10 Best Dunkin Donuts Caffeine Free Drinks (Top Picks 2023)

Up until recently, I never paid attention to my daily caffeine intake.

Then I realized I was consuming much more than the recommended limit for caffeine, which can lead to negative side effects like anxiety, insomnia, and headaches.[1]

Rather than forego delicious coffee and tea beverages altogether, I decided to give caffeine-free drinks a try.

Dunkin Donuts drinks have always been my favorite for staying caffeinated, so I figured, why not give their decaf coffee and non-coffee drinks offering a try?

In this guide, I'll cover all the best caffeine-free Dunkin drinks, including herbal teas, hot chocolate beverages, and classic coffees.

In my quest to reduce the amount of caffeine I consume, I quickly learned that the Dunkin menu has several options for decaf and caffeine-free items.

Keep in mind that some of the drinks I’ll be covering still contain a small amount of caffeine.

Dunkin decaf, for instance, has about 10 mg of caffeine, but this is well below the recommended daily limit, which sources say is less than 400 mg of caffeine.[2]

So without further ado, here are my personal favorites when it comes to caffeine-free Dunkin drinks.

Bookmark this list for the next time you're looking for a caffeine-free drink at Dunkin for yourself or your kids!

1. Hibiscus Kiss Herbal Infusion Tea

The herbal tea offerings at Dunkin is completely caffeine-free, including the popular Hibiscus Kiss flavor. This tea features hibiscus and natural berry flavors, and it gives off aromas of tropical flowers.

I had never thought of myself as a tea drinker, but after adding a splash of cream and a dash of sugar to this one, I can now say that I am! This flavor also makes a delicious sweetened iced tea.

Dunkin Hibiscus Kiss Herbal Infusion

2. Chamomile Fields Herbal Infusion Tea

Another caffeine-free herbal tea to try is the Chamomile Fields.

Chamomile tea has numerous health benefits, like remedying sleep issues.[3]

For that reason, I usually order this one later in the afternoon/evening.

While the flavor of chamomile is pleasant without any additives, I usually order this one with a splash of milk or almond milk.

Dunkin Chamomile Fields Herbal Infusion Tea

3. Cool Mint Herbal Infusion Tea

The last herbal tea containing 0 mg of caffeine is the Cool Mint. Even though the tea is served hot, the blend of peppermint and cornflower gives this beverage a cooling after-taste.

If you enjoy a cup of hot tea late in the evening, you’ll be happy to know that you can also purchase a box of 15 sachets for at-home use for around $7 at most Dunkin locations.

Dunkin Cool Mint Herbal Infusion Tea

4. Coconut Refresher

The Coconut Refresher was released by Dunkin in 2021 as a new non-dairy option.[4]

It’s offered in 3 different flavors: Pink Strawberry, Golden Peach, and Purple Pomegranate.

Aside from being dairy-free, these caffeine-free Dunkin Refreshers are ideal for hot summer days.

Dunkin Coconut Refresher

5. Mango Pineapple Refresher

The Mango Pineapple Refresher was just released in 2022 as a seasonal summertime drink.

There are a few options for customizing this drink, but if you want to avoid caffeine, don’t order this one with the optional iced green tea or green tea extract.

Instead, ask your Refresher to be made with coconut milk or lemonade.

Dunkin Mango Pineapple Refresher

6. Mint Hot Chocolate

Now that I've covered a few great options for sipping on during the summer months let's cover some ideal winter drinks at Dunkin.

Hot chocolate drinks are something I regularly indulge in as the Christmas season rolls around.

The Mint Hot Chocolate is a great twist on this classic beverage, but just know that there are still trace amounts of natural caffeine in the chocolate.

Dunkin Mint Hot Chocolate

7. Classic Hot Chocolate

Anyone who prefers to stick with the Classic Hot Chocolate will be satisfied with what Dunkin has to offer. It's sweet, creamy, and is served piping hot!

I’m a fan of trying different flavor shots each time I order this drink. So far, my recommendation is to add 2 shots of French Vanilla to the medium size.

Also, it doesn’t come with whipped cream as standard, but feel free to customize these caffeine-free drinks to your heart’s content!

Dunkin Classic Hot Chocolate

8. Decaf Original Blend Coffee

Dunkin’s decaffeinated coffee tastes exactly like the brand’s regular coffee. Compared to the Original Blend, it has the same flavor notes and taste profile.

