Starbucks Decaf Iced Coffee (Current Menu & How To Order)

Starbucks is known for their nitro cold brews and sweet and flavorful refreshers, but there's also an extensive list of decaf iced coffee options available for their customers.

This article will go through the decaf options from their menu and discuss how to order without any confusion, answering the question, "Does Starbucks serve decaf iced coffee?" 

Iced coffee can, in fact, be decaffeinated coffee at Starbucks. There's a range of decaffeinated coffee options and alternatives you can make to your order.

Below, we've listed Starbucks' popular coffee menu and added if the option is available as decaf iced coffee drinks.  

Starbucks Iced Coffee Drinks 

Is Decaf Option Available? 

Cold Brew & Nitro Cold Brew coffee


Iced coffee (brewed) 


Iced Caffè Americano 


Iced Espresso 


Iced Shaken Espresso 


Iced Flat White 


Iced Latte 


Iced Macchiato & Mocha 


As you can see from our list, pretty much everyone’s favorite iced coffee can be made into a decaf alternative.

In fact, it's not just the basic decaf iced drinks, like the decaf iced americano or decaf iced coffee pourover, it's also the more elaborate decaf iced coffee drinks like an iced latte or flat white.

The only drinks you can't get as a decaf iced coffee is brewed iced coffees and cold brew coffee. Why?  

This is because brewed coffees and cold brew coffee are made in large batches by baristas, and iced coffee and cold brew coffee aren't made decaffeinated for lack of demand.

In fact, it's not just that there's no Starbucks decaf cold brew coffee, there's not really any decaf cold brew coffee out there. 

The cold brew coffee brewing process involves steeping coffee beans in cold water, and if you used decaf coffee beans for decaf cold brew it doesn't really turn out the same.

That's why they use decaffeinated iced coffee instead of decaf cold brew. 

All Starbucks iced espresso drinks can be made with Starbucks decaf coffee.

The decaffeinated coffee has little to no caffeine in each shot (check out our information on the nutritional facts), but still has all the flavor you'd want from brewed coffee. 

In addition to the decaf iced coffee straight from our list above, you can customize your decaf Starbucks drink with several options or add-ins.  

Starbucks Decaf Iced Coffee

Starbucks Syrups 

Here are some of Starbucks Classic syrups that you can add to your decaf iced coffee. There’s plenty to choose from and they can bring some plain drinks, like the decaf iced americano, to life.

Five of the syrups are even available in a sugar-free alternative.  

  • Vanilla (available sugar-free) 
  • Caramel (available sugar-free) 
  • Cinnamon dolce (available sugar-free) 
  • Hazelnut (available sugar-free) 
  • Peppermint (available sugar-free seasonally) 
  • Toffee nut 
  • Raspberry. 
  • Classic 

Milk Alternatives 

There are also alternatives to milk for each decaf iced coffee made at Starbucks.

They are an excellent choice for those who are vegetarians, vegans, or those who wish to keep their decaf coffee low in fat. Choose between soy, almond, coconut, and oat milk.

During different seasons, Starbucks may release new dairy-free alternatives, so keep a lookout in-store and on their website to see what you can add into your decaf iced coffee drinks.  


One of the most well-known Starbucks toppings is whipped cream, which you can get on any drink you order, even if the drink doesn’t typically come with it.

Another favorite among children and adults alike is cookie crumbles (perfect on an iced decaf Frappuccino). There is also a range of powders to spice up your decaf iced coffee drinks.

Choose between pumpkin spice, white/milk/dark chocolate, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, and more.  

decaf coffee drink starbucks

Tip For Ordering In Store & On The Starbucks App

The trick with ordering a decaf coffee is that you have to make sure the barista understands that you want decaf - caffeine free.

Of course, there’s a tiny amount of caffeine from their decaf coffee beans, but nothing in comparison to a regular brewed one. 

Alternatively, you can order your decaf drinks with one shot of decaf, and the other shot can be either their signature or blonde espresso ranges.

In these signature blends, there are ⅓, ½, or ⅔ decaf espresso options, so you can seriously order your coffee to your caffeinated taste.   

As for the taste, add your preferred syrups, topping, and milk alternative (almond milk, oat milk, or coconut milk) to your liking, and be sure to mention, once more, that the order is for a decaf iced coffee.

You can never be too sure and you don't want to end up with a regular brewed coffee or some caffeinated espresso drinks.

Keep reading to check out the nutritional facts behind your decaf coffee order. 

Now that you have your decaf drinks ready to go, You can click and collect your beverage through the Starbucks app and collect plenty of Starbuck Rewards.

Your order will be ready whenever your preferred time, and you can pick it up at your local Starbucks.  

Just remember, you can't order a decaf cold brew coffees or decaf iced brewed coffee. Decaf cold brew may be out there, but Starbucks aren't stocking it yet because there's just no demand. 

Iced Espresso

Starbucks Decaf Iced Coffee Nutritional Facts 

You need to think about more than just how much caffeine is in your drink. By adding chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream to your decaf coffee, you know that it isn't very healthy.

However, there are quick and healthy alternatives for everyone. 

A decaf Iced Caffè Americano is the best choice if you want a quick iced decaf coffee without syrups and creams.

One tall serving of this will give you 11 calories, as coffee itself is naturally very low in calories. 

Another healthy iced coffee alternative if you want to drink decaf is the Starbucks new Iced Decaf Shaken Espresso.

This decaf iced coffee is pretty much the same drink as a Doubleshot on Ice (no longer listed on the menu). A tall serving of this drink is simply 80 calories - much less than most espresso drinks. 

We recommend staying away from whipped creams and sugar-loaded syrups if you’re ordering your decaf iced coffee from Starbucks every day.

Keep these added iced coffee extras for a cheat day, as the more you add, the more calories your drink will have.

For example, the Starbucks Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte has 300 calories and over 35 grams of sugar.  

Common Starbucks Decaf Iced Coffee Drink Questions 

What Starbucks cold coffee has the least caffeine? 

In regards to cold decaf coffees, you can go for a classic Iced Decaf Caffè Americano. This is perfectly paired with sugar-free vanilla syrup and skim milk.

The coffee by itself is 11 calories, and the caffeine contents are almost non-existent.  

Can you get half-decaf iced drinks at Starbucks? 

Absolutely! If you order a beverage with one or more shots, you can have one shot decaf, the other shot can be either their signature or blonde shots,  or you can order ⅓, ½, or ⅔ decaf espresso.  

Does Starbucks sell decaf Frappuccinos? 

Yes, as a matter of fact, Frappuccinos were created without caffeine in mind at all.

However, once they started to make caramel, and chocolate Frappuccinos, adding shots of coffee and the cold brew became popular.

Now the baristas typically ask if their Frappuccino should be served with or without coffee.  

Is Starbucks decaf really decaf? 

It's almost impossible for any coffee franchise or establishment to offer absolutely 0mg of caffeine and for it to taste like coffee.

Starbucks, like many other establishments, can't offer completely caffeine-free coffee, as you'll read on their website.  


Decaf Iced coffees are a great way to perk up your day without perking up your caffeine supply, and Starbucks has a wide range of beverages to suit your needs.

Try out your favorite caffeinated drink with their decaf espresso - but be sure to avoid the cold brew. 

Or, you can simply ask the barista to make you their favorite decaffeinated drink, and you'll be bound to get a delicious surprise.  

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