I was initially shocked when I discovered that the official Dutch Bros kids menu only has two options on it. Two!

I decided to take it upon myself to come up with a larger menu for my kids to choose from when we visit Dutch Bros. 

Below I share my favorite Dutch Bros kids drinks. From fruity smoothies to creamy hot cocoa, there are delicious drink options for everyone in the family. 

On my list of the best kids drinks at Dutch Bros, I've included both fun drink options and every day drinks for the little ones. 

Some are definitely healthier than others, so I have ranked the delicious Dutch Bros kids drinks below by the sugar and calorie content based on a small cup.

1. Strawberry Lemonade

Dutch Bros Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade Standard Ingredients
  • Dutch Bros signature lemonade
  • strawberry syrup

My kids just love lemonade, and Dutch Bros has a staggering 31 lemonade varieties on their menu, not even counting all the secret menu versions! 

To decide which lemonade to include top my list, we did what all families do. We took a vote. 

The Strawberry Lemonade from Dutch Bros won as the perfect blend of sweet and tangy, making it a surefire hit with all three of my kids. It's not quite as tart as the Palm Beach Lemonade, which has more sour vibes. 

The small cup has 41g of sugar and 180 calories.

How To Make The Strawberry Lemonade Even More Kid Friendly
  • Ask for sugar-free strawberry syrup. Dutch Bros carries Torani syrups, which are sweetened with sucralose. 
  • If you ask your Bro-ista to add in real strawberries as well, they'll be happy to!

2. Palm Beach Lemonade

Dutch Bros Palm Beach Lemonade
Palm Beach Lemonade Standard Ingredients
  • Dutch Bros Signature Lemonade
  • Pomegranate Syrup
  • Peach Syrup

I couldn't just include one Dutch Bros Lemonade on my list of Dutch Bros kids drinks. There are so many flavors, that my kids sometimes choose by color rather than flavor (the Electric Blue Lemonade does a number to their tongues, too). 

The Palm Beach is another awesome item, and one my daughter describes as tasting like Sweet Tarts. 

This ultimate summer drink is a delicious mix of lemon concentrate, peach syrup, and pomegranate syrup, creating a perfect sweet and tangy flavor.

This lemonade has 43g of sugar and 190 calories.

Barista HQ Pro Trip
  • While the tropical flavors of this lemonade are refreshing all the time, I especially like to get this one blended with ice (like a Slurpee!) It's basically a Dutch Frost without the ice cream. 

3. OG Gummy Bear Dutch Soda

Dutch Bros OG Gummy Bear Soda
OG Gummy Bear Dutch Soda Standard Ingredients
  • exclusive sparkling soda water
  • pomegranate syrup
  • passion fruit syrup
  • watermelon syrup
  • grapefruit syrup
  • whipped cream

While Dutch Sodas aren't on the Dutch Bros Kids Menu, I think they should be. Made with soda water and various flavored syrups Dutch Sodas make my kid's taste buds sing in delight. 

There are 35 soda flavors available on the menu, with fun names like Dinosaur Egg, Laser Cat, and Pink Flamingo.  

I haven't tried every flavor yet, but the OG Gummy Bear is always a popular choice at my house. 

The OG Gummy Bear Dutch Soda features a delicious blend of pomegranate, passion fruit, watermelon (give me all the watermelon!), and grapefruit mixed with soda water. 

While it's important to note that the flavors added to the soda water have 41g of sugar and 210 calories, it's still a fun treat that my kids love. And it's better for their teeth than actual Gummy Bears!

Barista HQ Pro Trip
  • Beware that there are two versions of this drink. I've highlighted the OG Gummy Bear. Ordering a regular Gummy Bear Dutch Soda will result in a different flavored drink (kiwi, lime, and white chocolate). 

4. Kids Strawberry Smoothie - Official Menu Item

Dutch Bros Strawberry Smoothie
Kids Strawberry Smoothie Standard Ingredients
  • fresh strawberries (Blended)
  • strawberry syrup (Blended)
  • Ice

My kids loves smoothies, and because I make them super healthy at home, the word "smoothie" has become a bit synonymous with the word "breakfast" at my house. 

The Dutch Bros smoothies have a bit more sugar than my homemade versions, and the Kids Strawberry Smoothie has 45g of sugar and 220 calories in the 10oz kids cup. 

That's because in addition to fresh strawberries and ice, Dutch Bros adds in strawberry syrup, too! It's the sweet taste that my kids love, and that I have to deny know where it comes from so that we can still to our healthy versions at home.

Still, this is definitely a healthier alternative to most traditional sugary drinks at Dutch Bros, and I'm always a bit proud when my kids order a smoothie.

