As a Dutch Bros fan trying to limit my caffeine intake, it can be so tricky trying to figure out how much caffeine each drink has.

However, I've finally got the facts! Read on to get the lowdown on the caffeine content of the most popular Dutch Bros coffee drinks.

  • Dutch Bros' coffee drinks tend to have between 40.65 - 293 mg of caffeine per serving
  • However, most coffee drinks have an average amount of caffeine - what you'd expect from other brands like Starbucks or Dunkin'
  • The exception to that rule is drinks like Double Torture, 9-1-1, and Brain Freeze
  • Adults can have up to 400 mg of caffeine per day, so keeping an eye on the caffeine content of these drinks is good

How Much Caffeine Is In Dutch Bros Coffee Drinks?

Caffeine Content Breakdown 

(Without Modification)

Dutch Bros Drink

(12 Fl. Oz)

(16 Fl Oz)

(20 Fl. Oz Cup)

Dutch Bros Classic Coffee

93.5 mg

93.5 mg

187 mg

Dutch Bros White Coffee

5.4% more caffeine (for every fl. oz. cup)

Dutch Bros Classic Mocha

101.1 mg

101.1 mg

199 mg

Dutch Bros Cold Brew

240 mg (Regular Cold Brew)
293 mg (Nitro Cold Brew / Can Of Cold Brew)

Dutch Bros Espresso

46.75 mg (Single Shot)

93.5 mg (Double Shot)

140.25 mg (Three Shots)

Dutch Bros Latte

93.5 mg

93.5 mg

187 mg

Dutch Bros Cappuccino

93.5 mg

93.5 mg

187 mg

Dutch Bros Drip Coffee

60 mg (1 level US tablespoon)

Dutch Bros 911

280.5 mg

Dutch Bros Rebel

80 mg

Dutch Bros Freeze

93.5 mg to 437.06 mg

Dutch Bros Tea

56.91 mg (Iced Chai Latte)
40.65 mg (Blended Chai Latte)

Dutch Bros Classic Coffee

Dutch Bros Hot Coffee
Caffeine content
  • small (12 fl. oz) / medium (16 fl oz) = 93.5 mg
  • largest size (20 fl. oz cup) = 187 mg

Let’s start with the most basic drink on the Dutch Bros menu--the Americano.

The caffeine content of this Dutch Bros Coffee Classic depends on the size of the cup you’ll order since each cup contains different amounts of espresso shots.

Both the small (12 fl. oz) and medium (16 fl oz) cups contain a double shot of espresso, which has 93.5 milligrams of caffeine.

On the other hand, the largest size (20 fl. oz cup) has twice the amount of espresso shots, which has 187 milligrams of caffeine.

On average, the Dutch Bros coffee classic contains about 10 mg of caffeine per fl. oz.

Tips From A Barista
  • If you’re also trying to cut down on calories and sugar, it’s worth noting that the hot version of this Dutch Bros coffee beverage comes with whipped cream, which can be omitted if need be

Dutch Bros White Coffee

Dutch Bros Iced White Coffee Breve
Caffeine content
  • For every fl. oz. cup = 5.4% more caffeine

Next up, Dutch Bros White Coffee.

Dutch Bros white coffee is a type of espresso made from beans roasted at a lower temperature and at half the normal coffee roasting time. 

According to some studies, light roasts or beans roasted shorter than the normal roasting time contains more caffeine than regular or dark roast.[1]

In general, lighter roasts, such as White Coffee, contain 5.4% more caffeine in every fl. oz. cup.

While Dutch Bros haven't publicly released how much caffeine this type of coffee drink has, we can safely assume that it has more caffeine content than its classic coffee. 

Dutch Bros Classic Mocha

Dutch Bros Iced Mocha with Oat Milk
Caffeine content
  • small cup (12 fl. oz) = 101.1 mg
  • medium cup (16 fl. oz) = 101.1 mg
  • large cup (20 fl. oz) = 199 mg

As a lifelong mocha fan, this Dutch Bros drink is my poison.

The classic Mocha drink is an espresso-based coffee with varying caffeine levels depending on the number of espressos in a cup.

