I hadn’t heard about the ‘Dutch Bros Straw Code’ until recently, when I went through a DB drive-thru with one of my friends who was laughing because I was given an orange straw. 

I said, “I always get orange straws with my drinks - is that weird?” 

She proceeded to laugh even harder, and if the ‘Straw Code’ is true, I can see why.

According to various Dutch Bros fans, the color of straw you receive with your iced or blended Dutch Bros coffee drink has meaning. 

I’m about to dive into what the supposed code is and all of its intricacies, so let’s get started!

We’ve all heard of ‘bro code’ but what about ‘Dutch Bros Straw Code’? 

Allegedly, this color-coded straw system secretly lets you know what your Dutch Bros barista thinks of you.

The conspiracy has been making waves everywhere from talk shows to TikTok, so could my Broista be trying to tell me something this whole time with my drink's straw color?

Dutch Bros Coffee Cup Next to a Container of Multi-colored Straws

The straw system is straightforward, with each color having its own meaning: 

Green Straw

Apparently, getting a green straw doesn’t mean you look particularly outdoorsy or vegan.

Rather, the straw code suggests that it means that the person who made your drink thinks you’re unsightly or unattractive.   

I’m now scouring my memory for any time I may have received a green straw, hmm. 

Anywhere, I’m slightly scared to go to Dutch now. 

Key Takeaways: 
  • Green Straw = recipient is “ugly” or “unsightly”.

Pink Straw

It's not only the Dutch Bros sticker of the month I hope to receive with my next iced coffee, now. 

Just kidding, but I think the pink straw is probably the best a customer could hope to receive under the ’straw code’. 

The pink straw is said to mean the recipient is cute, pretty, or handsome. Others have said that it has nothing to do with looks, and could just mean the recipient was nice or ‘pleasant’ all-around.

Key Takeaways: 
  • Pink Straw = recipient is “pretty“, “nice“, “cute“, or “handsome“.

Blue Straw

The blue straw is the absolute last one I’d want to receive under the Dutch Bros straw code.

Although it’s my favorite color, receiving the blue straw could signify that the person was rude or hard to deal with.

Feedback is said to be a gift, though, so if I ever receive a blue straw I’ll have to do some real introspection (or assume it was just by chance).

Key Takeaways: 
  • Blue straw = “rude“ or hard to deal with.

Orange Straw

I’ve received so many coral-colored or orange straws at Dutch Bros, that up until recently I genuinely thought that was the only color of straws they had.

If the straw code is real, I have to laugh, because apparently an orange straw indicates that the customer is mysterious, strange, unusual, or just plain weird.

I love the idea that people may think I’m mysterious, but let’s face it - I’m definitely receiving them because I’m probably a weirdo. 

Let’s face it, orange is cool!

Key Takeaways: 
  • Orange straw = “weird“, “unusual“ or “mysterious“.

Yellow Straw

Yellow is a color known for being neither here nor there.

It plays nice with other colors, but it doesn’t really have any distinctive or memorable details.

That’s kind of what the yellow straw means - that the recipient is average or “so-so”. 

While I don’t see myself aiming to receive this color, I find it much better than blue or green!

Key Takeaways: 
  • Yellow straw = “average“ or “unremarkable“.
Dutch Bros drinks with different colored straws

How Did The Straw Code At Dutch Bros Begin?

It’s not 100% clear where the Straw Code originated, but it really kicked off thanks to The Veronica Show and social media, in general.

However, it’s no longer just a silly idea discussed online. 

There are plenty of Broistas who’ve claimed they either partake in the ‘code’ or know other locations and/or Broistas who do. 

Some have said that it all depends on how busy the Dutch Bros location is - sometimes they’ll apply the ‘code’ and other times they’ll grab any random straw without looking.

Dutch Bros Coffee Shop

Is The Dutch Bros Straw Code Real Or A Coffee Conspiracy?

There’s plenty of straw codes guides and experiment content on websites like YouTube and TikTok, garnering thousands of views, likes, and comments.[5]

Some videos suggest that the code is real, while others do the opposite.[6]

At the end of the day, it’s hard to tell if my Dutch Bros or the specific Broistas making my drinks employ the practice.[7]

Like I said, I truly believe I’ve only ever received orange straws. That could be an indicator that my Broistas truly find me weird (or mysterious) or it’s just happened by chance.  

From what Broistas themselves have said, whether the code is used seems like it just comes down to time, location, and the employee, themselves. 

Regardless if it’s true or not, I see it as a genius marketing move on behalf of the coffee chain. 

I mean, after learning about the color code myself, I’m eager for my next trip to Dutch Bros (for experimentation purposes, of course).

Frequently Asked Dutch Bros Straw Code Questions

What color are Starbucks straws?

Starbucks used to use its iconic green plastic straws but has since switched to eco-friendly straws of varying colors. You can also get different colored straws depending on what officially licensed cup you get.[9]

What color are Dunkin Donuts straws?

Dunkin’, previously known as Dunkin’ Donuts, now uses marine biodegradable blue straws made with PHA. These straws are known as phade blue straws and are made of fermented canola oil.[10]

Conclusion - Dutch Bros Straw Code Cracked!

The straw code may never be completely ‘cracked’ and I may never know if the color of straw I receive actually indicates anything about how my Broista feels about me. 

However, it’s certainly a fun idea, whether or not it’s put into practice. 

Even if I get a blue straw, I know I’m going to enjoy my Golden Eagle Breve in peace. 


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