I’m blessed with people in my life who know and accept the coffee addict in me, which means they resort to Dunkin gift cards for special occasions.

As I’m someone who uses the Dunkin app often, I recently discovered I can add my gift cards right into the platform. 

In this guide, I’ll cover the exact steps for adding a Dunkin Donuts gift card via the app, the benefits of using gift cards vs other payment options, and more. 

Easy Steps For Adding A Gift Card To The Dunkin’ App

Adding the Dunkin’ gift card to the company app is super simple, and absolutely worth it!

I first downloaded the app to start racking up free perks and reward points, but I quickly realized that it offers much more.

Here are the instructions  in 4 simple steps:

1. Download The Dunkin Donuts App

Make sure to download the Dunkin Donuts app.[1]

Search “Dunkin Donuts” in the App Store or Google Play.

Click ‘download’ and wait for it to be available on the device.

Dunkin App Store Icon

2. Create A Dunkin Account

Once the app is downloaded, register online with a new Dunkin account.

To do this, click “Join Now” and input all necessary details.

Sign up using en email, add the user name and create a password.

I signed up using my Apple (or Android) account, which I find to be easier and more secure.

From here, customize DD Perks account by selecting the preferred Dunkin Donuts location and inputting payment methods, including a virtual gift card.

Creating A Dunkin Account

3. Add Your Dunkin Donuts Gift Card

Whether adding a physical Dunkin Donut gift card or an e-gift card, all that’s required is the app and gift card number.

Start by logging in to the DD Perks account.

Then, tap the "Menu" button that's located at the top-left corner of the app.

Select "Manage Payments" and click the "Add DD Card" button.

Finally, just add a gift card by inputting the card number, which will be located on the back of the card.

Once it’s added, your Dunkin gift card balance will be updated, and the gift card can be used!

Adding Your Dunkin Donuts Gift Card

4. Order On The Dunkin App!

Order ahead of time online - just be sure to select the right DD location (I’ve unfortunately made this mistake a few times and headed to a location that I didn’t place to pickup order to).[2]

Add items from the DD app menu before checking out in the app, and then head to the store to pick up.

Picking up at the store is super easy, too.

Order in the drive-thru or at the counter, and then open the app and hand the digital card to the Dunkin barista to scan.

Once the payment goes through, it will automatically update with the remaining balance.

Ordering On The Dunkin App

Is It Necessary To Add DD Gift Cards To The App?

While it's not entirely necessary to add your Dunkin gift cards to the Dunkin app, I highly recommend it. 

By adding a DD card to the app, I benefit from their perks, or 'DD Perks’, that I wouldn’t get if I make purchases directly at the store.

The DD Perks program is one of the best rewards systems that I’ve used.

I was automatically enrolled as a DD Perks member once I created my account, and for every $1 I spend (even when using a gift card), I receive five points.

Hit 200 points, and I get a free coffee! 

Can You Combine Gift Cards On The Dunkin App?

Having the ability to combine DD cards online is another huge benefit of using the Dunkin app.[3]

I’ve received a few different cards and was able to combine the totals for one easy-to-use balance on my account.

To combine multiple gift cards or add a gift card to the current balance, just follow these steps:

  • Open the app and select the “Add/Manage Cards” option.
  • Scroll down to “My Additional Cards” and choose the card  to merge with the current account balance.
  • Tap “Merge Balance to Primary” and confirm the merge.
Dunkin App Order On The Go

5 Surprising Benefits Of Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Cards

Using a mobile app to order coffee and make payments comes with a lot of surprising benefits.

Now, I never pay for my Dunkin Donuts with regular cash or card - I simply open the app when it comes time to pay:

1. Fast Transactions

Rather than shuffle around in my purse for extra cash or skim through my wallet for the right card, I can now make seamless, speedy transactions every time I visit Dunkin.

I'm in and out in just a few minutes with a huge smile on my face while I indulge in my favorite Dunkin' caramel drink.

App payments streamline everything in a way that’s beneficial to both customers and Dunkin employees.

2. Convenient

Because paying via the app with a gift card is so convenient, I rarely ever use a credit card or cash to pay for my usual Dunkin' Donuts frozen drink.

Even if I haven’t been given a Dunkin Donuts gift card, I’ve gotten into the habit of reloading past gift cards for fast, easy, convenient payments.

3. Rewards

When using the Dunkin Donuts app to pay, there’s no need to keep track of points.

The DD account will automatically redeem points with each purchase, which means more free coffee and donuts!

This lets me rack up enough points to cash in for my favorite Dunkin' Donuts hot drinks.

Dunkin Donuts Rewards System

4. Enhanced Security

Every company has more or less the same policy: they’re not responsible for a lost or stolen gift card. So if a physical gift card is lost, there’s not really a remedy.

By adding my Dunkin Donuts gift card to the app, I never have to worry about this.

The gift card funds will be saved and stored, and Dunkin will even offer a replacement gift card if there's any unauthorized use.

5. Easy Gifting

Dunkin gift cards are appropriate for many different occasions.

Whether I’m telling someone “Happy Birthday” or just feeling friendly, there’s nothing better than the gift of coffee. 

Gifting A Dunkin Gift Card

Related Dunkin Gift Card In-App Questions

How do you send a Dunkin Donuts gift card to someone?

You can buy Dunkin gift cards via the app by selecting the “Send a Gift” option in the DD app menu. This will send the gift card directly to the recipient, either via text or email.

Can I use a Dunkin’ gift card for delivery?

You can only use a Dunkin gift card for delivery if ordering directly through the Dunkin app or website. 

Are Dunkin Donuts gift cards reloadable?

Yes, Dunkin Donuts gift cards are reloadable.

Can a Dunkin gift card be used at the drive-thru?

Yes, a Dunkin gift card can be used at the drive-thru, even if that card has been uploaded to the Dunkin app. 


Adding a gift card to the Dunkin’ app is super easy, and with so many benefits, there’s no reason not to! 

I’ve enjoyed so many free coffees and treats just from keeping my gift cards in my app! 

I always hope to get Dunkin’ gift cards, and they’re so handy!


1. https://www.dunkindonuts.com/en/mobile-app
2. https://www.dunkindonuts.com/en/locations
3. https://www.dunkindonuts.com/en/about/contact-us/faqs#dunkincards

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