We all love freebies, particularly when they would have been pricy otherwise. Starbucks provides plenty of ways to earn free coffee and free items through the Starbucks Rewards Program.

One easy way to earn free Stars is with a Starbucks Star Code - but what is it? I’ll break down what Star codes are and where to find them down below.

Read on to discover how to get free Star codes - you’ll be over the moon once you know.

  • Starbucks gives out 'Star codes' in their loyalty program. You can collect points to get free drinks!
  • Collect these codes when you shop, check your emails, or even buy Starbucks goodies like their packaged coffee.
  • It's easy to use your codes. Just add them into the Starbucks app or online.
  • Even buying your favorite Starbucks coffee from the store can get you codes.

What Exactly Is A Starbucks Star Code?

A Star code is a unique code that you can redeem on your Starbucks account to earn Stars as part of Starbucks’ loyalty program.[1]

While smaller coffee chains may have a frequent buyer card, Starbucks uses a rewards program with stars, allowing you to redeem purchases across all of their locations.

Once redeemed, you can use your free Star code to earn free items like free drinks, free drink customization, birthday treats, and other yummy freebies.

Think of them like a reward voucher for Stars.

To redeem free Starbucks Star codes, you first need a reward card and Starbucks account - this is how the Stars connect to your account once the code is entered online on the rewards page.

Where Can I Find My Starbucks Star Code?

Your Starbucks reward code is a 10-digit number that can be found on the back or bottom of certain Starbucks products.

This is different from your card security code on your Starbucks card and your Starbucks gift card number.

Your Star code may take the form of a QR code on certain products or emails - keep an eye out in the same places and ask a barista if you are unsure.

Simply scan with the app and follow the onscreen instructions to redeem your Starbucks code.

Starbucks Espresso Star Code on bag of Coffee

4 Easy Ways To Earn Starbucks Star Codes

1. Starbucks Purchases

At Starbucks, you can earn one Star per dollar spent pay as you go or two Stars per dollar when loading up your Starbucks gift cards.[2]

Being a member of Starbucks' rewards program means that you can sometimes get a unique code or QR code via email or in the messages section of the mobile app.

They used to place codes on your Starbucks receipt, but that has been discontinued in most stores.

Alternatively, try checking the bottom of your disposable Starbucks cup to find the code in black ink - participating stores may place a Star code there.

2. Bonus Stars

As part of the Starbucks code program, it is possible to grind like a gamer to get bonus Stars. In the app, Starbucks rewards Stars to members who play certain games.

One of the most popular ones is bonus Star bingo - there are other fun challenges to try to earn bonus Stars.

Starbucks also sends members special offers and Star codes that can be redeemed for free drink customization or a birthday treat.
Starbucks Star Bingo

3. At The Grocery Store

There are various types of Starbucks qualifying items that can come with a Starbucks secret code, such as:

  • Starbucks bag roast coffee bag[3]
  • VIA instant coffee bag[4]
  • Instant Refreshers
  • Starbucks K-Cups or coffee pods

Make sure to keep an eye out for merchandise like these with a Star code on the bottom or back - you will be earning free coffee in no time.

4. Starbucks Double Star Day

On certain days of the month, Starbucks runs what is known as double Star days. On a double Star day, you get exactly that - double Stars for every dollar spent in Starbucks.

This is the easiest way to collect Stars.

Make your hot brewed coffee work for you - you may even find a code on the bottom and redeem it for the chance at more free goodies and discounts.

And for those of you who are Starbucks regulars, you'll know that occasionally the coffee giant will surprise us with the elusive triple star days.

Unfortunately, these are usually not announced ahead of time.

Starbucks Double Star Day

How To Add A Star Code To The Starbucks App

Want to know how to redeem Stars via a Star code? It couldn’t be easier - simply:

  • Log in to your Starbucks app
  • Go to your account
  • Navigate to the Rewards section
  • Enter your code into the box
  • Hit submit

You can also redeem rewards from Star codes by going to the rewards page on the website after logging in to your account.

You can enter up to two Star codes a day. Remember to allow up to 24 hours for your Starbucks Star code and other rewards to load onto your Starbucks cards and account.

Related Starbucks Star Code Questions

What Starbucks products have Star codes?

You can find Starbucks Star codes on products like VIA instant coffee, instant Refreshers drinks, or Starbucks K-cups. If you are unsure what qualifies, ask your local Starbucks barista or the customer support team online for more information, as it is subject to change.

Where is the Star code on the Starbucks coffee bag?

You can typically find the Star code on the back or bottom of the Starbucks ground or coffee bean bag. Look for a 10-digit code printed in black ink. They used to have peel-off stickers with the code, but those were stopped some years ago.

How many Starbucks Stars are in a bag of coffee?

The number of Stars in a Starbucks coffee bag depends on the size of the bag itself. Even if the code is not on a bag, you can still earn Stars by buying one - you earn Stars with every dollar, so it is easy to do the math against the full price of the bag.

Do Starbucks Stars expire?

Starbucks Stars do expire six months after the calendar month the Stars were earned. When you use your Stars, the oldest Star is used first. You can check when the expiration date of your codes is in the app or online account.

Summary - Don't Miss Out On Bonus Rewards!

Hunting for a Star code is one of the many fun ways to help you earn a Starbucks handcrafted drink or other goodies.

Whether you want discounts on your favorite bakery item or hot breakfast, give looking for Star codes a try and see how quickly you earn that free drink customization or hot brewed tea.

If you are unsure, ask your local barista or check with the Starbucks customer service team for more information.


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