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In a world where we have an unlimited supply of coffee options, it can be hard to know where to start.

One fateful day while on a cold road trip, I decided that I had to search for the best hot drink at Dunkin Donuts!

Since my first delicious drink with them, Dunkin coffee has become my ride-or-die. Let’s get into the must-try options so you can indulge, too!

While this isn’t every hot drink on the official DD menu that you can purchase (and don’t forget about the secret menu hot drinks!), these are my favorite recipes that Dunkin offer.

1. Original Blend

Dunkin’s Espresso is undoubtedly delicious, but the Original Blend coffee at Dunkin is also iconic. It’s simple, no-frills, and perfect just the way it is.

This rich, silky medium roasted coffee is actually what brought it to fame in the first place!

It feels almost silky as you sip it, with a slightly sweet, muted acidity that works well with anything.

I found it to be one of the best hot coffee options from the big chain coffee shops. Dunkin’ Decaf tastes nearly identical, yet perfect for those watching their Dunkin caffeine intake.

Dunkin Original Blend

2. Espresso

I always say that you can tell everything you need to know from a coffee shop by how they make their espresso. After all, it's the base of just about any coffee drink (latte, cappuccino, etc.).

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It's simple in form, yes, but never simple in flavor.

A shot of tasty Dunkin espresso is the perfect way to wake up in the morning. Only high-quality Arabica beans are used, and every espresso is brewed right when a customer orders.

Arabica beans are less bitter than Robusta, appealing to the masses.[1]

Rather than a sharp, acidy taste like many I’ve tried, Dunkin’s espresso with hot water is smooth, boasting a perfectly-balanced chocolate and caramel flavor profile.

Dunkin' Espresso Shot

3. Americano

An Americano is essentially an espresso with hot water to dilute the shot. At DD’s, their Americanos are crafted with a double shot of their 100% Rainforest Alliance-Certified espresso.

The Rainforest Alliance certified seal helps promote a positive impact of responsible choices, from farms to forests, essentially helping consumers choose products and brands that help create a better world for us all.[2

You know when you need a consistent supply of caffeine throughout the day?

Something that isn't going to leave you crashing in the afternoon? Perhaps a bold drink made for those who don't like all the extra frills or sugar?

The DD Americano is just what you're looking for in a drink.

Not to mention, it's probably the best keto Dunkin drink you could ask for, with zero net carbs! Add in a bit of milk for a tasty twist that is easy on the calories!

iced americano dunkin donuts

4. Cappuccino

The Cappuccino is a feel-good drink for coffee lovers who love that frothy texture with bold flavors.

Head on over to your local Dunkin for this rich coffee drink made with freshly-brewed, smoky espresso and evenly blended with steamed milk, topped off with thick foam.

It's typically made with whole milk, but if you're trying to cut calories, you can ask for skim milk and reduce the calories from 120 to 70.

If you're neither a black coffee fan nor someone with a sweet tooth, the cappuccino is the perfect balance between the two. It's smooth, with no added sugar or artificial flavorings.

Dunkin Caramel Swirl Cappuccino

5. Coconut Cappuccino

Add a tropical twist to your brew with the Coconut Cappuccino! While nut flavors are no stranger in the Dunkin household, coconut’s subtle sweetness pairs perfectly with creamy milk and coffee drinks.

As the coconut only comes as a shot, it’s not heavy on the sugar, though I did find it interesting that they toss in a splash of fruit juice to give it color!

To make this one a bit more indulgent (which you know I love!), try adding in a caramel swirl.

Dunkin Hot Cappuccino With Coconut Shot

6. Winter White Chocolate Cappuccino

As soon as they break out the Christmas decorations at Target, I know I'm stopping for a cup of Winter White Chocolate Cappuccino at Dunkin afterward.

There's something about that smooth combination of white chocolate and shots of espresso with a hint of vanilla that puts me in the holiday spirit.

If you normally opt for a hot chocolate during the wintertime but are looking for a caffeine boost, these cappuccinos are a great option!

