Hearing about this month’s Double Star Days on your Starbucks app and wishing you could have some of those delicious Starbucks treats right now?

Then join Starbucks rewards; the free drinks will mount up super fast on Double Star Days. Before you know it, you’ll have yet another free handcrafted drink ready to relish.

And there’s absolutely NOTHING stopping you! It takes a few simple steps to grab hold of these free stars and be on your way.

Let’s get into it!

  • Starbucks' Double Star Days are unique events occurring several times a month, allowing you to earn double stars on eligible purchases.
  • Joining the fun is simple. Ensure you're a Starbucks Rewards member with a registered card, and then use the Starbucks app or keep an eye on promotional emails to stay informed about upcoming Double Star Days.
  • On Double Star Days, every dollar spent earns you more rewards.
  • Stars earned aren't just for drinks; redeem them for a variety of perks, from extra coffee shots to free beverages.

What Exactly Is Double Star Day At Starbucks?

The 'Starbucks Double Star Days' promotion occurs a couple of times every month.[1]

Pop into your local store (check it's participating first), and on the Double Star Days, you'll earn double on eligible purchases.

When you earn double stars they’ll go towards Starbucks Rewards, which you can redeem any time you like (more on this in the sections below).

Picture the Starbucks coffee you LOVE the most… Got it? Starbucks Double Star Days are exactly when to order it again. You’ll get the drink you crave and double stars to go with it.
Starbuck Star drink Reward for a caramel frappuccino

When Is Starbucks Double Star Day?

Finding out when your local Starbucks lets you earn double stars for the Rewards program costs less than a cup of coffee (pun not intended, I swear!)

Here’s how to find out:

  • Check you’re a Starbucks Rewards member with a registered Starbucks Card.
  • Look at your Starbucks app or take a glance at any promotional and marketing emails from the company.
  • Pop those Starbucks Star Days on your calendar quicker than you’d drop a hot potato.
  • Turn up and place your order!

How Does It Work?

Starbucks gives you all the info you need upfront. The trouble is it's buried in the massive essay known as the "Rewards Terms of Use."[2]

So I’ll cut out the jargon and get straight to the point.

Simply download the Starbucks app, and it'll keep you posted about the next Starbucks Double Star Days. 

If you buy your favorite Starbucks drink or food with your card from Starbucks, you’ll get FOUR stars per $1 spent. 

Free drinks start at 100 stars. If that’s way more than you’ve got right now, all is not lost! You can get extra coffee shots, syrup, or sauce for just 25 of them.

Just think - if you stop by a Starbucks Monday-Friday, you could get about 50 a week just spending $5 a trip. If that kind of value doesn't leave you all starry-eyed, I don't know what will!

On Double Star Days, you’ll get 20 for $5. Epic or what?!

Barista HQ Tip: It's essential to subscribe to the company's emails, as this is the primary channel for updates on Double Star Days. This subscription also enables you to "activate" your Double Stars, a step that might be required before you can redeem them. Additionally, installing the Starbucks app offers another convenient method for staying informed and managing your rewards.
Person holding Starbucks drink in front of Starbucks rewards sign

How To Join Starbucks Rewards And Earn Stars

I bet you'd LOVE to know how to get some stars with your next hot coffee, protein box, or extra espresso shot, right?

Here’s the answer:

  • Visit the Starbucks app or website.
  • Follow the prompts to join Starbucks Rewards.
  • Add some personal info.
  • Get your digital Starbucks Card.
  • Top it up in-store or online.
  • Pay for your next purchase using the card.

That's really all it takes. Quicker than drinking a cup of your favorite drink, come to think of it.

You'll earn stars on hot tea, hot breakfast, and drip coffee, among other things. Every store varies, but there's ALWAYS a chance to get them.

How To Activate Double Star Day At Starbucks

It’s a great feeling to reserve those specific Double Star Days for some glorious Starbucks goodness… but sometimes you’ve GOT to activate them too.

Double-check in-store by picking up a bakery item or beverage and going to pay for it. Ask the staff members if you need to activate Double Stars.

Do it by checking promotional emails or the app during the day. You’ll have a notification slide into your inbox or come up via the app.

Just follow it to get the promotion enabled for you.

You’ll now be closer to ordering delicious beverages at no extra cost when you earn enough stars to redeem your favorite snack.

Starbucks Rewards App

What Can You Buy With Starbucks Stars?

Once you have racked up the stars, it's time to treat yourself! 

You can get plenty of delicious treats with your new stars, including one of the following:

25 Stars

  • An added espresso shot
  • Added syrup or sauce
  • Added dairy free milk option

100 Stars

  • Hot brewed coffee
  • Hot steeped tea (max of four tea bags)
  • Iced brewed coffee
  • Iced brewed tea (max of four tea bags)
  • A bakery item (including a max of two spreads)
  • A packaged snack
  • One Cold Siren Logo Plastic To-Go Cup (24 oz)
  • One Siren Logo Plastic Hot Cup (16 oz)

200 Stars

  • A handcrafted drink e.g. a latte or Frappuccino
  • Any hot breakfast item (including a max of two toppings)

300 Stars

  • A packaged salad
  • A packaged lunch sandwich
  • A packaged protein box
  • One packaged coffee item e.g. a bag of whole bean coffee

400 Stars

  • One merch item (valued at up to $20)

What Drinks Won't Earn You Any Starbucks Stars?

Everything that's worth stars is all covered - now onto what doesn't count to earning Starbucks stars.

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Multi-serve food or beverage items
  • Items from Princi stores and Starbucks Roastery locations

Besides that, the siren world's your oyster!

Common Starbucks Double Star Day Questions

Did Starbucks stop Double Star Days?

No, Starbucks Star Days have not been stopped, and specific days are still set aside for the promotion in participating Starbucks stores. Check online or by visiting in person.

How often does Starbucks do Double Star Days?

Starbucks does Double Star Days every single month on particular days. They apply to most purchases made with mobile wallets, cash, and cards. Starbucks will tell you when the next one is coming up.

Can I use Starbucks stars more than once a day?

Yes, you can use Starbucks stars many times a day. There are some key rules. You can’t use different star tiers in the same order. And you can’t redeem multiple Rewards together. This means you can only use one set of stars on purchases forming part of the same order.

What time do Starbucks stars expire?

Starbucks stars expire 6 months after you receive them. So if they’re left on your account and not used, you’ll have been paying for all those cups of tasty drinks with no reward! Also, your oldest stars get used first.

Do Starbucks stars max out?

Thankfully, Starbucks stars don’t max out. You can grab a tea over and over, and you’ll just keep getting more of those well-deserved stars. The most you can spend on one reward is 400 if you’re lucky enough to have that many yet!

Is there a Triple Star Day at Starbucks?

Sometimes Starbucks will run a Triple Star Day. These are things of legend because they're so rare they're almost a fairy tale. There's nothing in the Rewards terms about them, but they've been known to happen. Check out the social media channels and you may be in luck!

Conclusion - Take Advantage Of Double Star Day!

Starbucks Star Days are an awesome way to get a little extra oomph with your order. Now you know EXACTLY what you need to do to take part.

So get signed up and start getting stars ASAP. You’ll be in line for a whole range of free drinks and beverages before you know it!


1. https://customerservice.starbucks.com/sbux?id=topics&article=KB0010822

2. https://www.starbucks.com/rewards/terms/

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