13 Best Fall Coffee Drinks (Popular Options Full Of Flavor!)

There’s nothing quite like the autumn. Fall is loved for so many reasons - pumpkin patches, sweater weather, football games, and most importantly, fall cozy coffee drinks filled with flavors like pumpkin spice, salted caramel, and apple cider.  

If you're the type of person who finds joy in all things fall, you'll love this guide to the best fall coffee drinks for this season. Whether you're a fan of Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or making coffee at home, there are plenty of coffee drinks to try this autumn. 

Major coffee shop chains, as well as small local roasteries, take advantage of the autumn season by adding cozy coffee drinks to the menu.

As early as August or September, you could be sipping on a flavorful pumpkin spice latte or a gingerbread-infused morning coffee.  

If you’re interested in spicing up your morning routine this season, consider ordering one of these popular coffee fall drinks - or even making them at home. 

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte 

Out of all the cozy coffee drinks on the planet, the pumpkin spice latte is probably the most loved. It's so loved that some people count down the days until autumn starts, just to get a taste of a delicious, piping hot PSL.  

Let’s take a look at the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. This coffee drink is traditionally made with:

  • Two espresso shots
  • 2% steamed milk
  • A combination of pumpkin flavoring, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove
  • Topped with whipped cream and real pumpkin pie spices

You can change the coffee recipe by using a dairy-free milk and swap out the 2% milk for soy, almond, oat, or coconut milk instead. You can also make it a pumpkin cream cold brew by using cold brew coffee instead of regular espresso. 

A 16-ounce grande option with dairy milk has 390 calories, 14 grams of fat, and 50 grams of sugar. A pumpkin cream cold brew has about 250 calories, but 185mg of caffeine - so it packs a kick.

No matter how you order your PSL or if you choose to make it at home, this is without a doubt a traditional beverage that you can’t go without this coming autumn.  

13 Best Fall Coffee Drinks (Popular Options Full Of Flavor!)

2. Caramel Apple Steamer 

A caramel apple steamer, also called caramel apple spice at Starbucks, is one of the best cozy coffee drinks without the pumpkin flavor. Even though a regular pumpkin spice latte is a classic fall option, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s where the steamer comes into play.  

A Starbucks caramel apple steamer coffee recipe contains:

  • Steamed apple juice
  • Cinnamon syrup
  • Whipped cream
  • Caramel sauce

If the idea of a creamy apple cider sounds delicious to you, this is the drink to order. Just be careful because even though this is one of the few coffee recipes without an espresso shot, it still has a whopping 70 grams of sugar.

If you're trying to cut back on sweets, you might want to look at our article on the best sugar-free drinks at Starbucks.

Caramel Apple Steamer

3. Hazelnut Mocha 

A hazelnut mocha latte can be made in several different ways, but the most traditional is to combine: 

  • Sweet hazelnut syrup
  • Milk
  • An espresso shot
  • Topped off with a yummy mocha sauce drizzle atop whipped cream. 

This is the perfect choice for chocolate lovers, especially those with a serious sweet tooth.  

Making a hazelnut mocha at home is simple and the coffee recipe is easy to follow; just grab the ingredients and combine in a glass, then top with some chocolate syrup or shavings as a garnish.

The most challenging part of the process is creating the foamed milk, but there are a lot of milk frothing tools and machines you can use.

This is one of the best cozy coffee drinks to have in cold weather, but there's over 400 calories in a single serving - so it's probably not one for every day. 

Hazelnut Mocha Coconutmilk Macchiato

4. Peppermint Hot Cocoa 

Hot cocoa may sound like more of a wintertime beverage, but it’s actually a delicious autumn coffee treat. For most of us, this is when the weather starts to cool down, and sipping on a hot cocoa just feels right - especially when you combine it with peppermint flavoring.  

There are several methods and ingredients you can use to make peppermint hot cocoa, so let's take a look at a popular recipe from the Food Network. According to the source, you’ll need:

  • Heavy cream
  • Milk
  • Brown sugar
  • Bittersweet chocolate
  • Peppermint oil
  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolate shavings

Once you’ve gathered the ingredients, here’s what to do: 

“In a saucepan, combine the cream, milk, sugar, and salt and heat over medium-low heat. When the cream mixture just begins to steam, add the chopped chocolate, and stir, until melted. Stir in the peppermint oil.” Of course, you can also order this from Starbucks or another coffee shop, but making it home is much more economical. 

Peppermint Hot Cocoa

5. Salted Caramel Latte 

A salted caramel latte is just as it sounds; it takes the classic latte to another level by adding in the sweet and salty flavors of salted caramel. All you need to make this drink at home is:

  • 1 cup of your favorite milk
  • 1 ounce of espresso roast coffee
  • Caramel syrup
  • Sea salt
  • Sugar
  • Whipped cream (optional)

Making any type of latte at home - including this one - is easiest if you have a milk frother or steamer, but it’s not entirely necessary. There are several ways to froth milk, so don’t be afraid to try something new. Or, just head to a local coffee shop and ask for a latte with additions like caramel syrup and sea salt.  

