19 Dutch Bros Rebel Drinks (Must-Try Energy Drink Combos)

Are you a Dutch Bros fan looking for the best Rebel drinks? Or, have you heard about these popular drinks, and you need to figure out what all the fuss is about?

Just imagine yourself sipping on a refreshing and satisfying Dutch Bros Rebel drink, tailored to your personal tastes, after your next visit to Dutch Bros.

Read on to discover our 19 favorite Dutch Bros Rebel drinks so you can find your new favorite.

Dutch Bros is known for its delicious and unique drink options, and the Rebel line is no exception.

With various flavors and options, some even being sugar-free, it can be tough to decide which energy drinks to try next!

1. Electric Berry

The Electric Berry will zap your taste buds with a tasty raspberry and lime syrup blend. It's like the electric slide in your mouth, with a refreshing twist that'll have you feeling like a million bucks.

Just a heads up, it is on the sweeter side, but hey, sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - Iced Rebel Electricberry

2. Peach Pom Passion Mango Blended Rebel

This one tastes like paradise in a cup. It’s made with the oh-so-good Rebel energy drink base and a tropical blast of Peaches, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, and Mango syrups.

If that’s too much of a mouthful, just call it Peach, Pom, Passion & Mango for short.

Trust us; this drink will transport you to a tropical paradise with every sip. We like ours as a frozen drink, so it's like an adult slushy.

It’s the perfect way to beat the heat, and if it’s double-blended, it’ll be as smooth as butter.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - Peach Pom Passion Mango Blended

3. Double Rainbro

The Double Rainbro is just what you need if you need a little morning boost.

This one packs a punch with a heavenly combination of fruity flavors, including peach, coconut, and strawberry syrup.

It's like a fruit smoothie on steroids, and it's super sweet, just the way we like it. Be mindful that a large Double Rainbro has 64 grams of sugar!

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - Double Rainbro

4. Aftershock

Pucker up and get ready to try something extraordinary. Aftershock packs a punch with a perfect blend of tart strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and lime notes.

It's like a flavor explosion in your mouth, and it's sure to stand out from the rest of the Blue Rebel options. Perfect for those who like a little tang in their drinks.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - Iced Rebel Aftershock

5. Unicorns' Blood

The Unicorn's Blood energy drink is like a sip of pure magic in a cup! This sweet drink is made with a heavenly blend of strawberries, almond, and white chocolate.

It's the perfect combination of sweet and refreshing. This is a must-try, especially if you've never had a Dutch Bros Rebel. It'll please your taste buds in ways you never thought possible.

This is a secret menu item, but thanks to TikTok, most baristas know how to make it.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - Unicorns' Blood

6. Peach

The Peach sensation is one of the best Dutch Bros rebel offerings, hands down! Whether you're a peach lover or not, this drink will blow your mind.

It's a perfect blend of sweet, delicate peach flavor with a zesty punch of Blue Rebel energy drink. It's like a flavor explosion in your mouth.

It's a delicious sensation you want to experience, but not an everyday treat. A large cup has 97 grams of sugar.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - Iced Rebel Peach

7. Sweet Sunrise

The Sweet Sunrise flavor is a unique Rebel drink that combines mouth-watering peach, a hint of banana, a burst of orange, and a twist of passion fruit flavors.

It's a delicious drink that you want to take advantage of. I recommend trying this one "avalanche style," which means your barista will add a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - Sweet Sunrise

8. Shark Attack

Another one of the best Dutch Bros Rebel beverages is the Shark Attack. Don't be scared by the name; Shark Attack is a deliciously refreshing drink that will have you screaming for joy!

This bad boy packs a punch with a perfect blend of blue raspberry, coconut, lime, and a pomegranate drizzle, layered beautifully. A large one has 113 grams of sugar.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - Iced Rebel Shark Attack

9. OG Gummy Bear

The OG Gummy Bear Rebel is a scrumptious mix of watermelon, pomegranate, grapefruit, and passion fruit flavors.

This OG Gummy Bear is different from the regular "Gummy Bear" flavor; trust me, it's a game-changer. It's a perfect energy drink to quench your thirst on your next Dutch Bros run.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - OG Gummy Bear

10. Midnight Rebel

If you're ready to conquer the night with a delicious burst of energy, check out the Midnight Rebel.

It's the perfect drink to help you power through that all-night study session or prepare you for your overnight shift.

Made with a heavenly blend of blackberry and pomegranate, this drink will give you the boost you need to conquer the day or night.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - Midnight Rebel

11. Laser Cat

Laser Cat is one of the most basic flavors that Dutch Bros has to offer, but that's not a bad thing.

This one is a perfect blend of raspberry and coconut flavors. It's easy to drink and good for first-timers.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - Laser Cat

12. Hawaiian

This is definitely one of the best Dutch Bros Rebel flavors. It's a favorite among Rebel drinkers, and it's no surprise why!

This energy drink packs a punch with a blend of banana, strawberry, orange, and peach flavors. It's a flavor vacation in a cup, with a taste of fresh fruit goodness in every sip.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - Hawaiian

13. The Vampire Slayer

The Vampire Slayer is a drink that will put a stake covered in a mouth-watering blend of strawberry and pomegranate flavors straight through your heart.

It's perfect for burning the midnight oil and ideal for night owls. However, this bad boy packs a punch in the calorie and sugar department, with over 560 calories and 63 grams of sugar.

So, sink your teeth in, but in moderation, unless you want to turn into a sugary vampire.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - The Vampire Slayer

14. Ray of Sunshine

The Ray of Sunshine is a deliciously refreshing drink with a perfect blend of blackberry, grapefruit, and peach syrup.

