Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Light Stays On (How To Fix The Issue)

Do you use your Ninja coffee bar all the time? You may be familiar with the clean light; it's the machine's way of telling you it's time for a good scrub and check of the components. But does it stay on even after doing all this?  

When was the last time you cleaned it out? Here are some tips for you if your Ninja coffee bar clean light stays on and what you can do about it.  

Most popular coffee and espresso machines, like a Ninja, Mr. Coffee, Nespresso, or Cuisinart coffee maker, have indicator lights on the outside. These tell you something important about the machine.

With a Ninja, the cleaning light is located on the bottom left of the panel and will come on when Ninja coffee bars need a thorough cleaning. Ignoring the cleaning light can lead to problems with the coffee machines and foul-tasting coffee. 

It works by detecting deposits of minerals or a calcium buildup within the Ninja coffee maker and lets you know when it requires a full descaling cycle. If you live in a hard water area, then you’ll notice that the panel light comes on more often. 

Many Ninja coffee owners have reported the issue of the self clean light staying on. Even after completing the cleaning and descaling process, if it stays on, it could be that it’s still detecting mineral buildup. But it could also indicate another issue with the Ninja coffee maker that will impact the brewing cycle.  

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Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Light Won’t Turn Off? (4 Reasons It Stays On) 

Cycle Reminder

If you brew coffee regularly and you’ve not cleaned your coffee bar in a while, the cleaning indicator light staying means it’s time to clean. 

You will need to run a full cleaning cycle - with a commercial descaling solution or plain white vinegar. Pour the white vinegar solution into the empty water reservoir and fill it with tap water. Place the full carafe underneath and press the clean button once. This will run the full cycle and should take 60 minutes.

Make sure to flush the coffee bar afterward to remove the remaining descaling solution or white vinegar before you do a brew cycle.  

Debris Build-Up

If you’ve run the cleaning cycle and it’s still staying on or you notice the clean light flashing, there could’ve been a big buildup of dirt and minerals in the coffee machine. 

It could also be the brew basket and water reservoir need cleaning too. You will need to flush the machine after cleaning, which is done by filling the water reservoir to the brim and pressing clean again.

Make sure to wash the empty brew basket after a clean cycle to remove any remaining coffee grounds and other mineral deposits from Ninja coffee makers using a soft sponge.  

Incomplete Cycle

If you don't finish the cleaning cycle, then the self clean light will stay on. You will need to run the entire cycle, including the descaling, flushing, and cleaning of the carafe, brew basket, and reservoir. If they are particularly dirty, they may need soaking and a good scrub.  

Pressing Wrong Buttons 

If you press the wrong buttons during a clean cycle, the coffee machine won’t register the clean cycle as complete. This could lead to a flashing clean light staying on and stop you doing a regular brew cycle.

When directed to flush the system, don’t press any of the brew cycles or the drip stop button. This won’t finish the cycle, and the light will stay on. Make sure you press the clean button once directed, which will start the flushing process. After doing so, the light should go off.  

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How To Fix A Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Light That Stays on? (DIY Steps) 

If you notice your clean light blinking then follow these tips to descale your Ninja Coffee Bar using the cleaning cycle: 

  • Step 1:
    Pour in the descaling solution as directed by the label. White vinegar will work too. Fill the rest of the reservoir with just water. 
  • Step 2:
    Press the clean button once and allow the cleaning cycle to run. Make sure the carafe is in position and that you don't hit the drip stop button. The water and dirt deposits will flow into it. 
  • Step 3:
    Remove the carafe and pour away the dirt buildup and water. Take out the basket and filter and clean. Put the Ninja machine back together and fill the reservoir with plain or distilled water. 
  • Step 4:
    The display should read ‘flush.’ Press the clean button once more and allow the water to empty from the reservoir. Once this has finished, the clean light should go off. 

If the light still doesn’t go off, follow this very simple guide to reset your coffee maker: 

  • Step 1:
    Unplug your Ninja coffee bar and wait 5 minutes.
  • Step 2:
    Plug the bar back in and reset the clock. The cleaning indicator should have turned off in the reset. You will need to set the brew timer again as it’ll have turned off during the reset.

You may need to check inside the components to see if there's still any mineral buildup. Look inside the water reservoir for any chalky white buildup on the sides. Then, check inside the basket or carafe for the same. There could also be buildup in the tubes or connections, which will also cause a clog or ruin how a fresh cup of coffee tastes.  

If the connections are clogged, you will need to purchase some specialty brushes that will fit inside them to scrub away the buildup. You can find some on Amazon. Make sure you use a descaling solution when you are doing a deep cleaning cycle of the connections.  

If the cleaning process above doesn't work, you may need to contact Ninja directly. Check your warranty to see if your coffee bar's still in date. They’ll offer a 1-year warranty, so check if you’re still covered. Register your coffee makers on the Ninja website if you haven’t already, and submit a claim online. 

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

How do you do the flush cycle on a Ninja Coffee bar? 

Don’t press any of the brew cycles on the machine. Fill up the reservoir with fresh water and press the cleaning button once. If the display doesn’t read ‘flush,’ then you can press a full carafe cycle.  

Does the Ninja coffee maker turn off automatically? 

After brewing coffee, the Ninja coffee bar should switch off automatically after two hours. The machine will also switch back on if you’ve set brew times.  

What happens if you don’t clean your Ninja Coffee bar?  

The connections and components will clog up with mineral deposits and eventually block your machine. They’ll produce bitter-tasting coffee as well. The machine will produce a bad and pungent smell if you don’t clean it often. 


If you're a coffee lover then knowing how to clean your coffee bar properly will keep you with fresh tasting coffee every morning.

Now you can make sure your Ninja coffee bar will produce aromatic and bold coffee for years to come. The clean light will come on to let you know that it’s time for a deep clean, but there could also be a fault if it won’t go off, and it's a good idea to register your machine.  

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  1. I have my ninja coffee maker for about 3 years this past year I am having trouble getting the clean light to go off, I clean it regularly but no success , I use white vinegar to clean , is there anything else I can do to get the light to go off? I even unplugged it and reset it again but it’s doesn’t work. I love my ninja coffee maker and would like to see the light going off. Thank you, I would appreciate any help or suggestions.

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