Moka Pot Vs Aeropress: Differences And Which Is Better?

Looking to save money and make coffee yourself at home? You're probably considering either an AeroPress or Moka pot then. 

Both AeroPresses and Moka pots make great coffee and are super simple to use.

However, the devices are quite different, and the coffee they produce has a very different taste - so it's important you get the coffee maker that suits you. 

In this guide we'll give the full AeroPress vs Moka pot breakdown so you can decide which is the right one for you. 

The Moka Pot vs. Aeropress debate is a big deal for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy brewing coffee themselves. However, both options have many advantages to offer.

There is a difference between Moka Pot and Aeropress, but you can decide which one you like based on the following factors. 

1. Ease Of Use

Both devices are simple to use but the AeroPress is easier

With an AeroPress you just need to add coffee grounds, paper filters, and pour hot water through to create the coffee. 

A Moka pot requires a bit more effort as you need to put it on your stove or heat source and manually control how long it's on there for. 

This does give you more control over the process, but it's definitely more complicated. 

2. Brew Time

AeroPress has a shorter brew time than a Moka pot. 

An AeroPress can make a coffee in under 1 minute, though on average it will take 2-3 minutes. 

A Moka pot can take 8-10 minutes to make a cup of coffee. This is because it generally has to sit on a high or medium heat for a while before the hot water reaches boiling point. 

The AeroPress is therefore the better choice for those who just want a fast brew.

3. Ease Of Clean-Up & Maintenance

Both the Moka pot and AeroPress are relatively easy to clean and won’t take up too much of your time. 

An AeroPress is slightly smaller and it's easier to take apart and clean each part separately. 

A Moka pot is also easy to clean, but they are usually hand wash only. 

4. Capacity

The amount of coffee each device can make does vary. 

AeroPresses are primarily single serve devices, though some can make coffee for two people to enjoy. 

Moka pots come in a range of sizes and can accommodate up to 12 people, but your average Moka pot makes 1 or 2 cups of coffee at a time. 

5. Grind Size

When you add coffee to the boiling water it's important you use the right size or you won't get a delicious cup of coffee.

Both Moka Pot and AeroPress coffee should be made with a find grind. 

If you’re not sure what the fine grind looks like, it’s similar to the consistency of table salt. It’s fine and thin, but that makes it work best in these types of devices.

6. Taste/Flavor

The taste and flavor of each coffee is surprisingly different. 

Coffee from the Moka Pot has a strong, robust taste. It’s perfect for those who love espresso and want to emulate that flavor. While it’s not exactly espresso, it’s surely close to it. 

AeroPress coffee is rich, fresh, and has a clean taste which keeps you coming back for more. 

It ultimately comes down to personal preference but both of the coffees taste much better than watery drip coffee. However, the flavor will be impacted by how much coffee you use. 

7. Making an espresso

Every coffee connoisseur enjoys espresso shots, and while neither of these coffee makers will make a true espresso, the Moka Pot is better at making espresso-style coffee

Moka pots apply pressure to the coffee, around 1.5 bars, which isn't nearly as much as you’d get from an espresso machine, so it’s not quite the same as an authentic espresso.

The Aeropress generates around .35 to .75 bars of pressure, so it’s only applying a maximum of 50 pounds of pressure to produce your beverage.

8. Price

Both of these coffee maker options are affordable, but a Moka pot is the cheaper option for coffee lovers.

A Moka pot will cost as little as $10 in some stores. It does depend on the brand and size, but they're very inexpensive. 

An AeroPress will cost around $30. This is still very affordable when you consider the coffee quality it provides. You will have to spend a little more on paper filters on top of the coffee grounds though. 

9. Portability

Both of these brewing methods can give you rich coffee on the go, but the AeroPress is slightly more portable.

The AeroPress is lightweight with a plastic brewing chamber. It also folds up so it takes up no space in your bag. 

Moka pots are also portable, but the metal makes them slightly larger and heavier. 

However, either brewing method can be done on the go and the entire brewing process is self contained in either device, so you can have amazing coffee anywhere. 

10. Durability

The two coffee makers are very durable

The AeroPress brewing device is made primarily from plastic and isn't going to break easily. 

Moka pots are made from metal so they can be used on an open flame or stove burner. They're very tough and will last a long time.

Both of the coffee makers should last longer than your average expensive espresso machine, and if you look after them properly they can last a lifetime.

