Espresso machines exist in a spectrum - they can either demand you step up your skills to use them correctly or manage each step for you.

The La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II lives in the middle, helping you out while letting you control some essential coffee crafting elements.

Curious about whether this dream espresso machine is the right upgrade for your morning lattes? I’ve been testing this machine out for the last month.

Join me as I serve up the facts behind the machine in this La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II review.

Brew Quality


Build Quality


Ease Of Use


Overall Rating


Overall, I would rate the La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi 4.5 out of 5 stars due to its durability and helpful elements like the pressure gauge, swivel steam arm, and steam boiler element.

Espresso enthusiasts who love to indulge in milky coffees will love having this device on their countertop.


  • Available in three model colors for seamless decor matching
  • Redesigned top cover eliminates guard rail for cup stacking
  • Redesigned portafilters in unique size
  • Swivel arm steam wand has four hole tip and lever steam valve for perfect microfoam
  • Insulated dual boiler for simultaneous brewing and steaming
  • Very quiet vibratory pump powers dual boiler system
  • One-degree LED display group temperature adjustment for perfect shots
  • Adjustable volumetric dosing via touchpad for ideal shot volume
  • Accurate built-in thermostat takes the guesswork out of coffee crafting
  • Semi-automatic hot water delivery for convenience
  • Fault diagnosis alarm for quick and easy maintenance
  • Dual manometer eliminates the need for portafilters with pressure gauges
  • Optional programmable shot timer
  • 2.5-inch cup clearance fits most espresso cups
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity for on-the-go convenience
  • Programmable offset
  • Optional pre-infusion chamber takes the guesswork out of infusing
  • 2.4-liter water tank lets you get brewing for longer
  • One-year warranty for peace of mind


  • Fair amount of control and programmability for a semi-automatic machine
  • Multiple colors available to match your decor
  • Built-in thermostat and dual manometer for easy shot pulls
  • Large drip tray and water tank allow you to brew more with less emptying
  • Sturdy and compact construction


  • Plastic tamper and scoop feel cheap at this price point
  • Non-commercial grade size portafilters mean that any more standard size extra equipment will not fit
  • The walnut wood color costs extra

Who Should Buy The La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi?

The S1 Mini Vivaldi II is best for the home coffee enthusiast with some professional barista experience who wants cafe-quality brews at home. [1]

Alternatively, it is a good choice for home baristas who want some control alongside convenience in their espresso machine.

Its 50-cup-a-day limit also makes this model a good option for small indie cafes and bars.

Why I Decided To Review The La Spaziale S1 Mini

A family friend recently posted that he was selling his old S1 Mini Vivaldi II with all the original packaging and invited me to try it out.

I was instantly hooked and had to get it for myself - it was love at first sight.

Testing Conditions

Days Tested


Cups Brewed Per Day


Level Of Experience Needed

Beginner – Intermediate

Reviewer Background

Home brewing enthusiast who started with a simple cafetiere collection and is on a journey to up their game.

Environment Tested


Money Saved Per Year


Favorite Drink To Brew

Espresso and chai latte

What’s It Like To Live With The S1 Mini Vivaldi?

Now that we've covered the basics, let's dive into this fantastic semi-automatic espresso machine in detail!

What’s In The Box?

The Mini Vivaldi II arrives in a large box inside another large box padded with lots of foam. This machine is heavy, weighing in at about 70 pounds in the box.

Once the middlebox is unwrapped, you will find the Mini Vivaldi II wrapped in plastic wrap and tape.

The manual and US cable adapter will be nestled on the cup tray, and the accessories box and power cable will be tucked under the group heads with the steam wand holding them in place.

There will be cleaning tablets in the water tank, which you need to remove from the drip tray to access.

I loved how everything looked at first glance. It is not as flashy as a Rocket Appartamento[2], but not all espresso machines need to be.

I like the more understated minimal look as well as the sturdy feel and construction.

Some reviews have disliked the amount of plastic used in the build of the machine, but this does not mean that it is not quality - it helps with cleaning and keeping both cost and weight down.

When setting it on the counter, I recommend allowing about 24 inches across for the machine and your grinder.

There is enough clearance on the cup tray to double-stack espresso cups, which is such a plus for me.

