You know that espresso machines tend to come in one of a few types - automatic, semi-automatic, manual, and prosumer.

The Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo is a unique blend of semi-automatic and prosumer elements that provides both function and style that lasts.

Curious about getting your own semi-automatic espresso machine? I've been using this device for the last month. Join me as I dive into my thoughts on the Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo in this review.

Brew Quality


Build Quality


Ease Of Use


Overall Rating


As an overview, I rate the Andreja a solid 4.3 out of 5 stars, as it is an excellent machine for the home barista who loves to craft lattes and milky coffees.[1]


  • Commercial-grade E61 group head
  • 1.8-litre heat exchange copper boiler
  • Auto pump refill with magnetic water level sensor
  • Anti-burn stainless steel swivel steam wand
  • Anti-burn stainless steel swivel hot water wand
  • Boiler and steam pressure gauges
  • Stainless steel cup warming tray
  • Three-liter water tank
  • Large capacity drip tray
  • Adjustable stainless steel feet
  • Easy access expansion valve
  • Optional direct connection to the water line
  • Custom knobs
  • Easy access to boiler and drain
  • Quality stainless steel construction
  • Thermo siphon circulation
  • 20 cups an hour capacity
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Vibratory pump


  • Beautiful and sturdy construction with reliable features
  • Excellent steam pressure for crafting microfoam
  • Large tank and drip tray for easy water management
  • Separate boiler and steam pressure gauges to monitor pressure fluctuations and brew temperature
  • Option to connect to the water line for easy automatic refills and water level adjustment


  • No PID system, which can be a turn-off for some home baristas
  • Not the most intuitive control system for new coffee enthusiasts
  • No water filtration system means staying on top of limescale prevention is key

Who Should Buy The Quick Mill Andreja Premium?

Home baristas who love a good macchiato and want to impress while entertaining would love the Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo.

The Andreja would also suit a small indie cafe due to its 20 cups an hour capacity.

Why I Decided To Review This Quick Mill Model

One of my local coffee shops started using the Andreja Premium by Quick Mill, and I was very impressed with the result - I just had to try it for myself.

Testing Conditions

Days Tested


Cups Brewed Per Day


Level Of Experience Needed

Intermediate - Expert

Reviewer Background

Home brewing enthusiast who started with a simple cafetiere collection and is on a journey to up their game.

Environment Tested


Money Saved Per Year


Favorite Drink To Brew

Espresso and chai latte

What’s It Like To Live With The Quick Mill Andreja Premium

Let’s dive into day-to-day life with this particular espresso machine.

What’s In The Box?

When your Quick Mill semi-automatic espresso machine arrives, you may need to have someone help you lug all 46 pounds of it into your home.

On opening the standard sturdy box, you will find that foam corners and side inserts support another internal box containing your actual machine - this is a great way to protect it from movement damage in transit.

Once the second box is opened and the espresso machine is freed, you will see that it is compact enough to fit under most standard kitchen cabinets with enough room to put cappuccino cups on top.

The large drip tray should also be taped down, which is a small but appreciated touch.

An optional kit to fit a direct line connection is sold separately. You may be able to find it online, but it has not been sold firsthand since around 2020.

The tamper and portafilters are chrome-plated brass and feel like hefty, quality tools when held. They and their matching baskets are commercial 58 mm, meaning they should fit some pre-bought accessories.

The manual is both succinct and practical[2]; first-time baristas will appreciate the First Time Setup section.

I followed these instructions to the letter and loved how thorough and easy they were to follow.

Pulling My First Espresso Shot

Once I had taken the 10 minutes or so to work through the First Time Setup section and read over the manual, it was time to put the Andreja through its paces.

As always, we start with an espresso.

The Andreja’s heat exchange boiler and heating element took around 25-30 minutes to heat up, which is on the slightly faster side of average for a great espresso machine like this.

The three-position switch utilizes three indicators to help you know where you are at.

One is a power switch or power indicator; the other two are boiler's status indicators; red means that your machine is heating, and green means it is good to go.

The pressure is rated up to 16 bars and got to a nice 1.2 on the gauge.

Once everything was ready, I prepped my 18 grams of specialty coffee beans and got to work.

The E61 group head features automatic pre-infusion, and the start and stop lever presents a very tactile and professional feeling I love.