Barista HQ Pro Tip
  • The Strawberry Smoothie is the only smoothie on the Dutch Bros Kids Menu, but any of their smoothies can be ordered in a "small" size, which is 16oz. I recommend the Green Apple Smoothie!

5. Electric Berry Dutch Soda

Dutch Bros Electric Berry Soda
Electric Berry Soda Standard Ingredients
  • Exclusive Sparkling Soda Water
  • lime syrup
  • blue raspberry syrup
  • whipped cream

Sodas are some of my favorite drinks, and I have yet to meet a kid who will turn down a unique soda.

The Electric Berry Soda from Dutch Bros Coffee is a fun and colorful drink similar to an Italian soda. It tastes just like an energy drink, but without the caffeine. 

Its bright blue hue and the perfect mix of lime and blue raspberry syrup make it the perfect soda for any occasion. And my kids just love comparing how blue their tongues can get. 

This Dutch Soda has 45g of sugar and 220 calories. 

How To Make The Electric Berry Dutch Soda Even More Kid Friendly
  • The bubbles from the Italian soda are what likens this drink to a classic soda. To cut down on the sweetness, ask the barista to reduce the syrups by half. 

6. Dutch Bros Chocolate Milk

Dutch Bros Chocolate Millk Drink
Chocolate Milk Standard Ingredients
  • Dutch Bros Signature Chocolate Milk

The chocolate milk at Dutch Bros is unlike any other I've ever had, and the company is pretty secretive about it, too. 

How is it so good? I really have no idea, but it's delicious, and is included in many of my favorite Dutch Bros coffee drinks, like the Caramelizer. 

Asking for a kid's chocolate milk means getting a 10oz cup that comes in at 330 calories and 41 grams of sugar.

How To Make Dutch Bros Chocolate Milk Even More Kid Friendly
  • Ask for half chocolate milk and half 2% milk mixed. While it does cut down the chocolatey flavor a bit, my kids don't even notice the difference.

7. Not-So-Hot Kids' Hot Cocoa - Official Menu Item

Dutch Bros Hot Cocoa with Caramel
Not-So-Hot Kids' Hot Cocoa Standard Ingredients
  • exclusive chocolate milk (Steamed)

The Not-So-Hot Kids' Hot Cocoa is a delicious and comforting drink option for kids, and is one of the two menu items specifically made for kids. 

This warm and creamy cocoa is the perfect temperature from the first sip.

I love that Dutch Bros doesn't use cocoa mix for their drinks, but rather they steam their Signature Chocolate Milk! 

For my kids, though, this drink is all about the customizations. The house favorite is adding whipped cream and caramel drizzle. 

Although this chocolate drink contains 41g of sugar and 330 calories, this hot cocoa is a nice treat and packed full of calcium. 

8. Mango Smoothie With Strawberry Real Fruit

Dutch Bros Mango Smoothie
Mango Smoothie With Strawberry Real Fruit Ingredients
  • Mango fruit Puree concentrate
  • Strawberries
  • Ice

Smoothies are by no means a low calorie food, but I don't feel too bad ordering them for my kids because they are packed with vitamin C and fruit goodness. 

In fact, the Mango Smoothie With Strawberry Real Fruit actually makes a great lunch staple. All I need to do is add some protein on the side (usually a handful of almonds and cheese cubes). 

The Mango Smoothie is just mango fruit puree concentrate and ice. I always ask for strawberries because I think the blend is just delightful. 

Smoothies aren't available in a kid's size, but a small is 16oz and comes in at 410 calories and 90 grams of sugar.

3 Special Treats For Kids Drinks At Dutch Bros

While technically all of the drinks on my list are treats, some of them are way more indulgent than others.

I've included my favorite three here, and these are the ones that I reserve for birthdays and report card celebrations.

1. Snickerdoodle Frost

Dutch Bros Snickerdoodle Frost with Soft Top
Snickerdoodle Frost Standard Ingredients
  • Dutch Bros' Ice Cream Mix
  • Cinnamon
  • Chocolate Macadamia Nut
  • White Chocolate
  • Whipped Cream
  • Cinnamon Sprinks

Snickerdoodles are special in my family because they are a cookie we make together every Christmas-time. 

So when I saw the Snickerdoodle Frost on Dutch Bros menu and saw that it was caffeine-free, I knew I had to share this one with my kids as a special treat. 

The Snickerdoodle Frost has a long ingredients list, but as far as sugary drinks go, it's a fairly standard milkshake with flavored syrups. 

This frosty beverage is listed as one of my more indulgent choices for best kids drinks because it is delicious, but a small cup has 69g of sugar and 440 calories. 

