How Commercial Coffee Machines Work

How Commercial Coffee Machines Work

If you are interested in how commercial coffee machines work then you will be interested to know that all coffee machines work in a similar manner. First of all water will be boiled and then dripped over the coffee grounds. Liquid is then passed through the coffee grounds and then it steeps and mixes with oils that are in the coffee. The liquid usually passes through a filter in order to prevent the grounds from draining. This liquid is then passed into the decanter that is holding it. The following are some of the technologies that are used in coffee making.

Percolation is how commercial coffee machines work and this is an improvement of the stovetop boilers that were being used earlier. The interior heating element in such a machine is used to activate its boiler. When water has reached the boiling point, there is pressure that builds up in a pot and this pushes water through the stem of the machine. This stem feeds the water towards the top and this water will then come out of this stem and into a basket that is holding the coffee grounds. After water has seeped through this basket, the coffee grounds are saturated and the flavor from the coffee grounds is pulled and it goes into a basin.

This percolation is done at a time that is pre-programmed and once the pot has finished brewing the coffee, this process stops. Percolating is a process that produces very good coffee and such a machine is popular with many coffee shops. The drip coffee maker is also how commercial coffee machines work and basic gravity is used in brewing the pot of coffee. The way in which the machine works is by pouring water into a certain reservoir depending upon the amount of cups that a person would like to brew.

When you turn on the machine, there is the heating element that is used in raising the water temperature. This creates a vacuum between this heated water and the tube that is carrying the heated water from a reservoir to the spigot. The outlet will then dispense the water into a filter basket and it is then mixed with the coffee that has been premeasured. The coffee and the water will then blend together and flow from the filter into the pot.

To be able to understand how commercial coffee machines work, most of the establishments that brew coffee use high capacity drip machines. A large filter is used to load the coffee and then it is set between an outlet and a unit that is holding the coffee. Dedicated water supply is used by these commercial machines and water flows into the boiler and fills it up completely depending upon an amount that is required to brew the batch. Water is heated just like in a drip machine and it then flows from a reservoir and into a coffee basket. The coffee that has been brewed will then be dispensed one cup at a time and this is how commercial coffee machines work.

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