9 Fantastic Dutch Bros Keto Drinks (How To Order Them)

The Dutch Bros menu is full of delicious options to brighten your day, but keto fans have often wondered; are there any keto drinks at Dutch Bros? What is the best keto drink at Dutch Bros?

We dive into the best ketogenic coffee options Dutch Bros has to offer below.

1. Americano

The Americano coffee is a classic order for keto fans as it has no carbs or calories. Made of just espresso and water, you can choose to get the keto Americano iced or hot.

For those looking for a sweeter, creamier caffeine hit, try adding half and half, heavy whipping cream, or sugar-free syrup for a delicious keto Americano experience.

You can also get a Cafe Au Lait Americano, but we would recommend getting that in a small or medium as the small weighs in at 7 grams of carbs while the medium has 10 grams of carbs.

Having been on the keto diet for almost 2 years now, I found it a bit difficult to indulge in my favorite Dutch Bros drinks without the carbs.

Let's be honest, Dutch Bros is known for their crazy concoctions and that was my favorite part. What kind of drink can I come up with for my bro-ista today?

The best option for keeping my discipline in check every morning when brewing my coffee is this excellent ground coffee from Bulletproof. I typically add MCT oil as well.  

Try Bulletproof Original Ground Coffee

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Dutch Bros Plain Americano

2. Cold Brew

Cold brew fever has swept across the nation in recent years. Like the Americano, cold brew coffee is made up of simply coffee grounds and water.

To improve your keto cold brew coffee, we recommend trying it iced and with heavy cream or sugar-free syrup.

Keto cold brew is easy to mix up seasonally with sugar-free syrups like peppermint.

Dutch Bros Vanilla Cold Brew

3. Nitro Cold Brew

A popular variant of the cold brew is the nitro cold brew, often weighing in at less than 10 grams of carbs. That being said, be careful - only the original cold brew coffee is keto-friendly.

Other nitro cold brew coffee options have non-keto flavorings; these can be switched to keto-friendly ones.

Dutch Bros Nitro Infused Cold Brew Kicker

4. Blue Rebel & Peach Rebel

Dutch Bros Rebel line is a series of energy drinks in various flavors that you can get both canned and non-canned at various locations.

Similar to other brands like Red Bull, there are original and sugar-free versions of the Rebel.

The sugar-free rebel drinks are keto friendly and provide a decent caffeine hit while having less than 10 grams of carbs and calories per serving.

Other Rebel drinks, like the Shark Attack, are not keto friendly. If you are ever unsure, ask a barista for advice on what flavors will work for you.

Dutch Bros Peach Rebel

5. Breve

Another popular Dutch Bros coffee is the Breve, consisting of plain black coffee and their Kick Me Mix.

The Kick Me Mix is essentially half and half and can be used in combination with Dutch Bros sugar-free syrups.

We would recommend sticking to a small serving of Breve as it has 6 grams of carbs, while bigger servings have more than 10 grams.

Dutch Crunch Breve with White Coffee

6. Carburetor-Style Drinks

Most Carburetor-style Dutch Bros drinks are not keto-friendly as they contain the Freeze mix, pumped full of carbs and sugar.

However, if you ask the barista to remove the Freeze mix and add a syrup of your choosing, you can still enjoy a Dutch Bros keto drink version.

Dutch Bros Tea

7. Sugar-Free Teas

While Dutch Bros is a favorite coffee shop for those who love drinking coffee, there are options for non-coffee drinkers as well.

Tea is a great sugar-free alternative source of caffeine that can be sweetened with Truvia or Splenda. It can also be enjoyed either hot or iced.

There are plenty of sugar-free tea options to satisfy your caffeine cravings, including:

Decaf Ceylon

Ceylon tea is a type of black tea from the highlands of Sri Lanka that can also be found in green, white, and oolong varieties.

Decaf Ceylon has all the delicious taste of Ceylon without the caffeine hit.

Green Tea

Green tea is a popular choice among keto fans for its delicious taste, low nutritional information, and numerous potential health benefits.

The green tea can be had hot, cold, or iced while being a keto-friendly Dutch Bros drink.

Earl Grey Tea

Earl grey is a smoky classic black tea flavored with bergamot. As with other teas on this list, it is zero carbs and zero sugar. You can add cream or syrup for an even more delicious experience.

Paris Tea

Another one of Dutch Bros' popular low-calorie options is their Paris tea. Another black tea with bergamot oil, this low-carb hot drink has a hint of vanilla and caramel.

Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea

Hot cinnamon spice tea is another popular sugar-free drink year-round. This black tea with cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves is delightfully fall-appropriate while being sugar-free.

The Juice Tea

The juice tea is a sweet tea that really hits the spot. At around 18 grams of net carbs, this can be refreshing but may require you to watch your carb count more closely for that day.

For that reason, we'd call this one a "keto treat."

Dutch Bros Peach Tea

8. Dutch Classics

All of the Dutch Bros classics can become keto options when made with sugar-free syrups.

For example, the Caramelizer can be made with sugar-free chocolate and caramel sauces. Even with switching the milk and sauces, the classics tend to have around 10 grams of carbs.

Dutch Bros Iced Caramelizer

9. Dutch Bros Cafe Au Lait Americano

The cafe au lait Americano is a take on the original Americano but made with steamed milk.