If you fancy a more chocolatey version of this delicious autumn coffee treat you can order a salted caramel mocha latte from your local coffee shop. This has all the same ingredients, but uses chocolate sauce to flavor the milk. 

Salted Caramel Latte

6. Vanilla Biscotti Latte 

The biscotti latte is a popular choice for autumn-loving coffee drinkers, especially those with a Nespresso Vertuo machine. According to the Nespresso company, making one of these at home isn’t difficult at all, you’ll just need:

  • 1 shot of espresso
  • milk
  • vanilla extract
  • lemon zest
  • sugar

This hot coffee recipe is ideal for warming up on a chilly day, thanks to its combination of sweet vanilla and citrusy lemon, which creates a decadent biscotti taste. To make it even better add vanilla syrup on top and dip actual biscotti in the mug in between sips.  

7. Maple Spice Iced Coffee 

Depending on the weather outside, a hot fall drink might not be the best choice. In that case, you’ll definitely want to consider ordering or making a maple spice iced coffee. This sweet treat is perfect for warm fall days, but shouldn't be confused with a maple pecan latte which has a much nuttier taste.

The iced version of a traditional maple spice coffee is made with:

  • Maple syrup
  • Iced coffee or cold brew
  • Your choice of milk

You can also sprinkle some pumpkin pie spice for an additional fall flavor, or pour in extra maple syrup for a distinct maple flavor. It also works well as an iced latte if you use foamed milk - this gives it the sweet and spicy flavors of a dirty chai tea latte. 

8. Butter Pecan Frappuccino 

Pecan pie is a classic autumn dessert, making the butter pecan frappuccino at Starbucks an excellent choice for anyone trying to get in the fall spirit. It's a fan favorite which is enjoyed year round, but spikes in popularity when the colder temperatures come around. 

  • A butter bean pecan Frappuccino is made with:
  • A grande cafe vanilla Frappuccino
  • Almond milk
  • 2 pumps of hazelnut syrup 
  • Caramel crunch topping (or you can use graham crackers if you prefer)

This is one of Starbucks' secret menu items so you'll have to know exactly what to order, but it should taste exactly like a slice of pecan pie!

Butter Pecan Frappuccino

9. Cinnamon Roll Cold Brew 

Another great option for a cold, fall-time beverage is the cinnamon roll cold brew. This cinnamon roll coffee combines the decadent flavor of cinnamon rolls with the richness of cold brew coffee, and it's a perfect choice if you need a serious caffeine boost. 

It's made with:

  • Venti cold brew
  • 4 pumps of white mocha syrup
  • Sweet cream 
  • 2 pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup in the foam

This is another Starbucks secret menu item, so you must know how to order it from the barista. Just remember you can customise it even further, and for more flavor ask for a sprinkle of cinnamon dolce topping.  

Cinnamon Roll Cold Brew

10. Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino 

The pumpkin spice frappuccino is very similar in flavor to a pumpkin spice latte, only it's a cold beverage that's less about coffee and more about refreshing sweetness. While it's not available all year, you'll find the pumpkin spice frapp at Starbucks on the menu all winter long.   

Starbucks describes this fall drink as "pumpkin plus traditional fall spice flavors". It's made with:

  • Blended pre ground coffee and milk 
  • Blended ice (but you can add more ice cubes if you like)
  • Whipped cream
  • Pumpkin pie spice 

Think of it as the ultimate fall care package. At 420 calories and 65 grams of sugar for a grande, it's not a diet-friendly choice, but it's totally worth it. 

Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino

11. Pumpkin Chai Latte 

The chai latte is notorious for its aromatic blend of herbs and spices. Most people love the delicate spices and when you add pumpkin into the mix, it’s the perfect drink for when trees are changing colors. The best part is that this is an easy latte recipe to make at home, especially if you own a milk frother/steamer.  

To make a homemade pumpkin chai latte you'll need:

  • 1 tea bag of spiced chai
  • 1 cup of milk, or your favorite dairy-free alternative
  • A little bit of pumpkin puree,
  • Maple syrup or honey for sweetening
  • Pumpkin pie spices
  • A dash of salt

Combine it all together and create a drink you'll enjoy year long. You can even add in some vanilla extract or a cinnamon stick to enhance the flavor.  

Pumpkin Chai Latte

12. Spiced Apple Cider 

Spiced apple cider is just something you enjoy a lot more in autumn and it's one of the most popular fall drinks. A big reason for this is that it’s easy to make at home, and readily available at grocery stores everywhere. In other words, you’ll have no trouble finding a gallon of apple cider at your nearest Whole Foods, Walmart, Target, or local farmer’s market as soon as the autumn season hits.  

