While I love espresso machines that demand you give them the time and respect they deserve, not everyone is like that.

Many coffee aficionados don't have the time to dedicate to honing the craft but want delicious coffee drinks anyway.

An automatic coffee machine like the Jura WE6 professional could be the perfect way to marry convenience with specially prepared beverages.

Whether you are curious about Jura coffee makers or want to see what all the hype is about, follow me as I dive into my experience working with the Jura WE6 professional coffee machine.

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Overall, I would rate the Jura WE6 4.6 out of 5 stars because it is a lovely and convenient coffee maker equipped with everything you need to get a great espresso fast.

Some Jura WE6 features that I love include:


  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma system ensures that you get the best possible extraction
  • The Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) floods the ground coffee in short bursts to extract more flavor and aroma.[1]
  • The built-in Aroma G3 grinder makes for a clean and convenient bean-to-cup process
  • The adjustable cup height makes it easy to brew a range of coffee types
  • Eight different drink options mean that there is enough to satisfy any coffee purist
  • Intelligent Water System and water filtration ensure that only the flavor rings true in every cup
  • Color TFT display makes selecting your brew and monitoring maintenance processes a breeze
  • Automated cleaning system means that you spend less effort while reaping all the benefits
  • Intelligent pre-heat cup feature for the perfect sipping temperature every time
  • Large grounds tray and water tank
  • JOE app can help you sync and customize on the go


  • Large bean hopper and water tank capacity mean that you do not have to maintain them as often
  • Adjustable cup height makes crafting long coffee or tea a much smoother experience
  • Eight different drink options can satisfy any espresso drink need
  • Programmable elements add some nice control to the drink-making process
  • Automated cleaning and alerts of the TFT ensure that you never forget to take care of it


  • The warranty could be longer
  • This machine serves only black coffee drinks - milky coffee fans will be left wanting

Who Should Buy The Jura WE6?

The Jura WE6 is best for small office spaces and home entertainers who adore black coffee.

Espresso fans with no time on their hands but a desire for delicious drinks could fall in love with the ease this coffee maker brings.

I would not recommend this machine for coffee enthusiasts that want to micromanage every step of the coffee-crafting process or milk-based coffee fans.

If that is what you prefer, other espresso machines under $2000 like the the Rocket Appartamento or Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo may be a better fit. 

Why I Decided To Review The Jura WE6 Coffee and Espresso Center

I recently got to try out the Jura WE6 while attending a business meeting in a local coworking location and was instantly intrigued.

I knew that I had to learn more about the Jura WE6 professional coffee maker and craft a review on the experience.

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Home brewing enthusiast who started with a simple cafetiere collection and is on a journey to up their game.

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What’s It Like To Live With The Jura WE6

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details behind the Jura WE6 professional coffee maker.

What’s In The Box?

The Jura WE6 comes in a standard box with very minimal flair - not much like my Rocket Appartamento, which arrived in style.

You essentially get the WE6 with some cleaning equipment and water filters.

Getting started is very quick and easy thanks to the manual, which walks you through setup and first-time use.

You simply place your Jura on the counter, set the water hardness, fill the hopper and tank, add a water filter, and add your Smart Connect if necessary.

The screen clearly displays your instructions, making it easy to get through with minimal issues.

Pulling My First Espresso Shot

I decided to first test the Jura the way I always do - with an espresso.

Like many other automatic coffee machines on the market, this variable brewing unit got pouring with only a couple of button clicks.

The color TFT display is very intuitive and easy to use, and adjusting the spout was easy.

The stainless steel conical burr grinder was not too loud, which is vital for somewhere like a small office waiting room or coworking space.

The extraction time was really quick, and I was raring to go in barely any time at all.

The coworking space only had IKEA beans[2], but you honestly could not tell once the espresso was ready.

The Pulse extraction process (PEP) adding hot water in short intervals and the aroma G3 made a difference - they elevated the flavor beyond what you would expect, even for cheap beans.

The color was beautiful, and the drink smelled amazing.

Overall, I loved how quick and simple it was to get a decent coffee with the Jura WE6 - such a difference from my usual practiced tinkering.

