teamwork app allows the barista, managers, and other employees to manage their schedules and access partner info, all from one easy-to-use platform.
  • Depending on your device, you can download it either on the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Using Starbucks Teamworks is super straightforward.

What Is The Starbucks Teamworks App?

The Starbucks Teamworks application is meant to simplify the lives of any Starbucks worker.

It allows the barista, managers, and other employees to manage their schedules and access partner info, all from one easy-to-use platform.

In addition to the countless benefits and perks provided to Starbucks workers, Starbucks has made the necessary steps to benefit the organizational skills of each person on the team.[1]

Through the Starbucks Teamworks scheduling app, it’s now easier than ever to view, manage, and edit your schedule from all devices, including a phone.
Starbucks Teamworks App

How To Download Starbucks Teamworks App

Downloading the Teamworks app is just like downloading any mobile application. Depending on your device, visit either the IOS app store or the Google Play Store.

For security reasons, ONLY download the Starbucks app from one of these sources.

Once you’re there, you can type in a search for ‘Starbucks Teamworks,’ and the app will appear as the first result. Click ‘Install’ and wait for the download to complete - that’s it!

How To Login To The Starbucks Teamworks App

Starbucks baristas can easily access all of the app’s features once they have access to their login credentials.

One option is to use a Starbucks card issued to you as an employee, but most workers opt for inputting a unique global user name.

You can add this username on the app interface or visit the log in page on a website browser.[2]

Starbucks Teamworks Login Screen

How To Use The Starbucks Teamworks App

Using Starbucks Teamworks is super straightforward.

All categories of your life as a Starbucks worker will be available in the app - everything from executing a shift trade to requesting an employee discount.

Here are some of the main details you’ll need to know for using Starbucks Teamwork effectively:

  • Requesting an employee discount:
    Input your 16-digit partner hub card number and the security code that’s sent to your device. This will generate an image of your employee card, which makes it possible to request discounts and earn rewards.
  • Setting availability status for your Teamworks schedule:
    Click on the sidebar menu of the app, then choose the dropdown that says 'My Availability.' A calendar will appear, and you can choose the days that you prefer to work.
  • Request days off:
    Select the sidebar menu option labeled 'My Time Off.' You'll see a green button that reads 'Request Time Off' - click on it, and you can request the specific days you need off.
  • Trade shifts:
    Access your Teamworks schedule, then click on the specific shift you would like to trade. A list of employees will appear, and you can choose the worker that you would like to trade with. Once you've selected the right person, click 'Request Shift Swap,' and a manager will approve the trade.
The app also makes communication a breeze. You won't ever have to call another employee or walk into the store to discuss details of the job.

Instead, just send a message through the Teamworks app or comment on a message that's been sent to you.

Starbucks Teamworks Dashboard

Starbucks Teamworks App Disappearance Issue (Reasons & How To Fix It)

Some employees have complained about the Starbucks app disappearing, but this is something that the tech team has been working diligently on to fix.

In most cases, the disappearance happens because an outdated version of the application is being used. The fix is easy; simply update the app and see if the problem continues.

Another explanation is that your device itself is at fault. Perhaps your phone needs to be updated, or you can try giving it a fresh start by shutting down and restarting it.

If neither of these fixes has worked, the best option is to uninstall the app and redownload it as the most updated version.

Starbucks Teamworks App-Related Questions

How do you find the Starbucks Teamworks URL?

According to a Reddit post on the topic, one option is to do a quick Google search using ‘Starbucks Teamworks’ as the keyword.[3] From here, you can select the Google result that will take you to the login page. Another option is to visit https://starbucks-wfmr.jdadelivers.com/retail.

Can you access your Starbucks Teamworks app after you stop working at Starbucks?

Nope! According to Starbucks ownership, the Teamworks app will only work for current team members. That means you’ll no longer have access to your Teamworks schedule if you stop working at Starbucks.

Can I log in to the Starbucks Teamworks app on behalf of someone else?

Your global ID is unique to you. You should never give this information to anyone else, and you should never log in on behalf of another individual.

How can I reset my password for Starbucks Teamworks?

The Teamworks support page gives exact steps on how to reset your password[4]: “To reset your password, first begin by selecting the Forgot Password option in the bottom left of your login screen within the Teamworks mobile app. You will be prompted to enter your username before selecting the Reset Password button… The username you entered is tied to the email address associated with your Teamworks account. Make sure to check this email to find your reset password link."

How often is the Starbucks Teamworks app updated?

Like most apps, the tech team at Starbucks is investing a lot of time in making regular updates to improve its functionality. They usually don't do anything drastic with these updates other than bettering the security features and overall user experience for employees of the business.

Final Words

Working as a team is a big reason why the Starbucks chain is so efficient, and the Teamworks app is all about teamwork.

Thanks to the app, Starbucks employees - including baristas, managers, and eligible partners - can access and manage their schedules seamlessly from a phone or tablet.

Although it was just recently launched, Starbucks Teamworks has made a big impact on the lives of coffee shop workers.

The app has just a few flaws, but Starbucks is making a continuous effort to fix any glitches to create a fool-proof scheduling platform for its staff.


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