The S1 Mini Vivladi II espresso machine comes with the following:

  • Single spout portafilter with basket
  • Double spout portafilter with basket
  • One group gasket
  • One plastic tamper
  • One metal wire cleaning brush
  • One softening pouch
  • One manual
  • One fuse
  • One adapter
  • One power cable
  • The machine itself
La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II Content

Pulling My First Espresso Shot

As always, I decided to put it to the test with a simple espresso.

I ended up using the following settings:

  • Three-second pre-infusion with 25 psi
  • 3-ounce single shot and 2-ounce double volume dose
  • 93 degrees Celsius temperature

The pump was surprisingly quiet, considering it is a vibration-style model, and the group temperature sensor was accurate.

I was very impressed with the hefty weight and quality of the portafilters.

They are heavier than other brands I have used, like Rancilio, and they feature a ribber end grip to help you lock everything in.

However, I was let down by the plastic tamper and scoop - I expect stainless steel or wooden ones at this price point.

As the portafilters are an unusual size, it will be hard to find something nicer that fits. Locking in the portafilter felt like a dream, and I love how rich and full-bodied my first shot turned out to be.

The temperature regulation and temperature stability on this machine are so good that it recovered in 30 seconds.

I could easily do a double shot within 45 seconds of completing the first, which is impressive.

The hot water wand topped up an 8-ounce container in 10 seconds, making it excellent for Americano fans. Watch out for little sputters here and there, though.

Pulling Espresso Shots On The La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II

First Time Frothing Milk

The steam power on the milk frother is honestly unrivaled.

The swivel arm is such a help when crafting microfoam, and I love how well the four-hole tip performs.

I did find that my 12-ounce pitcher overworked the milk and recommend finding something smaller.

Frothing Milk With The La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II

How Much Control Do You Have Over The Machine?

For a semi-automatic home espresso machine, there are a few key elements that you retain control over that help the process along. These are:

  • Brew temperature
  • Volumetric dosing
  • Offset
  • Pre-infusion chamber

You have five solid rubber-like buttons to help you and various blinking light systems that I recommend having a manual to read.

The light system makes sense, but it takes a bit to learn if you are not used to something similar.

It is very impressive that you get to fine-tune these programmed steps to get the craft taste without the effort.

La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II Settings

How Does It Handle Different Roasts?

As with other espresso machines I have tested, I threw every bean and roast style I had at this machine.

Each one of my coffees turned out well, particularly my usual Starbucks Breakfast Blend and Stumptown Hair Bender Medium Roast blends.

I recommend keeping your brew temperature to around 93-94 for medium roasts and about 95 for lighter ones for optimal taste and aroma. I also recommend a mid-dose tap for medium beans.

La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II Beside A Coffee Grinder

Look, Feel, and Size Of The Machine

Once the purchased machine arrived, I loved its look. It is more muted in style than other fancier espresso machine under $2000 price bracket, but it still looks sleek and professional.

This is a great pick if you want to prevent the showstoppers from taking over your kitchen decor.

With compact dimensions of 16.50 x 16.50 x 15 inches, I recommend leaving a couple more inches at the back for the wire as it sticks out.

If you can’t afford that, you may want to chat with an electrician about getting a flatter one installed.

What Drinks Can It Make?

You can make anything you want with the La Spaziale Vivaldi II Mini - I even made soup and instant oats using the hot water system.

There are not any pre-programmed drinks like certain commercial machines, so you can get creative with your daily coffee grounds.

My partner even got into making chai lattes as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

The sky is the limit.

Making A Drink With The La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II

How Easy Is It To Use?

Thanks to the intuitive functionality and clear manual, I found the S1 Mini Vivaldi II easy to work with.

I would say that complete beginners may find a steeper learning curve while settling into it, but baristas who have toyed with getting a prosumer could really get a kick out of this one.

Using The La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II

How Long Does It Take? (From Heat Up To First Sip)

The steam boiler heated in about 15 minutes, with the brew boiler was ready at about the same time, but the group head needed an extra 10 minutes to catch up.

You should be able to sip away in half an hour or less.

Making A Latte With The La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II

Does It Have A Water Filtration System?

There is no water filtration system, so I recommend using filtered water and getting water test strips to aid with limescale prevention.

