Dutch Bros already has one of the most extensive drink menus I've ever seen, so narrowing down the list to the perfect holiday beverage is quite the challenge.

That's why I compiled this Dutch Bros exclusive holiday menu into one list. Throughout the season, I work my way down this exciting season menu filled with irresistible drinks until I've had each one!

Every drink on my list is delicious, so ranking them was just out of the question. I've started with the official menu items and then have included my favorite Dutch Bros secret menu items!

1. Merry Mischief Rebel - Official Menu Item

Dutch Bros Merry Mischief Rebel
Merry Mischief Rebel Ingredients
  • Rebel Energy Drink
  • Strawberry & Raspberry Syrup
  • Green Apple Soft Top
  • Cinnamon Sprinks (Dutch Bros name for sprinkles
  • Calories: 530
  • Sugar content: 116g

An iced blended drink isn't what I think of first when it comes to holiday drinks, but this Dutch special has the sugar and caffeine to make me feel like I'm bouncing off the walls of Santa's workshop.

While the options for customizing Dutch Rebel drinks is limitless, this combination definitely earns the name of Merry Mischief. 

The strawberry and raspberry syrups give the drink a bright red hue, and the Green Apple Soft Top is the chef's kiss. 

The only downside is that this drink definitely makes the naughty list, with a medium containing 116 grams of sugar!

2. Hazelnut Truffle Mocha - Official Menu Item

Dutch Bros Hazelnut Truffle Mocha Freeze
Hazelnut Truffle Mocha Standard Ingredients
  • Espresso
  • Chocolate milk
  • Hazelnut Syrup
  • Chocolate milk
  • creamy soft top
  • caramel drizzle
  • Calories: 440
  • Sugar content: 58g

The Hazelnut Truffle Mocha is one of the best seasonal options for nutty chocolate lovers like me.

It's like classic Dutch cocoa paired with coffee and perfect for anyone who wants a rich, indulgent, coffee-based beverage.

One of the things I appreciate most about chocolate Dutch Bros drinks is that they use chocolate milk as a base. It really does take the indulgence to another level!

My favorite way to order it is the iced version, but this one is also available as hot and blended versions.

3. Snow Cap Freeze - Official Menu Item

Dutch Bros Snow Cap Freeze
Snow Cap Freeze Standard Ingredients
  • Blended Coffee Base
  • Cupcake Flavoring
  • Soft Top
  • Holiday Sprinks
  • Calories: 730
  • Sugar content: 103g

Dutch Bros describes this one as a holiday bakeshop in a cup. 

Yea, it doesn't take much to convince me! Their special cupcake flavoring takes my Christmas coffee to new heights. It's coffee, it's dessert, it's Christmas -- all blended together. 

The cupcake flavoring is delicious. It got me looking into what other cupcake offerings Dutch Bros has, and the answer is none yet! 

The flavor is new as of fall 2023 and it's yet to be determined if it will be seasonal or for a limited time. 

4. Candy Cane Cold Brew - Official Menu Item

Dutch Bros Candy Cane Cold Brew
Candy Cane Cold Brew Standard Ingredients
  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Peppermint Flavoring
  • Signature Soft Top
  • Peppermint Sprinks
  • Calories: 270 
  • Sugar content: 38g

Cold brew remains one of the best sellers at Dutch Bros, and they are constantly coming up with new ways to change up the taste (see the Peppermint Bliss Cold Brew later on my list). 

Again, I love the use of chocolate milk in this beverage. While it adds a creamy velvety texture to the drink, it does hide the coffee taste quite a bit.

I need to be careful with this one because my first instinct is to drink it really quickly (yum!), but the high caffeine content requires me to pace myself a bit. 

The Candy Cane Cold Brew is also available as a Candy Cane Freeze!

5. Candy Cane Cocoa - Official Menu Item

Dutch Bros Candy Cane Cocoa
Candy Cane Cocoa Standard Ingredients
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Peppermint Flavoring
  • Signature Soft Top
  • Peppermint Sprinks
  • Calories: 590 
  • Sugar content: 81g

Dutch Bros Candy Cane Cocoa is the same drink as the Candy Cane Cold brew, except without the coffee (and a whole lot more chocolate milk). 

