Do Coffee Grounds Keep Squirrels Away (Will They Work?)

Squirrels can be pesky creatures, and not only can they wreak havoc on your yard, but also on your home’s foundation. Preventing these critters from causing damage can be challenging, but did you ever try using your leftover coffee grounds? Many sources say that using coffee grounds is an effective way to deter squirrels. So do coffee grounds … Read more

Do Coffee Grounds Keep Deer Away? (Is Coffee A Good Repellent)

Deer may seem innocent, but they can create chaos in your garden and other plant life. It can be frustrating to deal with animals, especially when they are damaging your precious garden, and you are probably looking for ways to make them stop.  There are many home remedies and methods that you can try to deter … Read more

Can You Drink Coffee With Braces? (Why It’s Not A Good Idea)

If you are a coffee lover but currently undergoing orthodontics treatment, you might wonder if you can continue drinking your favorite drink without harming your braces.  Whether you have traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, or Invisalign, this is a valid concern. Your primary goal for wearing orthodontics appliances is to fix your teeth and avoid anything … Read more

How Much Caffeine Is In Chocolate Vs Coffee? – BaristaHQ

Many people don’t realize that some foods contain naturally occurring caffeine, and chocolate is one of them. So does this mean that you can substitute hot chocolate or chocolate candy and ditch espresso beans and coffee beans in order to get that much-needed caffeine boost?  Find out here in this complete guide on how much caffeine is in … Read more

Coffee Vs Energy Drinks – Compared for Health & Energy

We all want more energy, especially when the pressure is on—but we also want a healthier lifestyle. Accordingly, the market offers a vast array of appealing energy drinks, many with potentially healthful ingredients.  Then there is coffee—beloved by so many, but with a mixed record of health studies. Both offer a generous amount of caffeine, but what are the important differences between energy … Read more

Caffeine Pills Vs Coffee (Which Is Better For Your Health?)

Many of us need that early morning caffeine fix to get through the day, and some even require an afternoon caffeine boost. Most people make this happen by sipping on a cup of coffee – or 5! – but there’s actually more than one way to consume caffeine.  Another option is to take convenient caffeine pills, … Read more

Red Bull Vs Coffee (Compared for Caffeine & Health)

coffee vs redbull

Instance 1 Caffeine is the perfect solution if you need a quick energy boost. Most of us have incorporated it into our daily routine somehow, and if we go even a day or two without it, then we really struggle.  Everyone has their own caffeine fix, but the two most consumed caffeinated beverages are Red Bull and coffee. This … Read more

Is Coffee an Aphrodisiac?

Is Coffee an Aphrodisiac?Coffee is one of the most unique and revolutionary discoveries of all time. A cup of freshly ground coffee, apart from being a stimulant, has other useful but rarely known facts that are quite astonishing. For example..Ground coffee can ward off insects like ants, and slugs and snail.It can help you get … Read more

How Commercial Coffee Machines Work

How Commercial Coffee Machines WorkIf you are interested in how commercial coffee machines work then you will be interested to know that all coffee machines work in a similar manner. First of all water will be boiled and then dripped over the coffee grounds. Liquid is then passed through the coffee grounds and then it … Read more