Nespresso Caffeine Content – How Much In Each Pod?

Ever wondered how much caffeine is in your Nespresso coffee capsules?

Don’t worry; you’re not alone. It can be challenging to find out this information.

Throughout this guide, I’ll reveal the exact Nespresso caffeine content in each coffee pod, so you’re no longer in the dark.

You can enjoy your morning cup of coffee without worrying about exceeding your recommended daily caffeine intake.

After all, who doesn’t love caffeine? It gives you one hell of a cognitive boost.[1]

There are two types of Nespresso pod: Original Line and Vertuo. They’re different in size and have varying caffeine content.

Nespresso Vertuo Pods

Nespresso Vertuo pods have between 12-350 mg of caffeine per pod.

Pretty HUGE range, huh? (No wonder it's so confusing.)

The amount of caffeine in each of the coffee pods is determined by the type of Vertuo Nespresso pod. There are over 20 you can choose from, such as:

  • Decaffeinato (Coffee)
  • Voltesso (Espresso)
  • Hazelino Muffin (Coffee)
  • Scuro (Double Espresso)
  • Alto Intenso XL (Alto)
  • Solelio (Coffee)
  • And more…

Oh, and if you thought it couldn't get any more confusing, the type of coffee beans used in the coffee pods also makes a difference. (More on that in the next section.)

You might have noticed I mentioned coffee, espresso, double espresso, and Alto in the list above. These are the Vertuo Nespresso pod sizes.

nespresso vertuo coffee machine

Single Espresso Capsules

The most popular flavors, "Altissio" and "Voltesso," are classed as single espresso coffee pods and contain around 60 mg of caffeine.

While the slightly stronger "Diavolitto," aka THE DEVIL, has 150 mg of caffeine per Nespresso pod.

Double Espresso

Looking for a stronger Nespresso capsule? - Don’t worry; I got your back.

What you’re looking for is the Double Espresso Pods. These contain twice as much caffeine, giving you around 100-120 mg of caffeine per Nespresso pod.

Some of the most popular pods are Chiaro and Scuro. Yet, I’m a huge fan of the Bianco Leggero, which tastes OUTSTANDING.

***Excuse me while I make a brew***


The Vertuo coffee capsules are available in several varieties. However, three stand out in my eyes.

  • Intenso
  • Melozio
  • Half Caffeinato

Intenso and Melozio contain around 170 mg of caffeine per Vertuo pods. While the latter, "Half Caffeinato," uses decaffeinated coffee beans, leaving you with 80-90 mg of caffeine per cup of coffee.

PRO TIP: Use the decaf pods during the afternoon so the buzz wears off before bedtime. TRUST ME; you'll sleep a lot better.

More recently, Nespresso has released Melozio and Stormio coffee blends which have a 20% higher caffeine content. So if you’re a coffee pro, you can get around 200 mg of caffeine.

These Nespresso capsules contain quite the boost compared to the standard offering.

Nespresso Vertuo Pods

Gran Lungo

The Gran Lungo capsules contain around 95-200 mg of caffeine and make up a regular cup of coffee. Generally, they’re stronger than the single and double espresso pods.

It’s the perfect coffee to drink on your way to work. And will keep you caffeinated for a long day in the office.

Who doesn’t need that, right?

Alto XL

If you’re like me, your morning cup of coffee is the staple of your routine. (I mean, who can function without coffee? Psychopaths, that’s who).

Sometimes, you might need something a little stronger. And no… I'm not talking about a 20-year-old malt whiskey. Save that for the office when your boss isn't looking.

This is where the Alto XL comes in.

These pods pack one hell of a punch. They contain the highest caffeine content, giving you a STAGGERING 228-350 mg of caffeine in each capsule.

You can get them in light and medium-dark roast. Some of my favorite flavors are:

  • Dole (Light Roast)
  • Intenso (Medium-Dark Roasted)

Unfortunately, the XL pods have been discontinued. (Sigh)

Vertuo Decaf

Looking to cut back on your caffeine intake?

What you need is a low-caffeine Nespresso, like the decaf options.

