Americano Vs Latte (The Most Popular Coffee’s Compared)

Instance 1 Coffee is insanely popular. In fact, it’s the most popular drink worldwide after water, and it’s estimated that 400 billion cups are drunk every year. Coffee comes in all shapes and sizes, and there’s more choice out there than most people even realize. The two most popular, by far, are the Americano and the latte.  We’ve all probably chosen between them at … Read more

Is Coffee an Aphrodisiac?

Is Coffee an Aphrodisiac?Coffee is one of the most unique and revolutionary discoveries of all time. A cup of freshly ground coffee, apart from being a stimulant, has other useful but rarely known facts that are quite astonishing. For example..Ground coffee can ward off insects like ants, and slugs and snail.It can help you get … Read more

How Commercial Coffee Machines Work

How Commercial Coffee Machines WorkIf you are interested in how commercial coffee machines work then you will be interested to know that all coffee machines work in a similar manner. First of all water will be boiled and then dripped over the coffee grounds. Liquid is then passed through the coffee grounds and then it … Read more

How Is Decaffeinated Coffee Produced

Decaffeinated Coffee has always suffered from the challenge of maintaining the same qualities and flavor characteristics as regular coffee but without the caffeine. Many people choose decaffeinated coffee so that they can still enjoy a cup of coffee without experiencing the effects caffeine has on the body. This is the reason why it is important … Read more