Starbucks Coconut Drinks (19 Popular Menu Items In 2023)

Coconut milk is a popular option on the Starbucks menu and is now more widely available than ever before. It’s a sweet and delicious addition to any drink, and with many coconut drinks available, you’re not short on options. 

Curious about what Starbucks drinks have coconut in? Here, we will explore the Starbucks coconut milk drinks and what different types you can order.  

1. Pink Drink 

Want a fruity, cool refresher to get you through the summer? The Pink Drink is the perfect choice for those days out in the heat! The drink is shaken and mixed with coconut milk, strawberry acai flavors, and some dried strawberries.

It’s a real creamy coconut milk treat to give you a sweet flavored drink that’ll hit the spot on a warm day. Now on the menu all year round, you can enjoy this drink even in the dead of winter for a little summer pick-me-up! 

Starbucks Coconut Drinks (19 Popular Menu Items In 2022)

2. Dragon Drink 

Fancy more of a punch to your fruity beverage? The Dragon Drink has you covered. The same method as the coconut milk Pink Drink applies here, but with different ingredients. The Dragon Drink is made with coconut milk, mango dragonfruit refresher, dried dragonfruit pieces, and shaken with ice.

This coconut milk beverage will really give you a blend of sweet and sour fruity flavors that will perk you up for the warmer summer days. Bonus points, the drink turns a bright pink once made, giving it a cool and fresh look! 

Dragon Drink with Cold Foam

3. Star Drink 

Here we have another shaken refresher for the warmer days or for a taste of summer. The Star Drink is made with coconut milk, a fresh blend of kiwi starfruit refresher base, and dried kiwi pieces, then shaken over ice.  

The result is another sweet and sour mix of coconut milk fruity heaven. If you enjoy a kick in your fruit endeavors, then you should order a star drink next time you find yourself in the iconic cafe!  

Star Drink

4. Violet Drink 

A different and equally delicious coconut milk option to try, the Violet Drink is a mix of hibiscus tea flavors and creamy coconut milk. It includes their berry refresher, coconut milk, and dried blackberries, shaken over ice. 

You get yourself a delicious yogurt-tasting beverage that gives you an excellent boost of sugar and energy. What a brilliant mix of sweet blackberries and tart hibiscus for your day! 

Violet Drink

5. Orange Drink 

This is the first Starbucks secret menu coconut milk option on this list. The Orange Drink isn't necessarily available on the menu, but with a few modifications, this coconut milk beverage can be readily available to you.  

Simply ask the barista for orange juice concentrate with coconut milk, iced tea, and vanilla bean powder. The result is an iced, shaken sweet beverage that's less acidic and creamy with a citrus boost. It will also be less tart than the other shaken drinks above because it contains less sharp or sour fruit that would typically provide it. Plus, it's bright and orangey in color. Very Instagram-worthy!  

You can also order the similar Orange Mango Juice drink. This is very similar, but made with orange mango juice concentrate and coconut milk, with a bit less orange juice. This gives it more of a sweet flavor that combines perfectly with the coconut milk. It's perfect for tropical fruit lovers! 

Orange Drink

6. Coconut Lime Refresher 

This second of the Starbucks coconut milk drinks on the secret menu is easier to make than the other secret menu items and provides a sharp and creamy mix of lime and coconut! When you order the classic cool lime refresher, ask the barista to replace the water with coconut milk, and voila! The result is the coconut lime refresher, which is a heavier, smoother refresher that you would otherwise have missed. 

For reference, this coconut drink will give the taste of a key lime pie, perfect for a dessert-flavored drink for those with a sweet tooth.  

Coconut Lime Refresher

7. Pina Colada Tea 

If you like Piña Coladas, and getting caught in the rain, this coconut milk Pina Colada tea may be perfect! Note; rain is not a side effect of the Pina Colada tea, or any Starbucks coconut milk drinks.  

The Pina Colada Tea is a mix of Teavana Iced Black Tea with pineapple and coconut milk and to give you a fresh twist to your day. The pina colada tea is a nice blend of tea with pineapple and creamy coconut milk. It contains no artificial flavors, so you can drink the pina colada tea knowing it’s the real deal. 

Piña Colada Tea

8. Coconut Cascara Latte 

Looking for a simple, sweet latte to start the morning rush? The Coconut Cascara Latte is an equal blend of coffee, steamed coconut milk, and topped with cascara sugar dusting to give you that caffeine boost you need. This latte also works really well with vanilla syrup or cinnamon dolce syrup on top.

The coconut milk blends with the sugar to make it much sweeter than a standard latte and gives you a sugar boost to keep you going through those busy workdays or late study nights. 