We recommend trying it with alternative milk choices or ordering a small to stick with your ketogenic diet.

The small has around 7 grams of carbs, while the medium has 10 grams, making it a tricky one to order later in the day.

Dutch Bros Cafe Au Lait Americano

Benefits of Drinking Keto Based

Muscle Mass Preservation

With a high protein intake and high ketone level in your system, it is possible to minimize muscle loss through the ketogenic diet - especially if you are a gym rat who loves lifting weights.[1]

Helps Treat Cancer

Drinking keto-friendly drinks as part of the keto diet can help treat cancer, according to some studies.

However, to determine its specific effectiveness in treating and preventing specific cancers, more controlled tests need to be done.[2]

Can Aid In Treating Brain And Body Diseases

Easy keto drinks like the ones on our list can help reduce symptoms of various diseases, including:

  • Heart disease[3]
  • Alzheimer’s[4]
  • Epilepsy[5]
  • Parkinson’s[6]

How To Successfully Order Dutch Bros Keto Drinks

Avoid Smoothies

If you loved smoothies before starting the ketogenic diet and are hoping for a sugar-free version of the Dutch Bros ones, you will be disappointed.

Choose a Low-Calorie Milk Option

A lot of the popular drinks available on the Dutch Bros menu use milk or cream to achieve that delicious taste.

However, this is not the best for those on a low-carb diet or who need to pay close attention to other nutrition facts in their drinks.

To create low-carb drinks, we recommend asking for one of the alternative dairy options available, including coconut milk, almond milk, oat milk, non-fat milk, and more.

Choose Heavy Whipping Cream

If milk is not your style, you can choose to add cream for that extra layer of comfort to your hot keto drink.

Dutch Bros have various creams available, including heavy whipping cream, heavy cream, whipped cream, and more.

Keep It Black

If you want to avoid dairy, keeping your coffee black will help keep the calories down and your diet intact.

Black coffee can be made even more delicious thanks to the Dutch Bros sugar-free syrups available.

Try A Sugar-Free Syrup

Dutch Bros' sugar-free drinks can be given a taste boost by adding a range of sugar-free syrups. You’re spoiled for choice with these Dutch Bros options:

  • Sugar-free white mocha
  • Sugar-free chocolate sauce
  • Sugar-free white chocolate
  • Caramel mocha
  • Chocolate Macademia Nut
  • Vanilla
  • Hazelnut
  • Irish cream
  • Coconut
  • Raspberry
  • Peach
  • Strawberry
  • Peach
  • Peppermint
  • Double Chocolate Mocha

Ask The Barista Questions!

If you are ever unsure of your order, just ask your bro-ista for advice.

They can tell their sugar-free Caramelizer from their OG Gummy Bear from their carburetor-style drink and will most likely know the best keto option for you.

They may even think of a combination you had not considered to create something new, like a sugar-free Snickers copycat.

Asking a barista can help you indulge in new hot keto drinks without all the confusion of reading over the coffee shop’s menu.

Popular Non-Keto Dutch Bros Drinks

Dutch Bros has more than just keto cold brew coffee on the menu. For those who do not need to consider keto nutrition facts, there are plenty of drinks at Dutch Bros, including the following.

Dutch Frosts

A Dutch Frost is a blended frozen drink that is a lot like an ice cream shake.

You can make this dairy-free with alternative kinds of milk like coconut milk or almond milk, but it is not sugar-free or zero-carb.

Sodas & Rebels

Many of the sodas and Rebels available at Dutch Bros coffee shops are not keto-friendly thanks to the type of syrups inside.

The more complex flavors typically suffer from this, like the Shark Attack, but there are a few keto drinks available in the sugar-free Rebel range.


Smoothies are a convenient and beloved way to get your vitamin and healthy food intake in your diet.

However, many of the fruits used in smoothie drinks at Dutch Bros are not appropriate to use in keto drinks.

The reasoning here is that Dutch Bros smoothies use the Torani brand smoothie concentrate, which is full of sugar and carbs.


A Dutch Bros hot cocoa is a rich and creamy drink made with chocolate milk.

Some versions have chocolate sauce which, even if it were switched with sugar-free chocolate sauce and non-fat milk, would not make it a good choice.

Dutch Crunch Breve with White Coffee

Common Dutch Bros Keto Drinks Questions

How many calories are in a Golden Eagle from Dutch Bros?

The Golden Eagle is an excellent drink made of espresso, half and half, vanilla syrup, and caramel sauce.

However, while it is delicious, it is packed full of calories; a small has 340 calories, a medium has 480 calories, and a large has 560 calories per serving.

Does Starbucks or Dutch Bros have better Keto drink options?

Many people have some favorite coffee shops that provide various keto drinks and sugar-free options.

Choosing the best one depends greatly on factors like what is available in your area and your personal preferences.

To pick between coffee shops like Starbucks and Dutch Bros, we recommend experimenting with different drinks and combinations to find what is best for your tastes and budget.


When it comes to keto coffee, having a range of low-carb and sugar-free drinks and dairy alternatives available is important.

Dutch Bros keto drinks bring plenty of variety and options like heavy whipping cream and sugar-free syrup to keep your keto diet interesting.

Whether you prefer Irish cream or double chocolate mocha, we recommend asking your local barista about fun new combinations for you.


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*Images from Dutch Bros unless otherwise stated.

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