Dunkin's holiday menu is typically available from September through December, but this may vary by location.

Dunkin Winter White Chocolate Cappuccino

7. Buttery Toffee Nut Cappuccino

My mom is usually the queen of caramel, but at Dunkin, the Buttery Toffee Nut Cappuccino is her go-to.

In fact, I've seen her run to the "grocery store" before, only to come back with no groceries and a cup of this stuff.

If you’re typically part of the caramel craze but want to branch out, the buttery toffee/toasted nut flavor combination is the perfect alternative.

It’s luscious and sweet, with an one espresso shot or two to keep it from being overwhelming.

Dunkin Buttery Toffee Nut Cappuccino

8. Hazelnut Cappuccino

Take the flavor of DD's espresso drinks combined with the natural sweetness of milk and that buttery, toasty, nutty flavor of roasted hazelnut, and you have their Hazelnut Cappuccino.

This is the perfect marriage of a sweet treat with a bold shot of espresso or two.

At Dunkin, the hazelnut flavor is available as either a shot or swirl, and both are a tasty indulgence much better than most syrups!

I find most coffee shops taste like they’re packed with sugar or just use a hazelnut syrup with a weird taste.

DD’s is the best variation of this drink I’ve tried, testing my willpower to not order it every time I go!

Dunkin Hazelnut Cappuccino

9. Macchiato

Are you that person who likes coffee drinks but need dairy to balance out the actual coffee flavor?

Perhaps you’re looking for something more creamy than a cappuccino? In either case, the Macchiato drink is just the ticket.

This one is made with two shots of caffeine-packed espresso, expertly blended with full-dairy milk, for an energy boost to keep your day moving smoothly.

Occasionally, I will get a Macchiato with oat milk and sprinkled with cinnamon to spice things up.

Dunkin Donuts Macchiato Drinks

10. Caramel Macchiato

Perhaps the most popular variant of the original Macchiato, this dessert-like Macchiato is luxurious, sweet, and bitter with a bold flavor profile that's sure to satisfy.

A shot is lighter in calories and is less sweetened, while the caramel flavor swirls are more sugary. Both are equally delicious!

Dunkin Caramel Macchiato

11. Blueberry Macchiato

If you are a fan of blueberry donuts, this delicious drink will be your newest addiction. You’ve been warned!

The Blueberry Macchiato, for me, is the best hot coffee beverage that best balances out the flavor well.

Their blueberry is only available in flavor shots, so it’s not too sweet, and the taste beautifully complements the subtle bitterness of the two shots of espresso and frothy milk.

Are you in the mood for some extra sweetness or just love sugar? Add a bit of caramel into the mix!

Dunkin Blueberry Macchiato

12. Mocha Macchiato

Who doesn't love chocolate? Chocolate and coffee have one of the best romances around, and this one really stands the test of time.

The Macchiato is made with chocolate flavor swirls, perfect with a dollop of whipped cream on top!

It’s not as sweet as a hot chocolate, and the extra caffeine from the coffee offers an extra shot of energy to your day.

Dunkin Mocha Macchiato

13. Latte

Their Signature Latte is a crowd favorite due to its high-quality ingredients and flavor, but also its wide array of customization options!

As soon as September rolls around, you know I'm going to order one of their lattes with a dollop of creamy whipped cream and some pumpkin flavor swirl syrup!

DD makes their Signature Latte with fresh-brewed espresso shots, steamed milk of your choice, and a thin layer of foam on top.

The creamy milk combines perfectly with the coffee flavor, making it a great option for an everyday drink.

Dunkin offers a ton of different flavors to combine and experiment with, so don't be shy!

Dunkin' Non-Dairy Latte

14. Toasted Almond Latte

This is one of my favorite fall-time Dunkin drinks. In fact, it’s probably the only one that can compete with anything pumpkin during the month of October.

Drinking a hot cup of this coffee, milk, and nut concoction warms my mood on even the chilliest of days.

Toasted almond only comes with flavor shots - no flavor swirls. This actually keeps the amount of sweetness from being too overbearing, though.