Buying premade spiced apple cider is the easiest way to enjoy this drink, but another option is to make it from scratch. There are tons of recipes for homemade cider, like this one, so just find one that works for you and start enjoying the aromas and flavors of a classic fall drink.   

Spiced Apple Cider

13. Gingerbread Spiced Coffee 

A bit of gingerbread flavoring can transform a normal coffee into a cozy coffee drink that makes you view the changing leaves and dropping temperatures with a new appreciation. There are many ways to make gingerbread spiced coffee, but the Starbucks gingerbread latte recipe includes:

  • An espresso shot
  • Steamed milk
  • Gingerbread flavors 
  • Brown sugar 
  • Whipped cream
  • A little bit of nutmeg

The Starbucks gingerbread latte, is one of the best fall drinks, but it’s actually popular during the winter season. However, for those of you who love gingerbread its one of those coffee recipes you should make and enjoy all year 

Gingerbread Spiced Coffee

How To Make Fall Coffee Drinks At Home? 

Ordering any drink from a coffee shop can be pricey, especially if you plan on drinking one every morning this fall. The good news is that there’s a budget-friendly alternative, and that is to make your own fall coffee drinks in your home kitchen. 

You can pick up all the equipment and ingredients at any grocery store and get everything you need for the new season without spending much.

Equipment Needed:

  • Coffee brewer for espresso (an espresso machine, Nespresso, moka pot, or anything that can make the base for your cozy coffee drinks) 
  • Milk frother for making foamed milk

Ingredients Needed:

  • Good quality coffee beans or pre ground coffee
  • Syrups (maple for a maple pecan latte, caramel for salted caramel latte etc.)
  • Flavors (pumpkin flavor for pumpkin spiced latte, chai spices for a chai latte etc.)
  • Milk (or dairy free alternative milk)
  • Cold brew (for the pumpkin cream cold brew or other cold fall drinks)
  • Sugar (white sugar is ok but brown sugar is best)

These are your base ingredients but the more syrups and flavors you have, the more options you'll have with your cozy coffee drinks. 

You'll need to look up the specific recipe for the fall drink you're making as some will need alternative ingredients, like pumpkin puree.

However, this list should give you everything you need to enjoy most fall drinks without spending a fortune in your local coffee shop.

What Fall Drinks At Starbucks Are Without Coffee? 

While it may sound crazy to some of you, there are plenty of people who don’t actually enjoy the taste of coffee. If that applies to you, Starbucks has you taken care of, and you can still enjoy fall drinks that contain no coffee at all.  

One of the most popular Starbucks fall drinks without coffee is the caramel apple spice, an autumn favorite made from apple juice, cinnamon dolce syrup, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle. Unlike the pumpkin spice drinks, this one is available year-round, so you can enjoy it during any season.  

Another great option that has no coffee is the classic hot chocolate. The Starbucks hot chocolate is made with mocha and vanilla syrups, and there is no caffeine in the mocha syrup, which is what gives the beverage its dark chocolate flavor.

If you want to give your hot chocolate an autumn boost, ask the barista for a sprinkle of pumpkin spice or cinnamon on top.

You can also order a chai tea latte. The combination of sweet and spicy flavorings in this drink make it a popular fall choice in any Starbucks coffee shop. Just make sure you don't accidentally order a dirty chai because that does contain espresso. 

Keep in mind that you can order any of the Starbucks fall coffee drinks without coffee.

Any Starbucks seasonal drink can be made without coffee, and there’s even a button on the register to accommodate this option and omit coffee from a beverage when asked by a customer.    

Frequently Asked Fall Coffee Drink Questions 

Are fall coffee drinks still available in other seasons? 

It depends on which fall drink you're ordering. Some are strictly seasonal, like the pumpkin spice latte or pumpkin chai latte, but others can be ordered year-round, like the caramel apple spice (aka steamer).  

How do you order fall coffee drinks at Starbucks? 

The most popular fall drinks are listed directly on the Starbucks menu, so order them as they appear. If you want something that's not on the menu, or you want to make adjustments to an existing item, be sure to give the barista specific instructions on what you want.  

For example, if you follow a strict dairy-free diet, make sure to ask for a dairy-free alternative (like oat milk, almond milk, or soy milk) instead of the traditional milk used in lattes and other coffee drinks.  

How much are fall coffee drinks in cafes? 

It depends on the specific drink as well as the coffee shop you’re ordering from. Some cafes will charge $6+ for a simple pumpkin spice latte, but at Starbucks, you can get a tall (12-ounce) for $4.25 in most locations. It also depends on what you order because some drinks, like the pumpkin cream cold brew, are noticeably more expensive than your regular salted caramel latte.  


Whether you want to get creative and try some fall coffee drink ideas at home or order from a local coffee shop is up to you. Whatever you do, be sure to try the favorites listed above. 

There’s so much that the autumn season can offer, especially when it comes to coffee and your taste buds! 

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