For a small cup (12 fl. oz), this Dutch coffee drink contains two shots of espresso, containing 101.1 mg of caffeine.

The medium cup (16 fl. oz) has the same amount of espresso, which means it contains the same amount of caffeine or 101.1mg of caffeine.

Lastly, a large cup (20 fl. oz) has 199 mg of caffeine, since it contains four shots of espresso.

Dutch Bros Cold Brew

Dutch Bros Cold Brew with Caramel and Soft Top
Caffeine content
  • regular cold brew = 240 mg
  • nitro cold brew / can of cold brew = 293 mg

Apart from the number of espresso shots in a coffee drink, the way coffee is prepared can also affect the amount of caffeine in a drink.

This is the case with cold brew coffee.

Although it doesn’t contain concentrated coffee shots, the brewing process makes this one of the most caffeinated drinks on the menu.

A regular cold brew coffee contains 240 mg of caffeine, while Nitro Cold Brew or nitrogen-infused cold brew and a can of cold brew contain a whopping amount of 293 mg of caffeine.

So, when I'm trying to consume less caffeine, I stay away from these highly caffeinated beverages (even though they're so delicious).

Dutch Bros Espresso

Dutch Bros Iced Espresso with Almond Milk
Caffeine content
  • single shot = 46.75 mg
  • double shot = 93.5 mg
  • three shots = 140.25 mg

Is espresso your thing? In case you don't know, this drink contains high caffeine levels, even if it's a tiny cup.

A shot of espresso contains 46.75 mg of caffeine for a single shot, 93.5 mg of caffeine for a double shot, and 140.25 mg of caffeine per three shots.

I love espresso - it's the base for so many iconic and delicious coffee drinks at both Dutch Bros and other specialty coffee brands.

Without espresso, we wouldn't have some of my absolute faves like the Classic Mocha or 9-1-1 (I know what I'll be grateful for this Thanksgiving!)

Dutch Bros Latte

Dutch Bros Iced Latte with Almond Milk
Caffeine content
  • 12 fl. oz and 16 fl. oz cups = 93.5 mg 
  • 20 fl. oz = 187 mg

One of my fave Dutch Bros' classic espresso drinks is the Dutch Latte. 

If you're a Latte fan like me, it's essential to know how much caffeine you're consuming in each cup.

Since it’s an espresso-based beverage, small and medium-sized beverage has the same amount of caffeine, as I’ve mentioned before.

The 12 fl. oz and 16 fl. oz cups have about 93.5 mg of caffeine, while the 20 fl. oz contains 187 mg of caffeine. 

The Classics are classic for a reason, after all! Give it a try the next time you need a satsifying morning brew.

Dutch Bros Cappuccino

Dutch Bros Cappuccino
Caffeine content
  • Small and Medium Cups = 93.5 mg
  • Large Cup = 187 mg

Even if you’re more of a cappuccino person (like my mom - shoutout to her), you’re essentially getting the same caffeine levels as what you’ll get with a latte.

Cappuccinos always remind me of busy mornings running errands with my mum - they are perfect regular morning orders.

The small and medium cups contain the same amount of espresso, so there is about 93.5 mg of caffeine in Dutch Bros Cappuccino.

The large cup has double the amount of espresso, so the caffeine content is 187 mg.

Dutch Bros Drip Coffee

Dutch Bros Private Reserve Gift Box
Caffeine content
  • 1 level US tablespoon = 60 mg

While Dutch Bros don’t sell drip coffee, they sell coffee beans, which I use daily for drip coffee. This is called the Dutch Bros Private Reserve.

Its caffeine levels are measured depending on how many grams of coffee you add to your cup.

On average, there are 60 mg of caffeine per level tablespoon of coffee. So, you can use this to calculate depending on how many tablespoons you add to your cup.

I tend to use between three and six tablespoons depending on how many cups I'm making. It took a little experimentation to find what worked best.

Dutch Bros 911

Dutch Bros Iced 911
Caffeine content
  • 280.5 mg

When I need a serious caffeine boost to keep my eyes open in the morning, the Dutch Bros 9-1-1 is my go-to.

