Craving a Dunkin Donuts but worried it will break your Kosher diet? Don't worry; Dunkin has options you can enjoy without breaking Kosher dietary laws; it's all about choosing the right menu items.

In this guide, I'll show you what you can order and how to find Kosher Dunkin stores where you can order anything you like without breaking any rules.

  • Kosher means food and beverages that have been prepared according to Jewish dietary law as certified by a qualified Rabbi
  • Most Dunkin' stores offer a few Kosher items, but not many
  • Some specific locations are completely Kosher certified but the range is limited
  • Some Dunkin items that are Kosher include black tea, black coffee, some bottled coffees, and cream cheese

Does Dunkin Donuts Have Kosher Menu Items?

Dunkin Donuts does have some Kosher menu items, but most of the menu isn’t Kosher. There are some specific Kosher Dunkin Donuts store locations where everything is made in accordance with Jewish dietary laws.[1]

These Kosher Dunkin Donuts stores have a Kosher certificate to sell approved Kosher foods.

If you go to a non-Kosher Dunkin Donuts, you won't get the same range of choices and may even have to bring your own products in to eat.

Here’s a breakdown of the Dunkin menu and whether they have a Kosher certification or not:

Dunkin Donuts Coffee

A regular Dunkin Donuts coffee from a regular Dunkin Donuts store is Kosher.

It only contains coffee beans and water, but if you add milk, cream, or extras, the coffee won't be Kosher as it has ingredients made without Kosher supervision.

If you go to a Kosher location, the range of Dunkin Donuts coffee options should all be Kosher.

You may have a more limited choice in these stores, but the coffee, tea, and other drink options will be suitable for a Kosher diet.

Dunkin Donuts Different Types Of Coffee

Dunkin Donuts Donuts

Standard Dunkin Donuts donuts and baked goods are not kosher. This includes their pretzel twists, bagels, and other baked goods.

Most of these are made with cream and fillings that use dairy, which is unacceptable in Kosher food products.

However, if you go to a specific Kosher store, then the Dunkin donuts are Kosher as they’re made with Kosher ingredients under supervision.

This means they’re fine to purchase and enjoy. Just note that you may not get these Kosher food products in the same variety of flavors in these Dunkin stores.

Dunkin Donuts Donuts

Dunkin Donuts Munchkins

Dunkin munchkins, or donut holes, are not Kosher and won’t be permitted on a Kosher diet.

This is mainly because they aren’t made under Kosher supervision, but it’s also because the baked goods are made in the same ovens as non-Kosher foods, making them unacceptable.

However, you can go to a Kosher store for your munchkins, as these are made under supervision. This means you can pick up a box that’s completely Kosher and will give you the same flavor.

Dunkin Donuts Munchkins

Dunkin Donuts Muffins

Dunkin Donuts muffins are not Kosher.

The muffins are made in bakeries that use the same ovens as foods that aren't Kosher, and all the different flavors that are sold contain milk-based products.

If you want Kosher muffins from Dunkin Donuts, then you need to go to a specific Kosher store. All the muffins there are baked with Kosher ingredients in supervised conditions.

Dunkin Donuts Blueberry Muffin

Dunkin Donuts Cheese

Dunkin Donuts cream cheese is certified as Kosher in all their stores, which is great for anyone who loves their cream cheese bagels.

Other types of cheese they sell in-store may not be Kosher, so it's best to avoid other sandwiches or croissants with cheese.

If you go to a Dunkin Donuts that's Kosher, then all the cheese, bagels, and other cheesy baked goods are fine to eat.

Dunkin Donuts Cream Cheese Bagel

Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Sandwiches

Classic Dunkin breakfast sandwiches are definitely not Kosher. They contain bacon, which isn’t permitted, and even the sourdough bread isn’t kosher.

If you go to a Kosher Dunkin, you can purchase an alternative Kosher breakfast sandwich. However, it won't come with any bacon or ham, so you won't get the same flavor.

Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Sandwiches

What Dunkin Donuts Drinks Are Certified Kosher?