Coconut Cascara Latte

9. Coconut Mocha Macchiato 

This is one of the Starbucks coconut milk drinks which is sure to give you a smooth and sweet flavor mixed with a boost of coffee. The iced coconut mocha macchiato is the iced macchiato we know and love, combined with the sweeter-tasting coconut milk and a nice blend of chocolate mocha sauce, or dark mocha sauce to finish. 

These Starbucks coconut milk drinks can also be ordered hot and provides the same chocolatey finish from the mocha sauce. So mix up your macchiatos and give the coconut mocha macchiato a try! 

Coconut Mocha Macchiato

10. Coconut Pumpkin Macchiato  

Another of the Starbucks coconut milk drinks on the secret menu is the coconut pumpkin macchiato, is simple to order and easy for baristas to make. The drink itself is the same as a coconut mocha macchiato, but instead of the mocha syrup or dark mocha sauce, it comes with pumpkin spice instead. 

Simply ask your barista to use pumpkin spice, and you’ll have a perfect autumnal drink to keep you going through the day! You can also order this coconut milk option hot, so you’re safe knowing you can enjoy it any time of year. 

Coconut Pumpkin Macchiato

11. Iced Pineapple Matcha Drink 

The iced pineapple matcha drink is a power drink. The blend of pineapple ginger syrup with matcha tea blend and coconut milk gives a velvety smooth drink with the boost from the matcha powder and a fruity finish too. 

The inclusion of coconut milk mixed with ginger spice adds a kick into the drink with a softer blow for a real mix in your beverage. The matcha powder provides energy and caffeine to keep you going, too.  

Iced Pineapple Matcha Drink

12. Iced Golden Ginger Drink 

If you fancy more spice in a shaken iced drink, the golden ginger cocktail provides you with a more savory flavor. The coconut milk drink itself is a combo of a golden ginger blend, with turmeric essence, pineapple, and ginger flavors, with coconut milk and shaken to finish over ice.

The coconut milk blends surprisingly well with the ginger and turmeric flavors. Provided you like spice, these Starbucks coconut milk drinks will give you a smooth and more robust flavor, and the iced golden ginger drink is perfect for those long summer afternoons.   

Iced Golden Ginger Drink

13. Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink 

If you prefer a sweeter, more fruity flavored Starbucks coconut milk drinks, then the iced guava passionfruit drink is up your alley! This iced refresher mixes guava juice blend, pineapple ginger syrup, passionfruit syrup, and coconut milk to create a smooth drink that's bursting with flavor.

Shaken and over ice, the guava passionfruit drink will take you back to your vacation days and keep you cool all in one.  

Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink

14. Berry Vanilla Smoothie 

Up next on our list is another of the Starbucks coconut milk drinks from the secret menu, and it's perfect for those who want a creamy and sweet mix in the berry vanilla smoothie. Made viral by a Starbucks barista, this drink is a mix of vanilla syrup, berries, and banana with a cream base and coconut milk for a wide mix of different flavors. If you wanted to ask your barista to make this coconut milk drink, you need to ask them to make this: 

Coconut milk to the second line, creme base, 2 scoops of berries, 3 scoops of vanilla bean powder, 1 banana, followed by a tall scoop of ice and blend. 

The result is a flavorsome and fruity coconut milk smoothie for you to enjoy. You can even add extra vanilla syrup, vanilla beans, or other additions to your berry vanilla smoothie if you want to make it a bit extra!

15. Caramel Coconut Creme Pie Frappuccino 

After another dessert-tasting beverage? No worries! This coconut milk frappuccino will have you craving a coconut creme pie in no time. It combines tastes of white chocolate mocha sauce, honey malt, caramel sauce, and coconut milk.

All of this is blended together and then topped with whipped cream, extra caramel drizzle, and graham crackers. So if you want something for dessert but couldn't finish a whole slice yourself, this coconut milk drink might have you covered and satisfy that sweet tooth! 

Caramel Coconut Creme Pie Frappuccino

16. Coconut Vanilla Bean Frappuccino 

If you enjoy Starbucks’ vanilla bean frappuccino, consider trying it with coconut milk. The blend of vanilla bean powder and coconut milk together creates a sweet and nutty flavor. This can then be further enhanced with toffee nut syrup before being topped with whipped cream. The vanilla bean Frappuccino is one of those drinks that's only improved when you add coconut milk. 

If you want to add caffeine to these Starbucks coconut drinks, a shot of espresso adds a bold kick that pairs nicely with the sweeter vanilla bean powder flavors inside. You could even try adding hazelnut syrup, mocha sauce, or extra toffee nut syrup, to increase the sweeter flavor while increasing the nutty undertones. 

