Forget Your Sign Starbucks Ceramic Mug – White – 11oz


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Introducing our “Forget Your Sign” Coffee Mug – where coffee and witty banter come together for a delightful brew.


This 11 oz white coffee mug features the sassy quote “Forget your sign. Tell me what your favorite drink from Starbucks is” in bold black lettering. It’s your go-to conversation starter, leaving horoscopes behind and diving headfirst into the world of coffee choices.

Made from durable ceramic, this mug is perfect for your daily caffeine fix. The 11 oz size accommodates your favorite Starbucks beverages, while the ergonomic handle ensures a comfy grip.

Imagine the fun mornings spent discussing Starbucks orders instead of zodiac signs. It’s not just a mug; it’s a coffee-loving community builder. And when you’re looking for a unique gift, this mug is the perfect choice to spark lively discussions among friends and colleagues.

Skip the astrological predictions and embrace the java revelations with our “Forget Your Sign” Coffee Mug. Grab yours today, and let the coffee chatter flow!

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