I wish there was a built-in shot timer, but this is easily fixed if you have one at home, like I do.

Overall, the final shot was aromatic and clean, richer and sweeter than others I had tested in the past making the Andreja one of my favorite espresso makers under $2,000.

I loved that there were some tactile prosumer elements with convenient semi-automatic features, but I do think newer coffee fans may have a learning curve with timing the heat exchange elements.

Pulling Espresso Shot On The Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo

First Time Frothing Milk

The Andreja is fully equipped for all your milk frothing needs thanks to its no-burn steam wand.

I love how articulately it swivels, and the four-hole tip creates wonderfully textured microfoam. The steam boiler gauge is helpful, and I like the aesthetic blue background of both gauges.

This steam milk wand is perfect for cappuccinos and lattes - just be careful with other peoples' machines once you get used to this special no-burn wand so you avoid burning yourself on a friend's model.

The hot water wand is also no-burn and fully articulate like the steam wand. The custom knob helps you stay in control of the hot water flow.

I love how quickly it could pump water into my cup while making Americanos or while simply cleaning up after myself.

Frothing Milk With The Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo

How Much Control Do You Have Over The Machine?

As it is a semi-automatic prosumer model, there are certain elements of this espresso machine that are automated for convenience, just like the pre-infusion process.

However, this can be helpful, especially when it comes to refilling your tank or knowing when to add water.

The fact that Andreja is part prosumer means that there are many tactile elements that you get to keep control of to feel like a pro.

How Does It Handle Different Roasts?

I loved every single roast I tried with the Andreja. Each had the perfect amount of aroma and crema while coming out super clean and rich.

I particularly loved my two usual beans,  the Starbucks Breakfast Blend and Stumptown Hair Bender Medium Roast blends - but, hey, maybe I'm biased.

If you are a milky coffee fan like me, you will need to transfer your coffee shots to another cup, as there is only so much cup clearance allowed on the Andreja.

Making Coffee With The Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo

Look, Feel, and Size Of The Machine

Sure, there are more compact models on the market, but there is little to no wasted space with the Andreja.

Its dimensions are 17.50 x 11.50 x 16 inches, which is fairly compact but not on the level of the Appartamento.

It should be noted that the Andreja model is both bigger and pricier than Quick Mill’s other espresso machines, but the build and components feel durable and well-constructed.

It is similar in design to other flashy prosumer machines like the Rocket Appartamento with its sleek lines and custom knobs - the Andreja is definitely a statement decor piece.

The adjustable feet can help you bring some balance to your machine and help you adjust the warming tray cup clearance.

Overall, this is a very stylish machine that is compact but not the most compact on the market - double-check the dimensions before purchase to ensure it is right for your countertop.

Look, Feel, and Size Of Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo

What Drinks Can It Make?

The sky really is the limit with prosumer and semi-prosumer machines like the Andreja.

There are no pre-programmed drinks, so it is worth experimenting and seeing what roasts and foam levels you like.

You can even use it to make non-coffee things, like morning oats or soup.

My partner particularly loved crafting their afternoon Americanos while I got really into chai lattes and caramel macchiatos.

How Easy Is It To Use?

How easy the Andreja is to use will depend on how much barista or coffee-crafting experience you have.

Prosumers are on the more demanding side, even if they are semi-automatic, so someone with some hands-on practice of the craft will have an easier time than a complete newbie.

That being said, the manual is clear to read and has some great advice and tips to follow if you are struggling.

Using The Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo

How Long Does It Take? (From Heat Up To First Sip)

The heat exchanger boiler takes about 25-30 minutes to heat up, and then it only takes a few minutes for you to get a piping hot cup of your favorite coffee.

This length of time is to be expected from heat exchangers and other hx machine models.

Exactly how long will vary depending on your experience level and what you are making, but 30-35 minutes on the first cup and only a couple on the next is pretty typical for the Andreja.

Does It Have A Water Filtration System?

The Andreja espresso machine does not feature a water filtration system like super automatic machine models do.

This means that you need to be mindful of preventing limescale build-up - this means using filtered and distilled water and cleaning your espresso machine regularly.[3]

How Hard Is It To Clean and Descale?

The Andreja cleaning and maintenance regime is very similar to other prosumer machines but can feel tiresome if you are used to an automatic system.

Espresso machines at this price point are high-quality investments that can have a long life with proper care.