Pulling Espresso Shot On The Jura WE6

How Much Control Do You Have Over The Process?

With automatic espresso machines, you know that you are giving up control over some of the nitty-gritty coffee crafting details for convenience and speed.

However, it is nice to be able to tailor some of the process to your needs.

The WE6 allows you to control the following:

  • Coffee strength levels (by three)
  • Coffee temperature levels (by two)
  • Hot water temperature levels (by three)
  • Drink type
  • Amount of water

You can even disable one-off customizations or entire drink options if needed.

The JOE app also allows you to get connected and sync your customizations to your machine while on the go.

Being able to adjust the coffee spout height from 2.6 to 4.4 inches is a godsend for anyone who loves a large cup of coffee or who wants to add milk afterward.

Jura WE6 Coffee Setting

How Does It Handle Different Roasts?

This would not be a full review without really putting the Jura WE6 through its paces.

Over 30 days, I tried every roast type I could get my hands on, from light to dark. You can use any roast type with the Jura WE6. 

When I mentioned I was reviewing my experience, the owner of the coworking space allowed me to go ham with my own beans - on the condition I clean up the mess, pay for my own beans, and pay for anything I broke, which was fair.

Whether cheap or expensive, the Jura WE6 handled each of my beans like a champ.

Jura says this machine can handle up to 30 cups a day, which makes it perfect for places like my local coworking office.

My first try was with the IKEA PÅTÅR range[3], but I also enjoyed my usual Starbucks Siren’s Blend [4] and Stumptown Hair Bender Medium Roast blends[5], too.

No matter what beans you prefer, the WE6 will keep up with you.

Something important to note is that it is vital to use roasted, untreated beans only, as other kinds may damage the grinder.

Adding Coffee Beans To The Jura WE6

Look, Feel, and Size Of The Machine

The Jura WE6 is a very sleek and minimalist option with its clean lines and predominantly black exterior.

I wish that the WE6 came in more color options, but I think the black with silver accents with the knob and faucets is very stylish.

This is quite heavy as a machine, coming in at 22 pounds total when the coffee grounds container and water tank are empty.

The water tank and bean container have some of the highest capacities I've seen in automatic espresso machines, coming in at three liters and 17.7 ounces, respectively.

It is also highly compact, with dimensions reaching only 17.5 x 11.6 x 16.5 inches - no need to worry about denting your kitchen cupboards.

Jura WE6 Machine Assembly

What Drinks Can It Make?

The beverages you can brew with the WE6 are:

  • Ristretto (single or double servings)
  • Espresso (single or double servings)
  • Coffee (single or double servings)
  • Special coffee
  • Hot water

As there is no internal milk system, the WE6 cannot make milk beverages like a cappuccino.

This makes it more limited when compared to its brother, the Jura E6, which can make milky espresso beverages.

If you want frothy milk drinks, you will need to purchase the equipment separately to get brewing.

Four cups of coffee with Jura logo on them sitting next to coffee beans

How Easy Is It To Use?

As with other automatic coffee machines, you do not need any barista training or experience to handle a WE6.

Everything is taken care of for you, from grinding the coffee beans to brewing to serving.

The TFT screen is easy and intuitive to use and will even give you automatic alerts when the machine needs cleaning or maintenance (more on that later).

How Long Does It Take? (From Heat Up To First Sip)

It takes only moments to program in what you want and any customizations you want to make.

In a handful of clicks and less than two minutes, you can have a piping hot cup of coffee in your hand.

If you need to fill up the bean hopper and tank, then I would say a maximum of five minutes total for your coffee machine to finish brewing.

Making Coffee Using The Jura WE6

Does It Have A Water Filtration System?

The Jura WE6 uses Smart or Pro Smart water filters to protect your machine and coffee from limescale, chlorine, and other heavy metals in water.

The Intelligent Water System uses advanced RFID technology to track and detect the filter automatically, helping with maintenance.

All of this is easy to install and ensures that your beverages turn out perfect each time.

How Hard Is It To Clean and Descale?

Jura recommends using their cleaning[6] and descaling tablets[7] to decalcify the machine's internal parts and also recommends their brand filter systems for proper preventative measures.

