While Dutch Bros has a massive regular menu, I’m always curious to try their most secret creations. 

The West-coast-based chain has been making a splash in the coffee scene since 1992, and  while I’ve only been a customer for around 13 years, it’s quickly become my favorite.[1]

I always enjoy surprising my friends with my secret menu selections when we pull up to the drive-through, and I thought I’d share my top 7 Dutch Bros drinks of all time! 

When it comes to coffee, the Dutch Bros menu offers a level of creativity that's truly impressive. 

The regular drink options range from classic coffees and teas to energizing blended drinks.

However, it's the extensive secret menu where the real ingenuity shines through.

While I still enjoy a regular Americano, it’s drinks like the ‘Dirty Caterpillar’ and ‘Golden Eagle Breve’ that made me fall in love with this chain. 

These are my top selections from each type of Dutch Bros Drinks:

Tea Drinks Winner

Electric Berry Green Tea

Dutch Bros Electric Berry Green Tea
Electric Berry Green Tea Standard Ingredients
  • green tea
  • lime Syrup
  • blue raspberry syrup

I love the sensation of taking the first sip of a vibrantly flavorful drink, where it feels like my tastebuds have just been electrified. 

I feel like that’s where the inspiration for the Electric Berry Green Tea got its name, because it’s like that every single sip. 

Not to mention, it as a neon-blue/green color that makes the drink even more addictive. 

The green tea base with lime and blue raspberry syrup doesn’t seem like the most obvious concoction, but it’s like a sweeter Warhead drink. 

Chai Drinks Winner

Raspberry Vanilla Chai

Dutch Bros Iced Raspberry Vanilla Chai
Raspberry Vanilla Chai Standard Ingredients
  • Oregon Chai tea
  • Half and Half
  • raspberry syrup
  • vanilla

Not only do I find the light pink hue of the Raspberry Vanilla Chai to be one of the most beautiful drinks, I also find it to be one of the most mouthwatering. 

The RVC is made by combining the Oregon Chai iced tea latte blend with raspberry syrup and vanilla. 

For me, it tastes like yogurt and raspberries with cinnamon on top, and I love ordering it sugar-free. 

If you’re feelin’ extra fancy, ask for blue raspberry syrup for a gorgeous purple drink!

Barista HQ Tip:
  • Substitute the raspberry syrup for strawberry syrup. It tastes just like the Nesquik Strawberry Milk! 

Freeze Drinks Winner

Dirty Caterpillar

Dutch Bros Dirty Caterpillar Freeze
Dirty Caterpillar Standard Ingredients
  • green apple base
  • caramel sauce
  • Signature soft top

Caramel green apples are one of the most delicious things in the world, but there’s a reason why dentists aren’t a big fan of them.

The Dirty Caterpillar is the perfect accompaniment to any autumn activity, especially when it’s warmer out. 

Mixing a green apple base with caramel sauce, it tastes a billion times better than it sounds.

I personally love the flavor of marshmallow with caramel apple, so I’ll ask for it with a soft top (which I think is quite similar in flavor). 

Frost Drinks Winner

Bob Marley

Dutch Bros Bob Marley Freeze with Extra Chocolate Drizzle
Bob Marley Standard Ingredients
  • ice cream Milkshake
  • coconut syrup
  • chocolate sauce
  • banana
  • Whipped Cream

Out of all the Dutch Bros secret menu items, the Bob Marley is arguably the most popular.

Commonly referred to simply as “The Bob”, this drink is equally decadent as it is “tropical”.

It has a hint of combination of dark chocolate and coconut, perfect for ‘Mounds’ candy fans. 

But there is a twist: they add banana. 

I always thought the banana flavor was a nod to it being a main export crop in Jamaica, but it turns out it refers to Bob’s likeness appearing on a banana a few years back!

Ask the Barista For:
  • Ask for a Bob Marley Frost with Whipped Cream, which is a milkshake made out of ice cream, coconut syrup, chocolate sauce, and banana! The whip on top gives a banana split feel to it. 

Rebel Drinks Winner

Double Rainbro Rebel

Dutch Bros Blended Double Rainbro Rebel
Double Rainbro Rebel Standard Ingredients
  • Dutch Bros' Rebel Energy Drink
  • peach Syrup
  • strawberry Syrup
  • coconut syrup

The Double Rainbro is the legendary flavor combo of peach, strawberry, and coconut syrups.

While this flavor combination can be ordered with any drink on the DB menu, the Double Rainbro Rebel is arguably the best. 

The Rebel is the chain’s signature energy drink, and ordering it served on ice or blended completely elevates the traditional energy drink experience of just cracking open a can.

