When ordering your morning (or afternoon) cuppa joe, one of the biggest decisions is choosing a cup size that suits your needs.

In this article, I will shed light on all the Dutch Bros cup sizes so you can make an informed decision while ordering your coffee.

I'll walk through each of the Dutch Bros coffee sizes available, and explain the exact volume each drink will give you, so let's get started!

At Dutch Bros, there are three main drink sizes you can choose from: small (12 oz or 354 ml), medium (16 oz or 473 ml), and large (20 oz or 591 ml).

Choosing the perfect cup size at Dutch Bros will depend on a range of factors, such as how much coffee you need, how strong you like your coffee, and what type of drink you're ordering.

For example, small and medium cups of a standard coffee drink contain two espresso shots, while a large cup contains four shots.

The rest of the cup will then be topped with steamed milk for a classic coffee, or iced cubes will be added for a cold treat.

Small Cup Size

The small cup size at Dutch Bros is the smallest of the three sizes available, and it holds 12 ounces for a hot drink and 16 ounces for iced and blended drinks.

This size is perfect for those who want a quick pick-me-up without committing to a larger cup.

Medium Cup Size

The medium cup size at Dutch Bros is the most popular choice, and it holds 16 ounces of hot liquid or 24 ounces for an iced or blended beverage.

This size is great for those who want more Dutch Bros coffee for their cash but don't want to commit to a large cup.

Large Cup Size

The large cup size at Dutch Bros is the largest of the three sizes available, and it holds 20 ounces (568 ml) of liquid for hot coffee and 32 ounces (946 ml) of cold or iced coffee.

This size is perfect for those who need a lot of coffee to get through their day or for those who just really love their coffee!

Dutch Bros Cup Sizes

Prices Of Drinks At Dutch Bros Based On Size

The prices of drinks at Dutch Bros vary on the option you choose and tend to be the same all around the country.

It is also useful to note that only the beverages on the Dutch Classics menu have different prices according to size - other drinks, such as blends and teas, come in one size and so will have just one cost per option rather than a different price tag for each alternative size.[1]

Small Drinks

Small drinks at Dutch Bros, defined above as 12 oz for a hot brew and 16 oz for a cold brew coffee, will set you back around $3.

This places hot drinks roughly in line with most items on the Starbucks menu, though it is worth noting that the Starbucks menu has a much wider variety depending on the specific drink ordered.

A blended drink, such as Dutch Bros smoothies, or a blended iced coffee drink, such as a Dutch Freeze or a Dutch Frost, will cost you $3.50 for a small drink.

This is cheaper than the Starbucks Frappuccino, which comes in around $0.05 more expensive[2], and the same applies to a Blue Rebel Energy Drink.

You can expect to pay $1.75 for small Dutch Bros Teas, $2 for a small hot cocoa, and $2 for a small-sized Americano.

Medium Drinks

Dutch Bros menu medium cup, defined as 16 oz for a hot coffee or tea and 24 oz for a cold brew coffee, will cost you around $3.50 - $4.

For example, a chai tea latte will set you back around $4.25 at Starbucks, compared to the Dutch Bros basic Dutch latte option for $3.50, without extra shots, syrup, flavors, or toppings.

Medium cup sizes of any blended iced coffee drink at Dutch Bros will cost you $4.50, while a Blue Rebel Energy drink follows the same pattern and is priced at $4.50 for a medium.

Medium teas are $2.25, hot cocoa and mochas are $2.50, and medium Americanos come in at $2 a cup.
Dutch Bros Medium and Large Drink Sitting on a Table

Large Drinks

Dutch Bros sizes for large drinks start at 20 ounces for hot drinks and 32 oz for a cold brew, costing you around $4 - $5. 

For blended smoothies, or a cold blended drink such as Dutch Freeze or Dutch Frost coffee flavor, Dutch Bros offers beverages for $6.50, and this also applies to the largest size of Dutch Bros Rebel Energy drinks.

Large sizes in teas, hot cocoa, and Americanos are all $3.

Kid Size

Dutch Bros makes it easy to enjoy a coffee with kids, too, thanks to the inclusion of smaller cups that are suitable for kids and offering a lower price to reflect this.

If you select a kid's drink from the Jr Mafia menu, Dutch Bros offers options from $2.25 for a cold Mini Frost or a Mini Smoothie and $1.50 for a tasty cocoa or faux-mocha, keeping the prices kids-friendly while ensuring small, non-caffeinated beverages with plenty of milk.

Cost of Extras

The final price of your Dutch Bros coffee will also depend on anything you add to it - extras such as flavored syrup to change the coffee blend or smoothie flavor may incur a charge depending on what you order and the amount you request.

Dutch Bros Drinks with Soft Top and Chocolate Drizzle as Toppings

Does Dutch Bros Have Reusable Cups?

Yes, Dutch Bros do offer a wide range of reusable cups, tumblers, and bottles to make it easier than ever for its customers to do their bit for the planet, while still enjoying a coffee hit with a Dutch Bros coffee or soda.[3]

Some customers even report that Dutch Bros offers a $0.25 discount off your coffee, tea, or different drinks as an incentive to use your own cup.[4]

It can be worth heading to your local Dutch Bros store and checking their policy.

Frequently Asked Dutch Bros Cup Size Questions

Can you bring your own cup to Dutch Bros?

At most Dutch Bros locations, you can bring your own re-useable cup. This is not the case for every Dutch Bros location, however. Ask your local Dutch Bros to make sure you're not breaking any rules.

Is the Dutch Bros birthday drink any size?

Yes! Your free Dutch Bros birthday drink can be any size up to 32 oz. Since it's a freebie, I always recommend the large size. 

How big is a scoop at Dutch Bros?

A scoop at Dutch Bros is 1 oz. This means that if you add extra flavors to your beverages, you will gain an ounce with every scoop you add to your drink.

Conclusion - Find Your Perfect Size!

Dutch Bros offers a wide range of sizes, flavors, and prices, allowing you to enjoy your Dutch Bros coffee in the way that best suits your needs. 

From a tasty mocha to a sugar-free delight, there is a range of options available to allow you to grab your caffeine fix and enjoy a tasty treat whenever the mood takes you - and the inclusion of an affordable kids menu means that you can enjoy a coffee date even with the kids in tow, and benefit from reduced prices and smaller portions.


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