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Starbucks is a go-to choice for coffee lovers all over the world. They have everything from potent espresso shots to flavorful lattes, and their coffee beans never cease to disappoint.

But did you know that Starbucks actually sells freshly-made smoothies as well? 

If you’re ready to get in the summertime mood with a delicious, nutritious smoothie, then just head to your local Starbucks.

But which one should you order? Find out here in this complete guide to the best Starbucks smoothie options to try in 2023.  

Let’s get down to business with the complete list of smoothies from Starbucks and the items that are worth trying this year:  

1. Pineapple Coconut Green Smoothie 

If you’re craving a tropical smoothie with green superfoods, the pineapple coconut green smoothie should be your go-to choice.

It’s made with juicy pineapple, toasted coconut, vibrant kale, and spinach blended with ice and coconut milk, or you can substitute your favorite milk or non-dairy alternative.[1]

This pineapple smoothie is probably the healthiest of all the Starbucks smoothies - and tastes amazing too.

Pineapple Coconut Green Smoothie From Starbucks

2. Strawberry Banana Smoothie 

Out of all the Starbucks fruit smoothies, the strawberry banana is probably the most ordered.

A strawberry smoothie is a classic, and this banana strawberry smoothie from Starbucks is amazing.

This classic combination of fruits is made with banana, strawberries, and a whey, fiber, and protein powder blend.

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It's a great refreshing smoothie alternative to the Starbucks strawberry blended lemonade, but just keep in mind that this strawberry smoothie is high in sugar (just like the strawberry blended lemonade), although the sugar is derived from all-natural fruits.  

Starbucks Strawberry Banana Smoothie

3. Orange Mango Smoothie 

Another popular tropical-tasting smoothie is the orange mango, which is made by blending unsweetened orange mango puree, 2% milk, one banana, 2 scoops of protein powder, and ice. 

Because of its natural sweetness, there's no need to add additional sugar or sweeteners to satisfy your sweet tooth.  

Because of the citrusy orange and mango, this is a fantastic choice if you want to blast your system with vitamin C and iron.[2]

Orange Mango Smoothie

4. Dragon Fruit Smoothie 

Starbucks recently started offering a mango dragon fruit refresher, but if you want something even more refreshing, try the dragon fruit smoothie instead.

The bright pink and red coloring of this Starbucks beverage isn’t the only enticing thing about it; dragon fruit is super rich in antioxidants, so your body will thank you after sipping on this one.

Dragon Fruit Smoothie

5. Chocolate Banana Smoothie 

Let's face it, there's nothing better than a chocolate smoothie, and if you want something on the more decadent side of things, you’ll definitely want to try the chocolate banana smoothie.

It’s made with banana, fiber powder, and whey protein, and the grande size of this chocolate smoothie contains 20 grams of protein along with 8 grams of fiber. 

Starbucks Chocolate Banana Smoothie

6. Avocado Coffee Smoothie  

The combination of avocado and coffee may not sound appealing at first, but it actually is!

The avocado coffee smoothie is great if you need a caffeine boost, and the addition of avocado makes this one of the creamiest smoothies on the Starbucks menu.  

Avocado Coffee Smoothie

7. Cold Brew Smoothie  

Another caffeine-boosting smoothie option is the one made with the signature Starbucks cold brew. 

Starbucks baristas craft this beverage by blending their house-made cold brew with almond milk, plant-based protein, almond butter, banana date fruit blend, and ice.  

Starbucks Cold Brew Smoothie

Starbucks Secret Menu Smoothies (How Do You Order Them?) 

Some of you probably already know that Starbucks has a secret menu for their coffee and tea drinks, and the same goes for their smoothies.[3]

The Starbucks secret menu smoothies can’t actually be found on their regular menu, but if you know that they exist, you can ask for one, and the Starbucks barista will know exactly what you're talking about.

Right now, here are a few of the “secret” smoothies you can order at your local Starbucks:  

  • Pumpkin Smoothie
    There’s a lot of hype as the Starbucks pumpkin drink season approaches, and you’ll be even more excited now that you know there’s a pumpkin smoothie on the menu.

    Not only does it have pumpkin spice sauce and flavoring, but also a full banana and energy-boosting protein powder. 
  • Berry Vanilla Smoothie
    The berry vanilla smoothie is something of a hybrid between a smoothie and a frappuccino.

    It’s made with berries, vanilla bean powder, banana, and coconut milk, but feel free to swap that out for soy milk, or any milk of your choice.

    This is one of the best Starbucks vanilla drinks on the secret menu, and a personal favorite of mine.
  • Berry Forest Smoothie
    Another popular secret menu item is the berry forest smoothie, which is a sweet combination of berries, raspberry syrup, and passion tea. 
  • Cinnamon Dolce Smoothie
    If you’re looking for something substantial and sweet as your afternoon snack, get the cinnamon dolce smoothie.

    Ask for the chocolate smoothie, but request the matcha to be switched out for cinnamon dolce syrup.

    The barista will then add 3 scoops of vanilla bean on top of the chocolate smoothie, and voila, you have yourself a sweet treat (it also works really well with extra cinnamon dolce syrup, and extra mocha syrup).
  • Very Berry-Licious Smoothie
    This last secret smoothie, the very berry licious smoothie, is the perfect blend of sweet, citrusy, and creamy.

    It's made with your choice of milk, strawberry juice, berries, orange slices, a banana, and topped with whipped cream (though you can take the whipped cream off if you want to be healthier).
Employees Working Behind the Counter at Starbucks

Are Starbucks Smoothies Healthy Drinks?

Unlike the sugar-packed smoothies that you'll find at places like McDonald's and Baskin Robbins, the smoothies at Starbucks are more focused on using health-boosting ingredients.[4]

So while they're not nearly as sweet as smoothies with processed sugar and premade mixes, they're still extremely satisfying and, best of all, relatively healthy. 

Aside from the use of natural sugars from fruits and fruit puree, another thing that sets Starbucks smoothie options apart from others is the addition of protein.

All Starbucks refreshing smoothies are made with 2 scoops of protein powder, which has a lot to do with the creamy thickness of each frozen beverage.  

The protein powder that Starbucks uses contains 1 gram of fiber per scoop, so that’s 2 grams per beverage.[5]

That doesn’t even account for the fiber that you’ll get from the added fruit. Just keep in mind that they use whey based protein, so there is a small amount of dairy in each smoothie. 

If you want a Starbucks dairy-free drink, you can order the smoothies without the protein powder, but this will lessen the beverage’s creaminess.  

Common Questions About Starbucks Smoothies

What are the different sizes of Starbucks smoothies? 

Starbucks smoothie drinks are only available in one size: grande. If you’re unfamiliar with what “grande” means, it equates to the medium size, which is 16 ounces.  

How much does a Starbucks smoothie cost? 

Unless you order a bunch of additives in your smoothie, the baseline price is $4.25 for the 16-ounce beverage.

Just note that if you switch out the regular milk for almond milk, soy milk, oat milk, or coconut milk then it may cost more. 

What's the best smoothie from Starbucks? 

The orange mango smoothie is one of the most popular among Starbucks customers, but the “best” really comes down to your personal preferences.

If you like coffee, then you’ll love the cold brew smoothie or the green tea smoothie for tea lovers. 


Next time you’re craving a refreshing, nutrient-packed frozen drink, just head to the closest store and get a Starbucks smoothie.

They offer everything from citrusy mango smoothies to caffeinated cold brew, and don’t forget about the secret smoothie menu items like the seasonal pumpkin smoothie! 


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