However, it is well known that the easier something is to do, the more likely it is that you will do it - this goes extra for chores like cleaning and descaling your coffee machine.

Alongside standard espresso machine cleaning, like wiping the wand after your finish your brew, I recommend backflushing with a disc at least once a week and backflushing with espresso machine cleaner at least a few times a year.

A copper boiler, including a heat exchanger like in the Andreja, tends to be more prone to collecting limescale buildup.

As there is no water filtration system, you need to ensure you fill the water tank with filtered water. Contact a professional if you find too much buildup.

The QuickMill Andreja Premium mirror finish is also prone to showing water marks and fingerprints, meaning that having a microfiber cloth nearby to wipe it down each day will be very helpful.

Cleaning The Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo

My Favorite Parts About The Andreja Premium

  • Beautiful and sturdy construction with reliable features
    The QuickMill Andreja Premium Evo has all the style of prosumer espresso machines like the Rocket Appartamento but with plenty of reliable features to help you craft the perfect espresso.
  • Excellent steam pressure for crafting microfoam
    The anti-burn steam wand has the perfect pressure level for crafting textured microfoam every time.
  • Large tank and drip tray for easy water management
    Eliminate the endless trips back and forth from the sink with the large water reservoir and drip tray.
  • Separate boiler and steam pressure gauges to monitor pressure fluctuations and brew temperature
    Having two pressure gauges helps you stay on top of maintenance to keep brewing great espresso.
  • Option to connect to the water line for easy automatic refills and water level adjustment
    If you want to minimize refills, try connecting the Andreja to your water line for streamlined water management.
Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo Settings

My Least Favorite Parts About The Andreja Premium

  • No PID system, which can be a turn-off for some home baristas
    An espresso machine not having a PID system is not the end of the world by any means, but it is a preference for some home baristas
  • Not the most intuitive control system for new coffee enthusiasts
    There are plenty of helpful features, but new baristas may find a learning curve when getting to know the Andreja
  • No water filtration system means staying on top of limescale prevention is key
    It is always reassuring to have a water filtration system. However, a machine without one just means that filtered water and regular cleaning are even more vital.

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Vs Similar Machines

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Vs Anita

The Quick Mill Anita and Andreja are both stylish heat exchanger machines featuring large drip trays and a 20-cup-an-hour capacity.

However, a key difference between them is that the Anita cannot be connected to water lines. It also does not feature anti-burn wands and is smaller in build.

These factor into the Anita’s cheaper price - this makes the Anita a better choice for a barista on a budget looking for an espresso machine closer to the $1,500 mark.

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Vs Anita

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Vs Rocket Appartamento

The Andreja and the Rocket Appartamento have much in common; they are handmade stainless steel espresso machines with copper boilers and large tanks.

They also both have prosumer elements, low water indicators, and 58 mm E61 brew group heads.

However, the Appartamento is a full prosumer with a much longer warranty and dual preinfusion system. It was built with more experienced and detail-oriented home baristas in mind.

The Andreja is a semi-automatic prosumer, which caters to home baristas with either lower skill sets or less time than Appartamento fans.

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Vs Rocket Appartamento

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Quick Mill Andreja Premium cost?

The Quick Mill Andreja costs around $1800. This may sound expensive, but it could be worth the investment if you are looking for a quality semi-automatic prosumer machine.

Where can you buy Quick Mill Andreja Premium replacement parts?

You can buy Andreja Premium replacement parts on Amazon or sites like Chris Coffee.[4] Alternatively, you can contact the Quick Mill or vendor customer service team for replacements as part of your warranty.

What size is the Quick Mill Andreja Premium portafilter?

The Quick Mill Andreja Premium portafilters are 58 mm, which is a somewhat standard size and may not suit any pre-purchased accessories.

Conclusion - Is The Quick Mill Andreja Worth Your Money?

The Andreja is an excellent espresso machine for a barista looking for some aid in their craft while balancing a good level of control and style.

It may be a little difficult to learn if you are used to working with a super-automatic machine, but it can be mastered over time.

If you want to give the Andreja a try for yourself, I highly recommend checking over the dimensions and features to ensure this machine is right for your morning brew.

Quick Mill Andreja Premium

Brew Quality


Build Quality


Ease Of Use


Overall Rating




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