Do you want to press a button and get a flavorful espresso in seconds? Welcome to the Nespresso Vertuo coffee maker.

My coffee journey started many years ago with Nespresso machines. I've tried them all — from Original to VertuoLine models, but the Vertuo is the one I always come back to.

It's the machine that launched the VertuoLine with a revolutionary brewing system.

Today, I'll explain why this is my favorite Nespresso machine and how it can help you discover a new level of coffee excellence.

Brew Quality


Build Quality


Ease Of Use


Overall Rating


Overall, I rate Nespresso Vertuo 4.8 out of 5. It has a sleek and slim design, brews a quality shot with thick crema, and is extremely easy to use.

Here’s why it’s an excellent choice for all home baristas:

  • Excellent versatility — Can make four different coffee drink sizes
  • Centrifusion extraction system — Uses a revolutionary capsule scanning technology to extract flavorful coffee
  • 40 oz reservoir — You can make several drinks without refilling
  • Large used pod container capacity — Fits up to 13 used capsules


  • Makes everything from espresso to a cup of coffee
  • Centrifusion creates good extraction pressure
  • Removable drip tray
  • Fast heat-up time
  • Recycling program


  • No milk frother
  • Continuous cost of buying capsules
  • Not compatible with third-party capsules

Who Should Buy The Nespresso Vertuo?

Nespresso Vertuo is best for coffee drinkers who like variety and ease of use. If you want an espresso one day and a cup of coffee the next day, this is the coffee machine for you.

It’s also a good choice if you live in a household with multiple users, as it can make different coffee drinks.

Overall, the Vertuo is best suited for beginner baristas or users who want simplicity, ease of use, and drink variety.

Why I Decided To Review The Nespresso Vertuo Espresso Machine

As an avid coffee lover and self-proclaimed espresso aficionado, I couldn't resist the opportunity to review the Vertuo espresso machine. It has become one of my favorite espresso makers under $300. What a bargain!

Nespresso was the first espresso machine I tried many years ago, and this is what started my love for coffee.

I used several different Nespresso machines over the years, but the Vertuo is still at the top of my list.

Nowadays, I regularly use traditional espresso machines, such as Breville and Delonghi.

However, I still return to my Vertuo when I don’t feel like putting in all the work that a traditional machine requires.

Testing Conditions

Days Tested


Cups Brewed Per Day


Level of Experience Needed


Reviewer Background

Home brewing enthusiast who started with a Nespresso machine and recently upgraded to a Quick Mill Vetrano 2B.

Environment Tested


Money Saved Per Year

Around $900

Favorite Drink To Brew


What’s It Like To Live With The Nespresso Vertuo

Living with the Nespresso Vertuo is extremely easy. It’s a compact coffee maker that easily fits anywhere.

Moreover, out of all the espresso machines I’ve used over the years, this remains the most user-friendly.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of my experience using this Nespresso machine from the first moment I got it.

What's In The Box?

Vertuo box contains:

  • Vertuo machine
  • Welcome pack of 12 Nespresso Vertuo capsules
  • Instruction manual
Nespresso offers free shipping on all orders in the US. If you place an order by 4 pm Monday to Friday, your order will arrive in three to five business days.

I placed my order on Tuesday and received it on Friday. You can opt for same-day premium shipping, but this costs $5.

You can also return your espresso machine up to 30 days after purchase.[1]

Delonghi Nespresso Vertuo In The Box

Pulling My First Espresso Shot

Pulling my first espresso shot was extremely easy. The manual suggested cleaning the water tank, which was the first thing I did.

Then I plugged in the Vertuo machine, filled the water tank, and pressed the on button to preheat the machine. The preheating took about 20 seconds, which is extremely fast.

I lifted the lever on the top of the machine and placed the Vertuo capsule in the capsule holder.

I closed the lever and turned it to the left to lock it in, and the machine made my espresso in 15 seconds.

The total wait time from the moment I pressed the on button until I had my first sip was about 35 seconds, which is impressively fast.

Finally, I lifted the lever, and the capsule was automatically ejected into the capsule container, and the coffee maker was ready to go again.

Pulling Espresso Shot On The Nespresso Vertuo

First Time Frothing Milk

Vertuo doesn't have a milk frother, which is the only downside of the device. However, Nespresso offers a Vertuo and Aeroccino bundle.

Aeroccino is Nespresso's milk-frothing device. It's always separate from the coffee maker, so you need more counter space for the additional milk frother.

As a huge latte lover, I knew I had to get the Aeroccino for my morning lattes. Here’s how I used it:

  1. Place the whisk on the center post inside the Aeroccino.
  2. Add cold milk. Make sure not to go over the maximum fill line, or the milk will spill over as it froths.
  3. Put the lid on.
  4. Press the power button on the Aeroccino and choose the desired frothing mode.
  5. Press and hold the button until you get desired froth consistency.
  6. Pour the milk into your cup, add espresso, and enjoy.