The 9-1-1 is packed with six shots of espresso, half and half, and Irish cream syrup. 

This energy-packed drink contains 280.5 mg of caffeine in a single cup of coffee. That’s a lot of caffeine if you ask me, but some days need a little extra kick.

If you see me sipping on one of these, know that I am truly fighting for my life to stay awake.

Caffeine Content Of Other Dutch Bros Beverages

Dutch Bros Rebel

Dutch Bros Galaxy Fish Rebel
Caffeine content
  • 80 mg

Coffee isn't the only drink that contains caffeine at Dutch Bros. Their Rebel drink line also contains caffeine, so I tend to stay away from them if I'm cutting my caffeine intake.

A can of Blue Rebel, Dutch Bros' own energy drink, contains 80 mg of caffeine.

That’s more caffeine than in a can of Coca-Cola, less than a can of Monster energy drink, and as much as a Vilified energy drink.

However, the Rebel energy drink contains strawberry syrup, blackberry syrup, raspberry syrup, and lime syrup, which makes it way tastier than other energy drinks!

Tips From A Barista
  • There are 37 regular menu Rebel flavors to choose from plus a limitless number of options if you want to get creative - better than a boring Red Bull, right?

Dutch Bros Freeze

Dutch Bros Golden Eagle Freeze
Caffeine content
  • 93.5 mg to 437.06 mg

Although I'm a Frappuccino girlie, even I'm incredibly biased towards the Dutch Bros Freeze.

This Dutch Bros coffee line is a blended espresso-based drink--think of it as the Starbucks Frappuccino counterpart. [2]

The amount of caffeine these drinks have depends on the type of Freeze you order (and whether you add extra espresso like I do), but it usually ranges from 93.5 mg to 437.06 mg.

The highest caffeine content in the range comes from the Brain Freeze blended drink.

Dutch Bros Tea

Dutch Bros Iced Sugar-Free Peach Green Tea
Caffeine content
  • Iced Chai Latte = 56.91 mg
  • Blended Chai Latte = 40.65 mg

Of course, the Dutch Bros Tea line is on my list - my tea-loving self could never ignore it. 

When I'm trying to cut down on caffeine but not completely eliminate it, drinking tea is the best option for me.

There are so many delicious tea options that I love. However, Dutch Bros' Chai Latte is the best of the best in my humble opinion.

An Iced Chai Latte contains 56.91 mg of caffeine for a medium cup, while a Blended Chai Latte only contains 40.65 mg of caffeine for the same size.

How Does Dutch Bros Caffeine Drinks Stack Up Against The Competition?

Apart from the highly caffeinated drinks at Dutch Bros like Double Torture, 9-1-1, and Brain Freeze, the average amount of caffeine in Dutch Bros drinks is pretty much the same as other brands like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and other cafes.

This is because most coffee beans, especially dark roast, contain almost the same amount of caffeine.

The only difference would be the type of bean, how the coffee is brewed, and the amount of coffee added to the drink.

Frequently Asked Dutch Bros Caffeine Content Questions

What is the strongest coffee at Dutch Bros?

The strongest coffee at Dutch Bros is the Nitro Cold Brew.

Can I get a caffeine-free Dutch Bros coffee drink?

There are a bunch of caffeine-free options at Dutch Bros, such as decaf coffee or half-caf. 

Does the size of the drink affect the caffeine content?

Yes, the size of the drink sometimes does affect the caffeine content. Most Dutch Bros small and medium sizes contain 2 shots of espresso and a large size contains 4 shots.

Does the type of beans used in a Dutch Bros coffee drink affect the caffeine content?

In general, the type of beans used in a Dutch Bros coffee drink can affect the caffeine content. For example, Dutch Bros White Coffee has more caffeine than their regular roast.

How much caffeine is too much?

Consuming more than 400 mg of caffeine in one day is too much and potentially unsafe.

Final Words

Caffeine is a part of most of our lives, and as long as we're keeping track of how much and how often we consume caffeinated beverages, it's no problem for most healthy adults.

Knowing the ins and outs of how much caffeine is in Dutch Bros coffee drinks can help. Happy sipping!



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