Long Black Vs Americano (Low Caloric Coffee Differences)

If you love coffee, you might know that low calorie options are few and far between. Many coffee drinks are full of added calories these days.  

If you want to make sure that you have the right low-calorie coffee treat for your morning pick-me-up, you need to learn the difference between long black vs. Americano. 

A long black coffee is a unique form of low-calorie coffee that comes from Australia and New Zealand. This coffee is a dark coffee that is made by pouring two shots of espresso into piping hot water. You make this coffee in the opposite order from an Americano, which is the major difference between the two kinds of coffee. 

Long black has been around since the 1870s when Italians began settling in Australia. This was a stronger version of the classic Italian espresso that these immigrants brought with them when they immigrated. A short black is the traditional espresso drink with a single shot of espresso in it. 

Long black coffee is perfect for people who don’t like to sip on a full cup of coffee and enjoy the stronger taste of a really dark brew. Espresso is always a big pick-me-up, and it is considered a delicacy in Italy where it is woven into the fabric of daily life and after-dinner culture. 

Long Black With Cake At Cafe

Americano Coffee: Overview & Brief History 

The Americano is common in the US, and many people are familiar with this drink. It is strong and bold and very dark and has a light and thin crema on the top of the drink. The crema is the foamy and light colored topping that results from the espresso-making process. 

This is like the upgraded version of a regular cup of coffee, and it is a little stronger than regular coffee. This is because it has been made with espresso rather than brewed coffee. The crema results from the pressurized process of making the espresso shot.  

The Americano came to the United States from Italy during World War II. It instantly caught on due to its unique flavor and its intense caffeinated nature. The Italians who brought espresso with them to the US made it friendlier to Americans by diluting it with water, and the Americano was born. 

Long Black Vs Americano

Long Black Vs Americano: Main Differences Explained 

1. Calorie Content 

A long black coffee has 2 calories, while an Americano has 15 calories in it. These are both very low-calorie options that are not traditionally made with additional sugars or milk. Coffee is low calorie naturally, and the added sugars and kinds of milk are what make for the extra calories in most fancy coffee drinks. If you want to have something that is better than a basic cup of coffee but do not want to consume lots of sugar, these are the two choices to pick from. 

2. Caffeine Content 

An Americano has 40-80 milligrams of caffeine in it. The Long Black will have about 85 to 100 milligrams in it. This means that you will get a lot of caffeine from both, but you will need to pick the Long Black if you want extra caffeine in your drink. Some people swear by the Long Black for their whole day of energy because of the two included shots. The Americano is a lighter dose of caffeine and has a slightly richer taste which means you can enjoy more of them in a day. 

3. Coffee Taste And Texture  

Long black vs. Americano taste is a matter of debate. Some people will tell you that they taste the same, but there are some differences that you can expect from these two drinks. The Americano will have a lighter flavor with a lighter crema and less gritty coffee presence in each sip. The Long Black will have a heavier crema and a much more intense taste, as well as having some grittiness to each sip. 

4. Coffee Strength  

You might be wondering: Is an Americano stronger than a Long Black? The answer is no. The Americano uses fewer shots and also has a lighter taste than a Long Black. The Long Black is still considered to be delicious despite its darkness. The Long Black is a very strong coffee drink and is much stronger than an Americano will be. 

5. Brewing Methods 

Espresso is made by brewing coffee in thirty seconds in very hot pressurized water. Espresso machines make these shots really quickly, and then they are added to hot water to make the Americano or Long Black that has been requested. The dilution of the espresso shots is what makes these drinks unique because regular espresso is not diluted after the shot is brewed. 

6. Variations  

Many coffee shops make variants that use these two drinks as the basis of their other more complicated drinks. You can brew these drinks and then serve them cold, or you can brew them for added crema. These drinks are classic drinks that are not often changed in any large way because the people who love them want the espresso flavor and strength that the original variant offers. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What's another name for a long black? 

The Long Black has also been called the Down Under in the past. This was back in the 1800s when the drink was first invented. This name is still familiar in Australia in some areas. 

How much water is in a long black? 

You can choose how much water to add to your long black. This will affect the taste overall as smaller amounts of water will make the drink stronger. A classic drink will have every little water. 

Is an Americano just black coffee? 

An Americano is made with a single espresso shot, not just black coffee. This means that the drink is much stronger than black coffee would be. An Americano is still an espresso drink. 

How do I order an Americano? 

The way that you order an Americano can depend on the shop you are ordering at. Some shops allow you to pick the number of shots as well as the temperature and the amount of room in the cup for added sugar and milk. The Americano is rarely ordered in the US without some personal twists. 


Americanos and Long Black coffees are great options for your morning pick me up needs. You will love these simple and high-caffeine offerings that every coffee shop can make for you. You can choose to keep these drinks simple or add some yummy sugars and milk to make them your own special drink.