It's a hot day, and you feel like something cold and tasty. A Frappuccino is always a good choice for staying refreshed, but will the caffeine make you feel anxious or jittery later?[1]

Don't worry, I did all the digging to make sure you know exactly what Frappuccino to order before hitting the drive-thru!

  • Most Starbucks frappuccinos tend to contain between 40 and 155 mg of caffeine per serving
  • You can make these flavors decaf by asking for a shot of decaf coffee instead
  • There are various caffeine-free Frappuccinos available in-store, including the Vanilla Bean Crème
  • You can even get bottled Frappuccinos in grocery stores for a tasty treat anytime - no Starbucks needed!

Starbucks Frappuccino Drinks & Their Caffeine Content (From Most To Least)

Espresso Frappuccino

Caffeine Content: 155mg

Unsurprisingly, the Espresso Frappuccino blended beverage has the highest quantity of caffeine of them all, clocking in at 155 mg of caffeine per Grande size.

They're made by combining a hot espresso shot with milk, blended with ice. It tastes like a delicious blended coffee treat!

This is the main Starbucks blended beverage coffee Frappuccino, and if you're a fan of heavily-caffeinated sweetness, you'll love it.

Java Chip Frappuccino

Caffeine Content: 105mg

The Java Chip Frappuccino blended beverage is similar in coffee flavor to the Espresso Frappuccino but combines coffee, milk, and ice, and adds whipped cream and a mocha drizzle for an indulgent twist.

Containing 105 mg of caffeine, this delicious drink has significantly less caffeine than the Espresso Frappuccino but still provides a jolt of energy.

Mocha Frappuccino

Caffeine Content: 100mg

The Mocha Frappuccino blended beverage has 100 mg of caffeine and is for those who like the Java Chip but want a bit more of that mocha flavor.

The Mocha Frappuccino is a Frappuccino blended with coffee, milk, and ice with mocha syrup and drizzle.

Many like it affogato-style with a hot shot blonde roast espresso poured right over the top!

Coffee Frappuccino

Caffeine Content: 95mg

The Coffee Frappuccino blended beverage is one of the most popular drinks, with 95 mg of caffeine to hold you through the day.

This coffee Frappuccino blended option is one of the top cold coffee beverages for those hot summer days. It doesn't include brewed Starbucks coffee but rather instant coffee and a coffee Frappuccino syrup base.

Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino

Caffeine Content: 95mg

The Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino has 95 mg of caffeine, and this beverage combines vanilla bean Frappuccino powder, roast coffee, and ice.

This vanilla bean Crème Frappuccino is one of the milder coffee-based Frappuccinos.

Caramel Frappuccino

Caffeine Content: 90mg

The Caramel Frappuccino (sometimes called the Caramel Brulee Crème Frappuccino) has just a bit less caffeine, at 90 mg. 

The blended beverage Caramel Frappuccino combines acidic with buttery and creamy, making for a very popular, well-balanced Starbucks Frappuccino flavor with relatively low caffeine content.

If you like caramel flavors then you'll love this caramel Frappuccino.

Matcha Crème Frappuccino

Caffeine Content: 70mg

This Crème Frappuccino is a caffeinated Frappuccino which contains around 70 mg of caffeine.

It's a Frappuccino blended beverage which combines herbal flavors with sweetness. You have matcha green tea, milk, ice, and sweetened whipped cream on top.

For reduced calories, you could always opt for reduced fat milk or order this coffee based Frappuccino blended without whip.

Chai Crème Frappuccino

Caffeine Content: 40mg

The Chai Crème Frappuccino is blended with spicy classic chai tea and ice among the creme   and doesn't have much caffeine at all.

These Frappuccinos have caffeine, but the caffeine content in these tea based Frappuccinos is very low, at just 40 mg of caffeine per Grande Frappuccino.

Double Chocolaty Chip Crème Frappuccino

Caffeine Content: 15mg

Made with a rich mocha sauce and dark chocolate chips, it's not among coffee Frappuccinos and hardly contains any caffeine - just 15 mg of caffeine.

In fact, it's so low that you could almost consider this chocolate drink to be a decaf Frappuccino.

