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Listen, I’m the kind of person who will try just about anything that involves coffee.

However, even this one had me raising an eyebrow.

Mayo in coffee. It’s a hot debate topic within the coffee community.

However, I’d been told it gives a unique taste and consistency to coffee, so I knew I had to try it myself. 

I’m not only going to share how the experience was for me, but how this combo even got started in the first place. 

Let’s jump right in!

Key Takeaways: 
  • Mayonnaise in coffee was popularized by University of Kentucky QB, Will Levis.
  • Mayo in coffee is a hotly-debated subject 
  • The combo is creamy, but not exactly ideal.

Is It Good To Put Mayo In Your Coffee? (Will Levis Does It!)

I had no idea that this has been a thing for a few years, but mayo and coffee recently went viral again when Will Levis, the starting quarterback for the University of Kentucky, revealed that he adds mayo to his coffee during SEC media days.

This sparked a new wave of discussions and reactions on social media, with some people praising the added creaminess and unique taste while others found it unappealing.

The debate even caught the attention of Hellmann's, the popular mayo brand, who tweeted in October 2021, "Mayo in your coffee. That's it. That's the tweet."[1] CBS Sports even shared the viral video on Twitter.[2]

The public, especially Twitter, has a lot of comments on the said coffee. Many Twitter users find the mixture gross, while others seem to like the concoction.[3]

So, was the Kentucky quarterback on to something when he added mayonnaise in coffee?

Why Do People Put Mayo In Their Coffee?

There are several reasons why some people might consider putting mayo in their coffee.

The added creaminess that mayonnaise provides is similar to how butter or buttermilk is often added to coffee, especially amongst the keto crowd.[4]

Mayo is just eggs, oil, and vinegar, and the fat from the eggs and oil can mimic the effects of butter. 

Scandinavian egg coffee, Vietnamese egg coffee, and eggnog lattes all include egg, so it’s not too crazy.

While Levis may have initially used mayonnaise in his coffee as a joke, it gave it a nice creamy consistency he ended up actually enjoying.

Adding mayonnaise to coffee can bring a unique taste and texture, which some people  find appealing.

As I already liked adding heavy cream in my coffee, I did enjoy how it added a certain ’thickness’ to the consistency of the drink.

Will Levis, a Cup of Coffee, and a Jar of Hellmann's Mayonnaise

Reasons Not To Put Mayo In Your Coffee

Mayo is a viscous substance that is not ideal for mixing with hot liquids, and even if mixed, it will not reach homogenous status.

It can change the taste of coffee and make it unenjoyable for many people.

Additionally, mayo is high in calories, making it an unhealthy addition to coffee for those trying to watch their calories.

It’s also one to avoid for those who have high cholesterol. 

A cup of coffee sitting next to a bottle of mayo

How Does Coffee With Mayo Taste?

The taste of coffee with mayo can vary depending on the type of mayo used and the method of preparation.

While it is creamy, it does have a kind of distinct mayo flavor.

I personally felt like it tasted kind of like adding scrambled eggs to my coffee if I didn’t drink it right away. 

Others have found the combination to be unappealing, with the mayo overpowering the taste of the coffee.

I did notice that mayo in cold brew works better than in hot coffee, as the acidity in hot coffee can cause the mayo to curdle and affects the taste.

All in all, I’ll stick with my cream and coffee. I also enjoy the slight sweetness cream offers that mayo doesn’t. 

Common Questions About Mayonnaise and Coffee

Why should you not heat mayo?

Too much heat can cause the oil in the mayonnaise to separate from the mixture and bubble.

What else can you put in coffee besides mayo?

Cream, sugar, and all kinds of milk. Flavors like Torani syrups or even whipped cream are quite nice. Butter or MCT oil are fantastic alternatives.

Conclusion – Give It a Try (Or Not)

While mayo in coffee may not be my favorite thing, it’s not gross-tasting like I thought it might be. 

I suspect a certain football player may even be pulling our leg, as he’s claimed in a few different publications that he was just joking around. 

Regardless, it’s worth trying at least once - after all, some of my favorite coffee drinks came to be because I wasn’t afraid to try something new!



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