Starbucks became prominent because of their coffee empire, but did you know that they offer many other types of drinks than just java-based ones?

Their Pink Drink, along with various others, have exploded in popularity all over social media in recent years, proving that they are experts in a wide array of beverages. 

If you're looking for a refreshing pick-me-up, you have to check out Starbucks mango drink options.

These tropical takes are sure to have you going back for more!  

1. The Mango Dragonfruit Refresher

Not only is this probably the most popular mango Starbucks drink, but it's also one of the most popular Starbucks orders in general.

The Starbucks mango dragonfruit refresher (sometimes called the Dragon Drink) is, as the name suggests, refreshing, tastes delicious, and isn't a ton of calories.[1]

With a scoop of real freeze dried dragon fruit, the Starbucks mango dragonfruit refresher has that chewing-and-sipping combo that we all love.

It has dragonfruit flavors from the fresh dragonfruit and freeze dried dragonfruit pieces, but it also has mango flavors - making it a delicious treat for tropical fruit lovers. 

The Dragon Fruit Refresher comes with 90 calories, 19g of sugar, and 0g of fat. 

It’s also the perfect shade of pink – you’ll definitely find yourself taking a picture for Instagram with this one!

The Mango Dragonfruit Refresher

2. Mango Black Tea  

Are you someone who loves sweet tea?

Then you’ll love the Mango Black Tea, consisting of loose leaf premium black tea, tangy mango, passionfruit, and just a splash of lemonade to add dimension. 

This is a kind of a twist on the classic Arnold Palmer, with the tea and sweet mango shaken to release the ingredients’ full potential. 

With 100 calories, it’s not going to ruin your fitness goals, either. Some Starbucks locations have this one in a ready-to-go Teavana bottle.  

Mango Black Tea

3. Mango Frappuccino 

Frappuccinos are pretty popular, but this one is on the secret menu, so you’ll need these instructions for the barista.

They make it with the classic Vanilla Bean Frappuccino mix, but with 1 less scoop of vanilla bean powder than usual. They then add in mango syrup! 

You can also order this Starbucks mango Frappuccino with coconut milk if you're looking to go dairy-free.

The mango, ice and coconut milk blend beautifully, and give you a creamy Starbucks mango drink you'll look.

Just be sure to ask your barista for Starbucks coconut milk and leave the whipped cream off the top. 

The vanilla-mango combo may not sound like the most obvious choice, but trust us – once you try it, you'll want to order it again and again! 

Mango Frappuccino

4. Pineapple Bliss Drink  

The Pineapple Bliss Drink is one of the Starbucks mango drinks on the secret menu, but if the "secret" gets out, it will surely be one of the most popular orders!

This concoction includes the classic Starbucks mango-dragonfruit refresher combo, along with ginger, pineapple syrup, ice, a bit of turmeric, and topped off with Vanilla Sweet cold foam. 

The combination of mango, dragon fruit, and pineapple syrup makes this Pineapple Bliss Drink the perfect summertime drink to satisfy any craving while also delivering an immune system boost and anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to the ginger and turmeric.  

Pineapple Bliss Drink

5. Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher  

When temperatures start rising, who doesn’t crave a thirst-quenching lemonade?

They're the perfect balance of sweet and tangy, and when you combine them with mango and dragon fruit, it’s even more complex and delicious. 

All the ingredients for this Starbucks mango dragonfruit refresher lemonade are hand-shaken for a vibrant, complex tropical beverage with a caffeinated kick to jumpstart your day.[2]

If you love the classic Mango Dragonfruit Refresher, this lemonade version will kick it up a notch.  

It comes with 140 calories, 31g of sugar, and 0g of fat, so the lemonade version of the mango dragonfruit refresher is a bit less healthy for those watching their sugar intake, but it's a refreshing drink that mango lovers will enjoy. 

Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher

6. Dragon Drink  

This one is a bit different than the other mango/dragonfruit Starbucks drinks, in that it’s a creamy alternative!

Made with coconut milk, it offers a more luxurious texture while still keeping consistent with the tropical flavors.

It combines delicious mango with a scoop of diced dragonfruit as well, and that light pink color makes it so irresistible! 

Each Starbucks mango coconut milk drink contains 130 calories, 23g of sugar, and 3g of fat (from the coconut milk).  

Dragon Drink with Cold Foam

7. Frozen Mango Smoothie  

This one is pretty straightforward and, as you can probably guess from the name, is just a regular old mango smoothie.

Mango, a bit of ice, and milk are all it requires, but if you want something that doesn't include caffeine, it's one of the few caffeine-free Starbucks drinks that you have available (making it great for kids). 

The Frozen Mango Smoothie is also a great breakfast alternative if you're running late and need some fresh press juice goodness on-the-go!

There are 270 calories in one serving of these Starbucks mango drinks, and you can ask for a scoop of protein powder to be added.  

Frozen Mango Smoothie

8. Organic Defense Up (Evolution Fresh)  

These blended juice drink Starbucks option can be conveniently found in the Starbucks Grab-and-Go section. 