The creamy drink emits an aroma of freshly-toasted almonds that can only be described as “cozy.”

If you normally order a chai latte, try this one! A cup of this beverage will add a shot of caffeine and flavor to your day!

Toasted Almond Iced Latte From Dunkin

15. Raspberry Latte

Are you one of those guys or girls who opt for a weekend at the cabin instead of a night in the big city?

Maybe a day hiking amongst pine trees is more energizing than getting lost in a crowd full of people? Then the Raspberry Latte is for you.

The raspberry flavor shot does have a very natural flavor, with an authentic tartness with just a hint of sweetness.

Instead of overtaking the entire latte, it works together with the coffee and milk to create perhaps the most well-rounded drink on the menu.

Dunkin Raspberry Latte

16. French Vanilla Latte

Is it just me, or do you just feel a bit more sophisticated while sipping on a French Vanilla Latte?

The elegant combination of the creamy sweetness of their FV flavor shot with the rich creaminess of the milk and slightly-bitter coffee is heavenly.

I am honestly not a fan of the classic Starbucks French Vanilla latte, but DD's features a more sharp vanilla flavor that I find much more addictive.

French Vanilla Swirl Iced Coffee & Hazelnut Swirl Iced Latte

17. Dunkin’ Dark Blend

Some of us need something that tastes stronger and bolder. That's where the Dunkin' Dark Blend, aka the "Midnight Blend," comes in.

The beans are roasted so long that they turn nearly black in color, creating a smokier, more bitter flavor that combines wonderfully with milk.

The difference between the two blends completely changes the taste of the beverage!

Dunkin Dark Blend

Tips For Ordering Hot Drinks At Dunkin Donuts

It seems like every cafe these days has their own lingo and method of ordering. Luckily, ordering a coffee at Dunkin (or hot drinks without coffee) is a breeze.

  • Decide which drink you'd like to order.
  • If you'd like to customize your drink, decide on the "base" drink first. For example, would you like a latte, Macchiato, cappuccino, Americano, etc.?
  • After that, decide how you’d like to customize it.
  • By default, coffee will always be a medium blend. If you want a dark blend, mention this first.
  • After that, add any flavor shots or flavor swirl.
  • If you want a coffee just with milk and sugar, use the term "light and sweet."

For example, say you'd like a "Dark Blend Coffee, light and sweet" or a "Hot Raspberry and Coconut Latte."

Ordering a drink here really is simple and straightforward, and if you are confused, a barista will be there to help!

Dunkin Donuts Hot Drinks Cups

Related Dunkin Donuts Hot Drink Questions

What is the healthiest hot drink at Dunkin Donuts?

The healthiest hot coffee drink at Dunkin Donuts is the Americano or a regular coffee. They feature low calories, zero net carbs, and no fat, and are pretty much just coffee beans and hot water. Black coffee has micronutrients and is packed full of antioxidants, too![3

What is the sweetest hot coffee drink at Dunkin Donuts?

The sweetest hot coffee drink at Dunkin Donuts is the Mocha Latte. It tastes close to hot chocolate with a coffee twist.

What is the strongest hot coffee at Dunkin Donuts?

Surprisingly, the strongest hot coffee at Dunkin is the Macchiato, with 284 mg of caffeine (double shot) in a medium size!

Does Dunkin Donuts have flavored hot coffee?

Dunkin has plenty of flavored hot coffee, thanks to the wide range of different flavors you can add in with their flavor shots and swirls.

Start Your Order Today!

While a black tea or chai latte is always great, Dunkin has so many unique drinks we're sure you'll love.

No matter what your tastes or diet are like, I'm sure that you'll find a few selections that are just what you're looking for.

Whether it’s a regular cup of coffee or a hot latte with different blends and flavorful toppings, they make sure to keep customers coming back for more!


1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffea_arabica
2. https://www.rainforest-alliance.org/insights/what-does-rainforest-alliance-certified-mean/
3. https://www.webmd.com/diet/ss/slideshow-healthiest-coffees

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