Coconut Vanilla Bean Frappuccino

17. Vanilla Coconut Latte 

The vanilla latte is a popular choice at Starbucks. It's known for its simplicity, but also for hitting the spot on those long days or nights. The blend of espresso and vanilla together dramatically complements each other. If you add in steamed coconut milk rather than cow's milk, you've got yourself an even better flavor palette.

The coconut milk and vanilla beans create a sweet and rich taste, along with the coffee giving you an excellent finish. You can even add extra mocha sauce or raspberry syrup to give it a twist.

However you like it, it's worth giving this Starbucks coconut milk drink a try on your next visit! 

Vanilla Coconut Latte

18. Coconut Cold Brew 

The classic taste of cold brew can't be beaten. It's a rich and bold combination of different nutty, citrus, and chocolate notes to create a smooth and refined finish. Now, add a splash of coconut milk and coconut syrup, and you've got a whole other ball game!

You add the coconut flavor into an already ranged palette, opening yourself up to a sweeter and creamier blend in your cold brew. If you don’t like the coconut milk cold brew too strong, consider adding some extra coconut milk.  

Coconut Cold Brew

19. Coconut Flat White 

The flat white is a perfect balance between textured milk and espresso. It creates a middle ground between too strong and too weak, and the milk is a lot smoother than a latte or cappuccino, making it perfect for stopping and relaxing with.  

The coconut addition to the flat white not only improves on the smooth flavor but also is closest to textured milk in comparison to other vegan alternatives. Add in the blonde roast, and you have a sweet, bold-tasting coconut milk option that's just right. 

Starbucks Coconut Drinks (Ordering Tips) 

Any drink that's milk-based in Starbucks can be made with coconut milk. You can order your regular latte or cappuccino with coconut milk, and create a whole different experience for you to enjoy. The coconut milk that Starbucks uses steams perfectly every time, meaning you can easily mix it into any drink of your choosing.  

Including syrups in your coconut drink will usually complement the drinks well, but you should avoid syrups that are very sweet. Simple syrup, extra pumps of caramel sauce, vanilla syrup, and peach flavors will only make the sweet flavors intense. You can also add coconut syrup to make the coconut flavor shine through!

If you like very sweet flavors, then enjoy! But for some people, the sweetness can be sickening, and fewer pumps should be used to complement the coconut rather than overwhelm it.  

Starbucks have launched a vegan whipped cream which goes well on Starbucks coconut milk drinks. Unfortunately, the regular whipped cream isn't suitable for those with a lactose intolerance, but you can choose to add a sweet cold foam instead. 

Unfortunately, Starbucks does not just give coconut milk away for free. A splash of coconut milk in an americano or a cold brew is free, but substituting it for cow's milk can set you back $0.60. Soy milk also costs the same and arguably, it’s not much, but it’s disappointing for those who can’t have cow's milk or don’t like the flavor.  

Thankfully, coconut-based drinks don’t seem to be much more overpriced. The coconut-based options seem to be expanding, which gives you much more choice than before. The Pink Drink, for example, sets you back $4.36, a fairly standard price for their drinks. 

Maybe sometime in the near future, we may see an end to the extra cost of coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk, or other dairy alternatives, lowering the price for people who don't have a choice.  

Frequently Asked Starbucks Coconut Drinks Questions 

Does Starbucks have coconut water? 

Starbucks offers coconut canned drinks in a few flavors - Peach Passionfruit is a coconut based drink in a can, which creates a fruity alternative to lemonade at half the sugar intake. The Black Cherry limeade refresher is another canned coconut flavor that combines coconut water, coconut syrup, and cherry flavors to create a sharp and sweet fizzy drink to keep you going. 

Where does Starbucks get its coconut milk?  

The coconut milk Starbucks uses is Single Origin Sumatra Coconut milk. It’s a good blend of coconut cream to create a milk that is easily textured and mixes well into any drink it’s put in.   

How much sugar does Starbucks coconut milk have? 

A grande drink with coconut milk will contain 17g of sugar. A grande latte is 10g of sugar. This is significantly less than cow's milk, which is 25g for a latte. Coconut milk is not only a sweeter alternative; it’s also healthier. Just bear in mind that extra coconut syrup, caramel sauce, vanilla syrup, whipped cream, and other additions will add calories and sugar. 


You don't have to be dairy-free to enjoy the taste of coconut milk, and with the many different coconut milk combinations out there, you're spoilt for choice!

Starbucks has a wide variety of coconut milk options in their menu to make drinks that will be suited for everyone, so you can go into the cafe next time knowing there's something in there for you. So don't be put off by dairy alternatives; you might actually be surprised! 

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