How Hard Is It To Clean and Descale?

I have found the S1 Mini easy to take care of. The plexi casing makes cleanup easy, and it is easy to get to the internal parts.

However, I do wish that you didn't have to remove the drip tray to remove the water reservoir. I understand that if you are topping up one, you should probably empty the other, but still.

The one-year warranty is on the low side of the average for espresso machines and can help in a pinch.

Cleaning The La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II

My Favorite Parts About The S1 Mini Vivaldi

  • Fair amount of control and programmability for a semi-automatic machine
    I like that you can control the essentials and add optional control elements to brew espresso perfectly every time
  • Multiple colors available to match your decor
    I love having multiple options, including a wood-style one, for decor options.
  • Built-in thermostat and dual manometer for easy shot pulls
    No more guessing or spending money on extra equipment.
  • Large drip tray and water tank allow you to brew more with less emptying
    No need to fuss around and go back and forth from the sink all day.
  • Sturdy and compact construction
    The quality construction and compact size mean that this durable machine will be brewing espresso for years.
Barista making an espresso with the La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II

My Least Favorite Parts About The S1 Mini Vivaldi

  • Plastic tamper and scoop feel cheap at this price point
    Other brands use wood and stainless steel, making them a quality feature that I expect to see at this price.
  • Non-commercial grade size portafilters mean that any more standard size extra equipment will not fit.
    Anyone with more standard-size bottomless portafilters or other tools will find themselves putting them away for good or purchasing hard-to-get sizes.
  • The walnut wood color costs extra.
    I love wood elements in my home and wish this feature was not an extra 500 dollars.

La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi Vs Similar Machines

How does this device’s performance stand up in comparison with other models on the market?

La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi vs Dream

The Dream[3] and S1 Mini are both La Spaziale models with similar minimalist aesthetics.

However, the Dream features many more technical convenience features, such as a PID and shot timer, as well as a larger boiler and intuitive digital display.

If you prefer getting into the nitty gritty while having tech on your side to perfect your brew, the Dream may be a better pick for you.

La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi Vs Dream

La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi vs S1 Rossini

Both the S1 Mini and Rossini[4] are semi-automatic machines with similar designs and price points.

However, the Rossini has a larger internal tank, a lighter build, and can connect to a water line.

A larger tank and line connection could really make a difference for anyone who loves to home entertain for less effort and water management.

La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi Vs S1 Rossini

La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi vs Rocket Appartamento

It is hard to compare the Rocket Appartamento to the S1 Mini as they are two completely different machines for different customers.

The Rocket is a prosumer machine meant for the more technically-minded barista, while the S1 Mini is a semi-automatic prosumer built for both convenience and steaming milk.

With the S1 Mini Vivaldi II, you get a little bit of help and convenience balanced with the feeling of professional crafting.

With the Appartamento, you get a demanding but rewarding professional coffee crafting experience that may be difficult for newbies to match.

If you like the look of the Appartamento, I would recommend considering upgrading to it after getting your bearings with the Mini Vivaldi II.

La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi Vs Rocket Appartamento


What is the difference between La Spaziale Vivaldi and Mini Vivaldi?

The main difference between the mini and the original Vivaldi II [5] is the hook-up. The original has a direct plumb system as well as a larger boiler. In terms of differences, the mini may have fewer features, but it actually has the same dimensions as the La Spaziale Vivaldi, so naming it "mini" is a bit misleading.

What size is the La Spaziale S1 portafilter, and is it universal among La Spaziale machines?

The 53 mm portafilters included with the La Spaziale S1 Mini are not standard among other brands' machines but are universal among other La Spaziale machines.

Where are La Spaziale machines made?

La Spaziale machines are handmade in Bologna, Italy. They have been honed and handcrafted there since the late sixties.

Conclusion - Is The S1 Mini Vivaldi Worth Your Money?

The S1 Mini Vivaldi II is a great option for home baristas and small cafe owners looking to smooth the coffee crafting process without sacrificing consistency.

I highly recommend it if you are looking for an upgrade, as it is a breeze to use and maintain - plus, the performance is truly something.

La Spaziale S1 Mini ii Vivaldi

Brew Quality


Build Quality


Ease Of Use


Overall Rating




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