It's a bit more on the sour side than the usually sweet flavors of the Rebel line, so if you're a fan of a little tang in your drink, this one is for you.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - Ray of Sunshine

15. Palm Beach

This is the "Tropical Experience" drink because it's like a flavor vacation in a cup.

As the name suggests, it provides a tropical experience with a perfect blend of pomegranate and peach flavors that tastes great.

It's a scrumptious and refreshing way to beat the heat, whether iced or blended.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - Palm Beach

16. Daydream Rebel with Soft Top

The soft top (Dutch Bros' version of cold foam) of this rebel drink gives it a bit of a cream soda vibe, but the mix of elderflower and passionfruit Rebel flavors has a sour patch kid's taste to it.

It's definitely on the tart side, but the creamy, sweet soft top cuts the sour and gives it a sweet note.

It's like a happy marriage in a cup, and I highly recommend getting the soft top as intended.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - Daydream Rebel (Soft Top)

17. Astronaut

If you’re ready for lift-off, try the fan-favorite Astronaut. It's a flavor trip to the stars! Blast off with blackberry, raspberry, and almond flavors.

This is a tasty treat that will give you the energy you need.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - Astronaut

18. Stop Light

The Stop Light blend is a delicious mix of kiwi, passion fruit, and pom. 

It's perfect for first-time Rebel drinkers with the combination of these popular flavors. I recommend trying this one blended.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - Stop Light

19. High Dive

The High Dive Rebel, one of Dutch Bros' exclusive energy drinks, is infused with a to-die-for blend of peach, pom, and their Tropical Fruit blend, a mix of passion fruit, guava, orange, and pineapple.

And if caffeine isn’t your thing, no worries. The High Dive Lemonade is also available for you to enjoy.

Dutch Bros™ Rebel - High Dive Rebel

What’s Exactly In Dutch Bros Rebel Drinks?

The Rebel is an energy drink base available in any Dutch Bros coffee shop.

You can have it by itself in the can or customize it to your liking with their seemingly endless options of regular and sugar-free syrups.

Order a Rebel blend from the Dutch Bros menu or get creative and make your own using any combination of their syrups and the Rebel base.

The possibilities are endless, give it a try and let the Rebel in you create your perfect energy drink!

How To Order Rebel Drinks (+ Customization Options)

The first step of ordering your rebel drink at Dutch Bros is to decide on the size, whether you want it iced or blended, and your flavor.

If you order a small Iced Aftershock Rebel, you'll receive a 12-ounce to-go cup filled with ice and the Rebel energy drink mixed with the delectable Aftershock flavor of strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and lime.

If you want it blended, just say the word, and it'll be blended with ice, similar to a slushie. A couple of common customization is to add soft top or get it double-blended.

When ordering at Dutch Bros, they make your drink in a to-go cup, so they can add ice and do any customizations like flavors or blending.

If all you want is the energy drink in a can, just make sure to specify that when ordering.

Can You Make a Rebel At Home? (How?)

If you don't live close enough to the drive-through coffee chain, you can make your own at home.

All you need to create your unique recipe is an energy drink like their Rebel (a Red Bull or similar brand) and some Torani syrups.

If you do live near a Dutch Bros, you can purchase cans of their energy drink for your ar-home concoctions.

You can find the Torani syrups on Amazon, at many grocery stores, or even in stores like Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.

Once you have your ingredients, pick out your favorite flavored syrups and add them to the energy drink. Once that’s mixed, you can add extras like whipped cream or white chocolate flakes.

Add one ounce of syrup for a 12-ounce or 24-ounce drink; for a 32-ounce drink, add two ounces. Get creative, experiment with different flavors, and enjoy your homemade recipe!

Making a Dutch Bros Rebel at Home

Commonly Asked Dutch Bros Rebel Drink Questions

How much caffeine is in the Dutch Bros rebel?

A 12-ounce can contains 114 mg of caffeine, similar to a double shot of espresso (128mg) or a medium-sized latte or breve. If you're looking for a pick-me-up, a can of Rebel is a great option. Remember, it's important to consume caffeine in moderation, so drinking these nonstop might not be the best idea.[1]

How many calories do the Rebel drinks have?

A plain 12-ounce Rebel has 160 calories, while a 12-ounce sugar-free Rebel has 10 calories. Of course, adding flavors like the infamous blue raspberry syrup to your drink will increase the calorie count.

How much sugar is in a Dutch Bros Rebel?

A plain 12-ounce Rebel with no ice added contains 39 grams of carbs with 37 grams added sugar. Again, if you add rebel flavors to your Rebel drink, it will increase the sugar amount. [2]

Is a Rebel the same as a Red Bull or Monster Energy Drink?

All three are energy drinks with similar ingredients and tastes. However, all three are separate and distinct products. Each is a very popular drink with its unique flavor profile and ingredients. If you've never had a Rebel but like Red Bull, the Blue Rebel is very similar to a Red Bull.

Are Rebel drinks carbonated?

The iced Rebels are carbonated with a bubbly and refreshing taste. The blended Rebels are not carbonated and are more like a smoothie.

Does Dutch Bros have a secret menu?

Dutch Bros has a secret menu, including some Rebel favorites like the Bugatti Berry or Cowboy Sunset. When you order your secret menu rebel drink, tell them to “Make It Shine,” and they’ll add a cool shimmer effect to it.

Conclusion - Give One A Try!

Dutch Bros has several popular Rebel flavors that suit any taste preference. There is something for everyone, from the sweet and fruity Electric Berry to the tart and tangy Aftershock.

Each flavor is unique and delicious, and the ability to customize your own drink with different syrups and sizes makes the possibilities endless.

So whether you're looking for a pick-me-up in the morning, a refreshing drink in the afternoon, or something to keep you up at night, Dutch Bros Rebel energy drinks are a great option.

Give one (or a few) a try, and see which flavor becomes your new favorite.


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