This drink definitely takes me back to my childhood and memories of stirring a peppermint candy cane into my mug of hot cocoa. It tastes just like that!

My kids love this one too. It's quite high in sugar, so I usually ask for a medium and kindly ask the barista to split it between two kiddie cups.

6. Zero Sugar Added Peppermint Bark Mocha - Official Menu Item

Dutch Bros Peppermint Bark Mocha
Zero Sugar Added Standard Ingredients
  • Dutch bold espresso
  • Half & Half
  • Sugar Free Peppermint Flavoring
  • Sugar Free Chocolate
  • Sugar Free White Chocolate
  • Calories: 380 
  • Sugar content: 8g

As the holiday gets closer, my diabetic aunt comes to visit. And instead of hiding in the closet with my sweet drink, I'm so thankful that Dutch Bros has sugar free festive options that she can enjoy as well!

The Zero Sugar Added Peppermint Bark Mocha is a flavorful espresso drink with a nod to the tastes of the season. With just about 8 grams of sugar, my aunt can enjoy this one guilt free. 

I only recommend making absolutely sure your barista uses the sugar-free versions of all the ingredients when perfecting your cup!

7. Christmas Morning - Official Menu Item

Dutch Bros Christmas Morning Chai with Soft Top
Christmas Morning Ingredients
  • chai tea
  • half and half
  • white chocolate sauce
  • whipped cream
  • caramel drizzle
  • Calories: 370 calories
  • Sugar content: 71g

This is a twist on regular chai tea with cozy notes of spices, and it's perfect for Dutch Bros chai drink lovers like me. 

Here's the secret: While Christmas Morning sounds like a seasonal special, this official menu item is actually available from Dutch Bros year-round, so I can get that Christmas morning feeling anytime. 

The sweet and slightly spicy combination from the chai makes this a great winter warmer. Plus, there's basically no caffeine, so it's great for non-coffee drinkers and those late nights working.

8. Holly Jolly Rebel

Dutch Bros Holly Jolly Rebel with Soft Top
Holly Jolly Rebel Ingredients
  • Rebel Energy Drink
  • pomegranate flavoring
  • vanilla flavoring
  • soft top
  • green sprinkles

The Holly Jolly Rebel is technically a retired seasonal drink, but still a customer favorite during the Christmas season, and easily ordered from the secret menu.

I like that it looks so similar to a Merry Mischief Rebel, but the tastes are so different. The pomegranate flavoring from this one brings a sweetness to the season that reminds me of stringing berries on the tree. 

My daughter really likes this one too, but when I order it for her, I ask for Dutch Soda instead of Rebel to avoid the caffeine.

How To Order The Secret Menu Holly Jolly Rebel
  • Ask for a Dutch Rebel with Pomegranate and Vanilla Flavorings.
  • Add a Soft Top and top with green sprinkles. 

9. Peppermint Bliss Cold Brew

Dutch Bros Peppermint Bliss Cold Brew
Peppermint Bliss Cold Brew Ingredients
  • Dutch Bros cold brew
  • peppermint syrup
  • white chocolate

For those who love the strong, smooth taste of cold brew but don't love chocolate milk (as featured in the Candy Cane Cold Brew), this is the version I recommend. 

This cold seasonal special tastes like a white chocolate candy cane and has a big caffeine kick. 

It has just enough peppermint taste to make me feel festive and enough caffeine to keep my day chugging along. 

I've also found that the bro-istas will make this one with their nitro cold brew as well, which adds another later of smoothness. 

How To Order The Secret Menu Peppermint Bliss Cold Brew
  • Ask for a Dutch Cold Brew with white chocolate sauce and peppermint syrup. 

10. Peppermint Bark Freeze

Dutch Bros Peppermint Bark Freeze
Peppermint Bark Freeze Ingredients
  • Dutch Freeze base (espresso blended with chocolate and caramel drizzle)
  • peppermint flavor
  • dark chocolate
  • white chocolate
  • Soft Top
  • dark chocolate (Topping)
  • Peppermint Sprinks

This drink mixes the minty dark chocolate flavor of After Eight with candy canes to give me the ultimate Christmas sugar rush.

