Heading to Dutch Bros is one of the highlights of my day, but as much as I love my DB, there’s someone who may just love it more: my dog.

She knows that she’s getting a pup cup every time we go, and as soon as she sees the iconic blue-and-white drive-thru come into view she’s already running around the car.

While Starbucks was the one who made pup cups popular, Dutch Bros (in my humble opinion) is the coffee chain who’s perfected it. 

Let’s dive into all the tasty details! 

  • Dutch Bros has pup cups
  • They consist of whipped cream and Milk Bone treats
  • The pup cup cups have cute little dog-inspired graphics
  • They can be filled half-way for smaller dogs
  • They’re bigger than Starbucks’ puppuccinos.

Are Pup Cups Available At Dutch Bros?

Yes! Pup cups are available at Dutch Bros.

The Dutch Bros company tries to make each and every customer happy, including those a bit furrier than most![1]

I’ll be the first to admit that I spoil my dog, but hey - why shouldn’t I?! 

The Broistas at my favorite location all know my dog by now and they’re definitely some of her favorite people! 

It’s not on the official menu, but everyone knows what they are and they’re always available. 
Golden Retriever 1st Dutch Pup Cup

Dutch Bros Pup Cup Ingredients

Dutch Bros drinks always include high-quality ingredients.

However, when it comes to my pets, I’m much more conscious of ingredients and their safety than when it comes to the drinks I consume. 

Pup Cup Ingredients

This “dog drink” is simply whipped cream in a small espresso-sized cup.

It’s made fresh daily from cream and sugar - that’s it!

There’s one thing that takes a DB puppuccino to the next level, though. Rather than serving a dog with a cup of plain whipped cream, the baristas top each puppuccino with a tasty milk bone dog treat.
Dutch Bros Pup Cup With rainbow sprinkles and dog bones

Are Pup Cups Sugar-Free?

Unfortunately, pup cups are not sugar-free.

However, it’s fine for dogs to enjoy some sugar, but too much can upset their little stomachs. 

Are They Gluten-Free?

The base ingredients of the puppuccino are gluten-free.

There is a catch, though. Depending on the availability, your barista is likely to add a milk bone dog treat on top, and in most cases, these do contain gluten.

The good news is that gluten is typically harmless to dogs, although USA Today says that “just like humans, some dogs may experience discomfort from eating gluten.”[2]

Bulldog Having Dutch Bros Pup Cup

How To Order A Puppuccino At Dutch Bros

Although there’s no official dog menu at Dutch bros, ordering a pup cup is easy. I literally just ask, ‘Can I please get a pup cup?’. 

The easiest way is to bring my pup through the drive-thru. They’ll usually ask if I want the cup filled up all the way or half-way, depending on the size of my dog. 

I know some dogs don’t like milk bones, and the pup cup can be ordered without it, no problem. 

Great Dane Enjoying Dutch Bros Pup Cup

Dutch Bros Vs Starbucks Pup Cups

Starbucks’ pup cup or ‘puppuccino’ is literally just whipped cream. 

Dutch Bros’ pup cups are whipped cream and milk bone treats. They’ll add one or two, depending on the size of dog.

I also noticed the the Dutch Bros pup cups are bigger and come with special pup cup cups!

They have cute little dog-inspired designs and phrases around it, which warms my heart!

Related Dutch Bros Pup Cup Questions

Is whipped cream OK for dogs?

Yes, whipped cream is perfectly safe for canines.[3] However, some dogs may be sensitive to lactose or high-fat foods, which can cause tummy issues like bloating or diarrhea.

Is the puppuccino the only dog-friendly item at Dutch Bros?

Yes, the puppuccino is the only dog-friendly item at Dutch Bros, at least in terms of beverages. Many locations keep dog treats behind the counter, though.

Can I bring my dog into Dutch Bros coffee shops?

Unless it’s a registered service dog, you cannot have your dog inside Dutch Bros coffee shops. However, all doggies are welcome at the drive-thru and walk-up windows.

Which other coffee stores have pup cups?

Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Peets Coffee, and even Dairy Queen hand out puppuccinos. Many local coffee shops also offer some version of the pup cup.

Are Pup Cups Free At Dutch Bros?

Yes, pup cups are completely free at Dutch Bros!


If my dog is happy, I’m happy. 

And my dog is definitely happy when I take her to get a Dutch Bros pup cup, complete with little dog treats on top!

Right now, DB reigns supreme in that regard, and I hope that many other pet owners take their fur babies over for a Dutch Bros treat ASAP! 


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