The only thing better than my daily Dutch Bros coffee run is getting that coffee for free! 

This coffee chain offers a free birthday drink to all eligible customers, and signing up couldn't be easier. 

In this guide, I'll explain exactly how to get a free birthday drink and how to get even more goodies from Dutch Bros through Dutch Rewards. 

I'll even show you have to get a half birthday discount! 

What Exactly Is The Free Dutch Bros Birthday Drink?

The Dutch Bros free birthday drink is exactly what it sounds like - a free drink to redeem on your birthday!

The best part, in my opinion, is that not only can I get any drink I want from the Dutch Bros menu, but I can also choose any size drink I want. 

So, yes, I will have the 32oz drink, please. 

The easiest way to claim a free birthday drink is to become part of the Dutch Bros reward program, AKA Dutch Rewards. 

All Dutch Rewards members receive a complimentary drink annual on their birthday.

Decorated Dutch Bros Birthday Drink
Barista HQ Pro Tip
  • Rumor has it that some Dutch Bros locations will allow you to just show your ID on your birthday for a free drink, but I don't have proof of this concept, and must note that it would be entirely at the discretion of the store manager. 

How To Claim Your Birthday Drink On The Dutch Bros App

Here are the steps I took to claim my free Dutch Bros birthday beverage!

1. Download The Dutch Bros App

The Dutch Bros App is the "home" of the Dutch Rewards program, and I could download the app easily through the Apple App Store. (It's also available on Google Play.)

It's here where Dutch Bros allows online ordering, contactless payment, and of course, the Dutch Rewards hub.[1]

Unlike other reward schemes (like Starbucks'), Dutch Bros does not offer a way to access an online account without the app. They've also done away with physical reward cards. 

Downloading the app only took a few seconds and is worth it for the benefits that come with it. However, I can see how those without a smartphone would be frustrated (sorry, mom).

2. Register

The next step was to register my account in the Dutch Bros app with simple information like name, phone number, and (obviously) my date of birth!

If you have an iPhone like I do, make sure that you allow push-notifications for the app. 

This only took a few minutes. Honestly, even if I were already in line to order at Dutch Bros, I think it would be worth letting a few people cut ahead of me so that I could sign up and start earning rewards. 

3. Check Your Rewards

On my birthday, I received a notification for a complimentary Dutch Bros birthday drink.

This birthday reward is valid for 30 days, so it technically is a birth-month treat. However, you'd better believe I'm collecting mine on the actual date, because I've waited a whole year for this!

Dutch Bros Super Birthday Drink

4. Claim Your Dutch Bros Birthday Drink

To claim my free reward through the Dutch rewards app, I just had to open the app and tap on 'Dutch Pass' to access the QR code.

This is what I show to my Bro-ista at my local store, making it clear that I want my free birthday reward with my drink reward voucher. 

That's it! All that was left was for my drink to be made. Read on to see what I chose for my birthday drink!

Dutch Bros™ App

What Free Drinks Can You Get On Your Birthday?

When you're ready to celebrate your birthday, the reward will be a free Dutch Bros birthday drink of any size, up to 32oz. I'm talking any drink!

Dutch Bros 18th Birthday Drink

I was even asked if I wanted customize my drink (with options like milk, sugar, sweeteners, syrups, or a Soft Top.)

So what did I choose for my birthday drink? I went with a large blended Dutch Classic Double Torture, which is a double espresso mixed with chocolate milk and vanilla syrup. (And yes, I added whipped cream.)

For those who are already celebrating and not yet signed up for the app, I still recommend showing the barista your ID to see if they will offer a freebie. The worst they can do is say no!

Other Dutch Bros Rewards Program Benefits

Half Birthday Drink For 50% Off

Dutch Bros offers a half-birthday reward along with your birthday freebie.

The offer is 50% off as a half-birthday reward, which is so cute and clever (as long as it's not a half-full beverage!)

They've even got a half-birthday calculator so you can keep track of when it is![2]

Unlike the birthday reward, which is available for 30 days, the half birthday offer expires after only 8 days. 

Dutch Bros email notification regarding half birthday reward

Sign Up Points

Alongside the free beverage and half birthday discount, Dutch Bros gives users 125 points just for signing up for Dutch Rewards. 

I was surprised by this boost! Every dollar spent = 3 points, so this is basically like Dutch Bros saying I've spent $40+ already, and all I've had to do is sign up. 

A free medium drink is 250 points, so by signing up, I was already halfway there! 

Earn Points

Similar to Star Rewards by Starbucks, the more you spend, the more you save.

While every dollar spent adds 3 points to my account, Dutch Bros often runs limited promotions like "Double Dutch, Double the Points" to help me increase my points faster. (As if I needed any more reason to go for a coffee run!)

Dutch Bros App Sign Up For Dutch Rewards

Share Rewards

Dutch Bros has a 'share reward' feature so that I can give my unused free drink to another person. Just open the app, check rewards, click 'tap for details', and then select 'share reward.'

I can then select an individual from your contacts or enter their phone number to pass the reward on to them.

I often share my freebies with my husband, since I'm the one spending all of our money at Dutch Bros on the daily!

Pay Through The App

I love the option to make purchases through the app. Not only is it faster, but it saves me from having to go digging through my purse unnecessarily. 

Dutch Bros™ Points and Freebies

Common Dutch Bros Birthday Drink Questions

How long does the Dutch Bros birthday reward last?

The Dutch Bros birthday drink lasts for 30 days after you receive it. You’ll be able to claim it at any point before this date.

Why didn't my birthday drink appear in the Dutch Bros app?

Your birthday reward will only appear on the actual day, and is not awarded retrospectively for those signing up afterwards. In some cases there are app glitches, and if this happens, you should go into the store with your ID, and they will honor it.

Can I share my birthday drink reward?

No, your free birthday rewards can't be shared in part of the "Share Rewards."

Do Dutch Bros rewards points expire?

Dutch Bros reward points expire after 180 days. After this point, they are removed from your account if they haven't been used. 

Can I have more than one Dutch Bros rewards account?

No, you’re only allowed one Dutch Bros account to take advantage of the freebies and good deals.

Don't Forget To Claim Your Birthday Drink!

There's a simple way to get a free birthday drink from Dutch Bros and make the day a bit more special - by joining Dutch Rewards. 

To take advantage of this freebie like I did, just download the app and register for the Dutch Bros rewards program. A free drink, half birthday discount, and reward points will be there waiting for you!



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