They’re an excellent way to enjoy your favorite Nespresso coffee while maintaining a moderate caffeine intake.

Each pod contains around 12 mg of caffeine.

Two of my favorite decaf Vertuo capsules are:

  • Melozio (Decaf)
  • Altissio (Decaf)

Nespresso Original Line

Nespresso Original Line capsules are made using 100% Arabica coffee beans. They contain less caffeine than the Vertuo capsules (which are a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans).

These Nespresso Original capsules contain between 3mg and 125mg of caffeine. And like the Vertuo pods, they come in a wide range of flavors.

Some of my favorites are:

  • Roma (Espresso)
  • Freddo Intenso (Espresso)
  • Caramel Creme Brulee (Espresso based drinks)
  • Cape Town Envivo (Lungo)
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Italiano Decaf (Ristretto)

There are still many I haven’t worked my way through…YET.

The bonus of choosing original Nespresso coffee is that you can drink MORE cups of coffee than the Vertuo Nespresso capsules.

(Obviously, this depends on the type of Original Nespresso pods you choose).

You can see the amount of caffeine in each type of Nespresso coffee pod in the table further down the article.

Keep an eye out for it.

nespresso Vertuo and Original Line

How Does Coffee Bean Type Impact Nespresso Caffeine?

The type of coffee bean used in the Nespresso coffee pods determines the amount of caffeine each capsule provides.

There are two types of beans used in a regular pod:

  • Robusta beans
  • Arabica beans

Robusta beans are stronger in general and have a higher caffeine content. You can find Robusta coffee used in the Vertuo pods (think of the Scuro or Melozio).

On the other hand, the Arabica bean has a lower caffeine concentration (in general) and is used in the Original Line Pods (like Napoli, Cocoa Truffle, and Caramel Creme Brulee).

In general, the Vertuo caffeine content is higher, but this isn’t always the case.

If you’re conscious about the amounts of caffeine in your coffee, PAY ATTENTION to the type of beans used.

While most of the capsules contain one type of bean, some are a blend of both.

You can find the types of beans used on the Nespresso website.

Nespresso Pods Caffeine Content Chart

Nespresso Pods


Caffeine Content



200 milligrams

Double Espresso Chiaro


100 mg – 120 mg



80 mg – 100 mg

Altissio Decaf


4 mg – 6 mg



170 mg

Stormio Boost


200 mg

Double Espresso Scuro


150 mg

Bianco Forte


140 mg – 160 mg



100 mg – 110 mg



160 mg – 170 mg

Ice Forte


150 mg – 165 mg

Il Caffe


145 mg – 155 mg



60 mg – 80 mg

Cocoa Truffle


60 mg – 70 mg



65 mg – 75 mg

Freddo Delicato


65 mg – 75 mg

Freddo Intenso


55 mg – 65 mg

Vanilla Èclair


60 mg – 70 mg



70 mg – 80 mg



60 mg – 70 mg

Volluto Decaf


1.5 mg to 2 mg

Shanghai Lungo


75 mg – 85 mg

Vienna Linizio Lungo


70 mg – 80 mg



60 mg – 70 mg

Pour-over Style Intense


230 mg – 235 mg

Pour-over Style Mild


250 mg – 260 mg



180 mg – 195 mg

Fortado Decaffeinato


6 mg – 7 mg



75 mg – 85 mg



55 mg – 65 mg



115 mg – 125 mg



110 mg – 120 mg

Buenos Aires Lungo


100 mg – 105 mg



100 mg – 110 mg

What Exactly Are Nespresso Pods? (An Overview)

Nespresso capsules are single-use coffee pods that work with the Nespresso system (which is a coffee/espresso machine).

Each pod is loaded with quality coffee grounds to make the perfect Nespresso experience.

There's nothing quite like waking up, popping in a pod, and waiting for that delicious cup of energy to wake you up in the morning.

You know that feeling, right?

And it BEATS the HELL out of instant coffee. Once you use Nespresso, there’s no going back. Especially when you start trying the wide range of pod flavors (they even have a fruit jam flavor).

In fact, there are over 35 flavored Original Nespresso capsules you can try. And 13+ Vertuoline capsules.

