How To Make Iced Coffee With A Keurig (In 5 Easy Steps)

Iced coffee is a delicious treat to enjoy any time of the day. While a hot cup of coffee may warm you up in the winter or on a cool morning, a cup of iced coffee can taste good, cool you down, and make you feel amazing. With all of the great flavors out there, you will be able to find a cup of iced coffee that fits your needs.  

It is possible to make your own iced coffee at home, saving time and money compared to going to a local barista to get it done. And if you have a Keurig, making iced coffee will only take a few minutes. Our helpful guide will help you learn how to make iced coffee with Keurig so you can sit back and relax! 

A Keurig coffee maker is a good option if you would like to make iced coffee at home. Of course, you could use a traditional coffee maker or even head to your favorite coffee shop to get iced coffee, but the Keurig will make it easier. 

While a Keurig coffee maker does not have a specific button to make iced coffee, it only takes a few steps to ensure the coffee is done right. Some of the benefits of making iced coffee with a Keurig coffee maker include: 

  • Lots of flavors
    It is easy to find the right K-Cup Pod to help you get the flavoring you want in each cup of iced coffee. 
  • Quick
    The Keurig coffee maker can get the coffee made in just a few minutes, saving you time and getting you on the road in no time. 
  • Choose the strength of the coffee:
    The Keurig will help you to choose the strength of the Keurig so that you can make the coffee strong enough. For example, since you are adding it to ice that will dilute it a bit, you need the coffee to be a little stronger than usual, and the Keurig coffee machine will help. 
  • Easy cleanup
    Once the coffee is made, cleanup will only take a few minutes to get done. 
How To Make Iced Coffee With A Keurig

Making Iced Coffee In A Keurig: What You’ll Need 

Making iced coffee in your Keurig does not need to be complicated. Some of the items you will need for this include: 


You need to choose the right K-Cup to make the coffee. There are many different flavors to choose from. Vanilla is an excellent flavor to choose from, but you can go with one of your favorites and try out several options. 

Bottled Or Filtered Water

Bottled or filtered water is often the best choice for making iced coffee with your Keurig. You could choose to use the water from the tap, but it can affect the taste of your iced coffee. Bottled or filtered water will make it taste better. 

Sugar And Milk Or Sweetener To Serve

You can drink the iced coffee with just the ice inside, but most people like to add a few flavors to it to make it taste good. Choose what type of sweetener, sugar, and milk you would like to add in to get the best tastes. 

Keurig Coffee Machine

To brew coffee and turn it into a good cup of iced coffee, you will need your Keurig coffee maker. Take the time to set it up and turn it on to get the coffee brewing. 

Heat Proof Glass

You will brew the coffee right into the cup hot, so picking out a heatproof glass or mug is the best option. A coffee mug will work for this or a stainless-steel cup. 

Portable Ice Maker

Keep some extra ice on hand to help when the coffee is done. You may want to make the coffee colder as the original ice melts. A portable ice maker or an ice cube tray will help with this. 

cup of cold beverage

How To Make Iced Coffee With A Keurig (Step By Step Process) 

The Keurig machine is a great option to help you get the iced coffee that you want quickly at home. Some of the steps that you need to get this done includes: 

1. Set Up The Keurig

Bring out the Keurig machine and check how much water is already in the device. If the machine needs more water, make sure to fill it up. Then it is time to turn the Keurig on to warm up.  

2. Add K-Cup Pod 

You can choose the flavor that you would like to use. Vanilla is a good option for iced coffee, but there are many options. You can add this into the machine. It is also possible to use the coffee grounds and add them into the My K-Cup Reusable Filter and add the filter into the machine.  

The coffee maker will now get to work. It will drain the hot water through the coffee right away. You can wait a few minutes to get the coffee done.  

3. Prepare The Cup of Ice

Grab the cup that you want to use. Put ice cubes into the mug or cup, filling it close to the top. You can let the Keurig brew the hot coffee right into the cup. To have this work, you should use a stainless-steel cup or mug that is heat resistant. A glass cup will not do well with higher temperatures.  

4. Brew The Coffee

Place the cup with ice under the Keurig machine and then press the Brew button. This will get the fresh coffee to brew right into the cup of ice. Be aware that you need to make this strong because the ice will melt and can water down the taste of the coffee.  

5. Add The Extras

Once the coffee is brewed, you can add in extras to make it taste to your preference. Placing it into a second cup with more ice is a good choice to help cool it down even more. Milk and sugars are a good option if you want to make it sweeter.  

How To Turn Hot Coffee Into Iced Coffee With Keurig? 

It is possible to make a hot cup of coffee with your Keurig and then turn it into iced coffee. You can brew the cup of coffee that you would like; just use half of the water. 

This will make the coffee strong but will help when you add in the ice to cool it down without watering it down.  After the cup is brewed, add it to a cup of water. Once the ice is able to float in the cup without melting, you can transfer the coffee over to a new glass with some fresh ice in it. 

Then add in the cream and the sugar. You can repeat the steps a few times before adding the cream and sugar if you would like it to be even colder.  

iced coffee

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is the iced button on Keurig? 

The iced button does not make the coffee cold in the Keurig. This button is instead designed to make the coffee hot, providing a full flavor when it is done. When you pour it over some ice, it will still be strong enough for you to enjoy all the good flavor, rather than having a cup of watered-down coffee.  

How do you make Starbucks vanilla iced coffee with Keurig? 

There are several ways to make a Starbucks vanilla iced coffee with Keurig. The best way is to get the right k-cup pods at the store and then make it at home. Starbucks has partnered with Keurig to create k-cups that you can use at any time. Simply pick the k-cup pods that you want, in this case, the vanilla, and brew up one. 

How does Dunkin Donuts make their iced coffee? 

Dunkin Donuts has their own special blend to make iced coffee for the store. The good news is that they also provide their brand of coffee beans at the store to make sure you can create great iced coffee as well. With some Dunkin Donuts coffee beans, filtered water, a bit of sugar, and milk, you are ready to go. Brew the coffee and let it cool before pouring over ice and adding the milk and sugar.  

What Keurig model makes the best iced coffee? 

Each user will have their own preference on the best Keurig model to make some iced coffee. However, the K-Elite is often the best for this. This machine has a lot of versatility, making it easier to create a ton of great cups of coffee.  


Iced coffee can be a nice treat during the day, whether you want to wake up with it in the morning or have something to pick you up in the middle of the day. The Keurig can make it easier to create a tasty cup of coffee, but you need to learn how to use it properly to see the coffee come out perfectly each time.