It’s perfect for those like me who like sweet, creamy, cold coffees. 

However, based on the number of ingredients and time it takes to make this freeze, I only recommend ordering this one when there isn't a line of people waiting for their coffee.

As a secret menu item, I'm going to be honest and say that I'm glad I don't know how many calories are in this one!

How To Order The Secret Menu Peppermint Bark Freeze
  • Ask for a Dutch Freeze with dark chocolate, white chocolate, and peppermint flavoring. 
  • Add a Soft Top with dark chocolate drizzle and peppermint sprinks.

11. Glacier Peak Rebel

Dutch Bros Glacier Peak Rebel
Glacier Peak Rebel Ingredients
  • Rebel energy drink
  • Blue raspberry
  • vanilla
  • soft top
  • raw sugar sprinkles

The Glacier Peak Rebel from Dutch Bros reminds me more of snowboarding than of a typical Christmas beverage, but it's also great for energy drink lovers taking on a day of shopping through the holiday crowds. 

I'm actually not a huge fan of the Soft Top on the Dutch Rebels, so I usually omit that part (and save some calories, too!)

As with other Dutch Rebels, this one can be ordered as a Dutch Soda for when I want to forego the caffeine. 

How To Order The Secret Menu Glacier Peak Rebel
  • Ask for a Dutch Rebel with Blue Raspberry and Vanilla Syrups. 
  • Add a Soft Top and raw sugar sprinkles.

12. Sugar Cookie Breve

Dutch Bros Sugar Cookie Breve
Sugar Cookie Breve Ingredients
  • breve base coffee (coffee, half & half, and milk foam)
  • Almond Roca
  • vanilla flavoring
  • white chocolate
  • Soft Top
  • raw candy cane sprinkles

The Sugar Cookie Breve is actually a Dutch Bros summer menu item, but to me, cookies just go hand-in-hand with the holidays. I mean, we make them, we gift them, Santa eats them... the list goes on.

It's only fair that I include the Sugar Cookie Breve on my list of Christmas drinks. It's very calorific, very sugary, and very delicious.

It can be ordered hot or cold, and extra chocolate sauce makes a great addition.

This special order is nutty, buttery, and sweet, but you still get the coffee flavor from the breve. I love sweet lattes, so this one is right up my alley. 

How To Order The Secret Menu Sugar Cookie Breve
  • Ask for a Dutch Breve with Almond Roca, Vanilla, and White Chocolate Flavoring.
  • Add a Soft Top and Raw Candy Cane Sprinks.

13. SnowBerry Rebel

Dutch Bros Blended Snowberry Rebel
SnowBerry Rebel Ingredients
  • Rebel base
  • blackberry flavoring
  • soft top
  • blue sugar sprinkles

This red, white, and blue drink doesn't exactly scream "Christmas," but it does scream "delicious!"

It's another Dutch Rebel energy drink based option and hasn't been on the official menu since 2020, but fans like me just don't forget these things!

The Snowberry Rebel is made with a Rebel base and blackberry flavoring mixed in. It's topped with a soft top, and extra blue sugar sprinkles are scattered on top.

The Rebel flavor and the marshmallowy Dutch Bros soft top make it the perfect alternative when I don't fancy a coffee.

How To Order The Secret Menu SnowBerry Rebel
  • Ask for a Blackberry Dutch Rebel.
  • Add a Soft Top and blue sprinks! (Although I guess any color will do.)

14. Sweater Weather Chai with White Coffee

Dutch Bros Sweater Weather Chai with White Coffee
Sweater Weather Chai with White Coffee Ingredients
  • milky chai tea
  • white coffee
  • white chocolate
  • soft top
  • cinnamon sprinkles
  • nutmeg (Dusted)

The Sweater Weather Chai is one of the latest additions to the seasonal menu, and it's probably the most interesting option. Dutch Bros only serves this one up in the Fall, but I've tracked all the details so I can keep ordering this delight throughout the holiday season. 

