10 Best Starbucks Iced Coffee Drinks (Top Picks For 2023)

Let’s be real: Starbucks iced coffees have transcended from just being a refreshing, energy-boosting beverage.

It's now become the go-to accessory at school and in the office workplace.  

However, if you're a newbie to the drink, you may not know what to order or the different types of iced coffees Starbucks offers!

If you’re looking to be an expert on the subject, you're in the right place because we're about to fill you in! 

If you didn’t already know, there isn’t just one way to do cold coffee drinks at Starbucks. 

These are some of the most popular cold sips, and we have a feeling at least one of them will end up being your go-to.

For the purpose of this guide, when speaking about ingredient quantities or calories, we're referring to Grande size drinks.

Keep in mind that you can customize all of these drinks to your liking as well! 

1. Iced Coffee

This is freshly-brewed coffee that’s chilled, sweetened with a few pumps of Classic Syrup, and served over ice.[1]

It's a bit sweet, has less caffeine than many other iced coffees, and is more budget-friendly.

While it does have 80 calories and 20g of sugar, you can always change that up by getting less or no Classic Syrup. 

Adding milk in is always an option, and Starbucks almost always has at least five different types of milk on hand.

Starbucks Regular Iced Coffee

2. Cold Brew  

Cold brew coffee is always a good choice, especially if you love your caffeine.[2]

As caffeine is extracted more in higher temperatures, cold brew has a bit more caffeine than regular coffee.

Starbucks Cold Brew is handcrafted in small batches every day with their custom bean blend for an ultra-smooth flavor.

With just 5 calories and 0g of sugar and fat, cold brew is one of the best iced keto Starbucks drinks. 

Not only that, cold brew is a fantastic option for those trying to keep calories or sugar intake down! 

If you want something even smoother, then you should try the Starbucks nitro cold brew. It's infused with nitrogen to give it a cool, but strong caffeine kick in every sip.

Nitro cold brew also works great with a salted caramel foam on top.

starbucks cold brew

3. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew  

If cold brew sounds appealing to you, but you’d like to make it a little more luxurious, check out this drink.

It combines that strong cold brew flavor, 2 pumps of Vanilla Syrup, with a rich float of house-made vanilla cream cold foam over ice. 

Even though the drink tastes deliciously sweet, it will only set you back 110 calories, with 14 grams of sugar.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

4. Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew  

Sweet and savory is a timeless combo, and this drink exhibits that perfectly.

The base is caramel-flavored cold brew with 2 pumps of Vanilla Syrup, topped with a lush, salted vanilla sweet cream.

This drink is 220 calories, with 24g of sugar and 13g of fat. 

This is one of the most-ordered due to the perfect balance of sweet and salty, but it is also nice if you like a hint of sweetness without it being overwhelming.   

Salted Caramel Cream Nitro Cold Brew

5. Iced Caramel Macchiato  

As you can see, caramel coffee drinks at Starbucks are quite popular! These are not only impressive in taste, with their sweet-yet-intense coffee flavor.

They’re also impressive in appearance, thanks to the way the milk and rich espresso contrast each other, with the caramel drizzle running down the sides.

It has 250 calories, 34g of sugar, and 7g of fat, but you can easily get those calories and sugar content down by subbing it with sugar-free Vanilla Syrup and another milk.  

Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato

6. Iced Caffe Latte  

The Iced Latte is simple, yet timeless. For those who like a bit of a silkier texture yet nothing too sweet or complex, then the iced latte is a solid choice.

Rich espresso combined with milk and served over ice is all it consists of. 

With 130 calories, 11g of sugar, and 4.5g of fat, this iced latte is not bad at all! For an even creamier flavor, try this one with Starbucks coconut milk or almond milk instead of traditional dairy.

Starbucks lattes are the perfect vehicles for flavor so you can customize it however you like.

The iced blonde vanilla latte is one of the most popular cold coffee drinks, but you can add a range of syrups and flavors to change the taste - or even get an iced chai latte if you want a bit of spice.

Iced Caffe Latte

7. Iced Caffè Mocha  

If you're looking for a decadent treat that's on the sweet side, this is it.

Rich espresso, bittersweet mocha sauce, milk, and sweetened whipped cream is the recipe for this drink. 

With 350 calories, 30g of sugar, and 17g of fat, not everyone will want to drink these on a regular basis. 

However, you can significantly reduce these numbers by reducing the amount of mocha sauce and not getting cream on top. 

Starbucks also offer an iced white chocolate mocha for those who prefer white chocolate.

It's basically the same Starbucks drink, but with white chocolate mocha sauce so it's a bit sweeter.

Iced Caffè Mocha

8. Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte

The Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte is yet another espresso-based, rich, sweet drink.

You have freshly-steamed milk, espresso, Cinnamon Dolce Syrup, cream, and cinnamon dolce topping.