Caffeine Content in Frappuccinos

Are Frappuccinos Stronger Than Regular Coffee?

Some Frappuccinos are stronger than regular coffee - but not all of them are!

A regular cup of brewed coffee can contain between 70-140 mg of caffeine, with most sitting in the 95 mg range. A shot of espresso typically contains around 63 mg of caffeine while instant coffee typically contains 30-90 mg of caffeine per serving.

How much caffeine is in a Starbucks Frappuccino?

Most Frappuccinos have caffeine, but depending on which you choose, it could range from less than 15 to over 150 mg of caffeine.

Starbucks Frappuccinos caffeine levels vary greatly, though those that include their special Frappuccino roast coffee will usually have more than the decaffeinated Crème Frappuccino counterparts.

4 Best Caffeine-Free Starbucks Frappuccinos

1. Caramel Ribbon Crunch Crème Frappuccino

The Starbucks Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappucino blended beverage is a fine example that not all crème Frappuccinos are caffeine-free, as this one also contains coffee.

If you want something sweet but aren’t in the mood for chocolate, this Caramel Ribbon Crunch Crème Frappuccino is a great alternative.

Buttery caramel syrup and dark caramel sauce amp up the sugar, content, and calories in this Caramel Ribbon Crunch Crème Frappuccino, but always make for a nice treat.

If you're worried about the jitters, try this Crème Frappuccino blended with decaf espresso instead to keep the caffeine content down!

2. Pumpkin Spice Crème Frappuccino

When the leaves start changing colors, nothing hits the same as pumpkin spice creme Frappuccinos!

Not everyone wants a hot beverage, so the Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino makes a great alternative to the regular PSL.

The Pumpkin Spice Crème Frappuccino blended beverage is the one of the best Starbucks Frappuccinos on my list of caffeine free Frappuccino blended beverages, and has 0mg of caffeine.

3. Strawberry Funnel Cake Crème Frappuccino

The Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino blended drink is one of the most unique Starbucks Frappuccinos, with a funnel cake-flavored syrup, strawberry puree, and even pieces of actual funnel cake.

This crème Frappuccino is one of the most popular caffeine free Starbucks Frappuccinos because of its incredibly sweet taste.

4. Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino

Yet another one of the coffee-free crème Frappuccinos, this rich and creamy vanilla bean crème Frappuccino is also caffeine-free, making a great alternative to caffeinated Frappuccinos.

This Crème Frappuccino tastes very similar to toasted white chocolate in sweetness, including vanilla bean powder and whipped cream.

If you like a Starbucks Frappuccino blended with vanilla then you'll love this Crème Frappuccino option.

Decaf Favorites

Starbucks Frappuccino Caffeine Questions

Is Starbucks bottled Frappuccino high in caffeine?

Starbucks bottled Frappuccinos are high in caffeine: a 9.5 ounce bottle contains 45-90 mg and a 13.7 ounce bottle contains 45-130 mg.

Can you ask for caffeine-free versions of popular Frappuccinos?

You can ask for caffeine-free versions of popular Frappuccinos by either requesting decaf coffee shots as a sub or by ordering a Crème Frappuccino version instead. [2]

Can you add extra caffeine to a Starbucks Frappuccino?

Absolutely! You can add extra caffeine to a Starbucks Frappuccino by adding an extra espresso shot. 

Will a Frappuccino keep me awake at night?

Whether a Frappuccino will keep you awake at night depends on your caffeine tolerance, the Frappuccino, and what time of day it is. If you are concerned, I recommend not drinking caffeinated Frappuccinos after 3 pm or opting for a caffeine-free version instead. [3]

Can I have a Starbucks Frappuccino while pregnant?

Yes, you can have a Starbucks Frappuccino while pregnant! Pretty much all Starbucks Frappuccinos will have well under the 200 mg of caffeine maximum pregnant women should consume. [4


Now that you know exactly how much caffeine to expect, you can sip away on your fave Frappuccinos without worrying about your sleep schedule. Whether you're alone or with little ones, there will always be a caffeinated or non-caffeinated delicious Frappuccino waiting for you at Starbucks.



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