Starbucks has a wide variety of delicious summery peach drinks on its menu as well as countless secret menu combos - it's easy to get overwhelmed with the endless possibilities.

Good news! I have listed all the best peach drinks at Starbucks you should try so you can find your next summer fave.

1. Peach Tranquility 

Starbucks Peach Tranquility Tea

As much as I love coffee, I love winding down with a caffeine-free tea in the evening. For me, the Peach Tranquility drink is one of my fave calming teas when I'm away from home.[1]

This caffeine-free herbal tea combines the sweetness of peach and candied pineapple with the mellow, earthy taste of lemon verbena, rose hips, and chamomile blossom. 

I recently travelled far from home to attend a conference. At the end of each busy day, I really looked forward to having a soothing cup of Peach Tranquility to unwind with in my hotel room.

When I’ve maxed out my caffeine for the day and still need something for my nerves, this is my go-to order!

2. Peach Apple Lemonade 

Starbucks Iced Peach Apple Lemonade

I'm always looking for kid-friendly Starbucks drinks to treat my nieces and nephews with; so you can imagine my excitement when I saw the recipe for Peach Apple Lemonade.

Only a few people may have heard of this drink because it’s one of Starbucks’s best-kept secrets since it’s not on the menu.  

Of course, I had to try it myself first in the name of science - I immediately fell in love!

I mean, who could not love lemonade, apple juice, and peach all rolled into one? It's like this was made specifically for me!

Kids at heart (like me) will also enjoy this drink which tastes like half peach juice, and half lemonade.

How To Order This Secret Menu Drink
  • Ask your barista to pour lemonade to the first line, apple juice to the second line, and add peach syrup (3 pumps tall, 5 grande, 7 venti).

3. Peach Cobbler Frappuccino 

Starbucks Peach Cobbler Frappuccino

As much as I love a good cobbler, a scorching summer day is not exactly the right time for me to dig into a piping hot bowl of the stuff - enter the Peach Cobbler Frappuccino.

The taste of this secret menu drink so closely resembles the flavors of the dessert that I almost asked for a spoon!

The only difference between the two is that the pie is served warm and fluffy, while this peach drink is cold and creamy. 

It's simple, sweet, and creamy - the perfect drink for spring and summer picnics!

Are you looking for a vegan Starbucks drink option? Switch out the regular milk for oat milk and ditch the whipped cream, and you can also enjoy this Starbucks secret menu recipe. 

How To Order This Secret Menu Drink
  • Order a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with 2 pumps of peach syrup (3 for a grande, 4 for venti), and 1 pump of cinnamon dolce syrup (1.5 for grande, 2 for venti).
  • Then, ask it to blend in whipped cream and top it with more whipped cream and cinnamon dolce. 

4. Iced Peach Green Tea 

Starbucks Iced Peach Green Tea

Sometimes I just want a peach drink that is easy to order and deliciously simple - enter the Iced Peach Green Tea.[2]

This may sound like your regular flavored ice tea, but the bold flavors of the peach-flavored fruit juice blend and Teavana iced green tea transform it to a whole different level. 

Also, this drink shaken, not just stirred - even Bond himself would approve.

I can't get enough of this refreshing drink that's half peach juice, and half green tea.

I adore its sweet and simple simplicity, especially when it's sunny out.

Tips From A Barista
  • I love adding a pump or two of vanilla syrup for a sweet twist
  • Want to up the peachy ante? Try adding an extra pump or two of peach syrup

5. Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade 

Starbucks Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade

I practically live on peach iced teas in the summer and I especially love the Iced Peach Green Tea. My fave way to get that same great taste with a twist is to simple - just add lemonade!

The sweet sourness of the lemonade gives the peach-flavored fruit juice blend and Teavana iced green tea a real bubbly punch. 

This sweet and fruity combo is immediate summer vibes to me and the lemonade just makes it all extra refreshing.

I first tried adding fruit purée to the Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade this summer and it was an absolute game-changer for me!

The best part? A grande size of this light ice peach syrup drink only has 80 calories, so you won’t be worried about ruining your diet with just one drink.

Tips From A Barista
  • Want an even fruitier twist? Try asking your barista to add strawberry or mango purée!

6. Honey Citrus Mint Tea 

Starbucks Iced Honey Citrus Mint Tea

You might think that this probably is an error on the list, but you’re wrong. I know, I was surprised, too!

The Honey Citrus Mint Tea may sound like it doesn’t have any peach flavor on it, but it actually is made with Peach Tranquility herbal tea, Jade Citrus Mint green tea, steamed lemonade, and a bit of honey. 

Because of the green tea, this drink contains a decent amount of caffeine, unlike Peach Tranquility, which is caffeine-free

I love how well the mint tea uplifts the fruity herbal notes while the lemonade and honey add a fresh sweetness - I just can't get enough!

So, if you want a drink that can calm you and give you a bit of energy at the same time, this Starbucks peach drink is for you.  

7. Le Peach Frappuccino 

Starbucks Le Peach Frappuccino

Peach pie and vanilla ice cream was a staple of my childhood - this Le Peach Frappuccino is just that dessert in drink form!