I appreciate the mix of chai spices with Dutch Bros White Coffee here. It's available hot or cold, and each brings something a bit different to the table. I love curling up with a good book and my hot Sweater Weather Chai on a chilly afternoon!

How To Order The Secret Menu Sweater Weather Chai
  • Ask for a Chai tea with two shots of white coffee and white chocolate sauce.
  • Add a Soft Top, Cinnamon Sprinks, and a dusting of nutmeg. 

Seasonal Holiday Vs Regular Drinks: How They Compare?

Dutch Bros has a wide and varied menu with many different options.[1]

Unlike other chains, Dutch Bros mostly use their standard ingredients to make their seasonal specials (with a few exceptions). This often means their seasonal drinks can be ordered year-round.

Here are the key differences:

Christmas Flavors And Colors

Dutch Bros make the most of classic Christmas flavors in their drinks.

This means candy cane flavorings, peppermint, cinnamon, winter spice flavor, and any other flavor your associate with the holidays.

There are also red and green sprinks to add to your winter wonderland drink!

Holiday Cups!

Just like Starbucks, Dutch Bros have their own special seasonal cups! These feature unique holiday cup designs every year, which are always different and always stand out.

Plus, they have separate holiday cup designs for kids, so they don't feel left out.[2]

Sugary And Indulgent

Regular coffee drinkers know you can't have sweet, sugary, indulgent drinks all year round.

However, the seasonal range from Dutch Bros generally has a lot more calories than their regular drinks. Just make sure you don't overdo it this holiday season!

Dutch Bros Holiday Drinks

Are Dutch Bros Holiday Drinks Healthy? (Nutritional Facts)

  • Dutch Bros holiday drinks look and taste amazing, but they are unhealthy.
    In fact, they’re noticeably more unhealthy than their regular menu.
  • Dutch Bros' seasonal special drinks contain an average of 300-500 calories in a serving and 30-70 grams of sugar.
    To put that in perspective, a Dutch Bros regular latte has 200 calories and 19g of sugar. So why are they so unhealthy? Here are the key reasons:
  • Lots Of Sugar
    The sugar content itself in the seasonal specials is very high. Many of them feature brown sugar, syrups, flavorings, and extras, all pushing the calories and sugar content up.
  • High Milk Content
    Milk, even oat milk, contains quite a lot of calories. While you can avoid milky coffees regularly, most holiday specials are heavy on milk, cream, or half & half ingredients.
  • Whipped Cream, Sprinkles, And Added Soft Top
    On top of the flavorings and milk, there are also extra ingredients like whipped cream and sugar sprinkles. These add a lot to the drink but have a lot of calories and sugar. Many of their special orders are topped with soft top, a sweet whipping cream. It’s silky smooth and makes drinks taste amazing, but it adds 50-100 calories. If your order is topped with soft top then the chances are it won’t be healthy.

Common Dutch Bros Holiday Drink Menu Questions

How much do the Dutch Bros holiday drinks cost?

Dutch Bros holiday drinks generally cost $5-$7, depending on location and additions.

How long will the holiday drinks be available?

All your favorite hot and cold special seasonal orders are available from November until the start of January.

Does Dutch Bros have sugar-free holiday drinks?

Yes, Dutch Bros offers a Zero Sugar Added Peppermint Bark Mocha holiday drink.

What is the most popular holiday drink at Dutch Bros?

The most popular holiday drink at Dutch Bros is the Hazelnut Truffle Mocha, which keeps making a comeback on the menu year after year.

How do you order Dutch Bros' seasonal drinks?

Dutch Bros are historically a drive-thru coffee company, but you can also order the exclusive drinks in any store or through the Dutch Bros app. It only takes a few minutes, and you'll be able to sip your favorite beverage in no time.

Final Words

Every year my list of Dutch Bros holiday drinks gets longer and longer. If you're still unsure where to start on my list, let me recommend my top two choices. 

My favorite hot beverage is the Candy Cane Cocoa. And when it comes to cold drinks, my first choice is usually the Sugar Cookie Breve.

The season is on through December 31st, so don't miss out!


1. https://www.dutchbros.com/menu
2. https://www.dutchbros.com/news-events/holiday-cups

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