A handy automatic alert will show on the color TFT screen when you need to do some upkeep. It even lets you know what to do and how long the processes should take.

The manual is really clear, and there are tips on Jura's website if you need guidance.[8][9]

Overall, the descaling process takes about 40 minutes, and the cleaning process takes about 20 minutes. Replacing the filter only takes a minute or two once you know how.[10]

If you are ever unsure, contacting the Jura customer service team is the best way to get tailored advice fast.[11]

Cleaning The Jura WE6 Professional

My Favorite Parts About The Jura WE6

  • Large hopper and water tank capacity mean that you do not have to maintain them as often - Capacity is king when it comes to the bean hopper and water reservoir - this coffee machine has the largest capacity I have seen in a while.
  • Adjustable cup height makes crafting long coffee or tea a much smoother experience - I love a big mug, so having an adjustable spout makes things easier. No more pouring from a shot glass into a larger cup.
  • Eight different drink options can satisfy any espresso drink need - Variety is key, and I love just how many different espresso options there are. You can even have just hot water if you love herbal tea or need it even for your morning oatmeal.
  •  Programmable elements add some nice control to the drink-making process - It is great to retain some control of elements of the coffee-making process. Some businesses may even make great use of the disabling settings.
  • Automated cleaning and alerts of the TFT ensure that you never forget to take care of it - The easier something is to clean and maintain, the more likely it is to become a core part of your life.
Jura WE6 Professional On Kitchen Counter

My Least Favorite Parts About The Jura WE6

  • The warranty could be longer - The short one-year warranty is on the low end of the average, but I would prefer a longer one.
  • This machine serves only black coffee drinks - milky coffee fans will be left wanting - I love espresso but am a milky coffee drink person at heart. Anyone who loves a morning cappuccino will be disappointed.

Jura 15343 WE6 Vs Similar Espresso Machines

Let’s compare the WE6 with some competitors and see which meets our required criteria.

Jura WE6 vs Jura E6

Being model siblings, the WE6 and E6 share a lot of similarities in terms of features and design.

However, the Jura E6 coffee machine is a cheaper machine capable of brewing various milk specialties like cappuccino alongside ristretto.

That being said, the E6 is also larger, with a smaller tank, bean hopper, and grounds container.

Overall, the WE6 is the better, upgraded version of the original model. It holds more while taking up less space overall.

Jura WE6 Vs Jura E6

Jura WE6 Vs Jura WE8

The WE8 is the next step up from the WE6 and shares many of the same features.

However, it can brew up to 12 different options, including milk drinks like latte macchiatos, flat whites, and lattes.

This makes it much more flexible and better suited to a range of tastes. However, the Jura WE8 is about $700 more than the WE6.

Jura WE6 Vs Jura WE8

Jura WE6 Vs Rocket Appartamento

It is difficult to provide a proper comparison between the WE6 and the Rocket Appartamento as they are completely different machines.

The Appartamento is a prosumer coffee machine, meaning that you prepare your coffee at each stage completely by hand, whereas the WE6 is an automatic coffee machine.

The Appartamento is better for those who want to decide every detail of their coffee process and have separate grinders, whereas customers looking for convenience should choose the WE6.

In terms of price, the two are similar, so it will really come down to how much control you want over your cup.

Jura WE6 Vs Rocket Appartamento


Why is JURA so expensive?

Jura espresso machines are expensive because they are complex in both design and function, so they can make brewing easy. With Jura, you are paying for both quality and convenience.

What is the lifespan of JURA?

With proper care and maintenance, your Jura could last between 6-10 years.

Can I use Starbucks beans in my JURA?

Yes, you can use Starbucks beans in your Jura. Or any other brand of beans - you will still get an excellent aroma you don’t get from pre-ground coffee.

Conclusion - Is The Jura WE6 Worth Your Money?

The Jura WE6 is an excellent automatic machine for any coffee purist looking for quality espresso fast.

The Pulse extraction process and other specifications make this automatic coffee machine perfect for providing a clean brewing experience.

If you are waiting for a sign, this could be the one you need to finally get your hands on a model of your own.

Jura WE6

Brew Quality


Build Quality


Ease Of Use


Overall Rating



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