This French-inspired drink is basically just French Vanilla Peach Frappuccino. French people will argue that Le Peach isn’t the right translation of the word peach since they call it le pêcher. 

I admit, I did cringe a little while ordering this drink - something about saying the name gave me war flashbacks to 2010's meme slang era. 

When I want some caffeine, I ask for a shot or two of espresso and slightly less whole milk.  

Want a vegan version? Lose the whipped cream, and replace the whole milk for oat milk. Vanilla syrup and hazelnut syrup are both dairy free, so you won't need to take them out of this Starbucks secret menu drink. 

How To Order This Secret Menu Drink
  • Ask barista for a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. Add hazelnut syrup, light ice peach syrup, vanilla syrup (two pumps of vanilla syrup if you like the flavor), and a few vigorous shakes of cinnamon before blending. Then, topped it with creme base, whipped cream, and more cinnamon.

8. Peaches and Cream Frappuccino 

Starbucks Peaches and Cream Frappuccino

Who doesn’t love peaches and cream, right? If you love this combination as much as I do, this Starbucks secret menu Peaches and Cream Frappuccino is for you. 

I was surprised just how well the peach syrup complements the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino base, and this Starbucks secret menu drink actually works even better if you switch the regular milk for oat milk.

I love its light pastel color, too - so pretty and simple. Get me one of these and a croissant, and I will love you forever!

How To Order This Secret Menu Drink
  • If you want to order this drink, you can ask for Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with peach syrup added to it.

9. Sunset Refresher 

Starbucks Sunset Refresher

I love the idea of staying up late and watching the sunset, but definitely prefer getting a tasty cup of the stuff at Starbucks.

This gorgeous gradient is so lovely to hold up to the sunlight - so pretty!

The fruity and fresh mix of strawberry, mango, and peach instantly give me summer vibes.

The Sunset Refresher even uses the Starbucks 'fizz' technique for a little extra zing that makes the fruit flavors really pop.

When I want to really up the fruity taste, I ask for extra fruit puree.

How To Order This Secret Menu Drink
  • To order a Sunset Refresher, ask for a Strawberry Acai Refresher and 1/3 water. Add mango and peach syrup and ask them to fizz it up over ice

10. Teavana Sparkling Peach Nectarine Green Tea 

Starbucks Teavana Sparkling Blood Orange Mango White Tea

When I want something quick and easy to grab, the Teavana Sparkling Peach Nectarine Green Tea is one of my go-tos.

Packed in a ready-to-go bottle, this light ice peach syrup tea combines the sweetness of peach and nectarine flavors with the earthy taste of green tea.

I never considered having sparkling peach tea until I tried this - now I'm hooked!

I love that I don't feel like I have to finish it in one go like with handcrafted Starbucks drinks - I can just save some in the fridge for later.

How To Order The Right Peach Drinks At Starbucks 

Some Starbucks peach drinks are easy to order since they’re readily available on the menu.

But there's a few things you need to keep in mind to order peach drinks like a pro:

  • If you’re after a drink that’s included in the secret menu, have the recipe ready when you order. 
  • Unfortunately, not all baristas know about these Starbucks secret menu beverages. If you aren’t specific about what’s inside, you might not get what you want.  
  • If it’s a complicated drink, don’t order it during peak times when the lines are long.[3]
  • You can add peach syrup to any beverage you want - get creative with your flavor combos and try adding other purees and syrups! 
  • Peach flavors work really well with milk, but they work even better with non-dairy milks like Starbucks coconut milk. 

Frequently Asked Starbucks Peach Drink Questions 

What peach flavoring does Starbucks use? 

The peach flavoring that Starbucks uses is Fontana peach-flavored syrup, which tastes like ripe summer peaches.

What brand of peach tea does Starbucks use? 

Starbucks uses Teavana brand of peach tea at all of their locations in the United States.

How much sugar is in Starbucks’ peach green tea? 

A grande size of Starbucks peach green tea has 12 grams of sugar.  

Does Starbucks have sugar-free peach syrup? 

Unfortunately, there’s currently no sugar-free peach syrup at Starbucks, and two pumps (which is what is in most recipes) has about 30 grams of sugar.  

Does Starbucks have a peach smoothie? 

There is no peach smoothie on Starbucks’s regular menu. However, there are secret menu peach frappuccinos that could taste like a peach smoothie, like the Peaches and Cream Frappuccino.

What is a Fuzzy Peach Refresher? 

The Fuzzy Peach Refresher recipe is a Starbucks secret menu option. It's made with mango dragonfruit refresher base and half peach juice. Add two pumps of vanilla syrup and a splash of coconut milk.

Conclusion - Try These Summer Drinks Today!

Starbucks carries peach syrup year round, so if you love peach, you should really make the most of it with these popular Starbucks peach drinks.

When I want to cool down on a hot summer's day, you know I'm reaching for a Peach Apple Lemonade or an Iced Peach Green Tea for a refreshing pick-me-up.

So, what are you waiting for? Go visit the nearest Starbucks and try these tasty peach beverages!





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