This drink is 300 calories, 35g of sugar, and 13g of fat, so it’s not exactly an everyday choice. 

Still, we think it’s a nice way to indulge in dessert for breakfast every once in a while  

Starbucks Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte

9. Iced Shaken Espresso  

If you're looking for an alternative to the Caffe Latte, this is it.

With rich espresso that's shaken, chilled, and mellowed, it has a hint of sweetness and just a splash of milk.

This is the perfect balance if you love that full espresso flavor but don't like it straight black.

It has 100 calories, 14g of sugar, and 2g of fat which could make this a realistic daily drink.

For a special treat, try one of these flavor alternatives on the Starbucks menu nationwide: Iced Toasted Vanilla Oat milk Shaken Espresso - made with vanilla syrup, Iced Brown Sugar Oat milk Shaken Espresso - made with brown sugar syrup, and Iced Chocolate Almond milk Shaken Espresso - made with mocha sauce and Starbucks almond milk.  

Iced Shaken Espresso

10. Iced Caffè Americano  

For those who are looking for a low-calorie, keto-friendly option, this is one of the best options! Or perhaps you just love that rich espresso flavor without the frills!

The Iced Caffe Americano is simply espresso shots topped with cold water, served over ice.

With 15 calories and zero grams of sugar or fat, you can see why it's such a popular drink! 

Iced Caffè Americano

How to Order Iced Coffee at Starbucks (Tips From A Barista)

Can you customize?

Of course, you can! You can customize almost any drink at Starbucks, and iced coffees are no exception.

You can customize your milk's type, temperature (steamed or cold), and quantity. 

You can select how much syrup you want or if it's a sugar-free Starbucks drink (if available in that flavor). 

You can decide if you want whipped cream, cold cream, or no cream. You can even choose the amount of ice in your drink!

Can you put flavors in your favorite Starbucks iced coffee?  

Absolutely! Some of them already come with flavor, but you can always change that or add one in.

Pumpkin (when seasonally available), caramel sauce, and vanilla syrup are the most popular flavors to add to iced coffees.

How much are the iced coffees at Starbucks?  

For a Grande Iced Coffee drink, it’ll be $2.65. An Iced Espresso costs $3.25, so you can expect most to be under $5.

Cold brew and nitro cold brew are a bit more expensive and will be $5-$6.   

How to Make Starbucks Iced Coffee At Home

There are so many good options at Starbucks, that you may not want to spend the money or time going there every day to get one.

Instead, make it in the comfort and convenience of your own home!  

Starbucks Iced Coffee at Home 

Here's what you're going to need: A French Press, simple syrup, cream, and a bag of ground coffee.  

  1. 1
    Heat up your water so that it's around 195 degrees (supposedly the perfect temperature for brewing coffee!). 
  2. 2
    Pour water into your French Press, and add coffee grounds. We recommend 2.5 scoops per cup of water, for a more “authentic” taste. 
  3. 3
    Stir with a wooden spoon and let sit for 4 minutes. Then, place the lid back on, and pour coffee over a tall glass of ice. 
  4. 4
    Stir in simple syrup and creamer to taste. 

Starbucks Cold Pressed Coffee at Home 

Alternatively, you can make your iced coffee with a cold-pressed method.[3]

Here's what you'll need: A measuring cup or big pitcher, coffee filter, and bag of ground coffee.

  1. 1
    Measure out 8 cups of water and pour 12 oz. of coffee grounds into the water. Stir once and cover. Let it sit for 24 hours. 
  2. 2
    After the 24 hours have passed, strain the mixture through a coffee filter into a pitcher.  
  3. 3
    Refrigerate contents for 8 hours, and then it's ready. You can mix this "concentrate" with a 1:1 ratio of water (it depends on how strong you want it). 
  4. 4
    Add simple syrup and creamer to taste. 

Frequently Asked Starbucks Iced Coffee Questions

What is the most popular iced coffee in Starbucks?  

The Caramel Macchiato is the most popular iced coffee drink at Starbucks. Regular iced coffee is a close second.

What is the TikTok Starbucks iced coffee?  

The Starbucks TikTok iced coffee is based on an Iced White Chocolate Mocha. It’s an iced espresso with white chocolate sauce and milk: 2 shots of espresso, 4 pumps of white chocolate sauce, and instead of whipped cream, vanilla sweet cream cold foam.  

Does Starbucks charge extra for syrup in iced coffee?  

Yes, Starbucks charges about 80 cents for syrup pumps in iced coffee. 

Summary - Find Your Favorite Iced Coffee Today!

Starbucks offer such a big range of cold and hot coffee options it can be difficult to keep track.

However, you should now be an expert in all of Starbucks' iced coffee options, so have you decided which one you're going to order next time you visit your local coffee shop? 

We hope that our guide has helped you out and you know exactly what to get when you arrive.


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