Can You Use A Moka Pot On An Electric Stove (How-To Guide)

Espresso machines are expensive, but Moka Pots provide a cost-effective alternative so you can have espressos at home.

They were invented in 1933 to be used on a stovetop, but as kitchen technology has improved, it's become more difficult to know where you can use them safely.

The last thing you want is to cause a fire when all you want is a coffee, so in this guide, we'll help explain whether you can use a Moka Pot on an electric stove and how to use it safely.   

Moka Pots are designed to give you an espresso at home without the need for a hugely expensive espresso machine.

They consist of several different sections, with a compartment at the bottom for water, a section for coffee above that, a filter, and then the upper chamber. 

Once an external heat source is applied to the base of the Moka Pot, the water will start to boil.

Eventually, the pressure of the heating water will cause it to rise through the coffee grounds and filter, leaving you with coffee at the top of the pot.  

Moka Pots rely on an external heat source, typically from a stove.

They were originally designed to be used on gas stovetops because electric stoves weren't yet being widely used, but they can be used on electric stoves too.  

Espressos are reliant on a consistent temperature for the water to get the optimum coffee flavor. Moka Pots are ideal for gas stoves because you have full control over the flame and temperature. 

This allows you to adjust the heat levels quickly during the brewing process and keep it at the right level. 

If you're using an electric stove, you'll have less control because the pre-set levels on the stovetop limit you.

This makes it harder to stay in control of the brewing process and easier to brew coffee that’s too acidic or bitter.  

Modern induction stovetops will only work with cast iron or certain types of steel.

Unfortunately, the majority of Moka Pots are made from aluminum which means you won’t be able to use them on an induction stove.   

Bialetti is the original Moka Pot manufacturer and remains one of the most popular brands on the market. 

They have designed their Moka Pot to be safe to use on electric stovetops, but you do need to be careful because Bialetti uses a thin aluminum on their Moka Pot which is susceptible to damage if it overheats.

Make sure you stay in full control of the temperature and don’t leave it on the stove for too long.  

Every brand is slightly different, but most Moka Pots will work on all non-induction stovetops, including electric stoves. 

Can You Use A Moka Pot On An Electric Stove (How-To Guide)

How To Use A Moka Pot On An Electric Stove? (Detailed Instructions) 

Using a Moka Pot is pretty simple but not as intuitive as some modern espresso machines. You'll need some coffee grounds, water, the Moka pot, and a spoon.  

Once you've got everything, it will only take 3-5 minutes to make a cup of espresso, and these are the steps you’ll need to follow:   

1. Pour The Water 

Open up the Moka pot and pour the water into the bottom. Filtered water works best because there are no impurities that might impact the taste of the coffee.  

2. Pack The Coffee 

Take the filter out of the Moka pot and pack the coffee grounds in. Use the spoon to pack them in tightly and make sure they are level; this will give you a consistent flavor in your coffee.

You can use any kind of coffee grounds in the Moka Pot, but it’s usually good to pick an espresso roast.   

3. Assemble The Moka Pot 

Put all the different parts of the Moka pot together and secure the filter in place.  

4. Boil The Water 

Turn the electric stove on at a medium heat and place the Moka Pot on the stovetop.

The metal of the Moka Pot carries the heat efficiently, and it will boil in just a few minutes, but make sure you don’t use too high a heat.

You'll be able to hear the steam escaping from the top of the Moka Pot, and this is your signal to take it off the heat. 

It's crucial that you keep a close eye on the pot because as soon as it starts to boil, you need to remove it from the heat.

Leaving it on for too long past this point will impact the taste of the coffee and can make it bitter.  

5. Pour The Coffee 

Take the Moka pot off the electric stove and pour it directly into your cup. Most Moka pots are single serving, so it'll be one cup at a time, but you can get some larger models.

Add your cream, sugar, and other favorite additions, and then enjoy.  

moka pot pouring coffee

Electric Vs Gas Stovetops For Moka Pots 

Moka pots can be used on electric or gas stoves, and the process is pretty much identical for both.

Using a gas stove allows you to control the temperature more exactly and better manipulate the heat levels and the brewing time.

This means you can make coffee using a gas stove more quickly than using an electric one.  

The taste of the coffee should only really be influenced by the coffee beans or grounds that you use and shouldn’t really be impacted by the type of stove.

However, gas stoves make it easier to control the boiling speed, which can help prevent you from overheating the Moka Pot.

When you use an electric stove, it's easier to heat the Moka Pot for too long, which can result in a more bitter espresso.  

Electric stoves are definitely easier to use than gas stoves in day-to-day life, but Moka Pots are better suited for gas stoves.

It gives you greater control over the brewing process and helps you use the Moka Pot to make the perfect brew each time.

If you are using an electric stove, it’s a good idea to use a heat diffuser which will allow you to control the temperature of the water better.   

electric stove ready for moka pot

Frequently Asked Moka Pot Questions  

What is the best Moka Pot for an electric stove? 

Luxhaus, Bialetti, and Vremi Moka Pots are all great options for any stovetop and will work well on an electric stove.  

Can a Moka Pot be used on a glass top stove? 

Yes, most Moka pots are made from aluminum or stainless steel, so they're perfectly safe to use on a glass top stove.  

How long does a Moka Pot last? 

A well-made Moka Pot should last over 10 years, and if you maintain it properly, it can last a lifetime.  

How hot should a Moka Pot be on an electric stove? 

You should set your electric stove on medium heat. Any higher or lower and it will boil too quickly or slowly and impact the taste.  


The simple mechanism of a Moka Pot means it can be used on any non-induction stove, but it's more challenging to control the temperature with an electric stovetop than with a gas one.

Make sure you keep a close eye on the Moka Pot while it's boiling, and you should be able to get a great espresso every time.    

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