If I’m feeling a little extra indulgent, I like to ask for a soft top or whipped cream!

Barista HQ Tip:
  • I like drinking my Double Rainbro Rebel before working out, so I order mine sugar-free. It’s perfect to drink while watching carbs, calories, and sugars. 

Breve Drinks Winner

Golden Eagle Breve

Dutch Bros Iced Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle Breve Standard Ingredients
  • espresso
  • breve
  • vanilla
  • caramel syrup
  • caramel drizzle

The Dutch Bros Golden Eagle Breve has landed!

I’m a huge fan or caramel macchiatos, and this is the Dutch Bros (dare I say ‘improved’?) version of the classic coffee drink.

 With an expertly-crafted mixture of breve, vanilla and caramel syrups with espresso, and caramel drizzle, it’s unbeatable for caramel lovers. 

The Golden Eagle Breve can be ordered blended, iced, or toasted, but I prefer the latter two.

Ask the Barista For:
  • Order it half-sweet for a stronger coffee flavor. 
  • White coffee plays down the coffee taste, allowing the caramel notes to really come through. 
  • Mocha Drinks Winner

    The Grasshopper Mocha

    Dutch Bros Iced Grasshopper Mocha
    The Grasshopper Mocha Standard Ingredients
    • espresso
    • creme de menthe syrup
    • dark chocolate sauce
    • whipped cream

    The Grasshopper is a classic cocktail that’s been around for well over a century, and I think the Grasshopper Mocha from Dutch Bros deserves just as much respect.

    With espresso, creme de menthe syrup, dark chocolate sauce, and whipped cream, it’s my go-to when I have a craving for the Girl Scouts Thin Mints!

    The earthy, well-rounded flavor of the dark chocolate is contrasted by the sharp and refreshing mint.

    This delicious drink can be enjoyed blended, iced, or toasted (hot), and my favorites are the latter two. 

    Ask the Barista For:
    • Ask for a Grasshopper Mocha Picture-Perfect. The Broista will drizzle chocolate and caramel sauce around the cup and top it off with whip and more sauce! 

    What Exactly Is The Dutch Bros Secret Menu?

    The Dutch Bros secret menu is a list of drinks that the chain can make, but does not openly advertise. 

    Only if you know about these hidden options can you ask your Dutch Bros barista to make a secret menu item.

    Some secret menu items are more like an open secret, and many become popular through TikTok, Instagram, and even Reddit. 

    In fact, many of DB’s secret menu drinks have become so in-demand that they become permanent fixtures of their regular menu. 

    How To Order From The Dutch Bros Secret Menu

    Just ask! The first step is knowing what secret menu items there are, which you’ve already done by reading this guide.

    From there, simply head to your local Dutch Bros and ask for your favorite secret menu item.

    Be sure to mention whether you’d like any additions like a Dutch Bros soft top, iced vs hot, or omissions.

    One thing to note is that the secret menu items vary based on location[2] as well as the season.

    Just make sure to ask what popular secret drinks they’re serving at the moment.

    Common Dutch Bros Secret Menu Drink Questions

    What is the hype with Dutch Bros? 

    The hype surrounding Dutch Bros can be explained by a few things. First off, the company uses high-quality beans that are freshly brewed with each drink order. Secondly, Dutch Bros locations offer something for everyone.

    What’s the strongest drink at Dutch Bros?

    The strongest drink at Dutch Bros is, without a doubt, the 9-1-1 Six Shot Irish Cream Breve.[3] This drink contains a whopping 6 shots of espresso, half and half, and Irish cream syrup; it’s delicious but also very energizing.

    Why is it called Dutch Bros?

    Dutch Bros is named after the company’s founders. It was created by two brothers, Dane and Travis, who are of Dutch descent.

    How many free drinks can you get at Dutch Bros?

    The number of free drinks you get from Dutch Bros depends on your rewards and loyalty points.[4] Through the company’s Rewards Program, you can convert points into drinks. As long as you keep racking up points, there’s no limit to the number of free drinks you receive. 


    At Dutch Bros, there are simply too many incredible secret menu drinks to not enjoy them regularly. 

    The chain does creativity and customization best, and their secret menu exemplifies these traits wonderfully. 

    I personally love the Laser Cat Rebel and Golden Eagle Breve, even though they’re so different from each other. 

    The Laser Cat Rebel is energizing, refreshing, and fruity while the Golden Eagle is decadent and tastes like dessert. 

    Whatever the drink ordered, though, the Dutch Bros secret menu delivers.



    Caitlin Shaffer


    Caitlin Shaffer
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