Are you on a health kick and are looking for a great way to get all those vitamins and nutrients in without eating a full meal? You’ll love the Organic Defense Up, if so. 

This one is a detoxifying smoothie with mangos, cherries, apples, and pineapples all blended together to create a satisfying, delicious drink without any extra sugars or flavors - perfect for those watching their sugar intake and avoiding artificial sweeteners. 

They're also completely caffeine free.

The great think about these blended juice drink Starbucks offer is that they have a really sweet mango flavor, but they're also really good for you.

They're one of the best Starbucks mango fruit drinks for kids, and the perfect refreshing drink for grabbing on the go. 

Organic Defense Up

9. Organic Superfruit Greens (Evolution Fresh)  

These Starbucks mango fruit drinks are similar to the Organic Defense up in that it's 100% just the important ingredients, without the added sweeteners, milks, etc.

The organic super fruit greens cold pressed juice is made to go, consisting of pure mango puree, spinach, and vitamin C to keep that immune system resilient.[3

Plus, it just tastes good and is a great way to start off your day with some organic super fruit greens.

This Starbucks mango drink is caffeine free and has no artificial sweeteners, making it a delicious treat for health conscious Starbucks lovers.

Organic Superfruit Greens

Ordering Tips for Mango Drinks At Starbucks

Do Starbucks mango drinks come with different sizes?

Yes. Every Starbucks beverage comes in Tall (12 fl. Oz.), Grande (16 fl. Oz), Venti (24 fl. Oz), and, in some locations, Trenta (30 fl. Oz.).

What can You put (other flavors) in a mango drink?

Brown sugar, caramel, cinnamon dolce, hazelnut, peppermint, raspberry, toasted vanilla, toffee nut, vanilla, and sugar free vanilla Starbucks syrup flavors are all options.  

Can you customize mango drinks at Starbucks?

Of course, you can! Something that sets Starbucks apart from many competitors is their flexibility with customizing drinks.

You can add different flavors, fruit juice options, add more or less Dragonfruit Inclusion, ice, water, add different toppings, and more.

You can also choose different types of milk for your drink.

The majority of the Starbucks mango drinks work really well with coconut milk, and the combination of ice and coconut milk gives a fresh and creamy alternative to whole milk.

Can you customize Starbucks drinks on the app?

Yes, you can! It's quite easy to do, too.

All you have to do is scroll down to the green button that says "Customize," and all of the available options will be listed.

Some have a drop-down menu with further options and boxes to check. 

How much are the mango drinks at Starbucks?

They range from around $3.25 to $4.95, depending on the exact Starbucks mango drink you select and the size. It’ll often be a bit of an upcharge for customizations. 

How to make Starbucks Mango Dragon Fruit Drink

After trying the famous Starbucks Dragon Drink once, you’re sure to want to know how to make the Mango Dragonfruit drink from Starbucks.

Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • Dragonfruit Powder – not only for flavor but also for that gorgeous rich pink color! If you don’t have the powder, opt for frozen dragonfruit pitaya packs. You can find these in Costco, Whole Foods, and other major stores. 
  • Mango juice - fresh-squeezed is always best in terms of flavor and nutritional value.
  • Green tea - for that boost of caffeine
  • Water 
  • Simple syrup, stevia, or honey 

Now that you have all of the necessary ingredients, here’s how to make the drink:  

  • 1
    First, prepare the green tea as it’ll take some time to steep. Then, let it chill in the refrigerator.  
  • 2
    Next, take the dragonfruit powder and ½ cup of water and mix until it’s entirely dissolved.  
  • 3
    Take the rest of the water and mango juice and pour both into a pitcher.  
  • 4
    Add the cool green tea and dragonfruit mixture to the water and fruit juice, mixing all of them together.  
  • 5
    Take the sweetener of your choice (simple syrup, stevia, etc.), and add to taste. Mix this well.  
  • 6
    Take an empty glass, filling it halfway with ice.  
  • 7
    Pour your mixture over the ice, filling the glass almost to the rim.  
  • 8
    Serve and enjoy your home made Dragon Drink!  
Starbucks Mango Dragonfruit Refresher

Common Starbucks Mango Drink Questions 

Does Starbucks have mango flavoring?  

Yes, Starbucks has mango flavoring! It usually comes from their pure mango puree which is actually made from real mangos.

What does the Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks drink taste like?  

The mango dragonfruit Starbucks drink tastes like it has a kind of berry fusion flavor with a mango aftertaste from the natural fruit extract.

How much is a Venti Mango Dragon fruit drink at Starbucks?  

A Venti size Starbucks Mango Dragonfruit refresher is typically $4.75.  

Conclusion - Try A Refreshing Mango Drink Today!

Now that you're practically an expert in all the Starbucks mango drinks, which one will you order next?

You have plenty to choose from, and maybe some you've never even tried before!

We hope our guide has helped you find some new, delicious mango sips to try for the hotter months.

Thanks for tuning in, and we'll see you again soon! 





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