It's by no means a healthy Dutch Bros drink, but when I want to serve up a cookie in a cup, this is my go-to.

2. Cotton Candy Dutch Frost 

Dutch Bros Cotton Candy Frost
Cotton Candy Dutch Frost  Standard Ingredients
  • Dutch Bros' Ice Cream Mix
  • blue raspberry syrup
  • white chocolate sauce
  • whipped cream

Another Dutch Frost that I love to order (not only for my kids, but for myself!) is the Cotton Candy Dutch Frost with a whipped cream top.

This drink blends sweet cotton candy flavors with a creamy texture, making it a delicious snack for any occasion.

The Cotton Candy Dutch Frost drink has 86g of sugar and 500 calories, so it shouldn’t be served every day (and definitely not right before dinner!)

However, as an occasional treat, it's a fun and exciting choice that my kids love.

3. Ninja Dutch Frost

Dutch Bros Ninja Frost
Ninja Dutch Frost Standard Ingredients
  • Dutch Bros' Ice Cream Mix
  • creme de menthe syrup
  • white chocolate sauce
  • whipped cream

This blended drink is a fun and flavorful snack with a color that takes me back to the early 90s and watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

Like the Cotton Candy Frost above, this drink has 86g of sugar and 500 calories, so that's why it's on my special treat list. 

What sets this drink apart from the other Dutch Frosts is its unique combination of creme de menthe syrup and white chocolate sauce (the white chocolate sauce is my favorite).

Its creamy texture and whipped cream topping make it a fun and indulgent option for kids, and I would recommend this drink to anyone who likes mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

How I Picked The Best Kids' Drinks At Dutch Bros

When choosing the best Dutch Bros kids drinks, I started by considering their nutritional value.

My list is arranged from the least amount of sugar and calories to the most.

I also factored in the taste and ingredients of each drink to provide a comprehensive guide.

For parents who prioritize nutrition, Dutch Bros Coffee offers the nutritional information of their drinks online.[1]

If you are okay with the occasional indulgence or are less concerned with calories, Dutch Bros has plenty of flavorful drinks that your little ones will love.

I've included my top three "special treats" for this reason!

Ordering Healthy Kids Drinks At Dutch Bros (Tips For Parents)

When ordering Dutch Bros kid drinks, I just try to remember that the flavorings added to the drinks likely contain unhealthy ingredients, and definitely increase the sugar content.

For reference, kids don’t need to consume more than 25 to 30 grams of sugar per day, depending on their age.[2]

Some of the drinks on my list have over 80 grams of sugar in a small cup, so that's why I've tried to point out these menu items as special treats only!

Also, just like the adult drinks, you can order a Dutch Bros soft top, whipped cream, sprinkles, or drizzles with any kids drink.

That goes both ways. I can make each drink on this list either more sugary or more healthy, depending on customizations. 

Dutch Bros™ Coffee

Common Questions About Dutch Bros Children’s Drinks

Does Dutch Bros have kid’s sizes?

Dutch Bros does have a kids size that is 10oz. It comes in a reusable cup with a straw. The cups have fun and ever-changing designs, with seasonal and new artwork that will excite kids.

Is there caffeine in kid’s drinks at Dutch Bros?

There may be some caffeine in the kids drinks at Dutch Bros, depending on the drink. However, there are caffeine-free options, so if you don't want caffeinated drinks for your kids, be mindful of what you order.

How much is a kid's Frost at Dutch Bros?

A kid's Frost will cost around $2.25. Kid menu prices may vary depending on your location.

Does Dutch Bros have chocolate milk for kids?

Dutch Bros does have chocolate milk for kids. Instead of getting the chocolate milk steamed, it can be served cold.

Should kids have Rebel energy drinks?

Although the Rebel drinks are delicious, kids shouldn't have energy drinks. They are often harmful to kids' health.

Can I get a milkshake at Dutch Bros?

You can get a milkshake at Dutch Bros. They call them Frosts. They're available in a variety of different kid-friendly flavors.

Does Dutch Bros have dairy-free options for kids?

Dutch Bros does have dairy-free options. If milk is required for the drink, you can request non-dairy milk such as Dutch Bros almond milk or oat milk.

What is Buck For Kids?

Buck For Kids is a community program. Each year, Dutch Bros locations donate $1 from every drink sold to a local youth organization in its community.


Dutch Bros has a range of tasty and fun kid drinks that are perfect for treating your little ones.

From classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla to unique twists like the Strawberry Lemonade and Ninja Dutch Frost, there's bound to be something for your little one.

Just be mindful of the added sugars and calories in some flavored drinks.

Ordering plain kid drinks or sharing a drink with your child can make things healthier.


1. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/ijpo.12235
2. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28921869/

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