11. Caffeine Amounts

The caffeine content is a key factor to help you decide which of the two coffee brewing methods to use.

An AeroPress coffee generally has 50-100mg of caffeine but it varies depending on which finely ground coffee beans you use. 

Moka pot coffee is generally around 90-120mg. This can vary depending on which grounds you put in the coffee pot, but it's usually a more concentrated coffee.

If you like a coffee cup filled with strong coffee you're better off using Moka pots.

different types of moka pots

Moka Pot Overview (Pros & Cons)

Moka pots are often described as a stovetop espresso maker, but does the brewing process actually make coffee as strong as espresso?

It's a question most wonder when considering investing in one. 

This coffee maker makes strong, robust moka coffee. This is espresso like coffee, but Moka pots definitely won’t replace true stovetop espresso makers.

They do use a bit of pressure to brew the coffee, but not in the way that an espresso machine would. 

The Moka Pot has been around for quite some time and was invented by Renato Bialetti.

Those who like stronger coffee tend to enjoy getting the moka coffee brewing methods, and use the pot to make a fresh, hot batch of morning coffee. 

The brewing process is such a simple, stress-free process that makes it that much more enjoyable.

You just need to fill the bottom with water and then fill the top section with your favorite ground coffee before placing it on the stove to heat and brew it. 

What We Like 
  • It’s easy to make the coffee. 
  • It’s great for those who enjoy stronger coffee. 
  • There are tons of affordable Moka Pots out there. 
  • You can customize the coffee using different types of coffee grounds. 
Things We Don’t 
  • It’s not as convenient as a Keurig. 
  • It’s not exactly the same as espresso. 
  • It has a stronger taste, which isn’t for everyone. 
moka pot pouring coffee

Aeropress Overview (Pros & Cons)

The Aeropress is another popular coffee maker that people often purchase to prepare their caffeinated beverages at home. 

It's a piston-style brewer that only prepares a single cup of coffee at a time, making it convenient for those who don't want to prepare an entire pot of coffee each morning. 

Alan Adler, an engineering instructor, was the man to make the AeroPress, providing many coffee lovers with a new way to brew it at home.[1] 

Anyone who has ever owned a Nespresso machine would enjoy the Aeropress coffee.

It’s great for those looking to enjoy a clean, fresh cup of coffee because of the paper liner used to block oil from getting into it.

Scoop as little as one and as many as four scoops of the ground coffee into your Aeropress.

Be sure to fill the chamber with hot water before you begin stirring it to brew it within seconds. It’s that simple. 

What We Like 
  • It provides a cleaner taste for the coffee. 
  • It makes single serve cups, so no waste! 
  • You can take it with you on the go, which is perfect for those who commute to work in the morning. 
  • You can clean it with ease. 
Things We Don’t 
  • You can’t brew coffee for multiple people simultaneously. 
  • You need to be careful when choosing the type of roast you want to drink, with some working better than others.  
aeropress coffee maker

Common Moka Pot & Aeropress Questions 

Is Moka Pot coffee as strong as espresso? What about Aeropress?  

The Moka Pot coffee is similar to espresso but not as strong. It will have a similar bold taste. The Aeropress has a fresh, fine taste that is less like espresso but still great for coffee lovers. 

Can you put milk in a Moka Pot?  

Yes, it’s safe to put milk in a Moka Pot. In fact, many people use milk instead of water because they feel it gives more flavor to the coffee, making it that much more enjoyable. 

Can you make a latte with a Moka pot?  

Yes, you can prepare a latte with a Moka Pot at home. You would need to choose fine ground coffee and your favorite type of milk to get started. It’s much simpler than most realize. 

Does Aeropress taste like espresso?  

While it's not the exact same as the average cup of espresso, the Aeropress does produce beverages with a similar taste. 

How does a French press compare to a Moka pot & Aeropress?  

The French press is best for those who like the taste of espresso but want something that isn’t as strong or bold.

It has more flavor than the average cup of coffee but isn’t nearly as strong as traditional espresso, for those who can’t stomach that bolder taste. 


So, which coffee brewing device is better?

The truth is that both have many advantages to offer and are great for coffee enthusiasts looking for something flavorful and caffeinated to enjoy in the morning. 

Just think about how and when you like to brew, and the right decision will become clear.



Kayla Stavridis

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Kayla Stavridis
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