The decaffeination process doesn’t remove all caffeine, though. A medium decaf Dunkin coffee contains about 10 mg of caffeine.

If you love the taste of Dunkin decaf but prefer using your drip brewer at home, you can find the brand’s decaf ground coffee in most local grocery stores.[5]

Dunkin Decaf Original Blend Coffee

9. Decaf Iced Coffee

On a hot day, cold drinks are sometimes the only way to go. If you want to keep things simple, ask the Dunkin barista for a decaf iced coffee.

All Dunkin iced drinks, including iced lattes, iced tea, and iced coffee, can be easily customized. My customizations change based on my mood, but I usually ask for a flavor shot of some type.

Dunkin Decaf Iced Coffee

10. Frozen Chocolate

The Frozen Chocolate is one of the most indulgent and popular drinks on the Dunkin menu, delightfully topped with a cloud of whipped cream.

Thanks to the chocolate, it contains about 6 mg of caffeine. The lowest caffeine flavor swirls are the Butter Pecan Swirl, French Vanilla Swirl, and Hazelnut Swirl.

Trust me when I say that your kids are going to love this one as a special treat! I often even reward myself with one as an after-gym incentive!

Frozen Chocolate From Dunkin

Does Dunkin Have Caffeine-Free Lattes?

Anyone craving a signature latte or espresso drinks can order a decaf version at Dunkin, which can be made either hot or iced. The flavoring and deliciousness will be the same.

While the decaf latte or iced latte has less caffeine than a regular latte, it still contains a small amount, so it can't technically be called "caffeine-free."

It uses just over 1 shot of decaf espresso, which contains about 8 mg of caffeine.

On top of altering the caffeine content in your latte, Dunkin makes it easy to customize it with flavors, sweeteners, and even non-dairy alternatives like almond milk.

Tips For Ordering Caffeine-Free At Dunkin Donuts

Still not sure which decaf drinks at Dunkin are right for you? Here are a few more tips on ordering the perfect low-caff or no-caff bev:

  • All herbal teas at Dunkin are caffeine-free. They currently offer 3 herbal teas, including Hibiscus Kiss, Cool Mint, and Chamomile Fields.
  • Only some of the Coolattas are caffeine-free. There is no caffeine content in the Blue Raspberry Coolatta, Strawberry Coolatta, and Vanilla Bean Coolatta, but the Coffee Coolatta contains 23 mg of caffeine.
  • Chocolate-based drinks, including Frozen Chocolates, have a small amount of caffeine, so keep this in mind if you’re avoiding caffeine altogether.
  • Don’t be afraid to customize any caffeine-free version of your favorite drink. Even if you prefer to keep things simple with an expresso shot, simply ask for a decaf espresso instead.
Dunkin' Premium & Herbal Teas

Dunkin Donuts Caffeine Free Beverages FAQs

How does Dunkin Donuts naturally remove caffeine?

Dunkin Donuts naturally removes caffeine through water processing, which is considered the healthiest method for caffeine removal. Rather than using harsh chemicals or solvents, the caffeine is safely removed with hot water.[6]

How much caffeine is in a decaf latte at Dunkin Donuts?

A Dunkin Donuts latte that is made with decaf espresso contains 8 mg of caffeine in the medium size.

Will non-caffeinated drinks from Dunkin still keep me awake at night?

No, non-caffeinated drinks from Dunkin will not keep you awake. However, you should opt for a caffeine-free (rather than low-caffeine) beverage if you’re extremely sensitive to caffeine.

Does Dunkin Frozen Chocolate have caffeine?

Yes, there is a small amount of caffeine in the Dunkin Frozen Chocolate. Chocolate contains a small amount of caffeine, so in this case, there is about 6 mg of caffeine in a medium size.


If you’re trying to avoid caffeine, there’s no reason to stop going to Dunkin Donuts.

Dunkin offers a decent variety of caffeine-free and low-caffeine drinks, including decaf lattes, herbal teas, and hot chocolates.

Even if you’re looking for something fancier than a simple decaf coffee, Dunkin’s got you covered. When I’m trying to limit my caffeine consumption, my go-to drink is the French Vanilla Frozen Chocolate!


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