How Much Control Do You Have Over The Vertuo?

You don't have any control over the Vertuo. You can't change the brewing temperature, brew time, flow rate, or any other parameters.

The machine is designed to make coffee at the ideal temperature for each capsule, ensuring consistency and optimal taste. 

So, how does it exactly do this? The secret is in the Centrifusion System.

The Centrifusion barcode scanning technology is the reason the Nespresso Vertuo is so fast and requires little input from you.

Nespresso’s Vertuo line uses this patented invention that spins the capsule at a rapid speed of 7,000 RPM to blend the coffee and water.

Once you push down the lever, the machine automatically reads the barcode printed on the capsule edges.

This is how Vertuoline machines know which coffee size to make without any info from you.

The machine adjusts the brewing parameters, such as brewing temperature, rotational speed, flow rate, coffee size, and brewing time.

The machine head punctures Vertuo pods, and the Vertuo injects hot water into it as it spins the pod around.[2]

The result is a consistent espresso shot with a thick and foamy crema, and no work is needed from you.

Look, Feel, and Size Of The Machine

Design is a matter of personal preference, but I liked the Vertuo's look. It has a rounded and slim appearance.

It's a compact coffee machine with a simple design. The patterned water reservoir on the left-hand side gives the machine an attractive look.

This standard coffee maker is available in several colors:

  • Titanium
  • Chrome
  • Red
  • Black
  • Matte Black
Look, Feel, and Size Of The Nespresso Vertuo

It’s no problem finding a color you prefer that complements your kitchen aesthetics.

Vertuo is compact, so it’s a good choice if you have limited counter space or live in a dorm. Plus, it’s lightweight, so you can easily pick it up to clean the counter.

Even though it’s small size (8.3 x 11.9 x 11.9 in), it has a 40 oz removable water tank, which is a decent size.

For example, if you mostly make double espresso, you'll go days without needing to refill. I also liked the water reservoir is see-through, so it’s easy to keep an eye on the water level.

The Vertuo comes with a built-in used capsule container located on the side of the machine.

When you open the lid to put in a new capsule, the machine automatically pushes the old capsule into the container, which holds 13 large pods.

You don’t have to worry about removing the used coffee pods after brewing. You can enjoy your coffee straight away, which is a nice feature.

What Drinks Can Nespresso Vertuo Make?

Nespresso Vertuo has four brewing options:

  • Espresso (1.35 oz)
  • Double Espresso (2.7 oz)
  • Gran Lungo (5 oz)
  • Coffee (7.8 oz)

I found the Nespresso coffee to taste delicious. All drinks are tipped with thick, foamy crema. 

In all honesty, the crema doesn’t taste like what you get on a traditional espresso machine. It’s more airy, which I liked, as it gave the drink an interesting texture.

I also found the coffee to be stronger than regular drip coffee, which worked well, as I like the stronger coffee flavor.

Keep in mind it doesn’t come with a milk frother, so you’ll have to get one separately if you want to make milk-based drinks.

How Easy Is Nespresso Vertuo To Use?

Nespresso Vertuo is extremely easy to use. It has one-touch brewing.

You insert the capsule, close the lever, and the machine takes care of the rest by reading the barcode printed on the coffee pod. There’s no need to make any manual adjustments.

Compared to a regular espresso machine, where you need to dose, grind, tamp, etc, this is incredibly easy.

How Long Does It Take? (From Heat Up To First Sip)

It takes about 35 seconds from heat up to the first sip. The Nespresso heats in about 20 seconds and brews coffee in 15 seconds.

The exact brewing time depends on the specific pod you choose, but it generally takes a few seconds.

This is great if you’re often in a hurry or can’t function without a caffeine kick in the morning.

Nespresso Vertuo Inserting Coffee Pod

Does Nespresso Vertuo Have A Water Filtration System?

No, the Nespresso Vertuo doesn’t have a water filtration system.

My advice is to use filtered or bottled water for brewing to have the best coffee quality and ensure the longevity of your machine.

Bottled or filtered water reduces the buildup of minerals and water impurities. These can negatively impact the taste of the coffee and the performance of your machine over time.

How Hard Is It To Clean and Descale?

It’s very easy to clean and descale the Vertuo. Nespresso puts convenience first, and this goes for cleaning as well.

You need to do some regular maintenance, which involves emptying out the used coffee pods once the container is full.

You also need to empty and rinse the drip tray and refill the water tank.

How often this needs to be done depends on how often you use the machine, but generally, it’s about once or twice a week.

Vertuo also has a cleaning cycle you can run. You press the button three times in two seconds to start it.

The cleaning cycle lasts for five minutes and pushes water through the machine in three cycles.

You need to descale the machine every three months or after using 300 Nespresso capsules. The machine has a descaling alert, so you don’t need to track the time yourself.

Nespresso sells a descaling solution, which you run via the machine’s descaling cycle.[3]

Finally, if you’re using the Aeroccino milk frother, you need to remove the whisk and clean it to prevent milk cloth.