If you go to a Kosher Dunkin, all the drinks sold there are fine for a Kosher diet. That means you can get a coffee, cappuccino, tea, or flavored beverage, and it is all Kosher.

However, if you go into a normal Dunkin Donuts, you must be careful about which drink you purchase as most beverage choices aren't Kosher.

You need to avoid any drinks which contain milk, and that means a lot of options are off the table. You might want to ask about Dunkin Donuts vegan drinks as a place to start.

The Kosher drinks include:

  • Regular coffee (black)
  • Tea (black)
  • Some bottled coffee drinks. Look for an OU symbol on the cap, and it will tell you if it's Kosher.

There isn’t much variety, but it’s best to stick to drinks you know are Kosher.

What Does Kosher Certified Mean? (Dietary Laws Explained)

Kosher certified means that a qualified Rabbi, or Rabbinic organization, has overseen the production of foods and beverages to make sure it’s prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary laws.

This means that they have overseen the ingredients, production process, utensils, and cooking equipment to make sure that everything is Kosher and there are no contaminants that break the laws.

The exact rules have been expanded over the centuries by the Rabbinic community, but some of the key restrictions remain the same.

Kosher food is the only thing that strictly practicing Jews can consume (though not all Jewish people keep Kosher, and not all Kosher foods are just for Jewish people).

Jewish dietary laws are complex[2], but here are the most common Kosher rules:

  • Kosher mammals must be cloven-hoofed (grass-fed) and be prepared in a specific way.
  • Pork is not kosher and shouldn’t be eaten.
  • In the USA, mainstream Kosher rules mean that chicken, turkey, duck, and goose are the only poultry allowed. They, too, must be prepared in a specific way.
  • Fish and meat can’t be eaten together.
  • Fish must have fins and scales. All shellfish are prohibited.
  • Milks and dairy products must come from a Kosher animal and never be mixed with meat-based derivatives (which is the case for many dairy cheeses).
  • Dairy products must be repared using Kosher utensils and equipment that hasn’t been near other animal products.

What does this mean for Dunkin Donuts stores?

Well, DD has a lot of menu items made with fillings, creams, milk, sugar, fats, and oils. These may be Kosher if they are sold from a store with Kosher status, but that isn’t standard.

The biggest issue is usually with dairy, as that's present in their donuts, bagels, muffins, brownies, croissants, and other food and beverages.

To be Kosher, milk needs to be 'cholov stam'[3] which literally means it has been overseen by a mashgiach to ensure it's fine to eat.

If you are Kosher, then you really need to find a Kosher Dunkin Donuts store. If it's a non-Kosher location, there may be non-Kosher elements, and you can't be sure if what you eat and drink will be acceptable.

Dunkin Donuts Kosher Shop

Related Dunkin Donuts Kosher Questions

Is Dunkin Donuts coffee Kosher for Passover?

Yes, black Dunkin Donut coffee is Kosher for Passover as it doesn't contain any non-Kosher ingredients, or any of the 'leavened' products which shouldn't be eaten over this period. 

Is Dunkin Donuts ground coffee Kosher?

Yes, Dunkin Donut ground coffee is Kosher, so you can pick up a bag in-store and enjoy the Dunkin coffee flavor at home.

What other coffee shops sell certified Kosher products?

Most other coffee shops have Kosher certified products, including Starbucks and Tim Hortons. However, they have a limited variety of products available, and you will need to check the menu or ask the staff.[4]

Does Dunkin Donuts use pork products?

Yes, Dunkin Donuts' menu does use pork products in their regular menu items. This is different in some parts of the world, though, and each store may be different.


It's possible to get food and drinks from Dunkin Donuts while staying Kosher, but you don't have as many options.

It's best to look for their Kosher stores with a full Kosher Dunkin Donuts menu.

There are a few of these around, especially in the Brooklyn area, where there's a bigger Jewish community.

*Please note that this article is based on our experience at Dunkin Donut stores. Be sure to ask store managers yourself to be certain about Kosher products.



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