Nespresso machines are more than your average coffee machine. Even George Clooney LOVES them; check out what he said.

"Once you find good coffee, like Nespresso, you don't need to add anything extra like milk and sugar. Quality coffee makes a big difference." - George Clooney[2]

If it’s good enough for George, it’s good enough for me.

Ok, he might have been paid to say that, but trust me… Nespresso is one tasty brew, and I can't get enough of them.

Nespresso Pod Caffeine Content Vs Intensity Level

Each Nespresso pod comes with an intensity level rating of 1-11. The Intensity level refers to the strength of the flavor.

So, high intensity means more caffeine content, right? - NOT exactly.

There are two factors that influence the intensity of the coffee pods:

  • Roast of the coffee
  • Ratio of Robusta and Arabica
robusta and arabica coffee beans

When it comes to the ratio of Robusta and Arabica, you can think of the coffee’s characteristics as this:

  • Arabica = Lighter intensity (light flavor) and LESS caffeine.
  • Robusta coffee = Stronger intensity (intense flavor) with MORE caffeine.

However, things become a little complicated when you begin roasting the beans.

The longer you roast the bean, the lower the caffeine content will be.

So you could end up with a dark-roasted Arabica coffee like Nespresso Roma. It’ll have a high intensity and a low caffeine content.


You could have a medium roasted Robusta with more caffeine (like the Nespresso Kazaar).

As you can see, the intensity levels don’t always relate to the caffeine level in your morning brew.

Caffeine Amounts - Nespresso Vs Regular Coffee Vs Other Drinks

There are a VAST amount of coffee machines on the market. Over the last decade, Nespresso has become one of the leading brands for many reasons.

Firstly, the pods are SUPER-EASY to use. Honestly, all you need to do is pop a pod into the machine and press a button.  

Then the magical coffee elves living inside the machine make you the perfect elixir to start your day.

Ok, there aren’t any elves living in the coffee machine. (Not that I know of anyway).

Still, it'll feel like there is.

You'll have your drink in seconds. No grinding or measuring spoonfuls of ground coffee into a cup is required.

Secondly, there's a HUGE variety of intensities and flavors available. Whether you enjoy light sweet cereal espresso flavors or bitter cocoa flavors, there's something for you.

Other coffee brands with regular coffee pods lack the level of flavors Nespresso offers.

AND you get to control the exact caffeine content you want. So there’s no need to worry about how much caffeine you’re having.

Lastly, Nespresso machines are designed to create hardly any mess.  

The pods can be thrown away with ease, leaving no ground coffee inside. No more cleaning the coffee machine after every use.

coffee beans and pods

Common Nespresso Caffeine Content Questions

Why is it hard to find the caffeine content of Nespresso pods?

Nespresso capsules' caffeine content isn’t provided on the US website as it’s a “live product,” meaning the exact amount will vary between batches.

Do they make decaf Nespresso pods?

Yes, they make decaf capsules. The Original decaf Nespresso pods are perfect for coffee lovers concerned about the caffeine content.

Which Nespresso pods have the most caffeine?

The “Pour-Over Style” pods have the most caffeine in them. You can get between 200-300 mg from one pod.

Are there any flavored decaf Nespresso pods?

Yes, there are many flavored decaf pods (containing decaf beans) available for your Nespresso machine.

So what is caffeine?

Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance found in coffee. It provides energy and is easily brewed, especially if it's in an Original Nespresso capsule.

How much caffeine should you have each day?

The FDA states that healthy adults should have no more than 400 mg of caffeine daily.[3] This is equivalent to 4-5 cups of coffee (moderate coffee consumption).


Nespresso offers a diverse range of pods with varying levels of caffeine. Some have low levels of caffeine, while others contain more caffeine.

In the middle, there is a blend that’s a combination of caffeinated and decaf beans.

You can expect your Nespresso coffee pod to contain between 12-350 mg of caffeine (depending on the type of pod you’ve purchased).

Check out the table above and discover how much caffeine is in your pod. Then grab a large cup and make your favorite flavored brew.

I’m having a sweet and smooth Bianca Leggero. What’re you having?



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