Cleaning The Nespresso Vertuo

My Favorite Parts About The Nespresso Vertuo

My favorite feature of the Nespresso Vertuo is its versatility. Unlike the OriginalLine machines, Vertuo makes everything from espresso shots to a large cup of coffee.

Also, the machine produces amazing coffee. There’s no need to spend money at a coffee shop when I can have barista-style coffee at home.

I loved the adjustable drip tray with four position settings. I could fit various cup sizes and move the tray closer for espresso cups which avoids splashes.

Or, I could lower it down and fit a mug for my coffee.

I liked how easy it is to recycle Nespresso pods. You get a recycling bag with each purchase, and you can drop it off at the Nespresso boutique the next time you get pods.

Finally, the fast heat-up time is a dream. I want my caffeine, and I want it now, and there’s almost no wait time with the Vertuo.

My Least Favorite Parts About Nespresso Vertuo

I don’t like that the machine doesn’t have a built-in milk frother. I had to buy one separately, which is an additional expense and requires more space.

Also, you need to keep buying Nespresso pods to use this machine. You can easily order them through the Nespresso app or go to the Nespresso boutique.

However, this is a continuous expense that adds up over time. However, it’s still more affordable than going to a coffee shop.

Another coffee capsules con is that you're limited to Nespresso. Unlike the brand's Original Line, you can only use Nespresso pods — there aren't any third-party pod options, which limits the selection.

Also, there are fewer Vertuo pods compared to K-cups.

Nespresso Vertuo Vs Similar Coffee Machines

Nespresso Vertuo Vs Original

There are two types of machines: Nespresso VertuoLine and OriginalLine. OrignalLine machines were the first Nespresso machines.

These use a traditional brewing system with a 19-bar pump to extract coffee and only make espresso.

One of the biggest benefits of OriginalLine machines is that they are compatible with third-party pods, so you have a huge selection.

On the other hand, VertuoLine uses Centrifusion, which spins the pod to extract coffee. Vertuo can also brew larger coffee sizes, but you're limited to pods from Nespresso.

Nespresso Vertuo Vs Original

Nespresso Vertuo Vs Vertuo Plus

Vertuo Plus is a newer VertuoLine model. It has a larger water tank compared to the Vertuo (60 oz vs 40 oz). Vertuo Plus also has an advanced user interface with touch-sensitive buttons.

The mechanism for opening and closing the capsule head is motorized, so you need to apply less strength compared to the Vertuo.

In terms of the brewing process, both machines use barcode recognition and Centrifusion technology.

However, Vertuo Plus is a more expensive model due to its more advanced, modern features.

Nespresso Vertuo Vs Vertuo Plus

Nespresso Vertuo Vs Keurig K-Café

Unlike the Vertuo, Keurig K-Cafe has a built-in milk frother. K-Cafe doesn’t make espresso beverages but coffee.

Also, it’s compatible with a wide range of K-cups, including tea and hot chocolate K-cups.

Unlike Vertuo's Centrifusion system, the K-Cafe pushes hot water through the pod to brew coffee.

Finally, K-Cafe gives you more control over the final brew, letting you choose the coffee strength and adjust the water volume.

Nespresso Vertuo Vs Keurig K-Cafe

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is Nespresso Vertuo coffee strong?

Yes, Nespresso Vertuo coffee is strong. However, this depends on the exact Nespresso Vertuo capsules you choose.

Does Nespresso Vertuo make cappuccino?

No, Nespresso Vertuo doesn’t make cappuccino. You need to buy a separate milk frother to make cappuccinos.

Can you use regular coffee in Nespresso Vertuo?

No, you can’t use regular coffee in Nespresso Vertuo. This coffee maker is only compatible with coffee and espresso capsules.

Can I use Starbucks pods in Nespresso Vertuo?

No, you can’t use Starbucks pods in Nespresso Vertuo. It’s only compatible with Nespresso pods.

Is Nespresso Vertuo the same as Dolce Gusto?

No, Nespresso Vertuo isn’t the same as Dolce Gusto.

What’s the difference between Dolce Gusto and Nespresso?

The difference between Dolce Gusto and Nespresso is that they use different brewing methods. Also, these coffee makers use different style pods, and Dolce Gusto has a much larger selection of pods compared to Nespresso.

You can make tea and hot chocolate on Dolce Gusto coffee and espresso machine, which isn’t the case with Nespresso.

So, Is The Nespresso Vertuo Worth Your Money?

If you enjoy strong coffee and espresso drinks and want authentic crema, the Vertuo is absolutely worth your money. There aren't many cheaper models that make the same quality coffee.

This coffee and espresso machine is fast, has a small footprint, and extremely easy to use.

It’s a great choice if you like espresso but don’t want to go through the hassle of learning how to use a regular espresso machine.

Nespresso Vertuo

Brew Quality


Build Quality


Ease Of Use


Overall Rating




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