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The Keurig Coffee Machine is a popular option in many homes. It allows the individual to use one of the K-Cups to make a unique cup of coffee in no time. And with many flavors to choose from, you can easily mix up the coffee to get the perfect cup.  

It is also possible to use ground coffee in the Keurig as well. This guide will take a closer look at how to use ground coffee in a Keurig to get your coffee made quickly in the morning.  

It is possible to use ground coffee in your Keurig system. This is good news to many who love using their Keurig coffee maker but are worried about how expensive the K-Cups can be or who has another brand of ground coffee they want to use.  

You will need to think ahead to use the regular coffee, though. You can either use the old K-Cups from before and recycle them to brew the coffee. Or you can get a reusable coffee filter from Keurig and use that to brew up any type of coffee that you want.  

How To Use Ground Coffee In A Keurig? (The Ultimate Guide)

Benefits Of Brewing Regular Coffee In Keurig Machines 

Save Money

K-Cups are nice due to all of the different flavors available, but they can cost quite a bit if you drink several cups of coffee a day. Using regular coffee helps you get all of the coffee you want, generally at a lower cost.  

Save The Environment 

Even if cost is not a concern, using ground coffee can be better for the environment. Each time you want to make a cup of coffee, you need to pull out another K-Cup.

These can quickly fill up your trash can, which means they will end up at a landfill in no time, which is obviously bad for the environment. Switching over to ground coffee, at least on occasion, can be good for the environment.  

You Can Drink Coffee Of Your Choice

There are many varieties of K-Cups to choose from, but there may be some flavors or some brands that are not available. Choosing ground coffee gives more variety to your morning cup of joe.  

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How To Use Ground Coffee In A Keurig? 

There are two main ways that you can brew up ground coffee in your Keurig. These include: 

Use A K-Cup Pod  

The first method you can use to brew ground coffee in the Keurig machine is to recycle a K-Cup you have already used. Take the K-Cup, rip off the cover, and dump the used coffee grounds into the garbage. Take a moment to clean it out to make sure the old coffee grounds do not interfere with the new cup of coffee.  

Fill this clean K-Cup with some coffee grounds. You may need to make a few cups of coffee to figure out the exact right amount of coffee for the strength that you need. To start, fill the K-Cup up enough so that you are almost level to the top of it.  

You must create an aluminum foil cover. Cut off a small square of foil so that it fits nicely over the K-Cup. Once the K-Cup is filled with coffee, take the foil cover you made and fit it over the top of the K-Cup.

The goal is to seal up the K-Cup so the coffee grounds will be sealed inside. Add the K-Cup into the Keurig, just like you did with it originally. Hit the right buttons and then let the coffee brew until done.  

You will be able to use the K-Cup a few times before it gets too old to use again. As long as you rinse out the cup after each use, you will find that it can last for a long time.

Once the K-Cup starts to wear out or not be able to hold onto the coffee grounds any longer, it is time to throw it out and use another one to continue the process. For many, the reusable filter is often a better choice.  

Use A K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter 

Another option to choose is a reusable coffee filter. These are good for the environment and do not require you to keep your old K-Cups around to help out.

You will need to order one of these special for the ground coffee but can save up to $900 a year on the K-Cups if you drink two cups of coffee a day. Any type of coffee will be fine to use in the Universal Reusable Coffee Filter. 

To brew your coffee with the help of the reusable filter, you need to add this into the Keurig machine. When it is set up well, add your chosen coffee grounds to the fill line. As you look at the filter, you will notice that there are two fill lines. One of these is for a regular cup, and the other is if you choose a travel mug.  

Once you fill up the filter, you can turn on the Keurig just like you normally do. Close the lid and hit the button. Within a few minutes, the coffee will be done. You can add in any of the extra ingredients you would like including milk, sugar, and sweeteners, to make the perfect cup of coffee.  

If the coffee tastes too strong for you when you do it this way, it is fine to take a little bit out and make it a weaker variety. Do not overfill the filter, though, or you may make a mess in the filter. Keep in mind that the finer the coffee grinds, the more flavor you will get in the coffee that you brew.  

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Can I Use Regular Pods With Keurig? (Do You Have To Use K-Cups?) 

You will not be able to use regular pods in the Keurig. You will need to use the K-Cups most of the time. If you want to use ground coffee, you need a reusable coffee filter to fit into the machine.  

The pods and the cups are not interchangeable. A machine that takes pods will not be able to take the K-Cups, and the Keurig will not be able to take the pods. Unless you have an adapter or purchased one of the few machines that can brew both right away, you will have to choose between the pod and the K-Cup.  

While these both will help brew the coffee in a similar manner, they are different sizes and can't fit in with one another. The pod will hold onto the tea or coffee in filter paper. They will be round and soft and can be individually wrapped.

The K-Cup will seal the coffee or tea inside of a plastic cup. The Keurig will have two needles that puncture the lid and the cup to help extract the coffee, while the pods will steep the coffee and let it mix with the water.  

If you have purchased a Keurig, you will need to use the K-Cups. Those are the only type that are compatible with this machine. The Keurig will not be able to brew coffee if you add a pod to it.  

Frequently Asked Keurig Questions 

How much ground coffee do you use in a Keurig? 

You can choose how much ground coffee to add to the Keurig based on the strength of the final product desired. 12 grams is the maximum that the K-Cups are able to hold and can make a strong cup of coffee. If you think this is too strong, then lower the amount of ground coffee you add-in.  

Can instant coffee be used in a Keurig? 

Yes, you can make instant coffee easily with a reusable K-Cup.  

Can you use Tassimo coffee in a Keurig? 

The Tassimo pods will not be able to fit in the Keurig coffee maker, just like the Keurig coffee will not fit into the Tassimo. You can use the ground Tassimo coffee in the Keurig if you use the universal reusable coffee filter, but not if you plan to use the pods.  

Do reusable K-Cups fit all Keurigs? 

Not all of the reusable K-Cups you choose will be compatible with each Keurig machine. For example, the Keurig 2.0 lineup will not fit in with the old My K-Cup pods. Check the Keurig that you want to use to see which K-Cups fit inside.  


The reusable K-Cup pods will allow you to choose any type of coffee that you would like to add to your Keurig coffee maker. You can decide to go with ground coffee from other brands, making the Keurig coffee maker a versatile option that will help you get that morning cup of joe.